Parish Court Index
Plaintiffs' Names Beginning with S

Plaintiff Defendant Number
S. & M. Allen and Co. Tibbets, S.K. 5098
S.T. Hobson & Co. Cougot, M. Fauche 7189
S.T. Hobson and Co. Pandelly, P. 7415
S.T. Hobson, & Co. Kennedy, Thomas S. 4605
S.T. Hobson & Co. Lewis, A., Co. 8379
Sabal, Genevieve (fwc), Wife of Leon Menard Menard, Leon (fmc) 2436
Sabatier & Grima Quarles, B. 2493
Sabatier Jr., Jh. Nye, Seth W. 4407
Sabatier, Henry Retirant, Pierre & Henry Retirant 6449
Sabatier, J.N. and Grima Grounx, Adelaide 3762
Sabattier and Grinn McCarty, Alfred 3194
Sacerdote, Simon and Solomen Maspero, P. 3303
Sacerdotte Maspepo, P. 2862
Sacerdotte, S. Cambiaso, B. 3662
Sacerdotte, Simon Duralde, Martin 5494
Sacerdotte, Solomon Michoux, A. 3025
Sacriste, J. Dupuys, Antoine, the heirs and estate of the dead 2125
Sacriste, J. Gauthier and Charles 2697
Sadler, Phillip B. Lafon, Bartholomew 876
Sadlier, Ray and Co. Cannon & Kerr 3559
Sagory Nott, Wm. & P. Lamesse 211
Sagory, L. M. Magnet 1388
Saillant, Louis, by John Chabaud, attorney in fact Porcher, Didi (fwc) 75
Saillard, J.R. Hummerick, H. 6881
Sainet, E. Kenner, William & Co. 2387
Sainet, E. Morgan, Benjamin 2389
Sainet, E. Lynd,John 310
Sainet, E. Sere, Louis & Allard 384
Sainet, E. Ganucheau and N. Girod 474
Sainet, E. Gabourde, J. Nadaud and Eh. Fremont 327
Sainet, Emile Mss. Cane Peyroux, Peter Peyroux & Mss. Peyroux Griffon 237
Saints, Manuel Phillips, John 1641
Sajas, Ths. D'hebecourt, Frs. 3735
Salas, Andre Fell, Robert 2902
Salaun, Rene Populus, A. 6144
Saliva, Jose Roig, Jaime 5857
Salked Lloyd and Co. Hummerick and Franzen 2974
Salkeld Loyd and Co. Spurr, Joshua 3001
Salkeld, Lloyd and Co. Rebel, Jn. 3620
Salter, Richard Rogers, Samuel 3899
Salter, Richard Bertrand, Jean syndic of creditors of J.M.Fernandez 8485
Saltet, A. Tremoulet, B. 373
Saltsgiven, Philip Lee, John M. 3613
Salvador, Jn. and Michel, Peter Eliot, Captain (of Brig Visitor) 4720
Sambola, Francisco Mon, Ramon 6292
Samuel Hermann & Co. Prendergast, John 6377
Samuel Hermann & Son Layet, Francois 7505
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5629
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5628
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5632
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5644
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5637
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5634
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5631
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5643
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5642
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5641
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5639
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5633
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5636
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5630
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5635
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5627
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5645
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5638
Samuel Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. 5640
