Parish Court Index
Plaintiffs' Names Beginning with M

Plaintiff Defendant Number
M. White & Co. Boyd, Wm. & Son and Jos. Walton 1999
M. White and Co. Christy, Bardon and others 2255
M. White and Co. Foler and Stackhouse 1758
M. White and Co. Weaver and Reutoul 1774
M.F. Maher & Co. Jenne, M. Cabos 4352
Macalary, James, and others, petition for habeus corpus
Macalester and Yorke Willis & Robinson 6022
Macarty, Aug. Lamarlere, A. 3414
Macarty, Augustin Hart, Nathan 3817
Macarty, B. Lafon, B. 2834
Macarty, Barthy Lebreton, Jean Baptiste and others 3795
Macarty, Barthy. Foucher, Peter 2214
Macarty, By. Foucher, Peter 2024
Macarty, By. Foucher, P. 2843
Macarty, D.B. Rillieux, E. & Th. Segand 6847
Macarty, Delphine [wife of L. Lalaurie] Cahallin, Thomas 5809
Macarty, Delphine [wife of Louis Lalaurie] Grymes, John R. 5673
Macarty, Delphine, wife of Ls. Lalaurie Fisher, William 6255
Macarty, L. Cellerier, Peter 1118
Macarty, L. B. Seguin, Peter [testamentary executor of] 1338
Macarty, Manette (widow of F. Montreuil) Fernandez, Joseph M. 7842
Macarty, Manette (widow of F. Montreuil) Adele Girodeau, Adele, Heirs of 7856
Macarty, Manette (wife of Francois Montrieul) Geoffrey, Louis 6848
Macarty, Mirtile (wife of and assisted by Chales Lanusse) Praying for an authorization and homologation 5586
Mace, Abram Lecesne, L. 487
Mace, Abram Drouet, U. 904
Mace, Abram Western, Thomas G. 579
Mace, Abram Young, Saml. C. 508
Mace, Abram Gravier, John 509
Mack, William Fox, Robert 4541
MacMamus, Francis Kimble, Isaac R. 5966
Madan, Keziah Madan, Thos. 6570
Madelaine (fwc) Nicollet, J.B., Heirs of 488
Magagnos, Joseph Moussier, J.B. 3682
Magagnos, Mde. Rose Josephine Magagnos, Joseph (husband) 3654
Magagnos, Widow Labatut, John Baptiste 1255
Magdalena, Maria (fwc) Depena, Miguel, executor of 999
Magdeleine, Marie and Thomain Mornet Mornet, Jean 1913
Mager, John Boswick, J. 1620
Mager, John D'Estree, Totelle (fwc) 2466
Mager, John Grammont, Pierre Rossignol 3178
Mager, John Chevassu 2078
Maglaire, Joseph Foy, Prosper & the sheriff 7586
Magloire, Lewis [fmc] His creditors 7170
Magnol, widow Sere and Chauveau 1903
Mahe, G. Cherry, William 2366
Mahe, Jn. Paimboeuf, Ls. 2611
Maher, M. & P. Overton, J.P. 7989
Maher, Mathew Brown, Daniel 5872
Maher, Matthew F. Whitehead, Ephraim 4599
Mahony, John W. Bertrand, C., and Co. 5168
Maignan and Durand Alabama, Steamboat, and owners of 3375
Maigrand and Durand Steamboat Telegraph and owners 3331
Mailloux, L. Estate of Late Pouponnel Vincent By Jn. Abat, Testamentary Exec. 172
Malchieux, Gaillard Pere by John Gaboroche Bernard, Matti, widow of 29
Malcolm & Wood Steamboat Cora 7632
Malden, John Wm. Boyd, George Wm. 5451
Malesieux, Gaillard & Co, liquidating Gaillard Freres & Malesieux Bernard, Widow & children 465
Malherbe, curators of estate of the late [Bailly Blanchard] Galifet, A., curator of 872
Malherbe, Lejeane, curator of Gallifet, Alexandre, curator of 850
Malide & Guichonet Florance, J.L. 7212
Mallein, L.M. Carstens, John & Bernard Preusch 6137
Mallein, Louise Melchio Carstens, John & Preusch, Bernard 5877
Mallein, Ls.Mc. Whitehead, Ellen C. 8261
Mallet, Jannitte (fwc), representing heir of Mollet Latapie, Pierre, exec. of Jean Latapie 794
Mallet, Jeanne Rousseau, Jean 2399
Mallin, L.M. Carter, John 6268
Mallunory, Simon Carrico, Andrew & Benjamin Carrico Jr. 5278
Malpica, Louis, absent heirs of, by counsel Henry R. Denis Currell, Capt. Mckown Randall & Ship Bell 5359
Malter, Jacques Holland, John H. 814
Malter, Jacques and his wife Caramete, Madame 1635
Malur, W. Dumaine, P. 3006
Malur, William Steamboat Franford and owner 2865
Malus Merieult, heirs of 1947
Malus Millaudon, St. 2316
Manau, Widow Manau, James, the heirs of 991
Manaud, Cheri Vienne, Louis 2140
Manchon, Diego Dimas, Augustin 6494
Mandeville, Eulalie Prevost, Jacques-Louis 7716
Maneut, Gabriel His Creditors 6532
Mange, Pierre Chardon, Joseph 4881
Mann, Robert Parmley, Levy S. 6732
Manning, L. [and others] Wiswell, Capt. [of the Brig Rodike Dhugh] 6989
Mansfield, Margaret Cain Mansfield, Charles 4918
Mansfield, Patrick Miller, John F. 4987
Mansfield, Patrick Morse, N. [and others] 5605
Mansony, Charles Fatio, Felipe 2303
Maquin, Ursule, widow Perilliat [by P.B. Montamat for habeas cor]
Marchand Dubois 625
Marchand, Adelaide Gaunaurd, J.D. 7172
Marchand, P. A. Dubois, Lt. 30
Marchand, P.A. Dubois, L. 654
Marchand, P.A. Tabary, G. 1083
Marchaud, Eugene Sacerdotte, Solomon 3216
Marcos, Desiree Desobry, Louis 2405
Marcos, Juan Garsyth, James 5573
Mardes, Nathan by Abner Mardes his agent Tibbles, Thomas 239
Mardis, Abner Miller, Michael 2111
Mare, Felicite Duplessis, Bastier 5450
Marguerite, a slave claiming her freedom Radiquie heirs 4147
Marguerite, claiming her freedom Plauche et Maillot, J.B., exrs. of M.Laveau, dec'd 4106
Margues, Esteven Visoso, Martin 2392
Mariano, Joseph Breedlove, James W. 5276
Marie Avart, Robert 1931
Marie Louise [et al; heirs of Baccus, Catherine] Rillieux, Honore [Senior] & his wife 1456
Marie Louise [fwc] Turpin, John [Jr.] 1571
Marie Louise [fwc] Manette [et al] 1455
Marie Therese (fwc) Arnge, Anthony (Bernard Lafosse, curator of Arnge's estate) 1137
Marigny, B. Chilouque, Jacques 1684
Marigny, B. Pilie, Joseph 1778
Marigny, B. Porre, Charley 1779
