Taylor Playground, 1912

The 1912 Report gives the following inventory of the equipment and amenities at the new Taylor Playground:

-- 2 slides, 2 see saws, 1 teeter ladder, 65 books, 1 bookcase, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 set of boxing gloves, jacks, 2 indoor base balls, 3 bats, 4 kindergarten tables, 2 benches, 1 stove, 1 washstand, 1 step ladder, jumping ropes, shelter play house, band stand, lottos, dominos, checkers, 1 horizontal bar, flag and flag pole, 6 steel ball bearing swings.
The lady in the hat is Miss Adele Elliott, the Supervisor of Taylor Playground.

[Report of the New Orleans Playgrounds Commission for Nineteen Hundred and Twelve]