Parish Court Index
Plaintiffs' Names Beginning with O

Plaintiff Defendant Number
O'Brien, Owen Shields, Patrick 7687
O'Brien, Patrick Tobin, N.C. 7888
O'Conell, Maurice Wadleygh, Capt. of the Brig Congress 4460
O'Duhigg Doriocourt, Chevalier 477
O'Duhigg, Ate. Plantin, S. [Syndics of] 1368
O'Flaherty, James Garside, James 6506
O'Hara, William Martin, Mary 5953
O'Neal, John Prosper, Mme. and Rousseau, Mme. 4777
O'Neil, Mrs. Margaret Cross, Michel 6047
Oakey, J.W. Wilkindon, N.N. and Gontz, Joseph 7816
Oakey, L.W. Wilkinson, Nathaniel N. 7819
Oakey, S.M. Blanco, Jose and A.W.L. Palmer 6690
Oakey, S.W. Morgan, George W. 6958
Oakley, Charles James Gourlay, Jr. & Co. 5712
Obe, Elizabeth [fwc] Lalande, P. Benoist [fmc--her husband] 4886
Obiol, Augustin creditors 8376
Obiol, Augustin his creditors 7869
Ocean, ship, captain and owners of Kain, James, and Co. 8457
Oddie, John W. Lecesne, B. 3230
Oddie, John W. Chauveau, Louis 3221
Oden, Robert C. Miller, Anderson 5962
Oden, Robt. C. & al Brand, Wm. 6045
Odionne, John Claudesly, Thomas 2456
Offutt & Cronley A.W. Breedlove & Co. 5789
Ogden, George M. Brooks, James A. 365
Ogden, George M., assignee of Wm. Harper Rogers, Wm. & Jas. Ramsey, syndics of Reynolds & Levy 583
Ogden, widow Ogden, P.V. and alii, executors of estate of 2863
Oger and Co. Girault, Alexandre 2555
Oger and Co. Roig, Pedro 2549
Oger and Co. Guillier, P. 3140
Oger and Co. Augier, Gabriel, and Squie, Honore 3035
Oger and Co. Guillier, Pierre 3133
Oger and Company Segura, Jose 3344
Oger, Charles Marcostio, Louis and Jean Louis Dolliole 6723
Oger, Charles & Antne. Louis Oger Their creditors 6562
Oger, Charles Rene creditors 6921
Oger, Charles son Gardanne and Clavier 8455
Oger, Chs. & A. LaBert, Pierre 5918
Oger, Louis Antoine Nicolet, Louis 6080
Oger, M. Clemence Meilleur, W. 6290
Ogier, Peter Slack, Samuel S. 7343
Ogilvy, James & Mather, Henry S. Creditors of Ogilvy & Mather 7114
Ohio Insurance Co. Edmondson, Francis H. & Tallant, James & steamboat Walter Scott 5647
Ohler, Martin Palfrey, H.W. 5894
Olcott, Nath. Berger, Miltin 1954
Oldham, William Grigsby, Daniel 6374
Oldham, Wm. Palmer, A.W.L. 6721
Oliver Armaitage 380
Oliver, Jackson His Creditors 6538
Oliver, Jackson Maignan, J. & J. Trotreau 5047
Oliver, Jackson Maignan, J. & J. Trotreau 5040
Oliver, John Lewis, William Y. 512
Olivier, Adele & Irene (fwc) Bellechasse, Joseph D.D. & Louis DeClouet 1260
Olivier, David Bannister, H.H. and Chs. B. Bannister 6348
Olivier, David Wright, Robert A. 6454
Olivier, David Brown, Lewis E. 5646
Olivier, David Destrehan, Widow 4372
Olivier, David Bosse, F. 2608
Ollie, Jean Maureau, J.B., and Dufau, C.B. 3453
Olney, Benjamin Taylor, John 4864
Ord, Made. Mary Halpin, Jn. (husband) 4807
Orellana, M., M. Gonzales, R. Barmasa, C. Magnin & J. Aime, pet.
Orillon, Joseph DeBuys & Longer 4562
Orillon, Joseph Debuys & Longer 4693
Orleans Navigation Co. Palmer, Salvador 7713
Orleans Navigation Co. Lauzeneau, Pierre 2150
Orleans Navigation Co. Buisson & Gardere 8512
Orleans Navigation Company Lausenau, Pierre 2533
Orleans Navigation Company Arnaud, Victor 2177
Orleans Navigation Company Schooner Thomas Shields, Capt. Morton, Master 2435
Ormsby, Margaret McCarty, Alfred 3260
Orr, Alexander Pandely, Paul 7580
Orr, Benjamin G. McNair, Robert 2940
Orso, Adelaide Celina [fwc] Orso, Joseph, her husband [fmc] 7476
Orso, Martin ; praying for a Writ of Habeus Corpus
Orso, Me. Venve Lozano, Joachuin 183
Ory, Antoine Jules his creditors 7690
Osborn & Dickinson Crawford, Wm. 7734
Osborn, D. C. J.F. Randolph & Co., surviving partner 4375
Osborne, George Poultney, John 2285
Osgood, Isaac Caldwell, James H. 4901
Oteos, Joseph Joseph Louis & Co. and Andre Lamy 282
Otero,Ramon;Testy. Executor &a.&a. Santerele, W. & Bd. S. Perez 6087
Oulif, Moise Paradol, Mr. & Mrs. 6350
Outlaw, N.B. Roe & McFarlane 5795
Outlaw, Noah B. his creditors 7951
Ovens, Christiana Ward, Robert 745
Owen, Dexter
Owens, D. ; praying for habeas corpus
Oxnard, Thomas Jr. Clarke, Joseph and Hubble 7423

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