Parish Court Index
Plaintiffs' Names Beginning with W

Plaintiff Defendant Number
W & J.H. Leverich Morris, Gilbert 4466
W. Combe & Co. Hendebert, J. 1449
W. Watson and Co. Pierpont, James 2413
W.A. Gasquet & Co. Banks, James M. 5340
W.A. Gasquet and Co. Jefferies of the firm Jefferies and Co. 8297
W.A. Gasquet & Co. Clark, James H. 8126
W. A. Gasquet and Co. Guion, Alfred 5476
W. A. Gasquet, Wm.A. Co. Pecke, W. 5207
W.A. Gasquet & Co. Comstock, G.C. 6949
W.B. Beldon & Co. Theus, Thomas [fmc] 5280
W.F. & E.B. Heyde & Co. Patrick, J.T., and Terrell, M.B. 8199
W.F. & E.B. Hyde & Co. Camp, H.L. and Saml. C.Bell 6625
W.F. & E.B. Hyde& Co. Campbell, A.S. 8200
W. F. Hyde and Co. Tulane, Louis S. 5406
W.H.White & Joshua D.Waterman; Surviving Partn.;Newton & Co. Sterne, Adolpho 8500
W. L. Robeson and Co. Wilson, John 7416
Waddell & Brown Bill, Capt. of the Brig Pilgrim & Owners 6078
Wade, Anne, Mrs. Rousan, Michel M. 7715
Wade, C. Roffignac, J. 4003
Wade, Mrs., petition for ratification of sale
Wade, Orythce L'Homaca Praying to be authorized to sell property 7240
Wade, Orythce L'Homaca Wade, John [her husband] 7210
Wade, Robert D. Wilson, Stephen 5538
Wagner, Peter K. McKarahe, James 3913
Wagner, Peter K. Cox, Moses 3902
Wagner, Peter K. Daquency, John 122
Wagner, Peter K. Le Grand 84
Wagner,P.K. Dupin, syndic of 861
Waide, J. T. Bird, Rap 42
Wait, Phineas Offutt, H.J. 3398
Wakefield Embree 3268
Wakeman, Burr Porter, William 7945
Wakeman, Burr Porter, Charles 7946
Walden, D.T. Ogier, Peter 6873
Walden, Daniel T. Train, Oliver (et. al.) 6952
Wale, Ulick Halpen, Paget 6801
Walker, John Mead and Stroud 4048
Walker, John Barry, William 3686
Walker, S.D. Ewing, C., Syndics of 4148
Walker, syndic Clark, D. 8415
Wallace, Francis and Isabella Allison, John & William Smith 8492
Wallace, heirs of Cash, thomas C. 8215
Wallace, J.C. Brown, Lewis E. 5607
Wallace, James Hornet, Steamboat, and owners, etc. 3229
Wallace, James Hornet, the steamboat, and owners her tackle al 3225
Wallace, Lambeth & Pope Adams, George W. 7221
Wallace, Mary Wallace, William N. 4884
Wallace, William His creditors 7271
Wallace, William, syndic of [Thomas Slidell] Purdon & Brothers 7461
Walters, William Bosworth, Colin, and the Steamboat Hope 3309
Walters, wm. Bosworth, Colin 3307
Walton and Forsyth Constitution, Steamboat 2013
Walton, Jos. Braynard, J. & H. Mann, McNeil, Fisk, Rutherford & Co., J. Brandt 1817
Ward Murphy 8273
Ward Murphy 8274
Ward and Goodale Hanna, Benlamibn 2673
Ward and Taylor by their agent J. Brandt Shaw, Z. 413
Ward, Anne [fwc] Sheriff 5742
Ward, Artemas Hoey, Nicholas 4669
Ward, Richard Babcock, Charles 3048
Ware, Paul Brown, William S. 7292
Warner, E. Berry, Benj. 4052
Warner, Elias Clarke, C. 4140
Warren, John C. Dannais & Jacob 5702
Wartelle, Peter & August Coy, Jose Guadeloupe de la Santos 4388
Waters, Jacob Waters, Isabella 8383
Waters, William Bennet, V. 5058
Waters, William Hozan, Daniel, curator of Estate of James Roller 717
Waters, William Seuzeneau, P. 1347
Waters, William Packwood & Wheat 1349
Waters, William Banks, Israel 2601
Watkins, Widow Canon, Jean 2550
Watsom, Mathew James H. Wilson & Co. 4380
Watson & Co. McAllister, Jno. 2105
Watson & Mann Hemphill, Hiram 8134
Watson, J. H. Welch 4166
Watson, Johannah (wife) Davenport, Ambrose 8339
Watson, Mathew Murray, Robert 4675
