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The Internet and Technology
Internet Browsers

There are now many alternatives to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Try a new way of surfing the web.

  • Mozilla's Firefox
    One of the original open source browsers, Firefox is steadily growing and constantly updated from many great designers. Also available for download here is Thunderbird, an alternative e-mail program.
  • Opera
    This browser's claim to be the fastest is backed up by many studies. It also serves as the go-to browser for cell phones.
  • Google's Chrome
    The biggest search engine joins the browser market.
  • Camino
    An open source browser based on Mozilla's work, it is especially designed to work with Mac's OS X.
  • SeaMonkey
    A Mozilla-based browser dedicated to integrating all Internet functions (including e-mail, chat and HTML programming) in one program.
  • W3C's Amaya
    Browse the 'Net and program HTML all in the same place.
Web Design

  • Entheos
    These free tutorials cover web-building software, like Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Photoshop.
  • Web Design Library
    One stop resource for design tips, templates and graphic help.
  • W3Schools Tutorials
    From basic HTML and CSS to Java and Flash, these easy and free tutorials will help you make better web pages.
  • WordPress
    One of the easiest ways to get online and blogging is this free software.
Cyber Safety and Law

  • BitLaw
    "A comprehensive Internet resource on technology law."
  • Cyberangels
    The Largest Online Safety and Educational Program in Cyberspace
  • Cybercrime
    All kinds of information on computer and internet related crime, from the U.S. Department of Justice.
Internet Organizations

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