Victoira Lecène

The caption in Nos Hommes et Notre Histoire identifies Mlle. Lecéne as one of the prize-winners (lauréates) of the Couvent School, publicly recognized by Armand Lanusse, one of the professors at the school (and editor of and contributor to the famous volume of Creole poetry, Les Cenelles). Desdunes describes the comprehensive examinations conducted annually at the school, "festive occasions" during which students presented special recitations to an audience of their teachers, parents and other invited guests. A prize would be awarded to the child who received the most applause. "We vividly recall Victoria Lecene," Desdunes writes, "who was given such a prize. This little girl was truly marvelous. Her versatility, her talent, and her unaffected manner of interpretation in dramatic roles, all declared her worthy of her professor's splendid award."