Parish Court Index
Plaintiffs' Names Beginning with T

Plaintiff Defendant Number
T.G. Chamberlin & Co. Armstrong, Charles 5963
T.G. Chamberlin & Co. Jordan, Caleb D. 5786
T.G. Chamberlin & Co. I.G. Banks & Brothers 5674
T. L. Chamberlin & Co. Armstrong, Charles 6426
T.R. Hyde J.F.E. Livaudais syndic of Pendergast 7145
T.R. Hyde and Brother Walter, V.P. and Phelps, P.B. 8032
Taber, Joseph R. Koonce, John F. 4978
Tabony, Jean Gravier, J. 2063
Tabony, John Gravier, John 2184
Taboury, Joseph Lioteau, Joseph 131
Taft, Lazare Cirlot, A. 4224
Tagiasco, Jean [fmc] & Jean Louis Dolliole [ex. of M.L. Tagiasco] Molinary, Therese Elliot [widow] 7213
Tagiasco, Marie Louise, estate of, by testy. exor Jean Louis Dolliole Perrilliat, Joseph 7106
Taire, Emilie Galez, Francois [A. Abat & J.J. Tournade, ty. ex. of his estate] 4660
Tait, Marian Mayor, Alderman & Inhabitants 8539
Tala, Felix ; curator ad hoc of Benj. Garble ;deceased Dwyer, Ellis 3815
Talbott, allen Mitchele, D. 3117
Tallant, James Thompson, Edward & Musselman 4244
Talmage & Hays Patterson, Wm. 4837
Tanesse, Jacques, and Arvil, Saul Hutton, Henry, and others 3207
Taney & Duplessis Blanc, F.A. 5249
Taney & Duplessis Connelin, Mary 4914
Tanneret, Louise Beauvais Tanneret, Charles (her husband) 1220
Tardi, Matthew Representing M. Hudon Gn. Siret 197
Tartreau, Jean Jacques Dolon, Pierre [fmc] 5585
Tarut Sr.,C. & Tarut Jr.,C. Pontalba, C. & sheriff of East Baton Rouge 4201
Tarut, Madame Tarut, Mr. 2991
Tassy, J. (fpc) Nice, Mitchell & wife, Parisine, Henry & wife, & Caraby's heirs 1174
Tassy, J. (fwc) Paurcine, fils and wife 995
Tauzin, Celeste (wife) Dranquet, B. (husband) 4838
Tavelet, Edward Dunbar, master of the ship LaPerle 5914
Tavener, Abraham Sheffield, William C.T. 4971
Tayes, P.J., by F.B. Blanchard, his atty. in fact Lecesne, L. 3294
Tayleur & others Merchants Insurance Co. 6522
Tayleur, Bates, and Chorley Paterson and Philpott 3755
Taylor & Cotheal assign. of Jenkins, T., & Cotheal Riker, Nathaniel M. 8195
Taylor & Palfrey Rousset, Etienne 2059
Taylor & Pendon Dawes, Timothy and 178 Bundles of Hay 2083
Taylor & Pendon Ste. de Mignot 1578
Taylor and Pardon Peabody and Chamberlain and Co. 3423
Taylor Fauntleroy & Co. Proffit, George H. 5274
Taylor, John Hennen, Alfred 969
Taylor, John [Junior] Cowing, Ward 4939
Taylor, Thomas W. Smith, Robert 4570
Taylor, W., estate, curator of [Palfrey] Turner, S. 5210
Taylor, William Lewis, Robert 4805
Taylor, William, tutor of minors Harman Lewis, Robert 4610
Taylor, Wm. H. Schooner Crawford Callender & DeBloois, owners 6568
Teer, Mark Creditors 6824
Teetzman Fournier 2941
Teinchard, F. Lafon, B. 3018
Teitjen, Charles Penniman, A.T. 5469
Tepier, F. Bore 1397
Teran, Antonio Jose DeSastra, Jose 5402
Ternaut, Widow Turcas, Antoine 4539
Ternaut, Widow Turcas, Antoine 4540
Terrasson, Pierre, estate of [by curator Fs. Ceressol] Villars, Ante. 4620
Terrele, J., and B. Bannister, J. 3193
Terrell Baucoin 2502
Terrell, L. Potts, Hamilton 5267
Terrien, C. Bonnal-Testamentary; Executor of Late Botrel 250
Terril, Joseph Frink, Stanton 4219
Terril, Richard Elliott, Andrew 4330
Terry, P. Dwyer, P. 3321
Terzi, Francis Griffin, testy. exec. of the late 924
Tete and Hubert Schomberg, Phil. 2707
Tete, A., Hubert and Syndics Viales and Celine Bara 2229
