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Louisiana. Parish Court (Orleans Parish).
Suit records, 1813-1846
191 ft.

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Manuscript records of the proceedings in the civil suits filed before the Parish Court. Individual suit records range in size from one or two sheets in the simpler matters to hundreds of documents in the more complicated litigations. Records may include some or all of the following items: petitions, answers, oaths, bonds, transcripts of testimony, and orders & judgments of the court [in some cases the orders and judgments appear as separate documents, more common though was the practice of recording such judicial actions on the reverse of the original petition(s)]. Various articles of evidence may also be filed in individual suit records, including such items as newspaper clippings, plans, copies of original documents filed elsewhere, letters, and accounts/extracts from accounts from various financial records.

The records have been microfilmed in full by the Genealogical Society of Utah and are available on 152 rolls of 35mm film. Reference copies of the films are available in the Louisiana Division.

Access to these records is through the general docket books and the indexes thereto, including an online index covering the period 1813-1835.

The extant docket books (1822-1846) and manuscript indices (1818-1832, A - D only; 1835-1846) for the Parish Court have been digitized and are available You must create an account with FamilySearch in order to view the images, but the account is free. LINK HERE to access the images. Note that the information in these indices is NOT included in the online index referenced above.

In addition to these "regular" suit records there is also a much smaller series of records for creditors suits. Access to these files is through the Insolvents' Docket. This series of suit records has not been microfilmed.

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