Parish Court Index
Plaintiffs' Names Beginning with C

Plaintiff Defendant Number
C. C. Whitman and Co. Neptune (steamboat) 3814
C. C. Woodward and Co. Quarles, B. 2323
C. Oger & Co. Castello, Estevan 5899
C. Purdy & Co. William Hood & Co. 4273
Caband, Albin Michel & Robin Delogny & Cabaret Tremoulet, Bernard 268
Cabaret, Joseph (fmc) Favre, Valentin (fmc) 718
Cabaret, Madeleine (inaterdicted), estate of, by Henry Chevarre, admr. Gigon, August 8052
Cabaret, Magdelaine Fromentin 1823
Cabirac, Bd. Boullet, P. 7720
Cabirac, Bernard Seglan, Joachim 7904
Cadet Rouse and Co. Delande, Ls., Molieve 3191
Cadillan, Bd. Duval, A. 3433
Cage, Jesse Payton, John 2852
Cage, Loften Gillespie, Noamie T. ; his wife 6316
Caghlan, Catharine Barker, Samuel ; Her husband 6200
Cahanin, Virginia; wife of Leopold Jacques Rocquet Rocquet, L. J. ; her husband 5344
Cailly, alias Deschamps His creditors 6653
Cain, Margaret Mansfield, Charles 1515
Cain, Margaret, wife of Charles Mansfield Meneclier, Louis 4615
Cain, Margrett Mansfield, Charles 2619
Caire, L.T. Joret, Auguste 7431
Caisergue, Francis Tremoulet, Bd. and Arnaud Magnon 367
Caisergues, Francis Bellechasse, J.D.D. & F. Livaudais 636
Caisergues, Francis Deloguy, P. Robin & F. Livaudais 637
Cajus, J. Segura, Jose and alii 2023
Cajus, J.B.; testy. Executor & al Fernandez, Joseph Marie 7578
Cajus, Jean Tremoulet, Bernard & Cazelar 273
Cajus, P. Bingham, Widow 2383
Calame, Samuel His Creditors 6389
Caldwell, Elzy. Blanchard, F.B. et als 4602
Caldwell, Thomas William Kenner & Co. 4289
Caldwell, W.W., syndic Cunninghaus, F.G. 8428
Caldwell, William W. Townsend, Jeremiah A. 4291
Calker Banks, Thomas 3685
Calker, Isaac Banks, Thomas 3776
Callaghan, Peter Garner, James 5022
Callier, Mme. Callier (husband) 6034
Calliou, Pierre Gravier, John 1385
Calloway, James Leech, Richard & Captain/Owners of Steamboat Atlas 5519
Calonge, Paul Desgray, Francois 7099
Calvert, John Tunstall, Joseph T. 5699
Calvert, John Tunstall, Joseph T. 5679
Calvert, John Davis, J.H. 5940
Calvin Washburn & Co. Shirley, James 8124
Cama, Demetra [for use of E.W. Ripley] Johnson, Joseph 5506
Cambell, Pierre & Nicholas Lavigne, Marie Jeanne [fwc] 2108
Cambelle, Peter and Bernard Cambelle, Jean B. 2282
Cambiaso, B. Sacerdote, Salomon 3571
Cambre, Marie; wife of Pierre Dugua Lacoste, Benjn. & Louis Thomas 6386
Camfrancq, John Baptiste ; Charged with liquidation Gabaroche, Jean Testamentary executor, Francis Pernot Decd. 63
Camfrancy, J.B. Crusel,J.F. 179
Cammack, H. C. Dufart, Julien 7188
Cammack, H.C. Dart & Co. 7514
Cammack, H.C. Saul, A.Z. [wife of] 5766
Cammack, Horace C. Belot, C., P. Gabaroche, E. Fauchet and J. Hurtel 7408
Cammack, John Bishop, Lowry 949
Cammock, H.C. Baron, A. 7191
Camonge, J.F. Lorrain, Ths. W. 2538
Camonge, J.F. Lorraine, Thomas W. 2559
Camp, Henry L. Shelton, C.& H. 6385
Camp, Isaac, estate of [by Blache, Martin, Reg. of Wills, for use of Estate] Simon, H. [fmc] 4453
