Parish Court Index
Plaintiffs' Names Beginning with F

Plaintiff Defendant Number
F. Gillet & Co. Borde, Jean 6335
F. Gillet & co. Shakespear, ship, and owners 8144
F. Gillet and Co. Zimmermann & Lewis 8063
F. Prentiss & Co. Shirley, James 6360
F.A. Blanchet and Co. Marchesseaux, F. 8298
Fabiani, Jean Pailhes, Pierre 4858
Fabre, Mrs. Baron, John 1256
Faget, J. Tanneret & Gourjon, Jr. & Baron, Jr. 643
Faget, J.B. Segoura, Jose, and Dolliole, Magdeleine (fwc) 3387
Faget, Jean B. Massicot, Charles 48
Faget, Jean Baptiste Bailly, Pierre (fmc) 368
Faget, Jean Baptiste Foucher, P.E. 4662
Faget, Jean Baptiste His creditors 6811
Faget, Jn. Bte. Reynaud, L.M. 464
Faget, Jn. Bte. Grymes, Jno. R., Harvey Elkins & Nathan Morse 662
Faget, John B. David, John L. 635
Faisandieu, Widow Goodin, Bry 808
Fanguy, Aimee Fanguy, Mr. 2760
Fanguy, Rose (widow Bargas) Landreaux, Honore 6896
Farier, Madame Laland Lafon, Barthelemy 1536
Farr, Robert his creditors 7944
Farre, Poey Delor, Mlle, by her attorney Burthe 1951
Farrell, Fergus Beatman, Charles 4916
Farrie, Phoebe Farrie, Hugh (husband) 3728
Farroville, widow Cantrel, Mrs. and Mr. 2170
Fauchet, G.B. Guadez, Marie Felicite, His Wife 6129
Fauchet, Gl. Bn. Guadix, Marie Fte. (wife, separated) and c. 7708
Fauchier, H.P. Clark, Richard 2999
Faures and Tuyes Clark, Chars. 3586
Faures and Tuyes Moussier, J.B. 3437
Faures and Tuyes Romer, J.A. 3378
Faures and Tuyes Rower, J.A., and al 3277
Faurie, Charles Smith, Capt. Richard [of the ship Lively] 1393
Faurie, Widow Debon, Etienne 605
Faurie, Widow Grymes, John R. 731
Faurie, Widow Baron, Jr. & Lachateigneraie, syndics of A.Morin & Vs. Ete. Debon 607
Faurie, widow Moutmain, Made. 1659
Faussier, Rosalie Massey, John A., the syndic of 3495
Faussier, Rosalie Massey, John A., the syndics of 3461
Fazede, Marcelite Romero, Manuel 5106
Fcis. Saulet Baldwin, Joshua ; curator of the vacant estate of T. Bebout 6733
Feetzmann, G.H. Romer, J.A. 3393
Felix, negro, praying for his liberty Papet, Charles 8357
Felix, William Yates, Robert E. 2090
Fell, Robert Allcorn, James 2775
Fells, Henry and others applying for writ of habeas corpus
Femmonier, Heirs Flecheux, Pre. Amedee` and Baron, Ane. 7880
Fenaud, Francoise Cotteret, P. 2628
Fennigan, P., estate, by Martin Blache, register of wills & admin. of estate Rielly, Peter 6554
Fensey, Jacques Smith, Madame Raphael 7088
Fensy, Jacques Cauvain, John 2759
Fenzy, Jacques Lapeyre, Jean 6181
Fenzy, Jacques Suarez, A. 5245
Ferand, Jacques Galaumier, Eleanore 6763
Feraule, F., wife of John Barthelemy Jn. Barthelemy and syndic of his creditors 724
Ferault, Fs. Barthelemy, John, her husband 805
Ferguson, James Bennett, Seneca 8185
Ferguson, John K. Montgomery, steamboat, and owners 5064
Fergusson, and George Rich, trading... Mawell, John P. 3177
Feriet, Mandelange Cabos, John Baptiste 5767
Ferlat, Antoine Cox, M.H. 774
Fernandez, Domingo Perez Silva, Jose. Ant., owner, and co. of Voluntario 5444
Fernandez, J. Alonzo Perez and Gener 6493
Fernandez, J.M. creditors 7905
Fernandez, Jose Alonzo his creditors 7960
Fernandez, M. & F. Roy Barbarousse, Amadee 7123
Fernandez, Salvador Quintant, Francisco 8437
Fernandez, Simon Latorre, Don Fransco De Paulo, captain of the Schooner Fenis 5926
