WPA workers are constructing a concrete roadway from Florida Avenue to Gentilly Road, a distance of almost two miles, to serve New Orleans' new shipyards on the Industrial Canal. The road will be 30 feet wide and 9,300 feet long. It will link two main highways--Gentilly Road and Claiborne Avenue. This photograph was taken on April 13, 1942.

The State Police apparently had a substation in the vicinity of this construction, probably near Florida Avenue. As the Louisiana Department of Public Safety noted in its report for 1942-1943,

One of the biggest jobs during the past year was the protection of the defense plants and strategic bridges in Louisiana. During the past 11 months, 724 troopers guarded 45 plants and vital bridges. The plants--with an estimated value of nearly $1,000,000,000 and employing tens of thousands of workers--are under constant guard day and night. All special detailed personnel guarding plants and bridges are paid from sources other than the budget of the State Police. The employing of guards for the special details alone is a big job, for it necessitates the fingerprinting and investigation of each applicant before he can be assigned to duty.

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