In 1504 the King and Queen of Spain asked Columbus to describe the physical appearance of Guatemala. He seized a large sheet of crinkly parchment, crumpled it in his hands so that it became a mass of peaks and valleys, tossed it onto the royal table and said, "That's Guatemala!"

Nature emptied the contents of her richest cornucopia into this land. You will marvel at the beauties of her terrain and the charm of her tribes as you motor through the highlands, skirting volcanic lakes, visiting open air markets and shrines, stopping to watch patient girls skillfully weave on their hand looms.

Here are primitive kilns where pottery of perfect proportions is turned by hand; here, too, are wandering marimba players, religious processions, fiestas, and a never-ending procession of Indians bringing to the many open-air markets their colorful blankets, shawls, and ornaments.

Splendid inns and hotels make possible the most comprehensive trips, deep into the vast plateaus of her highlands. Such a profusion of ancient cathedrals, monuments and buildings that mark forever the greatness of her civilization! Truly, the adventures that can be packed in a brief week of exploration in this rugged Republic surpass the imagination. A remarkable country whose unspoiled people offer you the cumulative benefit of Centuries of living and Ages of tradition.

Exquisite patterns are woven by the natives on these simple hand looms.
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