Parish Court Index
Plaintiffs' Names Beginning with H

Plaintiff Defendant Number
H. Leferre and Co. Doughty, C. M. 7410
H. McLean & Co., syndics Pyle, Ralph & His Wife 4386
H. McLean Co., syndic of creditors of Pyle, R. 4277
H. Munro Milne & Co. Mauchausse, L. D. Mere 1198
H. Waldo & Co. Coale & Aires 6252
H.F. Borie & Co. Schooner Rising States 4695
H.M. Hart and Co. Filhe, Camille 7323
H.N. Pollard and Co. Anderson(s), H. and H.O. 8076
Habine, L. Castille, A. 4597
Hackett, Willm. Y. Finsy, Jacques 3982
Hadden, Wm., c. of T.S. Emerson, Thos. 3371
Hagan & Mellon Purdy, George & C. Mansfield 2465
Hagan & Mellon Faisandieu, Madame 1121
Hagan and Mellon Rentaul, Alexander 3501
Hagan and Mellon Johnston, Thos. 2655
Hagan, Jne. and Mellon, Thos. Gildart, Sophia 3482
Hagan Neven & Co. Moore, Saml. 7563
Hagan Neven & Co. Riker, Nathl. M. 7566
Hagan Neven and Co. Murphy, Edmund 7898
Hagan, Richard Lacoste, Mr. 8062
Hagan, Thomas Richardson, R.D. 4001
Hagan, Thomas McKaraher, Jas. 4130
Hagan, Thos. McKaraher, J. 4087
Haiber, Christiana Rodreguez, Abramham 1754
Hains, Henriette Marguerite (legit wife of P.A. Aubert) Aubert, P.A. (her husband) 4818
Hairston, Samuel Hovendon, Richard 4621
Hairston, Samuel Foster and Hutton 4116
Haisch, Jacob DeHart, John 4834
Hales, John Odle 2249
Hall & Adams Caldwell, Thomas 4999
Hall & Opdyke Robinson, H.E. 6324
Hall & Worley Satterly, Charles & Avery, J. C. 1399
Hall and Runyon (the use of Theodore D. Hall) Hunt, Thomas and others 7867
Hall, Capt. Richard Double, Capt. Levi 7225
Hall, G., & son Powell, Thomas, syndic & c. 8186
Hall, G.G. & son Leeds, Jedediah 8220
Hall, J. and A. Royen, John 1940
Hall, J.J. Holdship, G.G. 6307
Hall, J.J. Adams, David 6867
Hall, Jonathan Tooker, S. and Ames, D. & J. 5858
Hall, Joshua Diggs, James B. 4820
Hall, Joshua J. Brown, John Senr. 5951
Hall, Joshua James Brunet 6194
Hall, Nelson & Co. Keen & Asbridge & certain goods 2035
Hall, Pascal P. Koehler, A. 8094
Hall, Wm. V. Hall, Joshua J. 5991
Hall. J.J. Douglas, Sarah 5268
Hallam & Beck Steamboat Bonita 6864
Hallam & Beck Steamboat Bonita 6865
Halphen, Michel creditors 7751
Halpin, John (praying-writ of habeas corpus-wife Mary, court app. Holliday, Walter and Catherine 4770
Halsey & Utter Williams, William 8113
Hamblet, Philip S. Bickle, Tobias 5269
Hamilton Laverty 1812
Hamilton, Donaldson & Co. Rogers, Warren 5846
Hamilton, James Norwood, Elizabeth 5425
Hankinson, John Conner & Smith 1464
Hanna, Benjamin Lawring, Josiah and Richardson and Fisk 2765
Hanson, Abijah Parmly, L.S. 4891
Hanson, Ahijah Parker, Rhoda, late widow Butler, his wife 8398
Harang, Aimee [fwc] St. Amant, Joseph [fmc] 7067
Harang, Aldre. St. Amant, Aldre. 574
Harang, Ar. Soulie, Jn., testamy. executor of P. Paillette 425
Harang, Louis McDonogh, John 1045
Harang, M.J. Mathilde Deschappeles, Jouis Cesaire LeBreton, atty in fact of heirs of... 3522
Harang, Olive Gerbaud, Hermine 311
Harang, Olive (fwc) Gerboun [or Gerbaud], Hermine (fwc) 271
Harang,A. Dauphin, Leon (fmc) 400
