In 1957, Andrew J. Higgins, Jr. petitioned for a change in zoning for his property at the corner of South Carrollton Avenue and Pritchard Place. He sought a change from Two Family Residential to Heavy Commercial so that the Briede Funeral Home could move into the residence once occupited by Carmelo Dantoni, vice-president of the Standard Fruit Company. The Planning Commission and Council rejected the Higgins request and the Briedes built a new facility on Bayou St. John to house their funeral home.

The photograph below shows the corner of South Carrollton and Apricot Street, one block away from the petitioner's property. It was submitted by to illustrate the undesirable nature of the neighborhood for residential purposes (a description that many area residents objected to quite strongly). The drug store on the river side of Apricot still stands, but the former New Orleans Convalescent Home across the street has been replaced by a new brick residence.

[zoning docket 57/51]
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