Marigny, B. Gillard, Pierre 1798
Marigny, B. Antoine, Benjamin 1783
Marigny, B. Bartlett, John and Nathaniel Rose 1804
Marigny, B. Bernard, Michel 1713
Marigny, B. Tardeille, F. 1789
Marigny, B. Dauphin, Jacques 1792
Marigny, B. Rincon, Francois 1685
Marigny, B. Montalvo, Francois 1782
Marigny, B. Dinet, Jean and Dupre, Jean Baptiste 1800
Marigny, B. Servin, Francois 1827
Marigny, B. Charles, Marielin 1677
Marigny, B. Desillet, Francois 1674
Marigny, B. Carlos, Francois Don 1702
Marigny, B. Glapion, Phillippe 1701
Marigny, B. Fortunie, Charlotte 1705
Marigny, B. Prevost, Colar 1697
Marigny, B. Daunoy, Mathurin 1690
Marigny, B. Garlic, Marie Louise 1695
Marigny, B. Laurant, Marie Louise 1715
Marigny, B. Dutel, Joseph 1805
Marigny, B. Populas, Marie and others 1786
Marigny, B. Brand, B. 1799
Marigny, B. Laporte, Jean Baptiste 1679
Marigny, B. Fowney, John 1703
Marigny, B. Reau, Celestin 1706
Marigny, B. Servin, Francois and Jean Baptiste Bonnemaison 1829
Marigny, B. Godoye, Jean 1728
Marigny, B. Martin, P. and Piquery, Pre. 1781
Marigny, B. Lafontaine, Francois 1727
Marigny, B. Pitard, Louis Francois 1793
Marigny, B. Brosse, Antoine 1790
Marigny, B. Babet, Marie Louise 1720
Marigny, B. Despres, Francois 1780
Marigny, B. Sonier, Marie 1680
Marigny, B. Parent, Pierre 1692
Marigny, B. Montreuil, Basile 1796
Marigny, B. Premion, Godefroy 1725
Marigny, B. Trigg, John W. 1707
Marigny, B. Durand, Magloise 1724
Marigny, B. Soulie, Alexander 1723
Marigny, B. Sharp, John 1686
Marigny, B. Daniel, Joseph 1716
Marigny, B. Gartole, Adelaide 1682
Marigny, B. Latil, Lazarre 1717
Marigny, B. Pouchibou, Joseph 1709
Marigny, B. Glapion, Christophe 1721
Marigny, B. Foureaud, Pierre 1711
Marigny, B. Dutul, Joseph 1699
Marigny, B. Vincent, Pierre 1694
Marigny, B. Piquery, Pierre 1828
Marigny, B. Thomas, Sanon 1689
Marigny, B. Quatrieux, Louis 1794
Marigny, B. Copelle, Joseph 1718
Marigny, B. Nicolas, Alexis 1691
Marigny, B. Dreux, Francois 1729
Marigny, B. Dubuck, Jean 1698
Marigny, B. Laby, Magdeleine 1797
Marigny, B. Meustotte, Jean Baptiste 1722
Marigny, B. Duperron, Victor 1708
Marigny, B. Dorvill, Theodore 1693
Marigny, B. Charlon, Marie Therese 1791
Marigny, B. Leger, Antoine 1710
Marigny, B. Bartholome, Jean L. 1696
Marigny, B. Recommence, Marie Louise 1676
Marigny, B. Dupard, Charles 1687
Marigny, B. Herron, Robert 1802
Marigny, B. Sautasaille, Pierre 1712
Marigny, B. Sanchez, Mariana 1704
Marigny, B. Robin, Jacques Charles 1719
Marigny, B. Riano, Jose Anto de and A. Labat 2687
Marigny, B. Poirie, Jean 1681
Marigny, B. Valentin, Francois 1795
Marigny, B. Duperey, Jean 1785
Marigny, B. Soulie, John 1803
Marigny, B. Allain, Jean 1801
Marigny, B. Moisaed, Petronille 1784
Marigny, B. Enquet, Alexer 1675
Marigny, B. Thomas, Philippe 1700
Marigny, B. Chambat, Francois 1678
Marigny, B. Poncet, J.B. 1714
Marigny, B. Meunier, Francois and Hebert, Jean 1788
Marigny, B. Lasiolette, Pierre 1726
Marigny, B. Merril, Jeanette 1787
Marigny, B. Rousse, Henriette Baptiste 1688
Marigny, B. Pierre, Nicolas Jean 47
Marigny, B. Inskeep, A. H. 3893
Marigny, B. Inskeep, A.H. and Co. 3864
Marigny, B. White, P. 2352
Marigny, B. Packwood, Saml. 4157
Marigny, B. Lahuliere, Rene & F. Jean Pierre 68
Marigny, Bd., and Paxton, Sl. New Orleans, mayor, aldermen, and inhabitants of 4002
Marigny, Bernard Landon, Francois 3441
Marigny, Bernard Johnston, Ths., syndics of 3753
Marigny, Bernard Bonneau, Anne Genevieve, alias Poupoune Bonneau 3444
Marigny, Bernard Arnonil, Pierre 7026
Marigny, Bernard Barnwell, Mr. and Mrs. 8447
Marigny, Bernard Williamson, James 8542
Marigny, Bernard Suarez, A.A. 7727
Marigny, Bernard Farende, Casimir (fmc) 3382
Marigny, Bernard Inskeep, A.H. 3346
Marigny, Bernard Cure, Numa and Raphaelite (minors) (assd. by C. Derbigny) 4806
Marigny, Bernard Bonnet, Mlle. Clotilde 3335
Marigny, Bernard Hart, Jacob 3351
Marigny, Bernard Laucier 137
Marigny, Bernard Duclos, Eugenie 1683
Marigny, Bernard Gillard, Pierre (fmc) 340
Marigny, Bernard Nicolas, Jean-pierre, syndics of 323
Marigny, Bernaud Fazende, Manette and Louis Desalles, her husband (fpc) 3752
Marigny, Celeste Destrehan Weymouth, D.J. & B. Beauregard 8484
Marigny, Marie Celeste (legit wife) Livaudais, Francios Enous (husband) 4059
Marigny, P. Destrehan, C.; his wife 6697
Marigny, Prosper Boswell, William 7854
Marillet Lecesne, L. 497
Marillet, Pierre Acosta, C. 1376
Marina, Jh. Garcia Santa Toussaint, Jean 7455
Marioux, P. C. DeLaCroix, C. 1204
Mark, Jacob Keen and Ashbridge 2097
Marks Cooper 5463
Marks, John creditors 7732
Marlow, John Rollins, George 5788
Marmiche, G. Cooper, Caruthers & Co. 5862
Marmiche, G. Cirlot, A. 4221
Marmiche, G. Periliat, Jh. 5158
Marmiche, G. Commagere, L. & M. Commagere 4689
Marmiche, G. Manuel, J. 2711
Marmiche, Guillaume Ramos [widow of Joseph Omer Ramos] 5531
Marmiche, Guillaume Grounx, Adelaide, fwc 4560
Marmillion, Antoine Thompson, Mary 2551
Mars, Wm. Parsons, Wm. 6251
Marsenat, Marie Uranie Charpiau, Bernard ; her husband 6533
Marsh, Capt. G. Bennett & Morte 2000
David Marsh & Co. Low, James 6372
Marsh, Jesse Moore, Holden and J. Bingey 3024
Marsh, Joshua New Orleans Water Co. 2734
Marshall, Sevin R. Byres, Joseph 2985
Marstand, F. (et. al.) Oakley, Cornelius 6927