Harang, J.P.M., Widow of, administratrix of his estate Atocha, Alexander Joseph 7711
Harbuck, R. and Th. Paterson and Philpott 2793
Harby, G.W. and J. Levy, Mary (tutrix) 7963
Harden, John Brooks, Captain of the Schooner Kennebeck Trader 3866
Hardey, J. Grandmaison, alias Peytavin Duval 2530
Hardoneir, Louise, fwc Poindexter, Thos. Bonneville 8345
Hardy, Joseph Marks, John 6347
Hardy, Mary Adele Et al Morgan, Geo. W. Et Al 6170
Hardy, Morse & Co. Generally (provisional syndics of) 1192
Hardy, Pierre Hardy, Mart. Constance Chauvin Delery (his wife) 1086
Hardy, Pre. Guttivaldt, J. A. 2990
Hark Stark & Co. Bedford, Breedlowe & Robeson 4137
Harland Stewart, James 5704
Harland, Henry Canfield, R.F. 6049
Harland, Th. H. Porter, Willm. 6645
Harlin, I.B. Fisher, Jac. 3271
Harlow & Hullin Richards, E. 7161
Harman, Thos. L. Hall, Mrs. 3345
Harodd & Ogden Norris, Patrick, Executor of 2433
Harper, Thomas P. Dorsey, Greenbury 5613
Harper, Wm. Reynolds & Levy 288
Harra, Andres de & Leon, Miguel Joseph de Morant, Louis D. de 1390
Harris, John L. Meeks, Joseph 5201
Harris Wright & Co. Union Bank of La. 7766
Harris Wright & Co. Wade, Benjemin 7680
Harris Wright and Co. Sample, Samuel 8055
Harris, Wright & Co. Fintch, William & George Bucklin 7234
Harris Wright and Co. Thompsom, John Jr. 7428
Harrison, Samuel Noland, Jeremiah 3449
Harrod & Ogden Plumer & Howard 1587
Harrod & Ogdens Turpin, J. 1346
Harrod, Charles Smith, Gordon 6001
Hart & Cox Bennet, Wm. J. 1950
Hart, H.M. Peixotto, J.C. 6707
Hart, H.M. J.W. Zacharie & Co. 5869
Hart, Heirs of New Orleans Building Company 8135
Hart, Jacob Rust, John, Long and Howe 2307
Hart, Jacob Lameson, P. 2003
Hart, Jacob Lameson, P. 1806
Hart, Jacob Penn, James 2620
Hart, N and B Moore, Saml. H. 3868
Hart, N.B. Moore, J.P.Jr. 4183
Hart, Saml., Executors Boni, Cecilia or Bonilla; [fwc] 6627
Hartford, Thomas Fauchier 2532
Harty, Arthemise ; Wife of Marcellin Michel Michel, Marcellin ; Her Husband 4328
Harty, Marie Adele [wife of Isaac Lambert] Lambert, Isaac 5861
Harvey, H.G. Grymes, J.R. 2262
Harvey, H.G. Fitgerald, Robert 1744
Harvey, William Scott, John 1286
Hassam, Thomas Pettit, Edward L. & H.E. Robinson 6435
Haugen, Daniel et al Holland, J.H. 1036
Haughton, Mrs. Hiram & Eveline Reed Haughton, Hiram 8555
Hauna, Benj. F. His Creditors 6353
Hause and Hepp New Orleans Marine and Fire Insurance Company 5086
Hause, J.A. Ross,George T. 191
Hawes, Benjamin Ireson, Samuel J. 4280
Hawkins, R.C. Norton, H.J. and Elizabeth 3914
Hayard, John Boyd, James K. 4145
Hayes & Durell Harris, Wm. P. 6177
Hayes Ezekiel syndic of his estate Davis, William 7181
Hayes, Ezekiel Shofstall, John 4699
Hayes, Ezekiel creditors 6851
Hayes, Ezekiel syndic of his creditors Elderkin, George 7575
Hayes, Ezekiel (syndic of his creditors) Richardson, Henry 7874
Haynes, Patcy ; wife of George Shall Her husband 7369
Hayward, William W. creditors 8086
Hazlet, John Dalton, William 2948
Heath, De Lafayette Shaumbourg, B. & Widow Brandt 4527
Hebard, Antoine Desboulets, B. and Dulepre 732
