What a world of history has been enacted along this little neck of land! Here the gold caravans toiled through the jungle from the Pacific to the Atlantic, laden with the golden metal bound for Spain. Here the French met defeat in their heroic struggle to make a waterway from sea to sea. Here, finally, the forces of nature were conquered and the Panama Canal stands today a monument to American ingenuity and courage--gateway to the East and West, through which flows a constant stream of shipping that previously passed around Cape Horn, the southern extremity of South America. The Canal is about fifty miles in length, contains six double locks and has a minimum draft of forty-one feet.

On the Atlantic side of the Isthmus is the old city of Colon, backed against the new and modern city of Cristobal. Panama on the Pacific side of the Isthmus is picturesque with its fishing fleet anchored below the walls, and the ruins of Old Panama. Here today the ships of every nation pass in an endless pageant of review.

A palm-fringed boulevard in Cristobal, the Atlantic entrance to the Canal Zone.
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