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February 2002
Mardi Gras, February 7, 1967 was a cold, cold day in New Orleans. When Rex rolled from his den at 10:00 AM the temperature was 32 degrees. When the parade reached Canal Street, the thermometer was still registering in the mid-30s. Those weather conditions influenced the costume selection of celebrants, many of whom, no doubt, covered up somewhat more than they would have, given a more spring-like climate. At least the sun was shining!

For our February 2002 Gallery we've selected and scanned a dozen 35mm slides taken by David C. Binnings on that frigid Mardi Gras thirty-five years ago. Mr. Binnings' photographs captured a variety of New Orleanians and carnival visitors, all masking for Mardi Gras. We encourage you all to do the same in 2002.

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Special thanks to Julia Irwin for scanning the Binnings slides from 1967!

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