The Images of the Month Gallery was one of the NOPL website's earliest features, begun soon after our web page's inauguration on April Fool's Day, 1995. Each month, the Gallery presented a series of thematically linked images from the Louisiana Division collections or from the City Archives. The Gallery was discontinued at the end of 2007, and replaced by the Image of the Month, featuring a single image chosen from our collections, and the Pamphlet of the Month, featuring a digitized version of one of the many historical pamphlets in our collections.

This page offers a look back at past Galleries. A few are missing, but there's plenty here to see.
2007 Galleries
December, 2007
December 1907 in the Times-Democrat

November, 2007
November 1907 in the Daily Picayune

October, 2007
Tulane University in 1907

September, 2007
Charity Hospital in 1907

August, 2007
The Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital in 1907

July, 2007
Architectural Art and Its Allies in 1907

June, 2007
The NOPD in 1907

May, 2007
BPOE Members in Louisiana, 1907

April, 2007
The Sewerage & Water Board: Building the System, 1907

March, 2007
Advertising in the Southern Buck, 1907

February, 2007
The 1907 Carnival in New Orleans

January, 2007
The Elks' Home by Bellocq
2006 Galleries
December, 2006
The Court of Probates Goes Digital

November, 2006
The Most "Recent Additions to the Louisiana Division Photograph Collection"

October, 2006
Architectural New Orleans (ca. 1908) -- Contractors and Dealers' Exchange

September, 2006
Quaint Old New Orleans (ca. 1920)

August, 2006
Sixty Years Before the "Thing" -- 1946 Aerial Photos of Flooded New Orleans

July, 2006
Plan Book--Gentilly Woods

June, 2006
The Almonaster-Michoud Industrial District in 1981

May, 2006
Along Claiborne Avenue in the Lower Ninth Ward, 1949

April, 2006
In the Tulane Avenue Corridor during the 1920s and post-Katrina

March, 2006
Saved from Katrina: Images of New Orleans from the 1940s & 1950s

February, 2006
Mardi Gras After the Hurricanes of 1915 and 1965

January, 2006
Before the Flood...
2005 Galleries
December, 2005
Restaurants in New Orleans--Some Open and Some Still Closed

November, 2005
Hurricane Katrina Recovery

October, 2005
Hurricane Katrina Damage

September, 2005
John Churchill Chase Centennial

August, 2005
Letters to Mayor Behrman

July, 2005
Nos Hommes et Notre Histoire

June, 2005
Across the Lake

May, 2005
From the Annual Report of the Mayor 50 Years Ago

April, 2005
From the Illustrated Press 55 Years Ago

March, 2005
From the Times-Picayune 75 Years Ago

February, 2005
"Rare" Mardi Gras

January, 2005
Oversized Photographs
2004 Galleries
December, 2004
"Official" New Orleans Holiday Cards

November, 2004
Old New Orleans Business Cards

October, 2004
Art in Financial Paper

September, 2004
Milk in New Orleans, 1922

August, 2004
More McDonogh Schools in New Orleans

July, 2004
New Orleanians "In Costume"

June, 2004
The McDonogh Schools of New Orleans (Part One)

May, 2004
More Art Work of New Orleans (1895)

April, 2004
Art Work of New Orleans (1895)

March, 2004
New Orleans--125 Years Ago

February, 2004
Momus--100 Years Ago

January, 2004
A Look Back at Sugar Bowls Past
2003 Galleries
December, 2003
More of New Orleans in 1903

November, 2003
The National Youth Administration in New Orleans

October, 2003
The WPA in Louisiana

September, 2003
New Orleans in 1953

August, 2003
Images of the Civil War

July, 2003
Photographs from the Charles L. Franck Collection

June, 2003
"Graduation Day"

May, 2003
New Orleans in 1903

April, 2003
Military Training in Louisiana

March, 2003
Children's Carnival Parade (Krewe of N.O.R.)