Samuel Love & Co. Woodson, A.G. 2085
Samuel Love & Co. Woodson, A.G. 2005
Samuel P. Morgan & Co. Lagay, P. 4995
Samuel S. Slack Mayor, Alderman and inhabitants of New Orleans 7130
Samuel W. Oakey & Co. Audler, Mrs. Helene and Solomon Audler; her husband 5364
Samuel W. Oakey & Co. Cox, Moses 2501
Samuel W. Oakey & Co. Hart, H. 4306
San Romano, Maria Francisca de [wife of J.M. Barosse] Barosse, J.M. 7034
Sanchez, Joseph Shiff, Hart M. 4097
Sandberg, Peter G. Creditors 7226
Sanders, William Creditors 7646
Sanders, William Bezou, Widow, Girard de Montognae 7647
Sanite Sel, J.B. exec. of Ve. Dutillet 2525
Santejean, Caroline Lefebre, Mdme. C., and Lobre, J.E. 8070
Santo Domingo, Augustin Gravier, John 696
Santo Domingo, Widow David, John L. 1387
Sar, Mr. and Mme. Denis, Mr. and Mme. 5974
Sargent, James Howe, John [Lee, George, synic of] 1550
Sargent, W. Louisana Bank 2901
Sarpy, M.F. Delord, wife of A. Burthe Franklin, N. 5462
Sarpy, M.S. Delord [wife of A. Barthe] Allison, John & Roe, Thomas 5571
Sarrazin and Aubert Rochelle and Shiff 917
Sassinot, L.G. Rougier, Francois G. 4269
Sassinot, L.G. Nadaud, L.A., syndic of Nadaud, D.O. 7679
Sassinot, L.G. Horton, Capt. 8323
Sassinott, Louis G. Armstrong, Charles 6020
Saucier, Catherine Melanie [wife of Julien Saucier] Saucier, Julien 5582
Saucier, Celeste Lanna, Jean 2939
Saul, Joseph Magee, James 8007
Saul, Thos. Moore, John 2668
Saul, Thos. Cox, Augustus Heck 2757
Saul, William McF. Wilkins and Linton 2625
Saulet, F. Baldwin, J. ; curator 6734
Saulet, F. Flood, J. & J.J. Hull 6943
Saulet, Francois Begoin, Marguerite (fcw) 5891
Saulet, Francois Percy, Jacques (fcm) 5892
Saulet, Marie Azadie; Widow of Louis Foucher Foucher, Antoine & Manuel Andry 8557
Saulet, Marie Azdie; Widow of Louis Foucher Foucher, Antoine 8558
Saulex, Widow Marie White, Rich. and Wife 3915
Saune`, Pierre Tourne and Beckwith (and others) 8018
Saunier, Marie F. Moore, Lewis 1078
Saunier, Minette Laignel, Simon 1060
Saupin, Jean [Attorney in fact of the heirs [Roumage, V.]) Suzeneau, P. 1364
Sauvagin, Eugenie ; widow Duranteau wife of William H. Taylor Her husband 7187
Sauve, P. Forsyth, G.E. 2342
Sauve, Peter & Others Alden, Samuel 6116
Sauve, Pre. De la Ronde 650
Sauvinet, Jh. Jh. Forest agent of A.G. Leon; Owner of brick Elveilcarre 4200
Sauvinet, Joseph Lafore, Julien, fmc 8394
Sauzeneau, Mde. Degruy, J.V. 4082
Savenat, Marie (wife of Marsenat) DesChapelles, LeBreton, et al. 4721
Savnat, Marie, and Marsenat, Jean Monlon, Jacques, and his syndics 3724
Sawer, Wm. Pigman,J. 316
Scallon, Isaac L. McCoy Smith, James 2828
Scates & Smith Mitchell & Moleary 5873
Scates, A.W. Chase, Jon 6692
Scates, A.W. Adams, Joseph 7290
Scates, A.W. Chase, Jon. A. 7430
Scates, Joseph Smith, Charles 6201
Schlatter and Bryan Zerah, Moses, Tousey & Co., + Morgan, Dorsey & Co., garnishees 3061
Schlatter, William Zerah Moses Tousey & Co., and Morgan Dorsey & Co., garnishees 3062
Schmidt and Longer Hogan, E.B., syndic of 8374
Schmidt, F.W. Wolf, Louis Leo 7246
Schneller, Louis Vance, Gilbert 7157
Schoenberger, Philip Beckman, T. 3095
Schofield, Abraham His Creditors 6117
