Parish Court Index
Plaintiffs' Names Beginning with J

Plaintiff Defendant Number
J and S Brewster Wilson and McDonald 7929
J. Bermudez and Co. Smith, J.K. 2522
J. Bermudez, & Co. Paimboeuf, L. 2475
J. Bermudez & Co. Duval, Peytavina 2499
J. Casse and Co. Bouligny, Charles [fmc] 7955
J. Molony & Co. Louisiana Insurance Co. 5027
J. Thayer and Co. Crehore, James 7397
J. Walsh & Co. Sexton, M. 5876
J.C. Wagner and Co. Terrel, Richard 7884
J.D. Waterman & Co. Haynes, Henry 6954
J.F.E. Livaudais Son Jeanne Catherine Penaut, Widow Legardeur 186
J.H. Field & Co. Palmer, A.W.L. 5781
J.W. Breedlove and Co. Goodale, N. 7427
J.W. Meeks and Co. Carter, R.M. 7421
J.W. Zacharie & Co. Zerecero, A. 6547
J.W. Zacharie & Co. Barnett & Brown 8142
J.W. Zacharie and Co. Hadock, Wm.W., and ali owner of the brig Arletta 5429
J.W. Zachary & Co. Palfrey, H.W. 6480
J.W. Zachary & Co. Maher, Mathew F. & al. 6445
J.W. Zacharie & Co. S.G. [pilot of the brig General Jackson] 5043
Jackson, Alexander Gravier, Mary and widow Larche 2780
Jackson, Alexr. Oddie, John W. 3731
Jackson, Alexr. Addie, J.W. 3745
Jackson, Hiram Nikell, David, alias David Nicholl 4112
Jackson, Washington Morse, Nathan 5854
Jacob, Charles A. (and others) Rice, John 7871
Jacob, Levi Woolfolk, Austin 4872
Jacobs, Catherine Praying for a writ of Habeas Corpus 7064
Jacobs, Charles A. Garland, David S. 5906
Jacobs, Charles A. Proctor, Frederick 8197
Jacobs, Charles A. Bedford, Breedlove, & Robeson 4636
Jacobs, Chs. A. Lee, James A. 6605
Jacobs, James Lambert, Isaac 7532
Jacobs, Levy Jones, L. 4903
Jacobs, Manis Guenard, Mrs. 1119
Jacobs, Manis Delerey, G. 1120
Jacobs, Morris Mosley, William 5119
Jacobs, Ralph Melder, John W. 5180
Jacobs, Ralph His Creditors 6411
Jacobs, Ralph Trappan, Joseph J. 4839
Jacobs, Ralph ; owner of the Schooner Mayflower Bates, Captain of the Brig Charles Miller 6247
Jacobs, Samuel His creditors 7622
Jacobs & Weills Cirlot, A. 4243
Jacobson, Andrew Lagett, Charles and Moore, Captain (as Garnishee) 4754
Jacquemet, Louis Phillips, John 2187
Jadot, Abelard Legardeur de Tilly, Chs., 7th Justice of the Peace 3944
Jahan, F. Gregoire, Andre 3615
Jahan, J. Dutillet, Elisabeth 2627
Jambu, Magloire His creditors 7205
James Cummings 22
James Hopkins Williams 7155
James Hopkins praying for the release of a mortgage Dreaux, Francois, syndics and heirs of the late 4310
James M. White and Co. Barlow, S.N. 6710
James Old and Co. Fee, Charles 2278
James Old and Co. Loutrel, Francis 1663
James, Henry Parker, Edward E. 5366
James, Joseph Shepherd, James H. 3923
James, Mary Ann James, John 1579
James, P. Fayle, Wm., and Webb, Wm. 8349
Jaquet, Carlos Boneval, Alexander 4004
Jarreau Serre, Lis 1109
Jarreau, J. Jusan 2412
Jarreau, Jn. Shaw, Dr. 366
Jarton, Francois Lacoutur, Andre 5071
Jarvis, James Fontaine, P.F. 5623
Jason, Rosin [a minor praying to be emancipated]
Jaudon, A.G. Duffy, Francis 4930
Jaunoy, Marie Charlotte (widow of A. de Santo Domingo) De Santo Domingo, A. (heirs and estate of) 1148
Jean Francois (fmc), praying a writ of Habeas Corpus
Jean Grounx, Jean, minor children of, by their undertutor The testy. Exec. of A. Abat and others 6687
Jeanne, Marie (fwc) Laulier, J.B.; Adm. of Estate of Late Fr. Ampray, by E. Meance, her attny. 130
Jeannet, George Jeannet, Joseph 2877
Jeffers, Madame Widow Elizabeth Bays 4792
Jeffries & Nuttle Grymes, John R. 4969
Jeffries, Joseph Schwing, George, and Richardson, Henry 4755