Martel, Pierre Dumaine, Laurant 2599
Martelly, Louise Demigot, Sixte 2616
Marthe, Marie alias Paulette (fwc) Bauge, Hippolite, heirs of [fpc] 2151
Martim, Lucretia; wife of R. Terrell Terrell, Richard; her husband 6752
Martin, Albert Coffin, Thomas S. 7502
Martin, Angus Melder, John W. 3477
Martin Coffin and Co. Penny and Harrington 7360
Martin, Doctor Joseph True, the syndics of 1813
Martin, Joseph Rousseau, P.A. 4021
Martin, Louise Martin, Malter 2180
Martin, Marie Francoise; wife of Jh. Manuel Her Husband 6584
Martin, Mary Newton, P.J. & Co. 6231
Martin, Michael G. His creditors 7103
Martin, Widow Bonaventure & Bonaventure Martin Gravier, Jean 7131
Martin, William Russell, John W. 4666
Martin, Wm. H. Wakeman, M.H., and Palms, Oliver 8476
Martin, Wm. H. Dixon, Samuel D. 7875
Martinez, D. Cucullu, Simon 4220
Martinez, Edmd. and Toca, Carmelite, his wife Ursulines nuns, the superior of 3598
Martinez, Joaquin Agapito Ramirez, Caroline (wife) 7814
Martinez, Roque Laton, Robert, and Co., and a semi lot of ground 3979
Martinstein & Hall Wolf, Jacob R. 5296
Martorel, Miguel Outlaw, N.B. 6113
Mary, Jean Boquet, Bernard 2922
Mary, Joseph Fortier, Mlle., fils 2362
Mary, Joseph Davis, J. P. S. 1506
Mary, Joseph Roman, Sosthene 1528
Mary, Joseph David, V. & Beauregard & John S. David 2217
Masents, Honore Zenon [petition for majority]
Masey, John Field, J. 2690
Mason and Curran James M. Banks and Co. 2920
Mason, Jeremiah Poultney, John 2284
Maspero, Peter Widney, James 2708
Maspero, Peter Thibaut, John 923
Maspero, Peter Dorfeuille, J., Jr. 446
Massicot, Augustin & Etienne Reine Fils. Armington, Ira 5897
Massicot, C., widow C. Fortier Dupart 2496
Massier Went 7627
Massieu, C. Went & McDougall 7843
Massieu, G. Went and McDougall 7925
Masson, Nathalie; wife of Lacques Paulein Paulein, Jacques; her husband 7326
Massoto, Euphemia, widow J.F. Crevon, wife L.B. Lacour (absent)
Massoto, Euphemia, widow J.F. Crevon, wife L.B. Lacour (absent)
Massoto, Euphemia, widow J.F. Crevon, wife L.B. Lacour (absent)
Massy, T. Perkins, H. 1275
Materne, Pelagie; wife of P.L.T. Bouchereau Bouchereau, Pierre Luc Theophile; her husband 6410
Materre, Jean, agent of Jh. Labarthe Henshaw 8212
Mathee, Louise ; wife of Charles De Armas De Armas, Charles; her husband 7529
Mathee, Marie Louise, aka Mrs. C. deArmas deArmas, Felix, deArmas, C.G., and DuBertrand, Pierre 8307
Mathews & Son Lanusse, Paul 2476
Mathews, Hugh Regan, William 7800
Mathews, Lewis [fmc] Dwyer, Ellis 3813
Mathie, James ;survivor Spunner, Thos. 3785
Mathis, Mr. and Mrs. Jacques Parimboeuf, L. 3074
Matos, Jose Crigg, James 4631
Matossy, J. Joanne, J.B. 3845
Matthews, Ballard C. Philipe, Giovani B. 4650
Matthews, Harry [fmc] Kay, Gabriel 4642
Mauchausse, Henriette Belzons, John (her husband & the syndics of the creditors of) 1188
Mauchausse, Widow et al Belzons, Joseph 1168
Mauge, Luce (fmc) Mallet, L. 223
Mauge, Luce (fwc) Deprron 164
Mauge, Luce F.A.C.L. Mallet, L. 184
Maunoir Dapiremont, Madame 2232
Maunsel White and Co. Boyd and son 1928
Maunsel White & Co. Keen & Ashbridge & certain goods 2044
Maupassant, Henry William Kenner & Co. 4286
Maupassant, Henry Blanc, Adolph 5734
Maupessant, Mrs. Maupessant, Henry (husband) 5908
Mauranges, Coralie Winn, Chrs. 2346
Maurian, Charles Fimall, Walter Hewitt 5879
Maurian, Charles Armittage, James 78
Maurice & Pinson Silva, B. 4482
Maurice & Pinson Silva, B. 4508
Maurin, Amede Cuvillier 2438
Maurin, Charles Boudar, Thomas 5297
Maxwell, John Sampson, Capt. Thos. 7352
Mayhew and Fletcher Elkins, Saml. 461
Mayhew and Fletcher Elkins, Sam 403
Mayhew and Fletcher Elliott 414
Mayhew, Thaddeus Giron, Eli 319
Mayhew, Thaddeus and James F. Fletcher Elkins, Samuel 831
Mayhew, Thadeus Morgan, Geo. W. 2971
Mayhew, Thads. McGee 3232
Mayo, Nicholas [fmc] Chew, Edward R. 4374
Mayor & al Deslonde, Widow G. 7610
Mayor and others Olivier, Eliza; wife of P.M.A. Peychaud and her said husband 6666
Mayor, Aldermen & inhabitants of the city of New Orleans Walden, D.F. 6618
Mayor, Aldermen & Inhabitants of the City of New Orleans Mascey, John : guardian of his minor Children 6473
Mayor, Aldermen and inhabitants of New Orleans Reynaud, L.M. and Constance Vivant 6619
Mayor,Alderman and Inhabitants of the city of New Orleans Gaillard, Raimond, Jr. (fmc) 4263
Mayor & Aldermen of the City of New Orleans Davis, John 5034
Mayor & Aldermen of the City of New Orleans Davis, John 5035
Mayor & Aldermen of the City of New Orleans Davis, John 5048
Mayor Alderman & al. Jno. R. Pulley 7137
Mayor and al Michel, Albin and Prosper Foy 2648
Mayor and al Chardon, John 2635
Mayor and al Renoys, J.Juhel and Felix Tala 2649
Mayor and Al. Bingey, J.W.H. and John Rogers 2664
Mayor and Aldermen Davis, B. the curator of the estate of John Davis 2935
Mayor and Aldermen Louis, Marie and aalii 3003
Mayor and Aldermen of the City of New Orleans Lemoine, H. 4990
Mayor and all Chauvaux, Louis Jr. 2160
Mayor and Others Cadet, Joseph Perilliat 7434
Mayor et al ... the City of New Orleans Musson, John 1171
Mayor et al. Clarke, Waters 411
Mayor et al. Lecesne, Louis 2510
Mayor et al. St. Martin (fmc) and Chardon, John 2511
Mayor of the City of New Orleans et als Peyroux, P. & John Griffon 4533
Mayor, Alderman & Inhabitants of New Orleans Magnon, Arnand 72