Schomberg, Marie Pajot Schomberg, J. Thomas Casimir [her husband] 1354
Schoninger, Fanny Fryer, John Augustin 7445
Schons, B. Valentin, N. 879
Schrader, John C. Laun, Capt. Eugene 7107
Schuber, Francis Fallmar, George 5218
Schubert, Frank and Eve Follmar, George 5222
Schultz, Henry his creditors 7667
Schultze, Henry Creditors 8208
Schultze, Wilhelmina hus 8472
Scott, Elsey (fwc) Johnston, William and Hannah (fpc) 3712
Scott, John Clifford, N.H. 2872
Scott, Thomas P. Pendergrast, P.O. 3468
Scotta, Elery (fwc) Moss, McLean (fmc) 3962
Sebine, Julien Shirander, Fred 4167
Sedgwick and Lord Cutter, B.M. 4062
Seger, Theodore Fryer, Mrs. Fanny 7490
Seghers, d. Osorno, Made. 3167
Seghers, D. Reynolds, Michael and Charles F. Vizinier 468
Seghers, D. Delogny, Robin, syndics of the creditors of 996
Seghers, D., attorney for absent heirs of Jerome Delballe Rouzan, J. M. syndic of P. Philibert & C. Dauvin, ext. of V.Velez 391
Seghers, Dk. Pradat, Pierre 8446
Seghers, Dominic O'Farris, Mistress & her husband 7120
Seghers, Dominick Byrne, Ryon & Co. and Sloo & Byrne 7738
Seghers, Dominique Caisergues, Francois & Caraby, Antoine 1054
Segond, Theodore Ryon & Copeland 7648
Segond, Theodore, the provisional syndics of Mager, John 3330
Segond, Throdore Dart, C., Gardiner, Wm. and Dixon, D.W. 7950
Segouro, Joseph Torregano, Pierre 1090
Seguin, Choune Durege, Milady 2755
Seguin, Jules William, Fitz; Arnaud, Jacques; & Campanel, Barthelemy [fmc] 5812
Seguin, P. Ferlat, Captain and the Schooner Indiana 790
Seguin, Pierre (by Fourcade, J.B. testamentary executor) Marant, Widow (in her own name and as tutrix of her children) 1134
Segura, Jose Martinez, Jacque & Martinez [widow] 1341
Segura, Joseph Prados, T. 3211
Segura, Jospeh Steamboat Telegraph and owners 3332
Segura, Louis Mordoc, Helen ; his wife 6778
Seibrecht, Henry creditors, and creditors of Seibrecht & Brode 8180
Seignouret Merieult, J.F. 2009
Seignouret, F. Lallemand, C. 2812
Seignouret, F. Anthoine, C. 2667
Seignouret, F. Sagory, L.M. 2479
Seignouret, Fs. Tricou, John, Fortier & Alexander Chopin, syndics of D. Rouquette 2506
Seignouret, J. McMaster, Samuel 2149
Sejuste, Marguerite Jandelle Sejuste, Francois Duval 8249
Sellinger, Mary Lambert, Isaac 7278
Senac, Dazet Brooks, Archibald Louis Samuel 8177
Senac, Dazet Pritchard, R.O. 5939
Sendrey, Louis A. Youx, Frederick 219
Senecal, A. Harsin, G., capt. of the ship Angelica 3515
Senecal, A. Sabatier & Grima 4250
Senecal, A. Bezies, Louis 8114
Senecal, A. Nartique, John J. 3713
Senecal, Amable Pegot, Louis 4887
Sere, Louis Curtis, Capt. of the Sloop Brunswick 2116
Sere, Louis Aiguasnegras, Ignacio 2114
Sere, Louis Curell, Ure and Donald 1866
Sere, Louis Dupeire, John 1858
Sere, Louis Lapportas, Benj. 430
Sere, Louis Salins, Manuel and Ruedo 7245
Sere, Ls. Alpuente, Laurt. 2969
Sere, Ls. Armatige, Js. 2427
Sere, Mercedes Osorno [wife of Louis Sere] Praying for a mortgage to be erased 7241
Seriver, Elizabeth Seriver, Bernard 6446
Serre Sagory, M. 2512
Seureneau, Peter Clavaux and the Widow Pierre Montanet 256
Seuzeneau [widow] Arty [widow] 5675
Seuzeneau, P. Claveaud 1132
