This is "Wawaset Louise," who won first prize in the novice class in a dog show held in New Orleans in the Spring of 1900. The dog show was part of the second "Louisiana State Fair" which opened on April 14, 1900 "under skies as blue as the future of New Orleans is bright." The Fair also included a horse show, a flower parade, a parade of manufacturers exhibiting in the fair, and was designed to promote the city and state.

Wawaset Louise, owned by Mr. William Lemmonier (the chairman of the dog show!), has no historical significance whatsoever, but . . . well . . . we thought she looked like a very nice dog. She is, we believe, the first dog to appear in the Images of the Month!

The photo is from The Harlequin, May 12, 1900. The Harlequin was a short-lived weekly journal published in New Orleans and dedicated to literary and political comment, theatrical and musical reviews, news, and gossip.