Hebrad, Antoine Rust, John and John Garlick 2983
Hebrard, A. Mills, Wm. A. 8110
Hebrard, Emma E. [minor wife of Philip Lafonta, for authorization Lafonta, Philip 6968
Hecaud, John (P. Roup, testamentary executor of) Duclerc, Genereux 6893
Hector McLean and CO. Mignoth, Lt. 1767
Heerman, Lewis Clark, Widow Joseph 6187
Hefferman, John Alexander Cranston and Co. 1905
Hefford & Lorgenfrey Morton Brown & Co. 8231
Hefford & Sorgenfrey Schultze, Henry 7664
Hefford & Sorgenfrey Webb, H.L. 7722
Hefford and Sorgenfrey C.H. Cook and Co. 7903
Hefford and Sorgenfry Schultze, Henry 7978
Heguy, Alexandrine Songy (Reynaud, L.M., curator of Songy's estate) 1140
Henderson and Hoof Dawson, S.J. 5185
Henderson, A.B. Suares, Anthony 4924
Henderson, George Henderson, Stephen 3537
Henderson, J. Henderson, A.B. 3632
Henderson, John Goodson, J.A. 4063
Henderson, John Howell, M. 4064
Henderson, John Vick, Burwell 3782
Henderson, S. & C. Byrne Gaiennie, L.U. 5341
Henderson, Walton, and Co. Garcia, Buyo, and Co. 8438
Henderson, Wm. Norris, Wm. 3442
Henderson,Stephen Elkins, Samuel 476
Hendrichs, Sarah, praying for writ of habeas corpus
Hendricks, William [fmc] Holloway, George 4502
Hendrickson, Stephen Philips, Captain 8464
Hennen, A. Kay, R. 979
Hennen, Alfred Kay, Gabl. 2925
Hennen, Alfred Nagel, Christopher 485
Hennen, alfred Cabaret, M. (fwc) 3555
Hennen, Alfred First Presbyterian Church, trustees of 3463
Hennen, Alfred Campbell, Catiche and James 3383
Hennen, Alfred Clifford, N.H. 2457
Hennen, Alfred Johnson, Thomas 2134
Hennen, Alfred Laston, W. and Johnson 2319
Heno, P. Jr. Reynaud, L.M. 7400
Heno, Pierre [Jr.; and others] Heno, Pierre [Sr.] 1590
Heno, Pre., Jr., and others Dellassize, Jn., and the sheriff of the parish of Orleans 3749
Henry R. Lee & Co. Osborn, J.C. & D.C. 6107
Henry Stark & Co. Bell, S.C. & R. 4404
Henry Stark & Co. Gaitree 4266
Henry Stark & Co. Nicholson, John 4455
Henry Underhill & Co. English, Samuel [captain/owner of Steamboat Stranger] 5839
Henry, C. Charity Hospital 7135
Henry, Constance ; widow Galatas in own right & as tutrix of .... Galatas, Joseph and schr. Marie Rose 3877
Henry, Henriette Laroche, Henry (husband) and F. Bernoudy syndic. 7675
Henry, J. Maspero 500
Henry, James Sanderson, John P., justice 393
Henry, James Henderson, Charles L. 11
Henry, James Ashley, Williams 2330
Henry, James Yarrington, Abraham 2491
Henry, James Donalson, Stephen F. 2606
Henry, James Yarrington, Abraham 2992
Henry, James Chauveau, Louis Jr. 2331
Henry, James Davis, Johnathan, syndic of Charles Clark 3336
Henry, Jean Francois Peschier, Jean Baptiste 5621
Henry Stark and Co. Nicholson, John 3930
Henshaw and Bell Jolls and Bell 6798
Henshaw, G.J. and A.B. Taylor, W.H. 6777
Henshaw, John M. Gillett, F.C. 8176
Henson and Campbell Spear, A.R. 8454
Hepburn and al. Cox, Nath. 2743
Hepburn, James Morse, Nathan 2677
Hepburn, James Cammagere and sons 2676
Hepburn, James Toledano 2741
Hepburn, James Duran, Andre and Francois Oury 2803
Hepp, Susanna Pierce, Haywood & R. Nichols 4509