Ferran, J. Clark, R., and Cox, Moses 3993
Ferran, J. Blois, P.J. 945
Ferran, John Blois, Ann Rose 4226
Ferrand, L.C., Jr. (undertutor of the minors Piquery...) Parent, Guillaume 3370
Ferrand, Louis, fils Layet, F. & Tourne & Beckwith 7493
Ferrand, Ls. son Valiere alias Valere Lachaise 8456
Ferrari, Marie Louise P., admins. & c. Rice, Lambeth, and others 8096
Ferraud & Son, Louis Metoyer & Ca. & al, Jonau 7611
Ferre, Pierre De Pena, Miguel, executor of 997
Ferret, Mariette Durenois, Rene 2976
Ferriere, Annette Lallande (tutrix and c. and c.) LeNoud, Frederic 7859
Ferriet, L. Teguin, Justine (fwc) 251
Ferror, Fco. by Bara Bafill, Jh. 2384
Ferry, Pierre & Madame Montpellier Legras, Madame V. 1164
Fichenor, James Brown, McNain & Walton, Syndics of Walton 2365
Field & Morgan William Kenner & Co. 4268
Field and Morgan Wagner, Peter K. 3227
Field and Morgan Buisson, Fred. and Tureaud 3523
Fields, Mary B. Fields, Charles 5090
Fiengo, Nicolas Chardon, Joseph 2612
Fiengo, Nicolas Chardon, Joseph 2614
Filhe, Camille Mermet, Jaques, tutor of Marie Antoinette Morisse 570
Filhe, Camille His creditors 7333
Filipe A. Cannes and Co. Pamiboeul, Louis and the schooner James Mckinley 2855
Finch and Thomson Townhill, Dennis, and Co. 3195
Finch, Wm. creditors 7891
Findlay, Hugh Perkins, William O. 4338
Findlay, James Breedlove, Bradford & Robeson 4706
Fink, John Hill, John 2251
Fink, John D. Baldwin, Joshua 4589
Finney, James O'Flynn, E. & Peter O'Flynn 6203
Fish, Job Robinson, Thomas 853
Fisher, Joseph Smith, Persifor E. 4391
Fisher, Joseph Rub, J.L. 4390
Fisher, Joseph Bureau, Francis 4674
Fisher, Joseph Smith, Persifor F. 4673
Fisk, Aleijah Chandler, G., Thomas Hewes and alii 1834
Fiske, alvarez Ferrand, Louis, fils syndic of the creds of Jno. Fleming 8225
Fiske, Eben Richardson,R.D. 4247
Fitsler, Christn. White, Robert 682
Fitz Jr., Wm. , syndic of the creditors of Hayden, Benj. 4362
Fitz, Mark Stark, Henry & Co. 4573
Fitz, William Bell, James 2235
Fitz, Wm. Houmerick and Franken 2973
Fitzgerald, Genevieve [fcw] Margny, Eleonore [fcw] 7049
Flavie, Joseph, Guilhaume Conge, and Honorine Conge Desbordes, Verin 1938
Flecheur, Amidou Brehier, Adolphe 7616
Flechier, Madame Fremont, Madame 1082
Fleckner, William Livingston, Edward and all 1272
Fleitas, Bmi Merieult, C. 3780
Fleitas, J.M. (and others) Hernandez, Capt. 7881
Fleitos, Widow, by Celestin Fleitos, her attorney in fact Jeantieu 3056
Fleming, Enoch W. Steamboat Pochahontas, Captain and owners 4811
Fleming, John creditors 7733
Flemming Duhar 4795
Flemming, John Cannon, Sally 1822
Fletcher, James F. Keen & Ashbridge 2046
Fletcher, John B. Green, Hazard 3882
Fleury,Florence Boreche, Popote and others 877
Fleytas, Virginie Pigneguy, L.A. 8392
Fleytas, Virginie Pigneguy, L.A. (husband) 8320
Flinn, C., sailor Barstow, Capt. of the ship Howard 8248
Flint & Carnes Wetherby, Alvin 6289
Flood, Mary Simpson, M. 4278
Flood, Mary Simpson, Mathew 4216
Florance & Harris Gallagner, James 4981
Florance, J.L. and Wm. Ewing, Ch., provisional syndics of 4077
Florance, J.L. Daniel, Y.M. [and others] 7038
Florance, J.L. Powel, Elizabeth 3892
Florance, J.L. Madam Gottschalk and her husband 6654
Florance, J.L. Palmer, A.W.L. and Aimee Gottschalk and her husband 6705
