Taylor Playground, 1912

The Taylor Playground was dedicated on November 4, 1912. It was "one of the largest and best equipped that New Orleans is pround to possess," according to the 1912 Report, which went on to say:

Through the efforts of the Eleventh Ward Sanitary Committee, the opening of this Playground was made possible. The Honorable George Denegre, Chairman of this Committee, turned over to your Commission $908.94, which, together with $200 of our funds, we were able to erect a band stand, shelter house and furnish it with apparatus. The shelter house on this Playground measures 100 feet in length by 50 feet wide. We find that the children of Taylor Playground prize this commodious shelter.

The photograph shows Mayor Martin Behrman addressing the crowd at the opening ceremonies.

[Report of the New Orleans Playgrounds Commission for Nineteen Hundred and Twelve]