Thatcher, Danl., and Samuel Crawford, John 4102
Thatcher, Daniel Hughes, Thomas 4240
Thatcher, Danl. Crawford, John 4149
Thatcher, Samuel Hughes, Thomas 4239
Thayer, Gideon F. Keen & Ashbridge and sundry articles 2039
Theall, Joseph Lewis, H. 5008
Theard, R.N. Labat, Andre, syndics of creditors of 3910
Theard, R.N. Robert, F.A.; His Wife 6039
Theard, Rene Jobet, Pierre [curator of the estate of & attorney for ab. heirs] 1380
Theodore Nicolet & Co. Houston, Walter 4961
Theodore Nicolet & Co. Nwe Orleans Marine & Fire Insurance Company 52792
Therese, Marie (fwc) Mc Ilvain 1988
Thezan, Marie Rose Virginie (praying to be emancipated)
Thiac, Jean, administrator of estate [Julien Trotreau] Thiacaine, J., and Bisingson, B. 8080
Thiac, Jean Sr. creditors 8084
Thibaud, John Tremoulet, Bd. and Cazelar 350
Thibaut, John Jolly, Jacques 838
Thierry [Moreau-Lislet, Louis, pro-tutor of the minor] College of Orleans, Chancellor & Regents 1562
Thierry, J.B. Jolly, Widow Florian 342
Thistle, H. His creditors 7324
Thistle, H. His Creditors 7091
Thoillier, Antoine Hernandes, Nicolas 2136
Thomain, Madelaine, wife of Jean Mornet Mornet, Jean, her husband 2446
Thomas & Soulet Monge, Pierre 6611
Thomas & Soulet Carlon, L. and F. Carlon 6612
Thomas & Soulet Bordes, J. 6333
Thomas (fmc) Lora, Manuel 498
Thomas and Brothers Elkins, Saml. 402
Thomas Barron & Co. Reynolds, John 4304
Thomas Barron & Co. Beckman, Fred K. 4309
Thomas Barron & Co. Jackson, Henry 3616
Thomas Barron Co. Dabduiel, Vinsand 2370
Thomas F. Townsly and Co. Sere, Louis 2335
Thomas Ramsey and Co. Dent, Lewis 1880
Thomas, A. J. Tremulet, B. 1771
Thomas, Edward Birch, Haywood 6357
Thomas, John S. Erwin, James 4907
Thomas, Joseph Howard, Sam L.S., surviving partner of firm of Howard & Williams 4608
Thomas, Lucy Alonzo, Joachim (husband) 8413
Thomas, Medelice his creditors 7712
Thomas, Medelice (fmc) his creditors 8036
Thomas, P.F. Duffy, Moses 3510
Thomas, William & John H. Grosbeck Neilson, James [owner of the steamboat Lady of the Lake] 4936
Thomassin, Louis Fazende, Martin (fmc) 3508
Thompson & Grant Fitz, William 5600
Thompson & Grant Coulon, JOhn 4450
Thompson & Grant Caldwell, Thomas 4988
Thompson & Grant Nadaud, D.O. & L.R. Gainnie 5518
Thompson & Grant H.C. Corn Jun. & Co. & Jacob R. Wolf 5238
Thompson & Grant Phelan, Wm. & Bickel & Hamblet 5239
Thompson & Grant [for the use of Manuel de Cala] Mississippi Marine & Fire Insurance Co. 5483
Thompson and Grant Gallagher, James 7453
Thompson, Aaron Briggs, David 4349
Thompson, George John Brandt & Co. and Damaron, George Ball 1415
Thompson, Henrietta Thompson, James (husband) 5115
Thompson, Henry L. Hopner, C.C. and the Brig. General Morales 5383
Thompson, John [Jr.] Flecheux, Adolph 7037
Thompson, John, Jr., syndic of [H.M. Wright] Hull, Wm. N. 8369
Thompson, Patrick Anderson, Lewis 3905
Thompson, Samuel Dubillet & Sagory 2500
Thompson, Sophie Inoch Thompson, W.,Her Husband 4162
Thompson, Thomas H. Strike, Capt. of the S.B. Cincinnati and owners of 4849
Thompson, Thomas M. His creditors 7568
Thompson, William Young, Henry 5509
Thompson, William Stevens, G. P. 4413
Thompson, William T. Patterson, John 4168
Thompson, William T. Cheveaux, Louis 4622
Thompson, William T. Chase, Jonathan 6408
Thompson, William T. Wiltz, Jean Baptiste 5528
Thompson, William T. Peychaud, Anatole et als 4614