Florance, J.L. Dimitry, A. 6648
Florance, J.L. Layet, Francis 7893
Florance, J.L. & Wm. Pico & Peabody 6174
Florance, Jacob L. Goodale, Nathan 7894
Flower, W. and D. Arnaud, Felix 4020
Flower, W. Millaudon 8224
Flower, W. and D. Graves, John Jr. 3290
Flower, W., and D. Livingston, Edwd. 3243
Flower, William [surviving partner of Flower & Finley] Lewis A. Finley [Morgan, undertutor of] & Finley, Thomas 1600
Flower, Wm. Millaudon, Laurent 8223
Flury, J.B. Lussier & Lefrancois 5805
Fogerty, Ellen Dignan, Hugh 6442
Foinet, Manuel, fmc Prudence, fwc 5117
Foix, Prosper Dorfeuitte, J. 896
Follier, Armand Jeauffruit, Peter 5148
Follin, Charles Fouche, Antoine & Manuel Andry 7512
Follin, Charles Foucher, Antoine (father) 7877
Foltz, Valery Phillippi, Giovanni Batte 5123
Fontain, Widow Thompson, Robert 1158
Fontaine and the state Toussine, fwc 5057
Fontaine, J.B.L., estate, by Nas. Robelot & Widow Verneuil, testy. exec. Perault, Firmin 5320
Fontaine, J.B.L., estate, by Nas. Robelot & Widow Verneuil, testy. exec. Claveaud & Prosper Foy 5340
Fontaine, Mary McMillan Fontaine, Pierre Francois [her husband] 5549
Fontaines, L. J. Lamy, Andre & Cecile Ve Louis Bmi. Popules 165
Fontelai, Rosalie, wife Fcois Peignier (petition to pass sale)
Fontenay, Francis Lefebre, Pierre 1742
Fonterman, Chs. P. creditors 7745
Fonvergne, Arnaud, syndic of creditors of [G.W. Morgan] Daunoy, L. ; city Marshal & Allen Counsel 5327
Forcade, F. Ferrand and J.P. Chevalle 2404
Forestier, Pierre Chevalier, J. and P. 6122
Forestier, Pierre Flecheux, Amedee 6729
Forestier, Widow Pierre Davidson, Richard 7771
Formento Thiria 3885
Formento, Felix Fuentes and Co. 6703
Forstall & Co. Streck, F.M.; owner & commander of Steamboat Cora 6583
Forstall & Co. Bell, H & W 5958
Forstall and Co. Butler & others 6784
Forstall, E.J. and P. (liq. prs. of Gordon Forstall and Co.) Nicholson, John 7987
Forstall, E.J., and Forstall, P. (liq.prs.-Gordon Forstall & Co) Ryon and Copland, and Byrne Ryon and Co. 7950
Forstall, E.T. and Randel Smith for J. Byrnes Dawes, Richards and Spicer 3002
Forstall, Edmond & Placide Forstall, Liquidating partners... Herman, Samuel, attorney in fact of the heirs of the late S. Hart 8310
Forstall, Felix Pellerin, Darimartin 517
Forstall, Felix Salaun, Rene 7199
Forstall, Pauline & Josephine ; F.P.C. Maria Anna; wife of Andrea Dimitry & Andrea Dimitry her husband 6382
Forster, John Kokernot, Widow & Son 6109
Forsyth and Walton Spiers, C. 1878
Forsyth, James LaBiche, F.R. 2017
Forsythe, James Paimboeuf, Louis 2455
Fort & Clement Walton, Joseph 1963
Fortier, Aimee (the legitimate wife of Louis Commagere) Commagere, Louis (husband) & syndic of creditors of Commagere 4779
Fortier, Eugene McDonogh, John 1043
Fortier, F. Gravier, Jn. and Poumerroit 2889
Fortier, J. Michel Reynaud, L. M. (in his own name & as curator of J. Songy's estate 1290
Fortier, J. Michel Boyer and Mooney 6702
Fortier, J.M.for E. Fortier Michel, Marius 2868
Fortier, Joseph Eugene Ross, Raphael 4146
Fortier, Louis, et alii Canonge, J.F., et al 3354
Fortier, M. and P. Lanusse Dubourg, P.F. 1264
Fortier, Mel. Livaudais, F.E. 4213
Fortier, Michael Nicholls, Thomas and J.M. Millan 926
Fortier, Nt. Foucher, Z. 3869
