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April 2000
The Louisiana Division's Rare Vertical File is divided into seventy-two categories according to form of material. One of those categories is "Letterheads--Nineteenth Century Business Firms," a small grouping of thirty-six letterhe ads that were torn away from the bodies of letters in various Library collections. Some of the letterheads contain only the names of businesses along with the names of company officials, but others display small sketches of the buildings occupied by the i ndividual business concerns.

This month's image gallery comprises nine examples of building sketches scanned from letterheads used by Nineteenth Century Business Firms, along with two non-building images taken from another firm's stationary. For a complete listing of the businesses, organizations, individuals, and institutions represented in the Rare Vertical File, see our online inventory of that collection.

Click on the images below to see a larger version of the photograph and a brief description of what it shows.


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