Camp, Louise and Chevalon, Alexander William Brothers 6061
Camp,Henry L. Kid, Malcolm D. 6773
Campanel, B. Dupard and Populus 3343
Campanel, B. St. Marcq J. 3023
Campanel, B. Massiot & L. John L. Wittz 97
Campanel, Bartholomew Habine, Louis 663
Campanel, Bew. Lecesne, E. 2523
Campbell and Crawford Clarke, Robert P. 8303
Campbell, George His Creditors 6171
Campbell, James Lagay, P. 5146
Campbell, William Callom, Capt. F. 1605
Camprey, Mary Vannoy, Abner 1375
Camus, Severine, fwc, minor to be emancipated
Canchoix, Ed. Sellier & Wife 1996
Canfield, Robert F. Crocker, William H. & Co. 2020
Canfield, Robert F. Cox, Joshua 3282
Canfiels and Hills Forsyth, Gideon 2239
Canizo, Juan Ruiz De la Cuadra, Climente 5825
Canna, Demetry, for the use of E.W. Ripley Johnson, Joseph 5137
Cannon, Ann Preusch, Bernard 5670
Cannon, M. Leconde, F. 5881
Cannon, M. Buchanan [widow] & others 5680
Cannon, Maurice Hough, Amos 7555
Cannon, Maurice Hough, Amos 7559
Canon Lecasne, Ls. 473
Canon, E.A. Sorapuni, Z. 6383
Canon, E.A. Orillon, Joseph 4752
Canonge, B.Z. Dimitry, A. ; A.W.L. Palmer, and P. Pandely 6651
Canonge, J.F. Cauchoix, Ed. 2927
Canonge, Jean-Francois Portale, Alexander 7889
Cantero, Francisco Villamil, Widow (represented by Villamil, Andrew) 1107
Cantrelle, Jacques Moreau, J. B. 1527
Cantwell, Geoffrey Bogle, Robert 3473
Cantwell, Geoffrey Bogle, Robert 3474
Caonani, Michel Chuernitchi 8419
Capdefert, Antoine Wiltz, Marie 944
Capely, Jh. [fmc] Deverges, Peter 2053
Capgrand, Elizabeth (lawful wife of L.V.S. Joly) Joly, L.V.S. (husband) 4018
Caponi Villepique 848
Caponi, Jean [fils] Griffin, E. by Etienne Debon, testamentary executor 1351
Capucin, Constance (fwc) Lapauze, J. and Lonison Labornaie 960
Caraby, Ane. Foucher, Z. 3872
Carraby, Antoine, estate, by testy. exec. Philippe Guesnon Gaillard feune, Raimond (fmc) 7850
Carraby, Antoine, estate, by testy. exec. Philippe Guesnon Beramger. D.R.S. 7851
Cardif, Philibirte True, J. 1746
Carey & Cavans Duplessis, Francois et als, owners of steamboat Volcano 2441
Carey & Cavans Steamboat Maid of Orleans & owners 2452
Carey and Cavans Smith, John, and Sterrett, James 3119
Carey, Robert His Creditors 6204
Carian, A. Juncadilla, M.F. 4191
Cockarell 263
Carleton & Lockett Sharp, John 4431
Carleton, H. Henderson, Alex. B. 3630
Carleton, H. Sykes, R.B. 5312
Carleton, H. Mills, John 3841
Carleton, H. and A. Davezac Chardon, Jh. 2767
Carleton, Henry Cheveau, Louis 3220
Carme, C. R. Malechaud, Widow T. 174
Carnes, John creditors 6964
Carnes, John Chenery, John A. 5865
Carnes, John Baxter, James 6380
Carney, Richard Chase, William 4809
Carney, Richard & Anne Carney [his wife] Chardon, Joseph 4709
Caroline, fwc, claiming her freedom Hibard, Rose, fwc 3971
Caron, Margaret, Wife of Jas. Fleming Fleming, James, Her Husband 5905
Carpentier, Jh. Le Cuvillier, A. and Alexandre St. Amand 3740