Hepp, Susanna Nichols, Reuben 4491
Hepp, Susanna Nichols, Reuben 4334
Hepp, Wm. T. Parker, E.E. 5199
Her, T.C. creditors 8443
Herandeau, Therese and Widow John Leroux Petty, Captain John of the sloop Eliza & Hart, owner of the sloop 793
Herbemont, Caroline Zengolita, Raymd. (husband) 3709
Hermaann, Sam & Son P. Connolly & Son 6258
Herman & Philips Morgan, George W. 109
Herman & Son, Saml. Leeds, Jedediah & J. P. A. Hyde 7591
Herman, Samuel Peychaud, A. 3884
Herman, Samuel Maspero, Peter 3323
Herman, Samuel Samuel McMaster and Co. 2123
Herman, Samuel and son Walden, Daniel T. 7826
Hermann & Son, Sam Hummerick, H.J. 6546
Hermann and Son, S. Goodale, N. and F. Layet 7395
Hermann and Son, Saml. Bell, William 6675
Hermann and Son, Saml. Macmurdo, Robert W. 6676
Hermann, S. & Son Connolly & Son 6214
Hermann, Samuel William Kenner & Co. 4516
Hermina, Elizabeth & Mechim St. Martin Wilts, Jn. Baptiste, her husband 4184
Herpin, J.B. Andre, Marie alais Galoche (fwc) 964
Herries, T.J. Cotton. William 6005
Herring, Abraham Weaver, Captain of the ship Berlin 3821
Herrmann, Samuel Plantevignes, J. and J. Mercier 3900
Hertzog Bousses 2334
Hertzog, R.W. Keen & Ashbridge 2043
Hewes, Thomas Dutillet, Francis, and al. 3544
Hewes, Thomas Cheneau 1615
Hewes, Thomas Ducos, J. P. 1612
Hewes, Thos. Wagner, P.K. and James Smith 2984
Hewes, Thos. Morgan, G.W. 1918
Hewes, W.G. syndic Goodwin, G.C. 6765
Hewes, William G. Hottmann, D. 4946
Hewlett & Peire Rillieux, Madl. Heloise (wife of M. Reynaud) 7758
Hewlett, John Ruth, Col. 1882
Hewlett, John Wood, Francis 2269
Hewlett, John Gorham, Allen 2271
Hewlett, John Burton, Peter 2270
Hewlett, John Ross, William 2272
Hewlett, John Turpin, John 1625
Hickey, Thomas M. Fair Star, steamboat 5558
Hicks, Ratcliffe Brown, George J. 736
Hicks, Sammuel and Sons William Kenner & Co., syndics of 4464
Hicky, Philip Norwood, Nicholas 3481
Hieronymus, B.G. Dawson, James 5708
Hiffman, M.W. Pontchatrain Rail Road Co. 8065
Higgins and Others, Ths. A. Sane, Capt. of the Ship Gloucester 6682
Higgy, Alois Gervail, Susanne Victoiu (widow of Dominique Beloume) 6962
High, Mary Ann ; wife of John A. Bordier Her husband 7465
Hiligsberg, L.G. Thibaud, Francis, the estate of 3527
Hiligsberg, Lucien Guillaume Goodale, Nathan 7468
Hiligsberg, Lucien Guillaume Hambles, Philip Augustin 7655
Hiligsburg, Lucien Guillaume Andry, Manuel 8099
Hill, Artemon Crocker, W.H. and Eliska 3478
Hill, G.B. Read, L.H. 3680
Hill, John David, John and Charles Ricor 3027
Hill, Robert Baldwin, Joshua 4363
Hilligan, Joseph Davis, Capt. of the Ship Shylock 4370
Hincks, J.W. Neyton, Etienne 7448
Hinet, Madame C. Claire, Marie 4161
Hiort, Hans and David M.E.Brintnall D.M.E. Brintall & Co. (creditors of) 6366
Hite, Samuel Nelson Wilson, Mrs. s. 8245
Hobson, J.S. & G. Davison, William & syndics 2483
Hodgson, Henry Davis, George 1981
Hodgson, Henry Praying for a writ of habeas corpus 7134
Hoey, Nicholas Lerond, Frederick 7983
Hoey, Nicholas Norton, Elizabeth & Harvey Norton 4897