Fortin, Madame Widow Nicolas Jones, John, and Evans, Owen (garnishees) 3372
Fortman, Francis Strader, Captain 5160
Fosse, Jean Perrilliat, Joseph 5543
Fossier, Amelie, wife, sep. from Pierre Placide Salvant Salvant, P.P. 6722
Fossier, Amilie; wife of P.P. Salvant Salvant, P.P. (her husband) 6179
Fossier, Edmond Herries, Francis 5587
Fossier, Joseph Saussier, Francis 2143
Fossier, Rosa (lawful wife) Massey, John A. 5173
Fossier, Rosalie (wife) Morgan, J.W., sherriff, and syndic of J.A. Massey, husband 3667
Fossier, Rosalie; wife of J. A. Mascey Mascey, J.A. ; her husband 7637
Fossier, Widow Foutlaw, R. and Beebe 3801
Fossier, Widow Outlaw, R.T. and Beebe 3880
Foster & Giraud West, Charles S. 4524
Foster & Others Johnston, Rowland 6425
Foster, James Davis, John, Captain of ship Barrett 4576
Foster, Jemimah S. Lewis & Jacobs 6150
Foster, John Susuares, anthony 5216
Foster, Richard Smith, D. 3151
Fouche, A. Gaiennie, L.U. 5938
Fouche, Virginie Mazzotty, Joseph 3026
Foucher, A. Jr. Roman, Sosthene, and Dauterie, syndics of J.B. Degruys 4058
Foucher, Antoine Belome, D. 2867
Foucher, P.E. Renovales, Mo. 2639
Foucher, Pierre Latrobe, B. [curators of his estate] 1436
Foucher, Pierre Scott & Roston 1098
Foucher, Pierre Auguste 4992
Foucher, Pre. Johnston, Ths. 5144
Foucher, Zenon Cox, Moses 3601
Foucher, Zenon, petition for writ of habeas corpus
Fouchy, Felicite [mother of Louis Golis] Suarez, Anthony 5037
Fougeret, L. Loiseau, Fs. 2623
Fougue, Jh., Syndics of the Creditors of Vignaud, J. 238
Fouque, Anne Cecile Fernandez, Jh. M. (husband) 8359
Fourcade, J.B. Cap de fer 2294
Fourcamp Leclerc, J. 2073
Fournier, Alexis Magnin, A. 7296
Fournier, D. Rodrigues and Bayona 709
Fowler, A.N. [and others] Coffin [Captain] 4659
Fowler, Joseph Hanna, Benj. 2657
Fox and Shierman Franklin, Thos. 2696
Fox, Jeremiah Parker, Edward E. 2747
Fox, Jeremiah Rust, Edward, Edward Currie and Job Rogers 2970
Fox, Jerimiah Johnston, Thomas 2660
Fox, Jerimiah Anderson, John S. 2579
Fox, Leonard Beebee, Boswell 5793
Fox, P.J. Lienau,J.B. 1900
Fox, P.T. Norris, Wm. 3199
Frabagas, Benito Rogers, John 1759
Frances, Harriet Thomas Love & Co. 1383
Francis McManus & Co. Armstrong, John 5529
Francis McMamus & Co. Findlay, Jeremiah 6062
Francis, Harriet Brown 2897
Francis, Widow and Joseph Huguet Lafon, Bartholomew 891
Francisco, Samuel Rees, John Owen 5997
Franclin, Thos. McGee, Wm. 2883
Francois, Adelaide Iphigenie Jean (fwc) Chancerel, Me. Widow 6051
Francoise, Marie, Casson and wife Lacoste Lacoste, Dque. 2937
Francoise, Marie, Prevot, the wife Duvernay and Marguerite Prevot Buguoi Sr. and al. 2594
Franklin, James Steel, David, absent defdt. & White & Morris, garnishees 560
Franklin, Made. Harriet Vanhorn, Made. Mary Ann 4781
Franklin, Thomas Bender, J.L.,William Mount & D. Dean 4379
Franklin, Thomas Barry, William 4092
Franklin, THomas Cox, Moses 3889
Franklin, Thomas [John F. Miller, curator of Franklin's estate] Soward, Mary [alias Jones/Morehead/Franklin] & Hodgson also Jones 5777
Franqueville, Theodore His creditors 6799
Fratel, Marie; Wife of Benjamin Mercier Her Husband 4501
Frazer, Andrew Robertson, John 2065
Frazer, Elizabeth etc. Cloyd, Joseph and William Cloyd 971
