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Index to registration of foreign born persons, 1880-1916

The Index to Registration of Foreign Born Persons, 1880-1916, records for each registrant his name, address, ward, precinct, country of birth, age, place and date of naturalization, and date of registration. Each volume is divided into alphabetical sections with data entered in order more or less by ward and precinct. Volume 1 appears to be limited to registrants residing in wards 1-6 & 15 and volume 2 to registrants residing in wards 2-6. Volume 3 appears to include registrants from all wards. Volume 2 has no entries in the sections for the following letters: E, H, I, J, N, O, Q, T, U, W, X, Y, and Z.

An index to volume one is published in L'Heritage, vols. 9-11. The New Orleans Volunteer Association (NOVA) has begun to transcribe the index volumes, starting with volume two. We present their transcriptions below. Instead of retaining the original order in the online version we decided to fully alphabetize the names within each letter section of the index. Note also that in the "Comments" column the first entry is usually the registrant's age; "Declaration" refers to declarations of intentions to become citizens rather than to final naturalization certificates; and other entries usually constitute cross references to other registration certificates for the same individual.

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Thanks to the following NOVA members who have worked on this project: Colleen Fitzpatrick, Mary Atwood, Donna Finnerty Rhyne, Betty Halberg, Joan Moulliet Arretteig, Judeth Vinson, and Trisha Pohlmann.

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