Watson, Matthew Black, John 4942
Watson, Matthew William Black & Co. 4941
Watson, Samuel W. creditors 7702
Watson, William Reed, Capt. and A.R. Ellery 1853
Watson, William Dent, Lewis 1877
Watson, William and Jean Brandt for Christy and Barden Reed, Capt. and A.R. Ellery 1854
Watts, Charles, and Lobdell, John L. Eaty, Sarah, et al 4070
Waymouth, D.F. His Creditors 8513
Webb Nicholson 6642
Webb, Wm. Bot, Benj. 7970
Webster [Pollock, Carlisle, curator of] Camy, Lewis & Glases, Jean 1611
Webster, Benjamin Daniels, Peter 6903
Weills and Thomas Clave, Jules 7294
Weills, J. Chesneau, A. 3767
Weills, John Ripaille, Edward 5933
Welch, John R. McCullough, Wm. 7707
Wells, James Millaudon & Miller 6000
Wells, Solomon Mount, William 1748
Wells, T.J. Pew, T.J. 6013
Welman, syndics of [Johnson & Simpson] Englesheim, J.A. 433
Welman & Phillips Lislebec, M. 1068
Welman & Phillips et al Sharp, John 1231
Welman and Phillips Church, Joseph and John 950
Welsh, Solomon O'Connor, Briant 4878
Wescott, Silas creditors 6842
West, Charles E. Whitwell, John T. 2155
West, John K. [attorney in fact, etc.] Wyer, William & Pendon, James [curators, etc.] 1534
West, John K. [attorney in fact, etc.] Wyer, William & Pendon, James [curators, etc.] 1505
Wetherbee, Simon Lively, Jacob 1956
Wetherby, A. Jennieson, J. 6263
Wethers, W.C. Gobeau 449
Wheaton & Johnson McCall, John P. & John D. Atwell 4581
Wheeler, J. M. Canfield, Robert F. 2032
Wheeler, Nathan W. Fiske, Eben 4492
Wheeler, Nathan W. Fiske, Eben 4563
Wheeler, Nathan W. Shrieve, Henry M. 3266
Wheelock, Clark J. Gourlay & Co. and Brunet & Ashton 5753
Whiston and Wilkinson Hewitt, Strodder 1831
Whitaker, William H. Wilson, Robert 5096
Whitall, Jandon & Co. Brig William Henry 5804
Whitall, Jaudon & Co. Cowan, James 5688
White & Co. Bulkly, Edmond & Babcock & Gardiner Garnishees 7454
White & Morris Barthelemy 642
White and Co. Livingston, Edward 2001
White and Co. Aicard, Vincent 7872
White and Company Bosque, Agenor, and Kosselins, C. 8087
White and Company and Others Thompson, William G. 7419
White and Keeler Crocker, William H. and Elisha 3673
White and Morris Gravier, John 222
White and Morris Poignotte, Pierre 754
White, A.A. Williams, Williams 844
White, Asa Muir, John 2882
White, Caroline (wife) Samuel Richard 8319
White, Caroline Mathilda, wife of Hanna Bayard, Alex F.M. 8432
White, James Turk, Hiram K. 6371
White, Jno. Nesbit, Robert 2158
White, John Steam Tow Boat Co. of La. and Joseph Louis 7065
White, Levi Johnson, Thos. 3511
White, Lloyd Reilly, John (legal owner of the Steamboat Robert Emmett) 4816
White, Maunsel White, George W. 7687
White, Michael Hipp, Catherine [heir & executor of Fletcher, James] 1411
White, Michel B. (fpc) minor praying to be emancipated
White, Rachel (wife) Merril, F. 7832
Whitehead, E and J.C. Pierce Wright, Wm. K. 5325
Whitehead, E. Laverty and Balch 2276
Whitehead, Ephraim Gorham, Allen Jr. 2212
Whitehead, John Hetherwick, Robert 2234
Whiting & Fletcher Ducournau, Simon 1569
Whiting & Fletcher Ducournau, Simon 1570
Whiting & Fletcher Smith, James 2396
Whiting and Fletcher Casey, Thomas 968
Whiting, Augustus C. Aldrich & Co. 4972
Whiting, John, by curator Charles Cappell Dalton, Wm. 3960
Whiting, Samuel Tilghman, H.L. 6440
Whitney, Charles A.; petitioning for a habeus corpus