Jemme, Victor Souza Neugass, Henry 6517
Jenkins, James His creditors 7640
Jenkins, Joseph Ripley, El. w. 3926
Jenkins, Melicente (wife of William Moore) Layet, Francois 7663
Jenkins, Melicente (wife of Wm. Moore) Baron, Stephen K. 7705
Jenkins, Nathaniel Carrico, Benjamin 5833
Jenkins, Taylor anf Cotheal Byrd, Richard C. 7972
Jennings, Joseph H. Suarez, Anthony 5011
Jeran, Eugene & Jean Antoine Jeran Bravo, Joaquin Duran 4704
Jeune, Benjamin Duval Penas, Juan 7863
Jewett & Halsey Lyons, David M. 4647
Jn. Ls. Rabassa & Co. Hall, J.J. 7057
Joans, T.J. Sweet, Capt. 7036
Joaquin Gomez E. Debergue 7136
John A. Merle & Co. Hottmann, D. 4947
John Brandt and Co. Ross, William 2052
John Brandt and Co. Gilly and Pryor 2062
John Brandt and Co. Ross, WIlliam 1930
John Brown & Co. Keen & Ashbridge & sundry goods 2041
John Brown and Co. Hundry, John 2353
John Brown and Co. Plauche, Urbain 2356
John C. Halsey and Co. Mills and Co., Ciphas 7257
John F. Bannister and Co. Gore, M.B. 3403
John F. Miller James Hopkins 7151
John Goodman & Co. Dreibelbis, Daniel 5588
John Hagan & Co. Ferres, Mrs. 7076
John Hagan & Co. Woods, Joseph and Robert 7078
John Hagan & Co. Banks, Miller & Kincaid 4320
John Hagan & Co. Kimball (et. al.) 6872
John Hagan & Co. McLaughlin, Matthew 5024
John Hall & Co. Wanderer, S.B. & Capt. Culver & Owners 7538
John Hall and Co. Norway, Capt. and A. Parlam, Capt. and owners of ship Caieftain 7389
John Hicks & Sons William Kenner & Co. [syndics of] 4526
John Hogan and Co. Turner and Woodruff 7359
John Livingston and Co. Nye, Seth W. 1740
John Nelson Moore, steamer, master and owners Gladiator Butler, steamer, master and owners 8221
John S. Richards His creditors 7153
John Simpson & Co. Perkins, W. O. 4342
John W. Lane & Co. Wendell 4710
Johnathan Davis and Co. Mansfeild, Nathan and Townsend, Levi 2547
Johnson & Cage Mignot, Ste. D. 1353
Johnson, Caleb; petition for a habeus corpus
Johnson, F. Owins, David H., G. Musson, garnisher 630
Johnson, George J. Thompson, Patrick 5840
Johnson, Hannah (fwc) Mc Farland, Richard & Lindsay Shannon or either 89
Johnson, James Deprebois, Marie Magdelaine [wife of Duval, Ambroise] 1430
Johnson, James Lewis, Elizabeth (wife) 4799
Johnson, James Miles, R., and Ford 3093
Johnson, John Johnson, Mary 3157
Johnson, John Zacharie, James W. 8552
Johnson, Oliver, C. Barber, William 2566
Johnson, Peter Blackna, Captain Lewis (of the Brig Dummer) 4833
Johnson, R. Post Tabor, Hudson 3088
Johnson, R. Post Cox & Hart 1588
Johnson, S.W.W. Croker, William H. 2899
Johnson, William White, Maunsel 1495
Johnson, William Desha, General 3575
Johnson, Wm., John Williams, Chs. Small, Joseph Briard &P.Ripley Bayley, Cap. ; matter of the ship New Orleans 6585
Johnston, Amos Child, Christopher, Captain of the ship State 4113
Johnston, George Thomas Johnston and Co. 2967
Johnston, Henry [for the use of Edward D. White] Wynn, William L. 4925
Johnston, James Elkins, Samuel 1251
Johnston, James Guerlain, Lewis H. 422
Johnston, James Taylor, John and Wm. Emerson 569
Johnston, James C. Pipin, Victor 3263
Johnston, James, estate by his exutors Nathaniel Cos and John Davidson Miller, Christian 3315
Johnston, John Cox, Nathane and J. Davidson 1733
Johnston, Martin Shields, Thomas 1343
Johnston, N. and I. Duncan Stone and Co., Porter 7318
Johnston, syndics of Wilkie and Gow 3439
Johnston, T., syndics of the creditors of Hepburn, Jas. 3528
