Morro Castle, 1003 Barracks St.

More formally known as the Pandely House, this building is also called the Morro Castle (for reasons we have not been able to determine). Construction of the house began in 1832 by Paul Pandely, an English born cotton planter. Various accounts disagree about the source of the granite that faces the structure: it came to New Orleans as ballast on the return trips of Pandely's ships after they had delivered their cotton to British mills; it was left over from the construction of the Custom House. In any case, the facade is unusual for French Quarter buildings.

Pandely's business failed in 1836 before the construction of the house was finished. Two years later, his creditors sold the house to Pierre Soule, who completed it and sold it in 1841 to another planter, Francois Le Beau. Today, the building houses condominiums.