Seuzeneau, P. Soulie, G. & Villeneuve Le Blanc Executors of H. Bouttet 16
Seuzeneau, Pierre DeLaCroix, Charles Dusuau et al 1200
Sevasseur, Claudius Duval, J.J.H. 3249
Sewall, Rufus Calvert and French 5152
Sewall, Rufus His creditors 7645
Seymore, Samuel (a cook) Rierce, Captain of the Brig Patriot 3940
Shaap, G.F., A Seaman Cerren, Capt. of the Ship Florida 8556
Shadwick, Mary Breen, Jeremiah 2910
Shaffer, C.S. Richardson, R.D. & proprietors of Louisiana Gazette Office 4155
Shalahan, Elonora Hustforth, John (husband) 3928
Shallus, Henrietta [widow Nicholas] Cotton, William 5852
Shamburgh, Bartholomey Mazureau, Etienne 5407
Shannon, James Samuel, Jesse 1422
Shannon, Lindsay Wooldridge, Samuel C. 1207
Shannon, Lindsay Andre Lamy & Co. and others 118
Shannon, Lindsay Allen, Waters 175
Shannon, Lindsay A. Lamy & Co., Vre Louis, Francois Valentin & B. Populus 116
Shannon, Lindsay St. Amand, Silvain 276
Shannon, Samuel Woodbury, Samuel 5259
Shannon, Thomas Dent, Lewis 1839
Sharp, John Price, Elisha 2494
Sharp, John Purnell, J.G. 2448
Sharp, John Carey, Kinsley 3129
Shaumburgh, Bartholomew Milne, Alexander 4665
Shaw and Dean Canter, Ralph 5166
Shaw and Dean DeCosta, Isaac 5171
Shaw, Edward Arthusa, Brig, captain of 4229
Shaw, James S. creditors 7752
Shaw, John W. Mooney, John R. 6355
Shaw, Zach. James, Wm. 406
Shaw, Zacheus James, Wm. 378
Sheldon and Dixon Priest, Zenas, and Ramsay, Andrew 4036
Sheldon, W.A. Boyd, Geo. W. 5195
Sheperds, Elizabeth Marion, petition for emancipation
Sherlock, Michael Cragg, D. 3846
Shields, Mary (Mrs. O'Brien) O'Brian, Owen [husband] 7683
Shields, Samuel B. Day, James 4284
Shields, Tho. Kay, Robert 3637
Shields, Thomas Banks, Thomas 1312
Shiff, H.M. Gooch, Charles I. 4382
Shiff, Hart M. Mississippi Marine Fire Insurance Company 4928
Shipley, Hugh Johnson, Col., and Warford 3452
Shoultz, Suzanne M. Irma Lallande, Eugenie 4551
Shuff, creditors of, by syndic W.H. Stewart Murrills 4076
Shuff, Jacob St. Ceran, Valce and his mother 3865
Shuff, Jacob Palfrey, H.M. 3550
Shuff, Jacob Kay, Gabriel T. 3392
Shuff, Jacob Brown, Wiliam S. 2981
Shulingbourg, Wm. Starkweather, Asher 5282
Shultze, Henry Follin, Chas. 8402
Shumberg, Bartholomew Commagere and sons 2748
Siben, Francis Provort, Solomon 928
Sicard and Trigueros Adrien, Pierre 5433
Sigur, Pierre Rouquette, Dominique 2061
Silva Pollock & Co. Jacobs & Boan 4177
Silva, Antonio I. Lewis, Robert 6032
Silva, Bernardo His Creditors 6063
Silva, Francois Creditors 7227
Silveri, Marie Catherine Hutchinson, Lewis C. 6874
Similien, Widow LeMoine, L. Auguste 1438
Simmons & Marsh Biron, P.S., and co. 8048
Simmons, Hozekiah C. Walls, James 5129
Simons, William [fmc] Creditors 7988
Simons, Wm. (fmc) Scott, John 7992
Simonson [fmc] Marshall, Captain of ship Hercules 3875
Simpson, James Ives, Samuel 6153
Simpson, John Perkins, W.O. 4340
Simpson, John & Thomas Perkins, W.O. 4341
Simpson, S.J. Hall, J.J. 6905
Simpson, Samuel Marshall, Thomas 4952
Sims & Shepherd Paul, Wm. (master of Steamboat Amazon) 4718
Sindos, A.P. Gourjon, E.M. 5994
Sindos, Agenor, Pierre Gourjon, Eugenie Marie (wife) 8479
Sinnott, N. Forestal, E. 2002
Sinnott, N. Johnson, J. R. 1221