Thompson, William T. Gravier, Jean 5746
Thompson, Wm. A. Edwards, John H. 6328
Thompson, Wm. F. Brothers, William 6544
Thompson, Wm. F. Wright, Robert 6567
Thompson, Wm. F. Reynoir, Frederick 7204
Thompson, Wm. F. Wright, Robert A. 7661
Thompson, Wm. J. Barlow, and the Schooner Victoire 3324
Thompson, Wm. T. Green, John 6657
Thompson, Wm. T. Buckman,H. 5263
Thomson & Grant Johnstone, Geo. J. 6120
Thomson & Grant Armstrong, Chs. & Peter 6420
Thomson & Grant De Chamont, C.L.R. 7104
Thomson & Grant Burges, W.G. 7080
Thopson, Mary Thompson, Mr. 1855
Thopson, Robert Sauvinet, Beluche, Lomine 1889
Thorne, John Creditors, his and of Kerr Thorne and Co. 7744
Thorns, Wm. Vail, Daniel H. 5920
Thornton & Hodges Stryker, John 4836
Tibbits, S.M. His creditors 6757
Tibbits, William Carney, Richard 5606
Tiernay ,Mary Tiernay, W.; Her Husband 4193
Tiernian, M. Wood, George 1337
Tigues, Francisco Presas, Juan 5452
Tillerton, Wm. Fernandez, Jos. M., et al. 7698
Tinchaut, Jacques [fmc] Blanche, Marie ; Widow Aubert [fwc] 3920
Tio, Francisco Zimmerman, A. 5445
Tio, Julie Marcos [wife of Louis Coussy] Coussy, Louis 5843
Tio, Louis M. [fmc] Wiltz, Victoire [fwc] 4639
Tio, Louis Marcos, fmc Hazeur, Maltide (wife) 8344
Tircuis, Mary Barbe Lowry, James 1845
Toby, Thomas Garsides, James 5740
Toby, Ths., and Brother Orleans Cotton Press Company 8322
Toca, Louise Louise B.M. ; wife of Jacques Egle 5281
Tocazet, Jean Gabriel, by his atty in fact, Gabriel Carjolles Jourdan, Charles 3215
Toch, Carmelite Martin, Edmond 5029
Todd, Richard J. Murphy, Edmund 5916
Todd, Robert P. His Creditors 7079
Toiry, Pierre Lebon, E. 2120
Toledano & Gaillard Smith, F. & A.H. Smith [her husband] 5018
Toledano and Gaillard Lachaise, Widow 4732
Toledano and Le Gendre Pandelly, Paul 8006
Toledano, Raphael Fernandez, J.M. 7829
Topham, James Hyland, James 7809
Topham, James Mulvihill, Thomas 7949
Torel, estate of, by Edward Cauchoix Dumaine 262
Torres,M.D.P.Ruiz Torres, B. ; Her Husband 4272
Tournade, Jn. Jques. Tremoulet, B. , B. Bernoudy and Dr.Gros 321
Tourne and Beckwith McHugh, Edward, and O'Rourk, James 7873
Tourne, J. Ninon, J.B. 2287
Tourne, J., and Caillon, P. Lee, J.A., and others 5056
Tourne, James Testory 1490
Tournes, Pascal Duviver, Claire [fwc] 4657
Tourneur, T. Query, J.C., exec. of 925
Tourtin, M. Ade. (fwc) Lucile (fwc) 590
Touschy, A.F. Dolliole, J. Louis [fmc] 5657
Toussaint, A. Perrandot, Capt. and othetrs 1961
Toussaint, Jean His Creditors 7597
Toussine (fwc) Zelia, Marie 7524
Towles, John Jacobs, L. & J. Hart 5331
Townsend Kennedy, Ebenezer 2640
Townsend, Clement, estate of, by J.B. Diggs, curator Lewis, William T.; Wm. Stewart & Saml. M. Woolfolk 7168
Townsend, D., by his executors R. & Isabella Townsend Williams, H., and Burk, R. 3663
Townsend, E. and Dummer Porrie, Mrs. 2224
Townsend, Robert Mosley 5118
Townsend, Thos., syndics of the creditors of Breedlove, Bradford, and Robesand 3665
Townsley & Prieur Morney, J.P.St.C., and Delmare, Madame E., widow Roux 5404
Townsley and Bonny Thatcher, Saul 3036
Townsley and Bonny McLean, Hector 3038
Townsley and Bouny Mitchele, D. 3145
Townsley, Thomas F. Devitt, Bernard M. 4394
Townsley, Thomas F. Devitt, R. & B. M. 4396
Toye, Jean creditors 6858
Trabue, V.T.B. The Owner of the Negro Slave Louis 189