Carraby, Etienne Lafaye, Antoine 8136
Carraby, Etienne Leroy, Marie-Jeanne ;alias Coralv Leroy 7348
Carraby, Etienne Desbois, widow 2300
Carraby, Etienne LeBreton, N.B. (curator to the succn. of the estate Gravier,Jean) 7886
Carraby, Etienne Des Raines, J.F. Rallon 2643
Carraby, Pierre & Anne Morgan, B. 2388
Carraby, Pierre & Anne Kenner, William & Co. 2386
Carrayby, Etienne Delonguy, Robin & F. Livaudais 638
Carrel, Marguerite Jobet, Pierre, the heirs of 2600
Carrick, Widow and Rosalie Segond Guillier, J., syndic of 943
Carrico, G. Slidell, J. 7906
Carrie, Rose Carrie, Edward 3626
Carriene and Bordurat Bayard, A. 8315
Carrier, Ursin Chapotin, A. 4796
Carriere & Borduzat Connelly, Pat & Son 6482
Carriere & Borduzat Garcia, Francois A. 6917
Carriere & Borduzat Wooster, Henry 6119
Carrigally and Chaigneau Perrilliat, Je Fte and Keeler, Ch. B. (husband) 6053
Carroll, Margaret [wife of James Fleming] Fleming, James 5747
Carrollton & Orleans Railroad Co. Delachaise, P.A. 7032
Carstens, John Holmes, William 5743
Cartein, Louis Fatio, Felipe and others 2296
Carter & Mulford Morse, Nathan 2460
Carter, E.C. Cooper, Richard 6262
Carter, E.C. Cooper, R. 6118
Carter, Edward C. Ogier, Peter 7260
Carter, John Fauchier 2591
Casalis, Widow, Mde. Anne Louise Aauty Deacon, William 3312
Casaly, Clara, widow Maupassant Vernier, Jerome 8460
Casanave, P.A. Felix (fmc) 3966
Casanova, Candia Cobbs, Wm. Holmes (husband) 8325
Casanovichi, Angelo & others, heirs of E. Griffin Debon, E. & Francois Brunette, testamentary heirs of E. Griffin 2195
Case, Loyal Moreno, Samuel A. 6820
Casebergue, Jn. Louis Casebergue, Widow J.L. 383
Casenave, Peter Willard, Thos. P. 1984
Casey, Sophie ; wife of Raymond Marie Her Husband 6647
Cash, Thos. C. (syndic) Giraudeau and Lasalle (tutors of minor Giraudeau) 7985
Cason, Canaday Miller, Michael 1542
Cason, Canaday Miller, Michael 1542
Cassady, Patrick Dorsey, Morgon and Co. 3156
Casson, Jacques Boree, Fois, fmc 3980
Castaneda, Francisco Silva, Jose Antonio, and DeSalas, Juan Jose 5446
Castanedo, Widow Joseph Mooney, James 8118
Castein, Louis Foucher, P.E. 4609
Castel Davaux 7275
Castellanos, John Peillon, Stephen 3593
Castelles, Buenaventura LaRionda, Ant., syndics of 419
Castens, John Morgan, Geo. W. and L. M. Mallein 6202
Castillan, Widow Thomas, P.F. and others 3836
Castillon, Mrs. Rondeau, John 2541
Castor (fmc) L'evegue, Claire (fwc) 160
Cates, Isaac I. Heinsohn, D. 7353
Catherine Fromentin, Antoine 1932
Catherine (fwc) Preval, Simon Gallien 2129
Catherine (fwc) praying for writ of Habeas Corpus
Catin and others LeBreton, Joseph, the heirs of 2074
Catoire, Jeanne Baptiste Elizabeth Louise Praying for emancipation 7073
Cauchoix, E. and P. Moulinfor L. Paimbouf Cannez, P.A. by Leprette and Aubert 2669
Cauchoix, Ed. Prades 339
Cauchoix, Edward Rocheville, Menard de 982
Cauchoix, Edward Benite, Manuel 2411
Cauchoix, John [Junior] Dupuy, John [and others] 5800
