Vienna Garden, 1101 N. Rampart St.

When Miss Gulledge took this photograph, probably around 1950, this handsome Italianate building was home to the Vienna Garden restaurant, which had operated on this site since at least 1931. The building was first known as the Dupaquier House, named for its original owner, Dr. A. Dupaquier, who built it as a residence in 1879.

In the 20th century, the building housed a series of restaurants and night clubs. Its most famous incarnation was its tenure in the 1970s as Lu & Charlie's, a focal point for modern jazz in New Orleans. Lu & Charlie's, owned by Charlie Bering, hosted such musicians as Ellis Marsalis (and his son Wynton, who played there while still in his teens), James Booker, Alvin Baptiste, and Lady B.J (just to name a few). The jazz club closed in 1978, and in 1982, the building underwent a major renovation and was reincarnated once again as Menefee's Restaurant and Health Club. Currently, it houses the French Quarter Courtyard Hotel.