Tracey, Elisha L. Henry Stark & Co. 4449
Tracy, E. L. Palmer, A. W. L. 4434
Tracy, E.L. Parker, Thomas C. 8517
Tracy, William L. [William Vandergriff, executor of his estate] Palfrey, H.W. 4671
Trappan, Josh. J. Lynch, Henry 4845
Trasimon, Landry Reynaud, L.M. 4445
Treau, Jean Maignan, J., and Trotreau, J. 5052
Tremoulet, B. Sellier, Eml. 1363
Tremoulet, Chs. Williams, Ths. K. 3505
Trench, Joseph Jackson, Richard & Owners of the Kentuckian 6135
Trepagnier, Elizabeth Delphine [wife of Francois Barbin de Bellev Barbin de Bellevue, Francois 4958
Trepagnier, Eulalie Lavillebeuve 215
Trepagnier, the heirs Roger, Pierre 942
Trepainier, the heirs Dunfort, Thomas 921
Trepanier, Lavillebeuve, J. her husband, James Moulon his Syndics 244
Trepanier, heirs of Trepanier, Widow, sydics of the creditors of 415
Trepanier, the heirs Monlon, James 938
Tresorve,; F.M.O.C. Chair, M. Jh., His Wife 286
Trevino, Francois Chicoy, Miguel and Almeida, Juaquin 4773
Trevino, Joseph Baudin, Alexander 4055
Tricker, Maria Wright, Robt. A. 5889
Tricou & Son Ferran (Zacharie, syndic) 1153
Tricou, J. and others Pelletier, C.V. Manny 866
Tricou, Jh. Morgan, Pierre (heirs of) 1297
Tricou, Joseph Dusser, P.G. 2714
Tricou, Joseph and Dominick Bouligny
Tricou, Joseph and son and others Faisaudieu, Widow 864
Tricou, Joseph and sons Stockton Allen and Co. 2653
Tricou, Pierre Edward Heirs of Rene Marchand & Cuvillier, Alex. 7044
Tricou, Pierre Joseph Elliott, B.C. and C. Roselius 7528
Tricou, Pierre Joseph Ogier, Peter 6970
Tricou, Pierre Joseph Janin, Charles L.P. 7818
Tricou, Pierre-Joseph Janin, Charles 7835
Tricou, Pierre-Joseph Cabanne`, Jean 7852
Trimble, Widow Patterson 3605
Trott, Isaac C. Huse, Capt. Geo. of thr Brig Dzana 3881
Trudeau Bonnabel, H.J.A.A. 6754
Trudeau, I.Z. Dauterive, A. 884
Trudeau, Widow Laveau Trudeau, the children 1816
Tual, L. Bouvent, Micheal and Andre Durand 2783
Tucker, Benjamin Embree, Jesse 3262
Tucker, Daniel E. Miller, John A. 5696
Tunnis & Baldridge Ball, Russell 4812
Tupper, Henry Brown, Jesse E. 5860
Turcas, A. Ferrand pere 2513
Turcas, A. Rousan 2503
Turcas, A. Chevalle, J.P. 2514
Turegano, P. Fifi, Louise (fwc) 3475
Turegano, Pedro Rust, John & Edd. Livingston 2054
Tures, Dufour Montandon, E. 7050
Turnbull, heirs of Navarre, Jeanette 1760
Turnbull, the heirs of Navarre, Jeannette 2913
Turner & Mercure Lansdale et al., Isaac ; owners of S.B. Danl. Boone 5354
Turner & Woodruff Williams, George 6038
Turner and Woodruff Pettit, William Mc D. 7442
Turner, Eliza Lazarus, Isaac 3932
Turner, Eliza Frank [fmc] 1850
Turner, Henry, and others Shirley, J., and Anter, A. 8173
Turner, Samuel Ross, Geo. T. 3392
Turner, Sumpter Jones and Turner 7920
Turner,Samuel S. Gooddle, Martha C. ; his wife 7633
Turney, David Gordan, P. 4667
Turpault, Hyacinthe Scholastique [fwc & a public trading woman] 1504
Turpin [Madame] Turpin [her husband] 5660
Turpin, Bernard Vanstavorein, Capt. 7883
Turpin, John Dupuy, L.A. 364
Turso, Jean Perrilliat, Joseph 5542
Tuthill, Horton Pardee, L.J. & Co. 4603
Tuthill, Horton [George W. Morgan, syndic of Tuthill] Knox, John T. 5849
Tuyes, Pierre Jules Blanchard, M.F.C. Adele B.; His Wife 6072
Twing, Captain of the Brig Sophronia Clark, John 3858
Tyler, Wm. First Presbyterian Church, the trustees of 3465

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