In 1892, Tom Anderson, later often called the unofficial "mayor" of Storyville, opened his first restaurant at No. 12 N. Rampart St. By 1900, this restaurant, advertised here in the November, 1900 issue of The Southern Buck, was only one of a number saloons and restaurants owned or partially owned by Anderson in the infamous red light district. The Arlington Cafe (not to be confused with Anderson's Arlington Annex or with the brothel operated by madam Josie Arlington) was not a "house of ill repute," despite the suggestive images and language of the ad, but it was surely patronized by those who visited Storyville for something more than a good meal.

Storyville lasted until 1917, when, at the request of the Secretary of the Navy, it was shut down by a local ordinance. Anderson, who served for 16 years in the Louisiana state legislature, died in 1931, having become in his later years, a repentant man and a respected citizen of New Orleans.