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April 2005
The Illustrated Press was a weekly tabloid newspaper published in New Orleans every Friday from sometime in the 1940s into the early 1950s (New Orleans Public Library holds volumes 3-9, covering 1947-1953). During at least a part of its existence the newspaper's masthead called it "The Printed Voice of Radio-TV" and gave its address as 608 Chartres. He's not listed on the masthead, but the 1952 city directory shows Aaron A. Edgecomb, Jr. as publisher. The Illustrated Press carried news and features about both national and local programs, personalities, and events. It included a good bit of photographs, again of both national and local interest. The Illustrated Press is truly a wonderful source for information on the history of radio and early television in the Crescent City. For this month's Gallery we feature images from the April 1950 issues of the newspaper.

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