Mayor, Alderman and al Latrobe, the widow and heirs 2836
Mayor, Alderman and inhabitants Leuzenau 2259
Mayor, Alderman and Others Paulding, Cornelius 3800
Mayor, Alderman, and c. Gaillard, Raimond, fmc, and Fortier, Norbert, fmc 3936
Mayor, Aldermen & al. Parker, E.E. 7827
Mayor, Aldermen & Inhabitants Poincy, Desdunes 5401
Mayor, Aldermen & Inhabitants Hudson, J.H. 158
Mayor, aldermen & inhabitants of City of New Orleans Desormes, Jean Baptiste, inhabitant of Pointe Coupee 4585
Mayor, aldermen & inhabitants of City of New Orleans Blanchard, Pierre 4567
Mayor, aldermen & inhabitants of City of New Orleans Marcey, John Allisions 4568
Mayor, Aldermen & Inhabitants of city of New Orleans Parker, E.E. 6623
Mayor, Aldermen & Inhabitants of New Orleans Seuzeneau 2459
Mayor, Aldermen & Inhabitants of the City of New Orleans Hunter, George 1323
Mayor, Aldermen & Inhabitants of the City of New Orleans Mandsley, Charles 1460
Mayor, Aldermen & Inhabitants of the City of New Orleans Symington, John 1421
Mayor, Aldermen & Inhabitants of the City of New Orleans Magnon, Arnaud 1420
Mayor, Aldermen and al Portale, Nicolas 2988
Mayor, Aldermen and al Davis, Benjamin, curator of the estate of Josiah Davis 2821
Mayor, aldermen and al Bingey, John Wash. and John Rogers 2951
Mayor, aldermen and al Bannister, Henry H., curator to John Banniste, dec'd, heirs abst. 5414
Mayor, Aldermen and Inhabitants Foote, John A. 3
Mayor, Aldermen and Inhabitants Foote, John A. 4
Mayor, Aldermen, and c. Prados, Manuel 3937
Mayor, Aldermen, and inhabitants Hunter, George H. 3257
Mayor, Aldermen, etc. of the City of New Orleans Lauzenau 1596
Mayor, Aldermen, inhabitants Mayhew, Thadeus 2258
Mayor, Jennett Wright, David 5074
Mayronne, Dominique Silvanic and Thomas, repr. by Fergus Duplantier & William Joice 803
Mayronne, F. Moussier, J.B. 2963
Mazange, Estate of, by syndics Fromentin & Pavic Prieur, Prosper; Executor of the Late Comanade 274
Mazeiz, Magdeleine [fwc] Regents of the central and primary schools of New Orleans 7990
Mazureau, E. Kelsey, Z. 3671
Mazureau, Stephen Smith, Alexander & Wife 4150
Mazzatti, aka Virginia Fauche Mazzatti, Joseph (husband) 8234
McAdam, Brown Magoffin, James and Samuel 3217
McAdams, Francis Sandberg, Peter G. 6816
McAdams, Francis Donlin, Bernard 6809
McAnally, H. O'Brien, H. 3298
McAndry Foy, Prosper 2874
McAnulty, Bridget Duncan, Stephen, admin. of estate of Hamilton Blakeney 2449
McArthur, John Smith, Josiah C. 1423
McCaleb, Thomas F. Alford, John L. 4635
McCaleb, Thomas F. Mathers & McCulloch 6458
McCaleb, Thomas F. Mather & McCulloch 6419
McCall, Duncan Stringer, Caleb 2162
McCammant, Samuel Musson, Germaine 1539
McCarty, Alfred Davis, Horatio 1656
McCarty, Mary Ann [wife of James McCarty] McCarty, James 5612
McCarty, Miss J. Varnier and Barrau 1765
McCarty, Patrick Mc Caw, E. 6731
McCarty, T. Dubours, P.F. 721
McCarty,T. Lay and Lachatanerais 722
McClannahan, John Blount, William 4892
McClarey, John Hagan && Barrett 6077
McClaskey Jordy, A. 2953
McClaskey, A. Bernard, Josiah 2137
McClean, John [& others] Giberson [Capt. of the Schooner Cadmus] 6825a
McClelland, Alexr. Clifford, C. 6155
McClintock, Alexr. Gross, Charles, testamentary executor of John G. Houser, decd 3150
McClintock Hawthorn and Co. Cairns, Wm. 3545
McCollough, James Matthews, Norris M. 2230
McCormick, J.& A. Tallant, James & Steamboat Walter Scott 5389
McCoull, Walter Kannard [Captain of the ship "Margaret Scott"] 5611
McCoy, Andrew Kokernut, widow and son, and Marshall, Beauregard B. 7892
McCoy, Isaac L. New Orleans Building Company 8130
McCoy, J.L. [et al] Gardere, F. [et al] 5829
McCrea, John E. Perrington & Son 4494
McCutcheon, Samuel McMilleu, Charles 6188
McDaniel, Y. Caldwell, Ts. & Caldwell, L. [his wife] 5787
McDaniel, Y. Lewis, Wm. 3573
McDermott, P.J. Oliver, J. 5059
McDonald, Jane Mc Donald, Robert ; her husband 3766
McDonald, Robert Tuttle, Horton 3089
McDonogh, John Pemberton, John T. 5717
McDonogh, John Rodrigues, Abraham 2274
McDonogh, John Gorham, Allen 2275
McDonogh, John Laignel, Simon 2228
McDonogh, W.W. Hart, S. 5798
McDonough, J., curator of the state of Thomas Durnford, deceased Blackwell, Stepto 4558
McDonough, John Detiste, Joseph L. 8424
McDonough, John Detiste, Joseph L. 8425
McDonough, John Cavillier, P.A. 1883
McDougal, Myford Mullony, D., and the Sheriff 5886
McFarland, Margrett Brown, John and the exec. of the estate of Jacob Huber 2519
McGary, James his creditors 6066
McGilray Milligan 1917
McGilvray, William Millington, David 1909
McGlade, David George, Peter 444
McGuire, R.F. Mead, J.K. 8541
McHugh, Edwd. creditors 7882
McHugh, Jesse Debow, Solomon 4511
McIlvaine, James Beale, Thomas 3611
McIlwain, John Doggett, Thomas 1427
McIntire, Hugh Lawell, Thomas 1442
McKean, William Pennie, L.B. 6990
Mckean, William Pennoyer, James 4123
McKean, Willm. M. Pennoyer, James 3786
McKeever, Alexander Wilson, Russel 3994
McKenzie, A. Lambert, James 3897
McKenzie, Alexander Brand, William 3742
McKenzie, Alexander Miller and Pierce 3602
McKenzie, John A. Brethorf, Henrique, American Schooner Sally 2103
McKnight, James Samson, Steamer and others 6749
McLaughlin, Erwin Edwards and Height 1846
McLeod and Johnston Barnes, William 8023
