Parish Court Index
Plaintiffs' Names Beginning with Y

Plaintiff Defendant Number
Yardel, Widow Gravier, Jn. 573
Yeates, Elijah Cook, Chas. H. 6162
Yorke, P.L. & S. Sterrett, A.B. 6900
You, Dominique Liguet, Widow; heir of P. Liguet 5387
Young, E.L. Armitage, James 2766
Young, H. O'Brian, Dennis 1014
Young, Harry Lee, Sally 855
Young, Henry Brown, Hurbert and Michael Miller 946
Young, Henry Smith, James, master of the schooner Commerce 4040
Young, Hiram Faulk [Captain] 4877
Young, Hugh Connelin, Mary 5232
Young, Hugh Sanderson, John P. Executor of Hamilton Russel, Deceased 115
Young, Hugh (executors of) Salzman 6868
Young, Hugh, by testy. exec. Peter L. Sloane Bastable, Jonah 7858
Young, Hy. Andrews, P. 551
Young, James Usher, Patrick 4646
Young, Robert Ball, Russel 4686
Young, Robert Stackhouse, Samuel H. 1757
Young, S. C. Andre Lamy & Co. 267
Young, Sam. C. Monlon, Jcq. & Dr. Roger, syndics of creditors of E.R. Trepanier 475
Young, Samuel Brewster, Patrick 1523
Youx, Dominique Deglanne 1143

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