Sinnott, Nicholas John Howe & Co. 1507
Sinnott, Nicholas Johnson, Thomas 2145
Sinnott, Nicholas Davidson, John; Extr. of J. Johnston 2156
Sinnott, Nicholas Oddie, John W. 3750
Siqur, Achille and al Loiseau, Francois 1738
Siro, Vincent Chambora, Francisque 5203
Skerret, George Murray, William 3073
Skinner, F.J. Defiance (Schooner/Lugger) and owners 3293
Skinner, Francis Hope, schooner, and her owner 1888
Skinner, Francis Brig Ceylon and Samuel McMaster owner 1898
Skinner, Francis Crocker, William 1911
Skinner, Henry McCullogh, Mary Ann alias Mary Ann Jones 4256
Skinner, Joseph & Lodge, Nathan Gardner, James 5580
Slack, Samuel S. Prentiss, Francis 6566
Slack, Samuel S. creditors 8372
Slade, William Pulley, John R. 6509
Slamon, Patrick Vansacke, John 7196
Slanes, Francisco Romero, Manuel 5365
Slatter & Bryan Tousey, Zerah, Morgan Dorsey & Co., garnishees 3063
Slayder & Harrison Henry, James 2373
Slidell Carrico 8229
Slidell, John New Orleans Building Company 8089
Sloan, William DeHart, John 3186
Smale, Henry Pierce, Haywood 4195
Smelser, Jane [for consent to the marriage of Leticia H. Speller]
Smith Perry 87
Smith & Morgan Price, Robert 7785
Smith Dorsey & Co. Shannon, Lindsay 1548
Smith, A.H. Gordon, Martin 6879
Smith, Alexander H. Louis 2313
Smith, Alexander M. Rousseau, Peter A. 3670
Smith, Alexr, H. Wagner, Peter K. 7299
Smith, B.W. Female Orphan Asylum 5400
Smith, Charles Scates, Joseph & Henry Konade 6189
Smith, Gordon His Creditors 6288
Smith, J.W. Saucier, Francis, test. exec. of the J.C. Quiery 632
Smith, James Wagner, P.R. 3206
Smith, James (et. al.) Pursele (Captain of the Brig Bellisle) 6926
Smith, Janet [and others] Ogilvie, James 4991
Smith, Joseph and Son Louisiana State Insurance Co. 5947
Smith, Luther [Smith, Rebecca, tutrix of] Cammack, John 1582
Smith, Nathan & other heirs Hennen, Alfred 4592
Smith, P., and Donison, J. Underhill & Strong, and McLairy, John 5436
Smith, Peter (fmc) Recorder of Mortgages 6910
Smith, Peter, fmc Hamblet, Philip S. 5214
Smith, R.L. Buzzard & Dillon 4931
Smith, Richard Dossiere, Joseph, & Nice 1102
Smith, Richard [fmc] Stewart [Captain] 1321
Smith, Robert D., fmc Tigler and Beauregard, B. 8363
Smith, Sheldon, and Bigelow Morgan, Alexr., master of the Brig Forest 3078
Smith, Solomon Flowers & Findley 1309
Smith, T.W. McGinnis, Benjamin 3895
Smith, Thomas Hanratty, John 4098
Smith, Thomas R. Spicer, Thomas Y. 3524
Smith, V.A. Caballero, Juan Ignace (husband) 5181
Smith, Victoire Azelie, wife J. I. Caballeros (absent) for sale
Smith, Widow Andrews and Brothers 7250
Smith, Widow Raphael, heirs of Fenry, Jacques 7681
Smith, Wm. Dupuy, Jn.Bte. 8469
Smythe, F.W. creditors 8467
Soher & Goodman Meyers, Charles 4299
Soher & Goodman Impson, John 6086
Soher, Goodman & Co. Buzzard, Jacob 5666
Soher, Goodman & Co. Tate, Richard 5662
Soher, S. Guirot, Ve. 3384
Soler, John Los Santos, Pierre de 5036
Soler, Pedro Sotero, Don Juan 7982
Solere, Jean Baptiste Hummerick, Henry 6094
Solet, Balthazar Loiseau, Francis 1471
Soley, Rosetta; the lawful wife of Peter G. SandBerg Sandberg, Peter G. ; her husband 6796
Solomon, Aaron His Creditors 7598