Johnston, T., syndics of the creditors of Brand, Robert 3668
Johnston, T., syndics of the crs of Mellon, Thomas 3669
Johnston, Thomas Comstock, Peter, and Johnston, Linsford 4127
Johnston, Thomas Walton, Joseph 1857
Johnstone, George J. [P. Thomson, syndic of Johnstone] Rowe & West 5831
Joineau, J.B. Moreau, Diego 4790
Joly, Arthur; a minor praying to be emancipated
Joly, Joseph Modica, Jacques 7229
Jonan, Augte. Schneider and Robinson 8431
Jonathan Davis & Co. Jones, Nathaniel 2508
John Hagan and Co. Pollok, C. 7351
Jonau, J. & A. Pendergast, J. 6496
Jones, Daniel Harriss, D.B. 447
Jones, Henry Thomas, John S. 5524
Jones, J. C. & J. Fish & Co. Hackley, Joseph & Hackley, Sarah 1628
Jones, Jame Patton, Jotham 1896
Jones, John Davis, Horatio 4043
Jones, John F. Flower, Joseph 5715
Jones, Patrick Wiley and Cunningham 6646
Jones, W.F. Phoebus, Capt. 7788
Jones, Willie McCullaugh, James 2182
Jones & Co., syndic of [Wm. McF. Saul] Laizer, J. 2393
Jordan, Abraham Miller, Anderson 5255
Jordan, C. Jordan, G. 7109
Jordan, C.D. Clark & Gibson 5932
Jordan, C.D. G.W. Martin & Co. 6008
Jordan, Caleb, for the use of Jordon and Martin Mare, E.G. 5565
Jordan, Caleb D. Clarke, John 5931
Jordan, Caleb D. Samuel Paxton & Co. 5868
Jordan, G. White, M. 4124
Jordan, Joseph Saunier, Benjamin, fmc 8183
Jordan, Mark Patterson, Capt, of the S.B. Plough Boy 5989
Joseph H. Gladding Dr. Lacroix 7146
Joseph Meeks & Son Bell, James 8054
Joseph Xavier Delfau de Pontalba Mayor, Aldermen & Inhabitants of the city New Orleans 7083
Joseph, Marie (fwc) Raphael, her husband (fmc) 572
Joseph, Moses Lewis, David 4854
Joublanc, executor of [Enard] Delacroix, LeChes. 1179
Joulie, Jean Jeune, Rey 358
Jourdain, E.G., widow of J.B., sen. Lacoste, Jean, and Courcelle, Anne (wife) 3258
Jourdain, E.V. Marot, T. 3886
Jourdain, Elie Victor Forsythe 5599
Jourdain, Jean Baptiste L. Jourdain, Victor [widow of] 1613
Jourdain, Ve. et fils By. Favre 226
Jourdain, Widow Baptiste Patton, Widow Charles 1303
Jourdan Freres & Co. Dubois 242
Jourdan, Charles Berret, Martial F. 6220
Jourdan, J.J. Arnaud, Louis 2260
Jourdan, J.Jh. Palfrey, H.W. 5748
Jourdan, Jn. Gravier, Jean 2694
Jourdan, Mr. and Mrs. David and Sara Knox, Story 7965
Jourdan, Noel, et al Nadaud, Louis A. 8145
Jourdan, Noel, et al McFarlane, James S. 8140
Jourdan, Noel, et al Parker, Edward E., and the New Orleans Building Company 8139
Jourdan, Noel, et al McFarlane, James S. 8141
Jourdan, V. Boullemet, R. 4170
Jourdan, Victoire, attny. in fact of J. Jourdan, her husband Iselstine, John 695
Judice, Urbin and Antoine Vigiar Jean 1000
Judson, M. Lagay, P. 8175
Juette Constable, Geneste 2735
Jules LeBlanc and Co. Killar, John, and Dixon, Saml. D. 8259
Julian, Negress Slave by Mc Blanqur her master Boniquet, Antonio & Marie Louise Dubrucy 128
Julie Marcos Tio [fwc] the lawful wife of Louis Coussy [fmc] Coussy, Louis [her husband] 7086
Julien, Gabriel His Creditors 8498
Julien, Mrs. Gabriel Her Husband; Gl. Julien 8506
Jullien, F. Tremoulet, B. 2952
Jumonville, Charles Francois Coulon Creditors 6823
Jumonville, syndic of estate of Consolidated Association 7117
Junco, Ignacio Delarue, Capt. of the Schooner Pendylvania 8400
June, William Fitz creditors 7801
Jurso, Jean Gravier, Jean 3904
Justamond, J.W. Guion, Alfred 7435
Justamond, J.W. Bagley and Meritt 7433
Justine [fwc, praying for a writ of habeas corpus]

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