Perspective of Proposed Treatment of Howard Ave. and the Environments of Lee Circle
(January 1907)

This is one of two plans illustrating the article, "New Orleans--The City Beautiful," by Francis W. Crosby and Paul Revere Henkel. The article was a plea by the two architects that the city bring about the redevelopment of the area around Lee Circle along the lines of the national City Beautiful movement of the era. Crosby and Henkel called for a grouping of museums--Art, Sculpture, Painting, Natural History, and War along with a Louisiana State Exhibition Building, all "in conjunction with the present Library." Howard Avenue would act as the gateway to this cultural section leading from the railroad stations sited at its northern end. The proposed museums did not happen, but it is interesting to note that the Lee Circle area is just now developing as a cultural district with the Contemporary Arts Center, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and the National World War II Museum all contributing to the scene.

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