The stretch of Airline Highway in New Orleans just beyond the Palmetto Overpass was "service station row" in the late 1950s. The Gulf station at 9119 Airline is just visible at the right hand edge of this photograph. The site of theConoco outlet at 9129 is now occupied by a trophy business and the Dairy Queen next door is long gone and the location now vacant. Anyone who travelled the Airline during that period will remember the "Fill Up with Billups" sign and the adjoining service station/store with its bright display of dolls and other novelties. The Billups site is now taken up by one of the ubiquitous modern versions of the old service station/store concept.

These businesses were not actually the subject of a zoning petition during that period. This photograph was submitted to the Council by the petitioners to illustrate the commercial nature of the area in the vicinity of their own property.

[Photograph by C. F. Weber Photography (zoning docket 57/27)]
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