Solomon, Henrietta (wife) Thompson, James 5055
Solomon, Lewis His creditors 7475
Somers, Daniel A. G. & R. Mills 6595
Sommereau and Barde Crocheron,, D. and N. 1916
Sommereau, Marcelle Theophile & Barde, Robert [by their attys.] Crucheron, David & Crucheron, Madame 1581
Sommers, D. Brown, J. 6602
Soraporu, Virginie Pierre Dubuys & Co. 6859
Sorapurru, Virginie Lesparre, A. (husband) 4808
Sorapuru, Jean Baptiste [a minor praying to be emancipated]
Sorapuru, Joe Lacroix, P. 5192
Sorapuru, Virginie, wife of A. Lesparre Masias, Joseph, fils 5226
Sorbe, P.E. Guion, Alfred 5321
Sorbe, P.E. Lobue, B. 4397
Sorbe, P.E. & O. Merchants Insurance Company 6608
Sorbe, PE.&O. Armstrong, Charles & Peter 6422
Soubretiere, Henry Boulmey, Henry 2698
Soule, Pierre Serreau, Edward 5597
Soule, Pierre Heerman, Lewis 6762
Soulie, Lucien and Norbert Andry, Manuel 8101
Soulie, B and A. Nartigue, John J. and J.P.Desbois 7452
Soulie, B. & A. Allain, Fergus 7463
Soulie, B.; curator of Ed Rillieue Azereto, B. 6334
Soulie, J. Dutillet & Sagory 2485
Soulie, John Desroches, Grolleau 3020
Soulie, Ls. Lesparre, A. 3748
Soulie, Lucien Foucher, Antoine Sr. 8104
Soulie, Lucien Andry, Manuel 8100
Soulie, Lucien and Norbert Foucher, Antoine Sr. 8105
Soulie, Norbert Rillieux, Edmond 6696
Soultz, Mary Irma [wife of George Asbridge] Asbridge, George 5775
Souly, Marie Francois, wife of J. Delpit her husband 792
Souteran Laporte, L. 3333
Southwork and Gyles Jr. Guterriez, Antonio 8109
Southworth and McNeal Bergen, J.W., and Co. 8332
Souty, Adele (fwc) Devillier, Jumonville, and Deschapelles, Lebreton, syndics 3720
Souza, V., Jr., provisional syndic of [A. Senecal] Chimene, Widow 7420
Souza, Victor Souza, Mordochee [Senior] & Joachim Chaude 4885
Soye, Martin Fernandez, Jos. M. 7606
Spanner, Thomas Clark, James 1868
Spencer & Lee McCarty, Alfred 1622
Spencer and Lee Crusal, John B. 2227
Spencer, T. [H. Babcock & J. Carell, syndics of] Parker, Caroline E. [Mrs.] 5842
Spencer, Thomas H. Castin, Louis 5252
Spencer, Thomas [H. Babcock & J. Curell, syndics of Spencer] Lee, Walton & Co. 5836
Spenser & Gilman Morgan, Alexr. 3077
Spicer, Thos. Y. Byrnes, Joseph, syndics of 3051
Spiller, heirs of Baumgard, Geo. 5961
Spinner, Thomas Hillar, Widow 3349
Spinner, Thomas Hastings, Robert 4120
Spital, Jane (widow Kirkpatrick) Hutchinson, James 6882
Spitol, Margaret : Alias Mills Husband 6036
Spooner, M.L. Her Creditors 6280
Sprenger, Joseph C. Sexton, M. 5875
Sprigg, Horatio L. Guinault, Pierre 1428
Spriggs and Shaumburgh Caldwell, James H. 3888
Springer, J.C. Souza, Junior 7385
Sproule, James Steamboat Lexington 6937
Spurr, Joshua McGinn 2911
Spurr, Joshua Caughlin, Patrick and James Grant 2960
Spurrier, William T. Buyers, E.G. 6913
Squir, Charles Shaw, James S. 5183
Squire, Samuel E. Renthal, Alexander and Fredrick Weaver 2247
Squire, Z. (mate) Fenny, Captain of the Schooner Josephine 5928
St.Aignan, Auguste Barreua, Francisco 5303
St. Amand Neda, Francis 6340
St.Amand, Joseph [fmc] His creditors 7287
St. Amand, Josephine Cuvillier, P.A.; Her Husband 4190
St. Amand, P., by testy. exor A. Fromentin
St. Amand, Pierre Livingston, Edward 1280