Cauffield, James Greenough, Thomas 1860
Caufield, R.F. Hart, Samuel 3411
Caufield, Robert F. Forsyth, Gideon C. 2218
Caune, C. R. de Tatour, Charles 221
Caune, C. R. Dupard, Charles (fmc) 227
Caune, C. R. Darcantel,Paul 304
Caune, G. B. Edme, N. 243
Cauphry, Rosette (fwc) White, Philip 893
Caupry, Rosette (fwc) Frank (fmc) 910
Caurain, John Bank of the United States, New Orleans, president and directors of 6004
Cauvain, John Perguergue, P., estate of the dead and co. 2165
Cauvain, John Bellot, Pierre & McDonogh, John 1282
Cavalier, John Shed, James 749
Cavelier, Antoine and Zenon Gardere, Francois, provisional syndic of creds, Jean Guerin 5423
Caymares, Domingo Sere, L. and Chauveau 1842
Caytan, E. Populas 31
Caytan, Elizabeth Charlot, Barthelmy 5697
Caytan, Elizabeth (fwc), wife of Populus Populus (fmc), her husband & W.G. Morgan, syndic of his creditors 513
Cazeaux & Bijotat Lafaye, Antoine 7767
Cazenave, J.B.D. Guimbellot, J. 6127
Cazenave, J.B.D. His creditors 7472
Cazenave, Jean Baptist-Destrac Babin, Jean 7056
Cazenave, Pierre Andre (a minor praying to be emancipated)
Cazimir Foy, Prosper 2610
Cecile, Margaret Holland, John H. 3017
Celis, Culogio de creditors 6959
Cellerier, Peter Desse, Pierre, syndic of the creditors of 976
Cellerier, Pierre Generelly, Fleury 851
Center, Robert Lewall, Rufus 7248
Cerine (fwc) Patch, Samuel 4260
Cerine (fwc) Patch, Samuel 4462
Chabaud, John Puche, Blas 6110
Chabert Berger, Milten 3388
Chabert and Schreiber Sacerdote, S. 8416
Chabert, Caroline ; wife of Ch. N. Thiria Thiria, Ch. N. ; her husband 3891
Chabert, Leon Overley, Thomas Warner 5241
Chaddick, Elijah Stark [master of the Steamboat Pilot] 5484
Chadwick, James St. Amand, Joseph 7167
Chaigneau, M. ; an insolvent debtor and others His creditors 6805
Chalmers and Campbell Vignaud, John, and his syndics 3652
Chamberlain, N. Jacobs, I. 6841
Chambers, Garvin and Co. Logan, W. G. 7999
Chambers, John Villemont, Celestine of the Schooner La Felicite 1944
Chambers, John Nicolas, Rueban, Joseph Walton and other owners of the Const. 1844
Chambers, John Dentilly, Valery 1837
Chambers, John Berthole, Nicolas and Schooner Thorne 1838
Chambers, Sarah Gilmore, John 3391
Champagne, Francois Peillon, Stephen 5384
Champlin, G. R. [Coit, Henry, executor of] Jennings, Jacob & Morgan, G. W. 1585
Champomier & Giraud McCarty 7013
Champomier & Giraud Spearing, Henry 7719
Chandler, Joseph Hyde & Merritt 5374
Chandler, Joseph S.R. Roberts & Co. 5265
Chandler, Joseph Merritt, Noah 5563
Chantrelle, Michel [to give special mortgage as security of Pamas, Romain, tutor of Drioche, Etienne]
Chaperon, Charles [fmc] Morel, Victorine de Armas & Christoval Morel & Christ. de Armas 4688
Chaplin and Leary Godet, Widow 3859
Chapman, Erastus Daunoy, Louis ; Marshal of the city of New Orleans 5373
Chapman, Samuel French, Benjamin F. 8235
Chapny Francois 2764
