"ISLAND OF SPRINGS"--and rightly named, as there are more than a hundred rivers tumbling and splashing through this garden paradise where sea level temperatures the year round average below 80 degrees and range to 56 degrees at the mountain peaks.

Kingston, the capital, is the social center of the island, and the Myrtle Bank Hotel, with its lovely lawns and outdoor pool, the natural rendezvous of the aristocracy--traveler and resident alike. English is spoken everywhere and many marvelous motor trips await you: Port Royal, ancient buccaneer stronghold; Spanish Town, one the seat of government; Hope and Castleton Gardens, two exquisite botanical gardens; and countless other places made readily available by Jamaica's 2000 miles of charming motor roads.

As an all-year tropical playground, Jamaica may rightfully claim a topnotch position in the western world!

Directly facing the harbor, the stately Myrtle Bank Hotel and Annex enjoy refreshing sea breezes every day.
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