Parlor, Grima Residence
(March 1907)

This is one of several photographs, interior and exterior, of what is now the Hermann-Grima House museum at 820 St. Louis Street in the Vieux Carre. The photos illustrated a short article titled "An Old Landmark." The article noted that, "The Grima house illustrated in this issue is perhaps one of the best preserved residences of the early days in New Orleans....Little by little, these interesting old houses are being destroyed as the quarter in which they stand is no longer what it was and residence therein is becoming more and more unpleasant as the district is being invaded by manufacturers and by the tenements for the workers. It is the purpose of this magazine to illustrate from time to time the best of these old buildings both for the interest there is in them for the practicing architect as well as for the purpose of preserving these interesting designs which in the next decade will have almost disappeared."

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