Chapotin, Achille [and others] Quick, Moses 4888
Chapus, J.F.M. His creditors 6768
Chapuy, Antoine Hebrard, Antoine 4737
Charbonnet, Louis Massey, Mary Ann [widow of Louis Chauveau] & Christoval Toledano 5757
Chardon, Joseph Wanostern, S. 4862
Chardon, Joseph Miller, William 2497
Chardon, Joseph Castillon, Madame (or her agent or attorney) 1313
Chardon, Joseph Couvin, John 1392
Chardon, Joseph; Praying for an injunction
Charles Caffin P. Pandely 7133
Charles Clark & Co. Zander, John A. 5620
Charles Clark & Co. Schooner Hetta & Obediah Williams 5513
Charles Clark and Co. Dyer, Richard 2744
Charles Jourdan & Co. Chapotin, Achille 4940
Charles Jourdan & Co. Chapotin, A. 5039
Charles Oger and Co. Michopu 2318
Charles, Jn. (fmc) Debico, Robt. 3717
Charlot, Adele & al Morgan, Geo. M. 7491
Charoinier, Claire Filhe, F. Camille 738
Charonnier, Clive Filke, T.C., her husband 6530
Chase, John C. Cook, Samuel 2190
Chase, Jonathan Pritchard, R.O. & Morgan, George W. [sheriff] 7020
Chase, William H. Bosque, Agenor 7958
Chassaque, Thomas Colson, Fauchier 2603
Chaumette & Ogen Champigny, Louis 1213
Chauncey, Elihu William Kenner & Co. 4402
Chauveau, Jean [Senior; et al] Mariotini, Cayetano [curator of the estate of Cuvillier, P. A.] 1466
Chauveau, Louis, petition for habeas corpus
Chauvin, Antoine Bell & Buchanan 6403
Chenac, Marie Morin, Jean (husband) 8201
Cheneau, Eliza, wife of Anfoux Anfoux, Michel 356
Chenery, John A. Ainsley, Thomas 5589
Chenette, Eulalie Leloup 2763
Chesnau, Lewis Chesnau & wife Anfoux [Monlou, James, tutor & Vignou, P., atty.] 1575
Chesneau, Antoine Girod, Nicholas 3648
Chesneau, Antoine and others Ladtler, Philip 2785
Chesneau, Lewis Aufoux and her husband 1869
Chesse, J.J. Thompson, W.T. 8508
Chesse, J.J. Deglanne, J. 1144
Chessi, L. Louis, B. 2419
Chessi, L. Carpentier, Louis & B.C. 2418
Chester, Robert Brown and Lee 2915
Chestermann and Cany Cannolly and Son 6600
Cheti, Francesco Dominguez, Maria Guadelupe 6689
Chety, Francois Thiac, Joan 5315
Cheval, Paul, syndic (Caisergues, Francis) of creditors of Pelletier, C. V. Mansuy 470
Cheval, Paul (fmc) Godfray, P. F. S. 93
Cheval, Paul, wife of Her Husband 269
Chevalier Geoffroy 2543
Chevalier, Louise; Wife of L.P. Ferry Ferry, L.P. ; Her husband 6470
Chevalier, Made Marie Verneuille, Louis (husband) 4856
Chevalier, Marie Verneuille, Louis A. (husband) 4860
Chevalier, Pierre His Creditors 6173
Chevalier, Pierre E. Trastour, Edward and the compy. of architects of New Orleans 7967
Chevalon, Charles Chauveau, Louis 2306
Chevillard, Marie Antoinette; wife of Philippe Michel Guernier Her Husband 7539
Chew & Relf Fletcher, James F. 2124
Chew & Relf et al Peyrellade, Joseph 1222
Chew, Bev. and Relf, R., exec. and Co. Spanish Government 2164
Chexnaider, Andre Ryan, A., captain of the steamboat Isabella 5065
Chexnaider, Andre Pinconneau,L. & John G. Stevenson Garnishee 4144
Cheyron, J.B. Bailly, Pierre & Louis Duscan (fmc) 372
