Images of the Month
April 1999

The Louisiana Division's WPA Photograph Collection includes approximately 7000 4" x 5" negatives recording the work of various WPA projects in New Orleans. Among the projects represented: art, archives, drainage, education, the lakefront, the U.S. Naval Base, nursing, City and Audubon Parks, paving, and public buildings. Only 10% or so of the negatives are accompanied by contact prints and an even smaller percentage by 8x10s. Over the next few years Division staff members will be scanning the negatives in order to make backup copies. We'll be sharing selections from that project in future Images of the Month galleries.

We feature photographs from the Paving Project in this month's image gallery. The images displayed here are at least as interesting for what they show of the areas surrounding the paving activity as they are for the documentation provided on the work itself. In the captions accompanying the images, the first paragraph is taken from the information on the negative envelope. The second paragraph is based on additional research required to identify the scene depicted.

Click on the thumbnail images below for a larger version of the photograph and a brief description of what it shows.


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