Whitney, Chs. A. His creditors 7447
Widney, James Gorham & Burton and the brig Juana 1468
Widney, James McGibbon, Samuel B. 1517
Wiilliams, Aus. Hall, N.C. 4361
Wilcox and Fearn Vaught, W. T. 7981
Wild, W.D. Keen & Ashbridge & certain goods 2045
Wild, W.D. Dulion 3998
Wiley & Cunningham Lambert, James 5490
Wiley & Cunningham Chase, I. [and others] 5570
Wilkie & Gow, and others Guirot, Widow 3366
Wilkie and Gow Guirot, Widow 3359
Wilkie and Son O'Brien, John McGuirt 3208
Wilkins, Jesse Massy, John 1975
Wilkinson, Archibald Thompson 1618
Wilkinson, Madame (praying to be authorized to pay a bill and to appoint counsel to represent her absent husband)
Wilkinson, N.N. his creds., the creds. of Wilkinson, McNeill and Co., etc. 7907
Wilkner, David Lee, Jn. M. 3765
Willams and Nathan Bertrand, I. 700
Willard, Lewis Francis, Silas 6213
Willard, Thomas P. Pollidor, Phillip & Jospeh; Simon Knight 2490
Willars, Bernard J.B. Duffy, Moses, and Trudeau, Joseph Renon 3189
Willcox & Fearn Jordon, Harrison 8154
Willet and Shearman Parker, Thomas 2751
William and Nathan Rhodes, J.J. 492
William Boyd & Son Torry, Harlow J. 2138
William Boyd and Son Venables, R.R. & Wm. & D. Flower Garnishees 2094
William Boyd and Son C & B, syndics of 1978
William Brown & Co. McGinn & Johnston 2213
William C. Grissam and Co. Blackwell, F. 5235
William Dougherty & Co. F. Picard & Decreys 5880
William F. Gasquet & Co. Guion, Alfred 5489
William F. Hyde & Co. Tulane, Louis S. 5408
William F. Hyde & Co. Souza, Mordochee [Senior] 4895
William F. Hyde & Co. Fenel Davis & Co. 4909
William F. Hyde & Co. Cavaroc, C. 4428
William H. Pope & Co. Steamboat Lexington, J. Montgomery-master 7561
William Hyde & Co. Barnett, J. 4275
William Kenner & Co. Dutillet & Sagory 2472
William Kenner & Co. Sargent, Joseph 4186
William Nott and Co. Dubertraud, P. and Dubertrand Doumeing and Co. 7273
William Nott & Co. Baron, A. 7016
William Notts & Co. Martinstein, J.H. 7005
William R. Smith & Co. Parkinson, R. 5594
William Rockwell & Co. Smith & Thurber 5551
William Thompson & Co. Hallet, John 6613
William Thompson & Co. Wright, Robert A. 6453
William Thompson and Co. Cole and Co., A.B. 7304
William Thompson and Co. Thompson, Thos. M. 7289
William T. Thompson & Co. Desbois & Tessier 7673
William T. Thompson & Co. Nartigue & La. State Bk. 7672
Wm. T. Thompson & Co. Kirk, Geo., and Holden, Ira 8226
William T. Thompson & Co. Castel & Devaux 7239
Wm. Tufts & Co. Tulane, Lewis S. 5386
Wm. Tufts & Co. Thompson, E. & Co. 6444
William Tufts, surviving member of the firm Tufts & Clarke Ogilvy, James 7100
William Watson & Co. & Landreaux, Honore et al Generally, Henry 1189
Williams Palma, A.W.L. 6286
Williams & Nathan Elkins,, Saml. 530
Williams & Rogers Winchester, B. 4853
Williams and Nathan Church, Joseph R. and Samuel Paxton 681
Williams and Nathan Dubourg, P.F. 818
Williams and Nathan Dubourg, P.F. & P.A. Lay & Lachataiguerais 702
Williams and Nathan Dubourg, P.F. 701
Williams and Nathan DuBourg, P.F. 817
Williams, Bille Ramsy, James and creditors of Joseph Walton 2949
Williams, Joseph Price & Morgan 4285
Williams, Peter Garner [Captain of the ship Leondis] 4633
Williams, Thomas His Creditors 7118
Williams, William Kenner, William & Co. 4582
Williams, William Paxton, John A. 3683
Williams, William Thompins, Thomas 3948