McLeod, R. F. J. Howe & Co. 1607
McManus, F. (A, Damarin, syndic of the creditors of) Wright, Harris 6870
McManus, F. (A.L.M. Damarin, syndic of the creditors of) Crosbie, John 6941
McManus, F. (A.L.M. Damarin, syndic of the creditors of)
McManus, F. (A.L.M. Damarin, syndic of the creditors of) McKeown, John 6939
McManus, Francis (A.L.M. Damarin, syndic of the creditors of) Haughton, Patrick 6898
Mc Manus, Francis, syndic (A.L.M. Damarin) of his creditors Jewitt, John 7093
McMaster, Samuel Beckwith, N. 5683
McMaster, Samuel (by Martin, Joseph, attorney in fact) Sarpy, Lille (Senior) & Dullie, John C. 1093
McMaster, Samuel (by Martin, Joseph, attorney in fact) Sarpy, Lille (Senior) & Harris, Samuel 1092
McMicken, Charles Ficklin, Lewis 3792
Mcmillen, Charles Coghlan, Catherine 6635
McMillen, Chs. Gibson, John 7742
McMorrow, Francis creditors 7703
McNabb, John Elrad, J.T. & S. Knox 4143
McNeil, Catherine Webb, William 5082
McNeil, Fisk & Rutherford Keen & Ashbridge 2048
McNeill, John T., estate of , by Roswell Beebe, administrator Lambeth, Wm. M. 6661
McNeill, John T. (Roswell Beebe, administration of the estate of)
Mc Neil, Joseph Bestoulin, Joseph 4332
Mc Neil, Joseph Insley, Matthias 6
McNutt, Andrew Anderson, John 4245
McQuhae, John G. Skelton, Thomas 1480
Mc Vehill, Thomas Roach, James 6160
Meade, Thomas Rollins, John & N.W.Maynor 4446
Meade, Thomas Rollins, John 4823
Meade, Thomas Rollins, John 4046
Meadows, Wm. Meadows, Ann (wife) 6043
Meaghr, Catharine Kennedy, Ebenezer (husband) 3362
Meaher, Michael; Aug. L.M. Damaris and Estavanel and Coursal McMannus, Francis ; for a forced surrender 6743
Mechanic's and Trader's Bank Banks, Thomas 8081
Mechanics Bank Swett, Nathan S. & John Chickering 4626
Meckem, Louise for permission to sell Jane her husband's slave
Medina, Annette Boyer, Felix; her husband 7266
Medina, Madm. Boyer Annette Boyer, Felix ; her husband 6492
Meeker, M.S. Prieur, Denis & Meillieur, Simon 7006
Meeker, M.S., executors of Burke, Joseph 8127
Meeker, Moses & Joseph J. Trappan Worthington, Albert G. (Henry W. Palfrey, syndic of the creditors 6885
Megarey, Thomas Morgan, J.B. 2376
Megners, Peter Dunn, James 1316
Megners, Peter McCamant, Samuel 1315
Meilleur, simon Kelly, Captain (of the Steam Boat Tuscumbia) 4749
Meins, wife Meins [husband] 1884
Melder, Elizabath Melder, John W. (husband) 5559
Melder, Elizabeth Pierce, Stephen 6031
Melite, Maria [fwc] Cocote, Lally [fwc] 1322
Mello, Antoine Rodriguez, Graviella ; widow Sanchez 3803
Mellon, Thomas Croghan, G. 4100
Menard Goran 863
Menard, A. Rausseau 878
Menard, Charlotte Simon Sarpy, Simon 2631
Menard, Francis Davesac and Livingston 2516
Menard, Francis L. Vienne and P. Suzan 2880
Menard, Francis Barritau, J. 912
Menard, Francis Young, Samuel C. 1095
Menard, Francois Rust, John 1563
Menard, Fris. Menard, Elise 2844
Menard, Fs. Duraus, Louis and Francis Vigneron 1239
Menard, Fs. Dumartrail, A. 1958
Menard, Fs. Hunter, G.H. 3357
Menard, Marie Casanare, P. 6813
Menard, Simon F.N.M. Gaudin & Al 2027
Mendez, Antonio Castanedo, Raymond 4804
Mendiburn, E. Presas, J. 5658
Mendiburu, Estevan Presas, Juan 4898
Mennier, Chas., by his syndics By. Chevalier and Jes. Olonier Delbert 4570
Mennier, John Francis Wilson, R. 3959
Menton, J. [Deschapelles & Devilliers, syndics of the creditors] Verneuille, Louis 5714
Mercantile Insurance Company of New York Louisiana State Bank 6856
Merchants Ins. Co. Arrowsmith, John 7934
Mercier, Heirs Royster, George 6812
Mercier, Jean, Heirs of Salomon, Lewis 7254
Mercier Sr., John Neurisso, John 744
Mercier, J. [by Fontenella, Marie Gracieuse de, widow & executor of] Dussuau & Bougaud 1538
Mercier, J., the heirs of the dead Seghers, Dque. 2132
Mercier, J.J. Williams, Thomas 8466
Mercier, Jean Munish, Louis 1919
Mercier, Jean [heirs of] Hart, Jacob H. & Sophie Monsanto 7231
Mercier, Jean [heirs of] Cuvillier, Joseph 7230
Mercier, John Sr. Michel, Albin 888
Mercier, John, Sr. Rofiniac and Dusuau De la Croix, syndics of Montegut Sr. 791
Mercier, John, Sr. Lalaune, Francoise, commonly called Francois Perault 445
Mercier, Justine (wife) Plantevignes, J.J.J. 3975
Mercier, P. and others Hyde, Nathan W. 2885
Mercier, Suzanne [fwc] Gaillard, Raymond [fwc] 5871
Mercier,Jean Jacqs. P.& Alii The Mayor, Aldermen & C. of the City of New Orleans 6497
Meriault, J.F. Tricou, Joseph, syndic of estate of Lisle Sarpy 499
Merieult, J.F. Englesheim, J.A. 398
Merieult, Madame Catherine McNamara Merieult, Jean Francois 1624
Merieult,John Francis Villere, James 2
Merle, John A. Martineau Cruger & Co. 8156
Mermet, widow DeLeistech, H.A.B. 1655
Mernard, Francis Young, Samuel 1732
Merrieult, Minors and E. Merrieult Merrieult, J. 2007
Merritt, N. Shaw, Jzette M. 8242
Mesley, Lise Dailey, Jean Baptiste 1851
Messant, Louis Fernandez, Francis 8414
Meteye, Adelaide (fwc) Noret 1035
Meteye, Pierre Adelaide 1589
Metsinger, Henry Julien Jalio H.O.C.L. 177
Metsinger, Henry Jaliot, Julien H.O.C.L. 176
Metsinger, Henry Jalliot, Julien & Marie Louise Beauregard 275
Meunier, Adolph Hall, Joshua, to annul indenture of Benjamin Titriville 5220
Meunier, Annette Gladding, Joseph H. 5415
Meunier, John F. Chevalle, Celestin and Joseph Paul 782
Meurcot, John Gravier, John 1073
Meus, Eugene Tourne, Jacques 6852
