Glamour is the word to describe Cuba--and friendliness describes its lovely capital--Havana. Here, at the gateway to the Caribbean, you find shops, history, people, nightclubs, music and life, eminently qualified to bid you welcome to Latin America.

Havana is a city of astonishing contradictions: on the one hand, streets so narrow that pedestrians must walk single file, while just around the corner are wide boulevards spangled with lights and fronted by noble buildings of terrazzo and marble.

Morro Castle, Columbus Cathedral, the Casino, La Playa bathing beach ... only four of Havana's unlimited high spots. Jai alai, horse racing, golf, fishing ... only four of her many sports.

"The lovliest land that human eyes have ever seen!" wrote Columbus when he discovered Cuba. And Columbus was right!

The casino is even more magnificently appointed within than without.
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