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December 2002
This month we offer a dozen scenes of New Orleans as it existed in the year 1910. We've drawn on two contemporary printed sources for this presentation: the 1910 Annual Report of the Parking Commission of New Orleans and the Twenty-Second Semi-Annual Report of the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (December 31, 1910). Both reports are in the collection of New Orleans city documents housed in the City Archives.

The City Council established the Parking Commission in May, 1909 with the power "to plant, maintain, protect and care for trees, shrubs and other plants, in all of the public highways of this city." At the end of its first year of operation the superintendent presented an annual report that included eight photographic examples of the task that lay before the Commission as it undertook "the great work of planting a city." In 1949 the Parking Commission was replaced by the Parkway and Park Commission.

The Sewerage and Water Board dates back to 1890 but the year 1910 was the first year that its waterworks system was in full operation with all of its various components in place. During that year the water system counted about 23,000 New Orleanians as its customers with an average daily consumption of 15 million gallons. The price per 1,000 gallons back then was ten cents! The 1910 report included a number of photographs depicting properties of the Board; four of those images are included in this gallery.

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