Meyer, A., estate, by testy. exor. P. Roche Morel, P.L., and Avart, Valery R. 3385
Meyronne, E. and others Moreau, J.B. 1544
Meyronne, E. [and others] Moreau, J. B. 1544
Miailler, Marie Elizabeth, Widow Brouet Romer, Francois 981
Micel, Albin Tougard, Louis 2853
Micheal, Albin Lamarbere, A. 2421
Michel & Armas Zacharie, Widow Stephen 3043
Michel, Albin Cabaret, Joseph [fmc] 6139
Michel, Albin Guillaume, Joseph, Carler and Joseph 3022
Michel, Albin Guyard, Jean F. 2840
Michel, Albin Tougard, Louis 1211
Michel, Albin Balquerie, Mep. [Jr.] & Bastereche Brothers & Co. 1431
Michel, E.A. Bloomfield, Wm. 7200
Michel, Lazarus Armitage, James 2768
Michon, Jacques Saturnin; a minor praying to be emancipated
Michon, Jean Francis Baro, Magin 1973
Michon, P.J. (peition for majority)
Michon, Pierre Jerome (minor praying to be emancipated)
Michoud, Antoine Bertrand, Jean 3102
Mignon, J. Micheux, A. and others 7376
Mignon, Marguerite Rose Bosse, Francoise (fmc), her husband 1286
Mignow, Marguerite Rose Her husband 1826
Migon, J.M. Harper, Captain of the Two Brothers 6461
Miih, Louis Bozonnier, Adelaide (wife) 8409
Milladon, It Barron 2358
Millard, Henry Donlin, Bernard 8008
Millard, Moses Hall, John ;Master of Steamboat Nashville 4319
Millard, Peter Burley, D., and Burley & Steele 5431
Millaudon Foucher, A. 8058
Millaudon Western Marine and Fire Insc. Company 7879
Millaudon Atlantic Marine Fire Lnsc. Co. 7911
Millaudon, L. Palmer, A.W.L. 7282
Millaudon, L. French, B.F. 7279
Millaudon, Laurant Soubercage, Fleury 2572
Millaudon, Laurant New Orleans Insurance Copany 1735
Millaudon, Laurent Ross, William 2805
Millaudon, Laurent Nadaud, James 1327
Millaudon, Laurent Goodale, N. 7263
Millaudon, Laurent Fils, Antoine Fouche 7570
Millaudon, Laurent Andry, Manuel 8057
Millaudon, Laurent New Orleans Building Company 8161
Millaudon, Laurent Dutillet, F., D. Bouligny, Jh. Abat, & others 3592
Miller and Kierstead Hough and Byrne 3520
Miller, Caleb Kay, Gavriel T. 5427
Miller, David & John J.C. Sowle Amazon (steamboat), owners of goods saved from wreck or proceeds 6237
Miller, J. Armand, Md. and A. Choppin 2644
Miller, J., estate of, by curator E. Crocker Barclay, Wm. 6668
Miller, J.F. Breedlove, J.W. 5357
Miller, J.F. and Holland, J.H. Parker, E.E. 2801
Miller, Jacob, tutor to Sydney Smith LeBreton, Jn. Bte. 3488
Miller, John Dwyer, Ellis 3802
Miller, John F. Garret, Kenneth, Hills, H.W., and Robeson, Wood and Co. 8418
Miller, John F. New Orleans Building company 8131
Miller, John F. Williams, Cornelius, and Clarke, Joseph 5418
Miller, John F. Lambert, Isaac 4238
Miller, John F. Reynolds, John 4317
Miller, John F. Reynolds, John 4321
Miller, John F. Trudeau, M.A. and Henry Bonnabel 6761
Miller, John F. Alexander Bagget & the Bank of Orleans 7098
Miller, John F. La Salle, Joseph 7062
Miller, John F. Mooney, John R. 6393
Miller, John F. Cavans, Wm. 6577
Miller, John F. Knight, Elizabeth, widow of Jn. Brown 420
Miller, John F. and J. H. Holland Parker, E.E. 2849
Miller, Michael McIntyre, Stephenson 959
Miller, Michael Huber, Jacob 1294
Miller, Robert Cohen, Perry 5591
Miller, W. Hennen, Alfred 3870
Millet, Simon Gravier, John 1161
Millet, Simon Gravier, John 770
Millet, Simon & Claude Dubois Claveau, Antoine 656
Milliet, & Roumage de Riviere, Terrien as debtor and vs. J.B.Vigene as Garnishee 1998
Milliken, William McGibbon, Samuel 1630
Mills, Elisha Caldwell 3581
Mills, James Lewis, Solomon 3583
Mills, John Brand, Wm. 3183
Mills, John Mudge, Joseph 2782
Mills, O.C. McKaraher, James, and the properties of the LA Gazette Office 4086
Millum, Maria Van Oesteren, Lyon (husband) 3701
Millum, Maria, aka Mrs. L. Van Austrum Austrum, J.L. 3106
Milne, Alexander Pontn. RailRoad Company 8102
Milne, Alexander Brousseau, Mr. Pierre and Mrs. Mariah 5420
Milne, Alexander Guesnon, James Jr. 3991
Milne, Alexander Baldwin, Charles 5419
Milne, Alexander Short, Samuel & Joseph Terrell 5349
Milne, Alexander Oakey, Samuel W. 7657
Milne, Alexander Sprigg, R. & B. Shaumburg 4593
Milne, Alexander Dapena, Don Miguel 871
Milon, C. Her Husband 8491
Miltenberger, Christian Sprigg, Robert 1553
Miltenberger, Christian Canon, M. 2756
Miltenberger, P. Borel (executor of Capony, Dave) 1304
Milton, Felix Longpre, John as testry. Extor. of the late Pierre Colette 2126
Mingo, James, fmc Clark, Jh.E., Capt. 4094
Minturn, John Harby, G.W. and Harby, Samuel (tutor) 8005
Minturn, John Levy, Mary (widow and tutrix) 7984
Mioton, N. Bertrand, J. 3404
Miramond O'Duhigg & Co., and Chalaron, Jacques Baron, Alexandre 8171
Miramond O'Duhigg & Co. Jambu, M. [et al] 7029
Miramond O'Duhigg and Co. Govneau, Pre. 7388
Miramond, O'Dhuigg & Co. Baptiste, M. Widow Ferdinand 8544
Miranda, Anto. Maria de City Bank of New Orleans 7124
Miranda, Anto. Raphael His Creditors 8507
Miranda, Antonio Lammeillou, Juan & Mates Lammeillou (et. al.) 6915
Mire, Mary Dear, widow of E. Blaizy Ebert, John 5060
Misotiere, P., sydics of (Blache, Joseph & Nos. Robelot) Robin, Rosette; F.W.O.C. 302
Misotiere, Pierre, syndics of creditors of Peres, La Branche 349
Misotiere, Pierre, syndics of creditors of [Blache & Robelot] Blanque, Jean 354
Misotiere, Pierre, syndics of creditors of [Blache & Robelot] Blanque, Jean 353
Misotiere, Pierre, syndics of creditors of [Blache & Robelot] L. Lanoix 348