St. Amant [fmc] Lizardi Brothers & D.F. Vigne 6131
St.Amant, Alex Zeringue, Mel. and Jn. Lougpre 734
St. Amant, Michel Commagere, Louis & Michel Commagere 4600
St. Amant, Michel [et al.] St. Amant, Pierre 1609
St. Amant, Onesiphore Davidson and Alii 1861
St. Amant, Pierre Daspit, tutor to Alexandre St. Amant St. Amant, Alexandre 835
St. Amant, Ursin [et al] St. Amant, Widow [et al] 1441
St. Amant, Venance Lavigne, Azelie (fcp) 3675
St. Anne, Charles, fmc Drew, George, and Olivier, widow 3176
St. Avid Young, Saml. 138
St. Avid, Jn. Morin, Joseph 619
St. Avid, Jn. Hebrard, Ante 3705
St. Blancard [heirs of] Mazureau, Etienne 5603
Heirs of St. Blanchard by V.Roumage, Their Attorney in Fact Romere, S.A. 4336
St. Felix & Patten Soulie, L. 1059
St. Herman, Jacque D. Morin, Louise, His Wife 8543
St. Inskeep, Abraham Taylor, John W. & Others 5943
St. Jean, Jean, Madame Widow Osgood, Isaac ; syndic of the creditors of Samuel Hait 3890
St. Jean, Mde. Jean Stoit, Samuel 3863
St. John, Samuel Cooper, Thomas A. 5215
St. Joseph College, trustees of Lee, Jas.A. 5948
St. Louis, Church of, President & Wardens of Varion, Senior 4217
St. Louis, Church of, President & Wardens of Cuvillier, P. A. 4300
St. Marc, William (syndic of [Morgan, George W.]) Blanque, J. (syndics of) 1319
St. Martin, Aug D'Estre, Totote 2824
St. Martin, Edouard Fernandez, Celina 8250
St. Medard, Louise Zenon, Antoine 2716
St. Pe, Pierre McDonaugh, John 875
St. Philippe, LeRiche ; Jaques Bergnon and Jean Pouplain Gregoire, Andre (apprentice) (fmc) 3848
St. Romes, C. J. de Poree, Thomas 1559
St. Romes, de Bruner & Duhy 1360
St. Victor Liquidation of Durel and St. Victor Adolphe Duhart 7362
St. Victor, V. Marty, R. 7336
St. Victor, V.or Tessier, Cs. & L. Lecesne 169
St. Victor, V. Daubert, F. 8341
Stack, Henry Palfrey, H.W. 3906
Stackhouse, S. H. Bostwick 1165
Stackhouse, Thomas Robinson, Abner 3234
Stackpole Hennen 4595
Staes, Matheu Chars Dulac, Jacques 3775
Staes, Matthew C. Muk, Louis 7935
Stanley, George Leslie [Captain of the brig Law] 4654
Stark, Henry Roach, Richard 4031
Starkweather, ASher Knox, John T. 5362
Starkweather, Mrs. Starkweather, Mr. (husband) 5200
Starkwether, Asher Jackson, Capt. and owner of Steamboat Rocket 3826
State Robin a slave 252
State & Joseph De Clermont Jacques, a slave, & the owner Ms. Livaudais 576
State of Louisiana Maria, Slave belonging to Josephine Tussy 299
State [of Louisiana] City Council 552
Ste. Domingo, Augustin Gravier, John 652
Steamboat Highland Laddie [owners of] Olivier, David 4630
Stebbins & Robinson Landrum, Edward 6398
Steel, John H. His Creditors 8496
Steele, Robert ; praying for a writ of Habeas Corpus
Stephens, Charles Colburn, Capt. of brig Jasper 4613
Stephenson, Presley Thompson 5561
Steptoe Blackwell Erwin McLaughlin and CO. 2244
Stern, Jeannet Hunt Stern, Emmanuel [her husband] 4997
Sterns, C.H. Barnes, Francis 8358
Sterret, James Smith, John 3299
Sterrett and Buhtel Rogers and Sinott 907
Sterrett, Charlotte Sanderson, Joesph P. [heirs of] 5878
Sterrett, James President Director of the Bank of New Orleans 2309
Stevenson, heirs of, by Denis Henry Montgomery, Robert 2926
