Benachi House, 2257 Bayou Rd.

The Benachi House, at the corner of Bayou Rd. and Esplanade Ave. dates from the late 1850s, and was built by Greek cotton broker Nicholas Marino Benachi. In 1886, following Benachi's death, the property was purchased by brothers Peter and Joseph Torres, who expanded the main house, adding wings that were later removed and relocated nearby on North Tonti St. In 1981, the house was donated to the Louisiana Landmarks Society, which sold it to Robin von Breton and James G. Derbes. The house was restored and now operates as a bed and breakfast.

Miss Gulledge labeled this slide as "Rendevous des Chasseurs," and repeated the myth that it was used by wealthy New Orleanians as a country club or hunting club. Evidence suggests, however, that the house never used for such purposes.