Missonet, F. Dutillet & Sagory 2481
Mitchel, John Widney, John 548
Mitchele, David Doverac, Francis, and other owners of schooner Madison 3226
Mitchell and Lemoyne Gervais, Mary and widow Larche 2798
Mitchell, David, syndic of, by G.W. Morgan McClennichen, R. 3265
Mitchell, Isaiah Mackintosh, Ebenezer 4555
Mitchell, James et als White, Maunsel et als 4616
Mitchell, James, and al Preswick, Capt. of the Schooner Water Witch 5986
Mitchell, Jno., tutor etc. Proctor, Fred. 8117
Mitchell, John Gillespie, George 4967
Mitchell, John Baron, Stephen K. 7441
Mitchell, John Bell, Saml. C. 6665
Mitchell, John Barker & Compton 5851
Mitchell, Martha, wife of Thomas Akers Akers, Thomas 361
Mitoud, Simon Deverges, Pierre (Junior) 6840
Mizotier, Pre., syndics of [Nas. Robelot & J. Blache] Robin, Rosette 4540
Mohawk [steamboat], owners of Wilcox and Fearn 6770
Mole, Francois Leroi, Marie Louise (fwc) 1069
Molinari, Antoine Pres. & Director of Bank Orleans 74
Molli, Paul Emile Bien, Ivone Le 2943
Molly, Pierre Avart, Valerie R. 3127
Molly, Pre Mouchon, J. 2203
Momain, Charles Loiseau 2997
Momenes, Manuel de de Beyra, Augustin Joseph 711
Momus, J.P. St. Claire Jacquet, Etienne 4119
Mon, Maria [widow of Ramon Mon] Perez, Raphael [syndic of Perez & Geuer] 7232
Mon, Ramon Vinas, Jose Maria, and Trayal, Levnardo, and Fama, Mexican ship 5229
Mon, Ramon [John Garnier & Antonio Rivas, testamentary executors] Marie--Joseph--Eulalie [heirs] 6991
Mon, Raymon Lucas, Antonio 5755
Monbrun Dupuy 467
Moncerra Jones 533
Monget, John DeJean, Jean Baptiste 975
Mongin, John Narcisse, Marie 1821
Mongrue, Pierre Lartigue Huguet, John Baptiste 1128
Monier Mazange, J. 2818
Monlon, Jacques Fremont, E. 615
Monnerie, Alphonse Lavigne, Guillaume 6017
Monroe, Henry Hepp, William 1541
Monroe, Milne and Co. Holliday, Jno. R. 2609
Montagnac, Me. Emilie ; Widow Bezou Petitpain, J.H. 6486
Montamas, P.B. Stroll & Lagay 7527
Montamat, G. Vassant, J. 4612
Monteagudo, Bernado Silva, Jose Antonio, and DeSalas, Juan Jose 5448
Montegut, Senior, syndics of [Roffignac, J. & Delacroix, C. Duncan] Miller, M. 1499
Montegut, J., Sr., syndics of the creditors of Jay, John 1003
Montgomery and Stringer Dehart, John 2815
Montgomery, Rachel Rapp, John 1560
Montgomery, Samuel Steamboat Lexington 6936
Montgomery, W. and J, Johnston, Ths. 2654
Montgomery, Wm. and Jonathon Phillips, Isaac 7247
Montgomery, Wm. W. Andry, Manuel 7608
Montillet & Alvarez Gurlie & Guillot 1445
Montillet, Andre Chate, Louis 1257
Montillet, Andre Shiff, Hart M. 4061
Montillet, Andre Chabert, Dr., and Rhodey, negro slave 4022
Montmain, Guillaume Alfred Lefaux, Louis 1386
Montreuil, B. Faget, J.B. 6631
Montreuil, Francis HCL Jumonville 98
Mooney, James Lesparre, Arnaud & Virginia 6515
Mooney, James Guion, Alfred & E. Guion Junr. 6308
Mooney, James Cavans, Wm. 4850
Mooney, James Durald & Dounet 5923
Mooney, James Mullony, David 5225
Mooney, James Riley, Captain 8480
Mooney, Matthew ; Patrick Farnan and Edward Rigney Swain, Theophilus H. ; matter of Steamboat Bonita & owners of ... 7272
Moore, Andrew creditors 8436
Moore, Charles [fmc] Patterson, Capt. John, Steamer Cavalier & owners 7061
Moore, Charlotte Eugenie; wife of Eloy Valmont Mathieu Mathieu, Eloy Valmont [her husband] 6520
Moore, George Dunn, E. 6769
Moore, H.P. (fmc) Baily, Wm. (fmc) 8000
Moore, John Horzan, Daniel 1849
Moore, Lewis Jacobs, Levi 5911
Moore, Nathan, and others Osgood and Bigelow, syndics of 3628
Moore, Samuel Jagnaux, Jules 6624
Morales, Diego his creditors 8021
Morand, John creditors 8450
Morant De la Barre, Volant, testy. exec,& F.C. Delery & F. Delery, son 345
Moraut, Ls. D. Shills and the U.S. 768
Mordridge, Ruel & John D.Forbes; Mariners Larchwell, John; Master of the Boat Eliza 4497
Moreau, George HCL Drouet, Joseph 17
Moreau, L. Labat, Andre, syndics of creditors of 3911
Moreau, Manuel Duverge, Marie (fwc), natural guardian of Voltaire Leveque, son 4789
Moreau, Manuel ; Ext. test. and others Camps, Joseph Marie 7451
Moreau, Manuel; Ex. and testy. Hanse, Lucile Cienfuegos W. 7450
Morehouse, Ebenezer Meed, Noah [and others] 4922
Morehouse, Luther Sheldon and Dixon 3978
Morehouse, Ralph A. Raphael, Raspel 525
Morel y de Armas, Alonzo (a minor praying to be emancipated)
Morel, C. Laffiteau, Marie Rose (fmc) 3790
Morel, Ch. Fx. His creditors 7361
Morel, P. L. Dr. Robelot & Blache; Syndics of Misotiere 277
Morel, P.L. Llort, A. 2109
Morel, P.L. Donellon, Antoine 355
Morel, P.L. Panquet 3829
Morel, Pedro Marques, Carlos 6273
Morel, P.L. Treme, C. 4225
Morgan Chew 1616
Morgan, Alexander Spencer and Gilman 3104
Morgan, Alexander Smith Sheldon and Bigelow 3105
Morgan, Benj. Easton, Alfred 646
Morgan, Benjamin Livingston, Edward and others 1273
Morgan, Benjamin Piernas, LeConte 918
Morgan, Benjamin Livingston, Edward Esq. and others 1274
Morgan, Benjamin Livingston, Edward 1450
Morgan, Benjamin Auguste, Philipe 1398
Morgan, Benjamin Power, James 2820
Morgan, Benjamin Cage, Loflain and al. 2535
Morgan, Benjamin Stump, Eastland & Cox 2179
Morgan, G. W. Auguste, P. [fmc] 1540
Morgan, G. W. [Sheriff] Davezac, Augustus 1621
Morgan, G.W. Gravier, John 202
Morgan, G.W. Forsler, Nathanel and J.B. Gilly 2908
Morgan, G.W. Cuvillier, P. A. 4181
