January 1997

One of the special collections within NOPL's Louisiana Division is the Bookplate Collection, several thousand bookplates from libraries, other institutions, societies, business firms, and individuals. As early as 1940, the Library had begun to solicit contributions to a bookplate collection, and in 1955, Martha Gasquet Westfeldt, a NOPL patron and donor, mounted a campaign to gather the personal bookplates of prominent New Orleanians for an exhibit at the Latter Branch. The nucleus of the present-day collection, however, is a donation made to the library in 1957 of the bookplates collected over many years by two local women, Jane Grey Rogers and her sister, Elizabeth Goelet Rogers Palfrey. Miss Rogers was the librarian of the Tulane University School of Medicine and Mrs. Palfrey was a local artist. These efforts, along with small individual donations over the years, have resulted in the fine collection we have today.

This month, in honor of our visitors from the American Library Association, which meets in New Orleans from January 7-14, we present a number of bookplates from libraries in New Orleans, in other states, and even abroad.


Bookplate from the library of the teachers at the Ursuline Convent.
One of New Orleans' earliest schools, the Ursuline Convent was established
in 1727 and still operates today on State Street as Ursuline Academy.

Bookplates from the two libraries which merged
in 1896 to form the New Orleans Public Library.
Link here to read more about NOPL's origins.

An additional New Orleans Public Library bookplate, designed by Newcomb potter Sadie Irvine, honors Simon Hernsheim, whose heirs donated $50,000 to the fledgling NOPL in 1898.

The Howard Library, located on Howard Avenue between Camp Street and Lee Circle, was established in 1889 by Annie Turner Howard (Mrs. Walter Parrott) in memory of her father, Charles T. Howard. The plate at right is for Tulane University's School of Tropical Medicine, established in 1913.


American Library Association
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[Right] The Library Bureau supplied most of the
furnishings and supplies used in U.S. libraries
until well into the 20th century. Here's one
of the sample bookplates the company offered.

During World War II, NOPL was heavily involved in the nationwide effort to collect books for servicemen. This bookplate was used in such books.

Boston Public Library

Art Institute of Chicago

Bangor Public Library

St. Louis Mercantile Library Association

District of Columbia Public Library

Mitchell Public Library

Bradburn Public Library

Presumably from the library of the
White Star liner "Oceanic II," which
was launched on January 14, 1899.

Guildhall Library, London

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