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August 2006

The City Archives collection of 1946 aerial photographs is an important resource for an understanding of how the City of New Orleans has developed over the last sixty years. They, along with a similar set from the year 1960, provide visual evidence of the growth of the city and its neighborhoods during during a period of significant urban expansion. The photographs complement the Archives collection of Orleans Parish Tax Assessment Records which offer textual documentation of the city's expansion from the 1850s through the 1970s.

To commemorate the first anniversay of Hurricane Katrina and the ruinous flooding that it unleashed, we've selected a dozen photographs depicting how devastated areas of New Orleans (and Jefferson Parish) looked a couple of generations or so ago. When you click on a thumbnail below you will be presented with a larger (800 pixel) image to which we have added one or more colored "dots." Click on a "dot" to see an even larger image of the area surrounding that "dot."

This is Wayne Everard's final "official" Images of the Month. He retired on July 28, after nearly 32 years of service as Archivist at NOPL. The idea of Images of the Month was conceived by Wayne very soon after NUTRIAS' inauguration in 1995, as a way of showcasing the Louisiana Division's sources, and has continued as an unbroken feature ever since. This gallery is probably not Wayne's last effort, as he will return to us on a volunteer basis and will, no doubt, keep his hand in. But this one is a doozie. So take a look.

Click on the images below to see a larger version and accompanying text.

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Old Metairie



Filmore (South)

Seventh Ward

Gentilly Woods

Lower Ninth Ward

New Orleans East



Filmore (North)

Louisiana Superdome Vicinity

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