Williamsen, David, fmc Craighead, Captain of the schooner United States 5437
Williamson, J.C. New Orleans Canal and Banking Co. 6985
Willoz, Henry Bogna, Phillipe 5774
Wilsey, Ferdinand L. Devlin, James 5545
Wilson & Hamblett Hill, Ezra 4915
Wilson, James Webb, H.L. 7163
Wilson, James McHugh, Jesse, and Sieurs, Paul 5468
Wilson, Jesse White, M., and Co. 3428
Wilson, Job. Whyte, James 3704
Wilson, John Davis, George 4050
Wilson, Joseph Towbridge, Captain of the schooner Horatio 4556
Wilson, R. Roques, a constable 3974
Wilson, Robert His Creditors & The Creditors of Harris & Wilson 6133
Wilson, Thomas [acting partner] Houghton, John [Penn, curator of the estate of] 1508
Wilson, William Varion, Francois 7201
Wiltz, B. (Junior) Young, Samuel C. & Gabourde, P.A. 1023
Wiltz, Dranzin for Emancipation from Minority
Wiltz, Emile; a minor praying to be emancipated
Wiltz, Leonard Fazende, Casimir 3317
Wiltz, Leonard for the use of Widow Ursin Wiltz Generelly, F. , the syndics of 1253
Winchester, Ben (curator) Girod, Nicholas & others 1029
Windney and Portor Fowler and Steamboat James Monroe 2321
Wines, Salem Forsyth, James 2642
Winn, Braxton B. Adams, William 1478
Winters, Joshua His creditors 6745
Winters, Josiah Templeton, William 3130
Winters, Josiah Armor, James 3086
Wist, Benjamin F. James H. Wilson & Co. 4381
Wiswall, Joseph B. Clap & Co. (Barney Clap and Felix Lefebvre) 5944
Withers, W.C. Vivant, L. and C. 2835
Withers, W.C. Duplessis, G.L.B. 1885
Withers, W.C. [executors of] Lambert, Isaac 5650
Withers, W.C. [executors of] Tritt, Baker 5700
Withers, William C. Preston and Gleeson, and certain building on New Levee Street 3921
Withers, William C. Gardiner, James 5174
Withers, William C. Turpin, J. 1543
Withers, William C. Turpin, J. 1543
Wm. Brpwn & Al. Seamen Staples, captain of the Brig Tribune 6134
Wm. Doherty Armstrong, Chse. 7128
Wm. F. & E.B. Hyde & Co. Sterrett, A.B. 6899
Wolf, George, and others Holmes, Captain Silas 3409
Wolf, J.R. Goldenbow, John 5161
Wolfin, Catherine Hoffman, John 2762
Womack, J., and Co. Destinval, P., and Delatte, Antoine 3316
Wood, A.T. Clarkson, G. 8401
Wood, Isaac J. Myers, Strong and Henry C. 8106
Wood, Margaret Wood, Alexander [her husband] 5527
Woodman, Geo. W. Jackson, Capt. 4047
Woods, John New Orleans Water Work Company 2731
Woodward, A. and E. Williams, John Lee 2859
Woodward, C. C. Braynard, S. 1763
Woodward, E. Widney, James 2702
Woodward, George Winslow & Buell 1034
Wooley, Oliver H. Comstock, Peter 4258
Woolfolk, J. Bertoulin, F. 5017
Woolfolk, Samuel M. Boyer, Felix 6967
Woolfolk,Samuel M. Boswell, William 4438
Woolfork, S.M. Buss, James J. 5306
Wooster, Harriett Israel, William Jr. 8299
Wooster, Henry His creditors & the creditors of Wooster & Co. 6168
Wooten, Lacy (fwc) Almeda, Joachim 4825
Wooters, Mary Wheeler, John 3380
Wooters, William Thompson, William 3746
Wooters, William Thompson, William 2750
Workman, James Eaty, Sarah, and alii 4083
Workman, James Louisiana State Insurance Co. 5739
Worthington, A. G. Miller, John A. 4489
Worthington, A.G. wales, John 5367
Wren, Woodson Herbert, William 4410
Wright, David & Madelaine, Geno [his wife] Dayrand 4712
Wright, Isaac W. Todd, Rob P. 5243
Wyatt, George Bibb, Tho. H. 5972
Wyer, W. & N. Singer, James 2450

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