Morgan, G.W. Living, Wm. H. 7469
Morgan, Geo. W. Manent, G. and Jos. Pilie 6802
Morgan, George W. (syndic) Donnellon, Antoine 1300
Morgan, George W. [and others] Dalton, Valentine T. 5593
Morgan, George W. [for the use of Lafontaine] Barbet, Henry 1362
Morgan, J.B Dorfeuille and Co. 2424
Morgan, John, Jr., estate of, by curator Eitienne Dubou Fanneret, Charles 609
Morgan, M. Building Company 8091
Morgan, M. & J. Collis Hinton & Moore 5032
Morgan, Sheriff G. W. Stockton Allen & Co. 3822
Morillon, Marie Louise Sanchez, Louis - her husband 7059
Morin, Adelaide ; the wife of Jiffroy Saucier Her husband 3840
Morin, L.A. creditors 6853
Morin, Louis St. Herman, J.D. 6015
Morin, Susanne Foustin, Adelaide 1652
Morlot and Bastien Dufouchard and Kohn, syndics of Baulos and Cavaroc 3681
Mornay, Jne. Labarre, V. 3466
Morney, John Thoman, Mad. 3013
Morphy, M. & Mme. Lecarpentier, B.C. 5771
Morrell, John Tibbits, Stephen M. 6728
Morrell, Saml. Cornell, Wm. 6441
Morresey, Patrick Pandelly 8068
Morris, G. and the steam boat Eagle property of the late J. Reutier 3005
Morris, Josiah Mounts, William 1564
Morris, Robert K. Doyle, M.A. 4129
Morrison, Garret Palfrey, Henry W. 6012
Morrison, John C. Morrison, Ths. K. 1747
Morrison, Joseph Sprinkle, Martin 8367
Morrisson, Mary Ann Wilkie, Thos. M. 2898
Morse, Henry Lane, John ; administrator of the estate of Nevit Vick 3819
Morse, N. Johnston, Thos. 4785
Morse, N. Armitage, J. 713
Morse, Nathan Boutte, Baptiste 4530
Morte, Peter, by syndics Eben Fiske et. al Chase, Wm. H. 4448
Mortee, Peter Roach, James, and McReady, John (syndic) 7922
Mortimer, Celeste St. Amant Mortimer, G. [her husband] 5019
Mortimer, Mme. Mortimer (husband) for separation of property 5430
Morton, J. A. Hackley, R. & Hackley, S. 1594
Moss, McLean, fmc Tyler, George, fmc 3973
Moss, McLin, fmc McKeen, Mr. and Mrs. James 5070
Mossey, T. Sharp, John & McMaster, Samuel 1133
Mossy, T. Arnaud (Treasurer of Louisiana) & Moreau-Lislet, L. (Attorney Gen 1308
Mossy, T. Marchand, L. 2540
Mossy, T. LeClere, Jean 1976
Mossy, Toussaint Mead, Joel K. 5457
Mossy, Toussaint Durand, Felicite (fwc) 3489
Mossy, Toussaint Mead, Joel K. 5532
Mossy, Toussaint Lewis, William Y. 4867
Mossy, Toussaint Mead, Joel K. 5909
Mossy, Toussaint Alderson, William & Frederick Frey and Co. 5656
Mott, Jacob C. Spicer, Thomas Y. 3525
Mott, Peter Hulbud, Jesse 3458
Mouchon, Jn. Delor, Widow, represented by M. Pre. Foucher, attny. 667
Moulin, Michel Boyer, Widow Mary & Jn. B. Brissou 307
Moulin, P. Benestaud, F. 5832
Moulin, Peter Renou 2397
Moulin, Pierre Clavie, Andre 2808
Moulin, Pierre Darrigol, Jn. & Schooner Antiope 2119
Moulon, Creditors of, by his syndics [Deschapelles & Jumonville] Beauregard, Bost. 4169
Moulon, J., syndics of his creditors [L.C.L. Deschapelles & J. Devillier] Cheneau, Antoine 4458
Moulon, J., syndics of his creditors [L.C.L. Deschapelles & J. Devillier] Palfrey, H.W. 4456
Moulon, J., syndics of his creditors [L.C.L. Deschapelles & J. Devillier] Coste, Andre 4457
Moulon, J., creditors of, by his syndics [Deschapelles & Jumonville] Drouet, U. 3722
Moulon, J., syndics and exors. of [Deschapelles, L.C.LeBreton & Jumonville Devillier] Wiltz, Jn. Bte. 4459
Moulon, J., syndics of creditors of [Deschapelles, Le Breton and Jumonville Devilliers] Bertonnieri, Widow 3903
Moulon, J., syndics of creditors of [Deschapelles, Le Breton, and Deviller, Jumonville] Simon, Hyacinthe, fmc. 3949
Moulon, J., syndics of creditors of [Deschapelles, Louis Cre.LeBreton et Jumonville Devilliers] Huard 4172
Moulon, James Shannon, Lyndsay & Chs. Boise 689
Moulon, James Roger, Peter ; Syndic 216
Moulon, James Duplantier, Armand 229
Moulon, James St. Amant, Peter 680
Moulon, Js. Gardiner and Center 2578
Mousarret, Widow Godet, Widow 452
Moutainat, Elizabeth H.; Wife of D. Symonds Symonds, D. ; Her husband 6267
Mudge, Joseph Claudesly, Thomas 2458
Mudic, Ann Abella Alston, Jan (husband) 8038
Muir, R.D. Johnson, Jesse 4876
Mulhollan, Charles Huie, James 8163
Mullamphy & Eiler Parker, Edward E. 306
Mullanphy,John Halphin, M. 720
Mullen, Clem. Downing, Wm. 3942
Mullin, Henry K. Allaire, Peter Jr. and Henry Young 892
Mullin, M. & B. Sexton, M. 5874
Mullony, David Wilson, Joseph 5711
Mullony, David McDougal, Myford 5496
Mullony, David New Orleans Water Co. 2739
Muniz, Don Manuel Holland, J. H. 1489
Murdoch, W.F. & A. Bell, Jame G. 8563
Murphy, Allen creditors 6930
Murphy, Edward Lebrisky, William 6016
Murray, John J.W. Zacharie & Co. 6883
Murray, John B. and Son Mullet, Thomas, J.J. Evans and Co. 776
Murray, Nicholas Morris, Gilbert 4467
Murray, Nicholas Steamboat Louisville [and others] 4672
Musson, Anna Eugenia [minor praying for emancipation]
Musson, G. Ayaux, Etne. Ls. 690
Musson, G. Barthelemy, J. & J. Comolat 633
Musson, G. Barthelemy, J. 647
Musson, G. Arlot, Joseph 694
Musson, G. Le Meilleur, Rene [Morgan, B. & Harman, Thomas L. syndics of] 1520
Musson, G. Brayard, S. 1769
Musson, G. Gravier, Jn. 270
Musson, Germain Gottshalk, Reimer & Co. 5709
Myars, Mathias Lee, John M. 3596
Myers, Jacob Hunt, Solomon 5305
Myers, John Brand, William 6785
Myers, John P. Harris, Joseph 6817
Mynick, J., heirs of, by Henry Denis Ogden, Geo. and Harvey Elkins 1648

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