Frederic, Widow Claude, heirs of Frederic, Widow Adam 3100
Free, Jane ; wife of Pierre Francois Gaitree Gaitree, Pierre Francois; her husband 5390
Freeland, Frisby (fmc) Casson, Pulcherie (fwc) 4758
Freeland, John Minor, Theophilus P. 5294
Freeland, William Lanfear, Ambrose 3272
Freeland, William Lanfear, Ambrose 3273
Freman, Charles [fmc] Macey, Captain, & Owners of the Bargue Prinan 7550
Fremond Portale, Nicolas 1924
Fremond, wife Flechier, widow 2015
Fremont (wife) Fremont (husband) 1041
Fremont, Eustache Massicot, Charles 113
Fremont, Marguerite [fwc] Boyer, Scholastique [fwc & public trading woman] 1521
Fremoulet, Made. Victoire Fremoulet, Bernard 2825
Freres, Borders Jeune, Mlle. Missonnet 7504
Freres, Borders Michel, Madame & al, 7460
Freres, Borders Clozel, Delphine 7534
Freres, Borders Fauchet & al, E. 7542
Freres, F. Dufour Girod, J.F. 7166
Freres, Somellan Boyer, Anne and Felix Boyer, her husband 6808
Freret Brothers Cruanes, Miguel 6474
Freret Brothers Shiff, H.M. 4743
Freret Brothers Lord 4722
Freret Brothers Maignan, Jn. 5391
Freret, James Shiff, H.M. 4912
Freret, John Baron, A. 6121
Frette, J.B. His creditors 7506
Frette, Jn. by Frette fils att. in fact Benite, Guillaume 3535
Frette, Justine Elizabeth, wife of Cauvain Cauvain, Jean [her husband] 1643
Frick, Joseph [fmc] Creditors 6786
Frick, Phi. F., Mans, A., and Uhrin, J. Hemphill, Hiram, and al 8111
Friderick, Daniel His Creditors 6499
Frink, Stanton Ogier, Peter 3553
Frique, Felonise, aka Mrs. W.B.Belknap, praying for property sale
Frique, Lt. and Felonie Frique ; heirs of Hy. Frique Hopkins, Js. 3784
Fritzwilliam, Thos. and others testy.exor. Gillise, M. 7335
Friundt, Charles F. Sturgis,G.B.; Master of ship Hermitage & J.Badger,owner 8489
Friundt, Charles Frederick Shirges, Capt. off ship Hermitage, and others 8481
Fromantin, Antoine Clertaux, Andrew 3690
Froment, J.B., wife of J.P.L. Fierre Fierre, J.P.L., syndics of the creditors of 1002
Fromentin, Antoine Prieur, Prosper 450
Fromentin, Antoine Rochon, Celeste, widow of Sn. Favre 4270
Fromentin, Celima Wiltz, Ete. Valsain; Her Husband 6035
Fromentin, Martin D'hauterive, Marigny 3721
Fromentin, Min. Rouguille, Widow Me. 3740
Fromentin, Widow [et al] Cabaret, Magdelaine 1408
Fromentin, Widow [et al] P. Bailly & Son 1409
Fromentin, Widow et. al, exr. of A. Fromentin Guborde & W. Young 5930
Frost, Wm. Kenny 6744
Frost, Wm. Jr., and als Donnell, John O., and al 5179
Frost, Wm. Jr., and another O'Donnell, John 5217
Frost, Wm. Jr., and Linn, John J., assignees and c. O'Donnell, J. 5198
Frost, Wm., Jr., and Linn, J.J., assigne Cody, John, and O'Donnell, Conn 5197
Fry, John, representative of the heirs of Fry, John, administrators of the estate 930
Fuebols, Ramon Ballesta, Francisco 6988
Fuentes and Co. Their Creditors 6753
Fulmer, George Ramos, Widow Josephine 4787
Fundee, Charles, and Flute, Henry Louisiana Steamboat Company 8233
Funel, J.B.Marie Laignel, Simon 2204
Furst, f. Dixon, S.D. 8227
Furst, F. St. Romes, J.C. de 7040
Furst, Frederick Aldrich, C. 4008
Furst, Frederick Inskeep, A.H. and Co. 3876
Furst, Frederick Duncan, William M. 4324
Fuston, Septha L. & his wife Fortin, N. [widow & heirs of] 4696

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