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December 2005
New Orleans is well known for the quality, creativity, and variety of its restaurants. Tourists come from all over the world to dine in "ancient" establishments such as Antoine's, Tujague's, and Bruning's--all of them well over a century old. They also flock to the new places, many of them operated by celebrity chefs such as Emeril Lagasse, Susan Spicer, and Paul Prudhomme. And locals know that there are countless neighborhood eateries--Liuzza's, Domilese's, Elizabeth's, and the Dry Dock Cafe, to name a few--where great food can be found at sometimes very reasonable prices.

Virtually all New Orleans dining establishments closed their doors before, during, or immediately after Hurricane Katrina pounded New Orleans on August 29. The restaurant industry was one of the first to bounce back as the city began to repopulate. but it surely says something about the state of New Orleans' recovery to note that the majority of our palaces, bistros, cafes, diners, and greasy spoons remain shuttered more than three months after the storm.

This month's gallery features digital photographs of New Orleans restaurants, some open and some still closed, taken during the last few days of November. Our picture-taking excursions were limited to the areas least affected by Katrina: Uptown, the Warehouse District, the Central Business District, and the French Quarter (we did also include Mid City despite the fact that much of the area was severely flooded). We sincerely hope that those comprising the latter group are back in action by the early part of next year, and that increasing numbers of tourists and locals are able to enjoy the many delights of New Orleans cuisine.

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