February, 2003
Louisiana Purchase Sesquicentennial

January, 2003
Louisiana at the Fair
2002 Galleries
December, 2002
New Orleans in 1910

November, 2002
New Orleans in 1873

October, 2002
New Orleans in 1842

September, 2002
NOPD Mug Shots

August, 2002
In the French Quarter

July, 2002
Early New Orleans Playgrounds

June, 2002
Sanitation in 1930 New Orleans

May, 2002
New Orleans Mothers

April, 2002
More from the Contact Print Collection

March, 2002
Martin Behrman's New Orleans

February, 2002
Costumes from the 1967 Mardi Gras

January, 2002
More Photographs from the Dorothy Violet Gulledge Collection
2001 Galleries
December, 2001
Photographs from the Henry Morris Collection

November, 2001
Photographs from the Emile Amardiel Album

October, 2001
A Tribute to Our Heroes in the New Orleans Fire Department

September, 2001
Selections from the Haynes S. Ragas, Jr. Collection

August, 2001
Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

July, 2001
Back to the Beaches!

June, 2001
New Orleans in the 1940s and 1950s

May, 2001
New Orleans Jazz Photographs by Grauman Marks

April, 2001
A Louisiana Plantation Tour in the Past

March, 2001
David Barrow Fischer Steamboat Collection

February, 2001
Rex by Leda Plauche, 1941

January, 2001
New Orleans Ink Blotters
2000 Galleries
December, 2000
A New Orleanian Christmas, 1930

November, 2000
Knights of Pythias in New Orleans

October, 2000
FDR in New Orleans

September, 2000
W. H. Leeson Stereographs

August, 2000
New Orleans in 1858

July, 2000
Canal Bank Buildings

June, 2000
Andrew Jackson Higgins: The Man Who Won the War!

May, 2000
Examples from NOPL's Bookplate Collection

April, 2000
Images from 19th Century Business Letterheads

March, 2000
Alexander Allison's Mardi Gras

[This gallery is no longer available, but the entire Alexander Allison Collection has been digitized. The Mardi Gras images, from which this selection was chosen in 2000, can all be seen online here.]

February, 2000
Ships and Ports of the Great White Fleet

January, 2000
Photographs and drawings from a variety of sources published or produced in 1900.
1999 Galleries
December, 1999
Chinese Christmas cards from the Ethel Willia Perkins Collection

November, 1999
The Centennial of the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans

October, 1999
The Louisiana World Exposition, Fifteen Years Later

September, 1999
Selections from the Henry D. Johnson Collection

[This gallery is no longer available, but the entire Johnson Collection has been digitized and can be found online HERE.]

August, 1999
Selections from the Cornelius Durkee Collection

[This gallery is no longer available, but the entire Johnson Collection has been digitized and can be found online HERE.]

July, 1999
Images from the 1929 Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Records

June, 1999
Selections from the WPA Photograph Collection

May, 1999
Selections from the WPA Photograph Collection

April, 1999
Selections from the WPA Photograph Collection

March, 1999
Souvenir Album of New Orleans, ca. 1884

February, 1999
Mardi Gras Photographs from the Dorothy Violet Gulledge Collection

January, 1999
Selections from the Dorothy Violet Gulledge Collection
1998 Galleries
December, 1998
Selections from the Dorothy Violet Gulledge Collection

November, 1998
Selections from the Alexander Allison Collection

October, 1998
Selections from the Alexander Allison Collection

September, 1998
Hurricane Photographs from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

August, 1998
Photographs from the City Planning Commission Zoning Dockets

July, 1998
Selections from the Contact Print Collection

June, 1998
Selections from the Contact Print Collection

May, 1998
An Excursion to Grand Isle, Louisiana, 1906

[The images that made up this gallery came from a small collection of photographs that have all been digitized. The entire collection is available online.]

April, 1998
Cars in New Orleans

March, 1998
Selections from the Louisiana Division Rare Vertical File

February, 1998
Masking for Mardi Gras!

January, 1998
Selections from the Louisiana Division Bookplate Collection
1997 Galleries
December, 1997
Clergymen of New Orleans

November, 1997
New Orleans philanthropists

October, 1997
New Orleans architects

September, 1997
New Orleans teachers

July, 1997
New Orleans authors and their work

May, 1997
New Orleans flowers and gardens

March, 1997
The New Orleans Fire Department

February, 1997
Selections from the Louisiana Division's Carnival Collection

January, 1997
Superbowls in New Orleans
1996 Galleries
December, 1996
Merry Christmas!

October, 1996
In honor of Halloween: New Orleans Cemeteries

August, 1996
Selections from the Louisiana Division Rare Vertical File: New Orleans buildings

July, 1996
Summer in New Orleans

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