Hoey, Nicholas Bennet, N.H.Z. 4607
Hoffman, Alolphe McCoy, Isaac L. 6897
Hoffman, Eugenie Grand Hoffman, Pascalis; Her Husband 4206
Hoffman, Eugenie Grand Hoffman, Pascalis (husband) 4117
Hoffman, Marie Adolphe Cesar Lameson, P. 1358
Hoffmann, Jacob Morgan, John W. 8205
Hogan, Edward B. Creditors 8218
Hoit, Saml. Watt, John and Ch. Beard 3623
Holden, Joseph Hatch 5091
Holdridge & Murray Their Creditors 6503
Holdridge & Myrray Armstrong, Charles & Peter 6424
Holdridge, T.S. ;Syndic & Co. Slack, S.S. 6083
Holdship Mc Dowall 6500
Holeroyd, John Prathen, Nicholas 4587
Holland, J. Leiller, H. 1902
Holland, J. H. Williams, D.C. 146
Holland, J.A. Fernandez, Manuel 6041
Holland, J.H. Nicholson, Patrick 2220
Holland, J.H. Chave 8486
Holland, J.H. Grymes & Abner Robinson 6942
Holland, J.H. Campbell, G,W. 6536
Holland, J.H. Castenedo, Juan 3159
Holland, J.H. Louise and widow Faisant 2827
Holland, John H. Hubbud, Jesse H. , Pierre Trouve & Simon Sarrizin & Co. 100
Holland, John H. Peirce, Hayward 3811
Holland, John H. Riviere, Bouchet 5337
Holland, John H. Vance, James & Paul Pandely 7603
Holland, John Henry Dow, Timothy 6860
Hollander, Edward Fox, John 3961
Hollier, Widow [et al] Guemper, L. J. Rene & Guemper, L. C. M. [the absent guardian of] 1457
Holmer, George, and Keiser, Jacob Shuber, Francis 5475
Holmes and Bradford Penn, James 2771
Holmes, N. Knox, J.T. 4782
Holmes, Newland Holmes, George W. 6701
Holmes, Thomas C. Cox, Caleb 1040
Holmes, William Duchamp, Widow and others 6621
Holt, Delila Powers, George 5537
Holton, Patrick [James Stennet, atty. for absent heirs of Holton] McGuennis, John 5811
Hones, John (and al.) Bradshaw, Capt. 4744
Honore Beeler & C. 4412
Honore, Francis Jackson & Reynolds 2154
Honore, Francis Mounsel, White and Co. 3264
Honore, Joseph Badin 43
Hope, William Louisiana State Bank (President and Dirctor of) 6344
Hopkins, Wm. for the use of M. Meeker The Ship Concordia 6681
Horn and Kneass Pepin, Victor 3509
Horn, George Northam, W.S. [Capt. of the Brig Ann Gadsden] & owners of the Ann 6825
Horn, Jacob W. Palfrey, Henry W. 6128
Hornot, Henry Louis 8342
Hornsby, E.H. Goodson, James 4025
Horrocks, Rich Thorne, Thos. 8389
Horton, Horace Camp, Henry S. 6254
Horton, Roger Chambers, John 987
Hosmer, J. Rousseau, R. 3934
Hosmer, James Beebe, Roswell 3546
Hotchkiss, L.S. Widikom, F. 4230
Hotz, James Leonard, P. 1104
House & Hepp McDowall, R. 6342
Howard Martin 147
Howard & Merry Sabatier & Grima 4251
Howard, Chles., and alii crew on board Brig Orleans Shackleford, Capt. of the Brig Orleans 4038
Howard, Thomas [and others] Coffin, Captain Charles [of the ship Romulus] 4653
Howell Wyes and Purdon 1840
Howell, W. and Son Young and White 7269
Howland & Grennell Collin, J. B. 152
Howley, Mary Burke, Michael ; her husband 3759
Hozan, Dl. Foucher, P. 806
Hozen, Daniel Baritaud 550
Hozen, Daniel et al White & Morris 1013
Hubbell, Levi Dubreuil, Louis and al. 7792
Huber and Brown Roach and Purnell 1870
Huber and Brown Downey, Samuel 1665
Hubert and Torry Brown, John and others 1752