Stewart, James Roe & McFarlane 5801
Stewart, James Rabassa, Widow J. 7964
Stewart, James Puech and Bien 7900
Stewart, James creditors 8452
Stewart, Robert F. Mason, John T. 4702
Stewart, Wm. H. Syndics Fiske, Eben 4151
Stilwell & Kimball Whitehead, C.C. and Phelps, P.B. 7791
Stilwell & Kimball Douce, A. 7796
Stinson & Campbell Harris, John F. 7235
Stocking, P. Jr. Robert, W. and Parker 3883
Stockley, William Morgan, G.W., sheriff 3710
Stockton, Richard C. Truxton, Henry 7089
Stockton, Richard C. Truxton, Henry 7090
Stodder and Hewitt, Creditors of Stodder and Hewitt 1818
Stone, Ezra, and Castle, Roswell Clifford, Michael 5103
Stone, Jonas E. Whitney, Benjamin 5838
Stone, Samuel Curtis, Henry 5919
Story, B. and J.A. Cross, Ralph 3996
Story, Benj. Prevost, Solomon 259
Story, Benjamin Walton, Joseph 1892
Story, Benjamin Walton, Joseph 1894
Story, Benjamin Walton, Joseph 1895
Story, Benjamin Walton, Joseph 1891
Story, Benjamin Walton, Joseph 1893
Story, Benjamin Prevost, Solomon 379
Story, Benjamin Mayor, Aldermen & inhabitants of New Orleans & Joachim Bermudez 6622
Story, Benjamin & John A. Fost Lobre, B. 4495
Story, Benjamin Walton, Joseph 1890
Story, Benjn. Blossman, R.D. and L. 3219
Story, Samual and George Robinson Rhiendorff, Michael 828
Story, William His creditors 7332
Story, William Paxton, charles 3313
Stout, John Bach, John 5155
Strawbridge Turner and Woodrull (and others) 7938
Strawbridge, Geo. Warfield, C.A. 6125
Stringer, Caleb Iselstine, John 1764
Stringer, G.R. Turull, Juan 7046
Stringer, Montgomery Labiche, T.R. 2122
Stroll, Charles Creditors 7991
Strong, E. Creditors & creditors of Strong & Myers 7023
Stroud, Adele Dias Stroud, Thomas [husband] 7684
Stroud, T. Beardslee, James 3551
Stubbee, Daniel Barnes, John F. 8082
Stuff, Jacob Morgan, George, James McCollough and Clement 2268
Suares, A.A. Thompson, Mary (fwc) 7971
Suares, A.A. Howard, Edmond 7761
Suares, A.A. Flood, James & Peter Riley 6946
Suares, A.A. Carnes, John & Bertus 6957
Suares, Anthony Reynolds, James M. 5504
Suares, Anthony A. Erwin, James, and Laudreaux, Pierre, recorder of mortgages 8216
Suares, Anthony A. Chs. Clark and Johnson 7786
Suarez, A. Duralde, Martin 5081
Suarez, A.A. Clark and Johnson 8350
Suarez, A.A. Florance, Wm. 7518
Suarez, Anthony A. Thompson, John Jr. 7274
Suarez, Francoise Lara, Joseph ; her husband 6483
Summers, Daniel Breedlove, J.M. 6391
Summers, P. Hoey, Nicholas 7092
Summers, Patrick Navan, G. 7510
Sunders, Lewis Taylor, Wm. 4828
Surget, Jacob Dailley, John 2831
Surving, Marie; the wife of Charles Gross Gross, Charles [husband], praying for separation of goods 2104
Sutherland, Elijah G. Baldwin, Joshua 4628
Suydan, L. and C. Baker, A. and Wm. C. 5095
Swain, Thos. C. Reynolds, J.M., Hicks, E., and Parsons, S.M. 8328
Sweasy, Richard Haynes, Henry 7986
Sweetzer, Charles B. Keen & Ashbridge & sundry articles 2038
Swellman, George Tanner, Capt. of the Brig Orythia 5262
Sylva, Antoine Thoillier, Antoine 873
Sylvain, alias Daquin, fmc Syndos, Agenor, fmc 4566
Symonds, Elizabeth Honorine Montamat Symonds, Daniel 4937

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