The Krewe of Pandora explored the Abyssal Realm in its tableau ball at the Auditorium on January 4, 1969.
"Nearly three-quarters of the earth is covered by a vast region that is almost unknown to man. The secret realm of this planet is the domain of the sea, wherein lies the "Abyssal Plains." If we are wise, we will keep our eyes on the depths o f the ocean as well as on the heavens, and seek answers in each, to the mysteries of the other."
King Dominic C. Foti, Sr. ruled over this, the second Pandora ball.

In 1968 Pandora became the first carnival organization to parade in the Gentilly/Lakefront section of the city. Though it began as a ladies' krewe, Pandora allowed men to join during the mid-1980s and moved its parade to the Carrollton/Canal route. The organization merged with the Krewe of Freret for the 1994 parade but has not rolled since that year.
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