Hubert, G. Manaud 1937
Hubert, G. and J. Brandegie Botswick, John 1739
Hubert, G.S. Heudebert 1661
Hubert, Guillaume Desbois, Jean Baptiste & Joaquim Bermudez 4634
Hubert, Guilllaume Aurray, Pierre 6999
Hubert, Guillme Marchigay, Sophie Clothilde; His wife 6400
Huddleston, James Steamboat Livingston & owners [J. Foster, J. Workman, & T.Banks] 5957
Huddleston, James His creditors 7582
Huff, John Pratt, Capt. 2197
Hugan, Celeste (fwc--widow of Claver) Duplessis, Bartienne (widow) 6892
Hugh Boyle & Co. Laverty, Kenny 1419
Hugh Munroe Milne & Co. Rouquette & Preval (syndics) 1225
Hughes & Waterman Mc Dowell, R. 6510
Hughes, Edmond Harrod, Charles 3604
Hughes, Edmond Harrod, Charles 3609
Hughes, Maria, wife of Peter Brousseau Peter Brousseau, her husband 4606
Hugon, Louise E.L. ; wife of F. Reynoir Reynoir, Frederic 7567
Hull McKibben 538
Hullett, Wm. R. Cato, Wm.M. 8149
Hullin, James B. Lewis, William 5698
Hummerich, H. Miller, C.P. & Danero 5782
Hummerich, Henry Guerin, Jean [syndics of] 5412
Hummerich, Mrs., aka Rieux, Josephine Germaine, wife of Henry H. Gummerich, B.H., and Giraud, J. and L. 8445
Humphrey, Enoch Benjamin, Eunice, Widow Waters Clark, curatrix of heirs of Clark 591
Humphrey, John B. Norton, Harvey 3210
Hundertmark, Frederick Frederick, John 4684
Hunley, John His Creditors 6388
Hunnings, Wm. Palfrey, Henry W. 6023
Hunt, David Mabbit, Wm. 351
Hunt, Harvey Schooner Canon [P.B. & C.T. Phelps, owners] 5830
Hunt, Harvey Suckley, George 5003
Hunt, Thomas Hall & Runyon 7710
Huntely, B.B. Henry, James 582
Hunter & Fezan Suarez, A., and Fernandez, Jose 5453
Hunter, George, to determine limits of a new levee
Hurst, Cornelius Hyde, J.A.P 7887
Hurtubise, J. Seguro, Jose 2437
Husbands, Thos., and Allii Trout, Nathaniel, Master of the Schr. Jn. Motley 3340
Hussey & Mackay Gilbert E. Russell & Co. 4237
Husted, Thomas S. Longbottom, Joseph 6192
Hutchinson and Anderson Laizer, John 3422
Hutchinson, Lewis C. Blair, John 7069
Hutchison and Stewart North, John and Alfred 8256
Hutchison, William Rogers, Warren 5845
Hyde & C., Wm. Grider & Middleton 5310
Hyde & Leids Crocker, William H. & Co. 2031
Hyde & Merritt Groce, Jared E. 4908
Hyde & Merritt Norton, Charles E. 4707
Hyde and Leeds Morris, Lewis and Oddie, J.W., garnishee 3066
Hyde and Leeds Purnell, Vausant 2299
Hyde, Hosea Keen and Ashbridge 2121
Hyde, J. R. Hunt, Thomas F. 4314
Hyde, J.W. Willett and Sheman 2854
Hyde, James N. West, Charles J. 4236
Hyde, N.W. Leake 2672
Hyde, T. R. H.C. Corn Jr. & Co. 5236
Hyde, T. R. & Al. Maynard, C. T. 6229
Hyde, T.B. C. Aldrich & Co. 4910
Hyde, T.R. John Moloney & Co. 5013
Hyde, T.R. Malloney & Co., John 5293
Hyde, T.R. Todd, R.P. 5253
Hyde, T.R. Black & Clark 5311
Hyde, T.R. The Syndic of Janus Conley 5355
Hyde, T.R., syndic and c. Rogers, Samuel 4060
Hyde, Theophilus R. Jordan, G. 5371
Hydes and Leeds Roberts, E.H. and Co. 3572
Hyer and Kopman Sanders, M.A. 4756
Hyland, James His Creditors 7085

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