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April 2001
It's April--a great month for driving to visit some of the fine antebellum plantation homes still standing in Louisiana. Indeed, these architectural masterpieces are important tourist attractions in their localities. Some offer dining and lodging for travellers interested in more than a quick day trip. Some have even afforded scenic backdrops for motion pictures filmed on their premises. Some others, unfortunately, have not fared as well and are facing demolition by neglect.

Our Images of the Month Gallery for April provides a glimpse of what a plantation visitor would have seen at a dozen homes during the 1960s and early 1970s. Some of those structures have fared very well over the last thirty to forty years, but others have fallen victim to fire--a common scourge of historic buildings.

The images selected for this Gallery are from four collections within the larger Louisiana Photograph Collection here at New Orleans Public Library.

  • The General Interest collection is composed of photos gathered from a wide range of sources and divided into subject categories, one of which is Plantations.

  • The Sister Olivia Wassmer collection comprises photographs taken by a local member of the "Poor Clare" religious community.

  • The Dorothy Violet Gulledge collection came to the Louisiana Division from an amateur photographer who captured images of many New Orleans and Louisiana landmarks during the 1950s and 1960s.

  • The Shell Oil collection included photos taken for the company's plantation tour project during the 1960s.

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