Chiapella, S. Heirs company and others 7354
Chicoy, Michel Almeida, Joachim 4798
Chige, P. Canellas, Francisco 6700
Childs, Joshua [for use of W.W. Ripley] Johnson, Joseph 5507
Chillor, Peter & C.B. Dufau Laporte, J.B. 933
Chintz, W. Vance, G. 7743
Choates, Joseph, estate of, by curators Carriere & Borduzat Spearing, Henry 7237
Choisne, Louis His Creditors 6345
Cholliot, J.B. White, Richard 1236
Chon, Jean Baptiste [fmc] His creditors 6513
Chretien, Gerard Simon, Mathurin 1267
Chretien, Gerard Segura, Joseph 3222
Chretien, Gerard Andry and others, creditors of Francis Loiseau 2929
Chretien, Girard Bigot 5292
Christ's Church, rector, wardens, and vestrymen of Simpleton, James 6011
Christerman & Cany Riker, Nathaniel M. 6582
Christiana, Joanna Wessell [Captain] 4880
Christman, John Hickey, Ed., and DeCruise, L. 3381
Christy and Barden Gardiner and Center 1923
Christy, Uriah Akin, Oliver 4006
Christy, Uriel Spooner, Thos. 3244
Christy, William Colson, Ouen 2692
Christy, Wm. Bernard, Joseph, and al, testamentary executors of Wm. Bernard 3977
Christy, Wm. Cazanave, P. (fmc) 3727
Cienfuego, Polinario Pascal, Francois 6166
Cio, Julie Marcos, Wife of Louis Coussy Coussy, Louis (her husband) 6055
Cirlot, Aug Creditors 4242
Claiborne, Thomas A. Veetz, Hezekiah 6170
Clamageran, aine and alii Johansen, J., master of brig Missippi 3490
Clamageran, P. Boismagny and Lebourgeois 1914
Clamageran, P.H. Bousses, A., and Hertrog, Richard. W. 3407
Clamageran, P.H. Baulos and Cavaroc 3688
Clamageran, P.H. Pigneguy, L.A. 5038
Clamageran, Peter Bevrot, Emilie 2684
Clamageran, Peter H. Chevalon and Alvarez 3494
Clamageran, Peter H. Doiron, H., 2338
Clamagerau, P.H. and Victor Roumage Baulos and Caveroc 3781
Clamagerau, Peter H. Le Bourgeois 4525
Clamagerean, P.H. Schooner Samuel Smith, Capt. and owners of 4192
Clapier, Peter Kay, Gavbriel 5837
Clapp, Barney See, Nicholas 5116
Clark, Charles Pepin, Victor 3212
Clark, Charles Loring, Charles 2277
Clark, Charles McDermott, John, heirs of & John Rust 4488
Clark, Charles, by syndic of his creditors, Jonathan Davis Young, William 3729
Clark, Daniel [executors of] Tournoir, Lucille et al. 1348
Clark, David [executors of] Lester, William 1529
Clarke, David, estate of, by B. Chew & R. Relf, testy. exors. Cenas, Widow & alii 4820
Clark, Ferdinand Lilly, John and Edmund Kimball and Stillwell and Kimball 7265
Clark, Henrietta Peterson, John 4663
Clark, James Edgerton, Henrietta 4685
Clark, James Smith Dorsey & Co. 1391
Clark, John Spurr, Joshua 2968
Clark, John Nicholson, John and Thomas S. Saul 3011
Clark, John Taylor, Richard 3240
Clark, John Favorite, Brig, and Ballard and Hart 3284
Clark, John Taylor, Richard 3242
Clark, John Dailey and Clark 3690
Clark, John Clark, Patrick 3689
Clark, Jonathan Taylor, John 4865
Clark, Jos. et al. Gifford, Captain et al. 7184
Clark, Joseph Parker, E.E. 5942
Clark, Joseph Foster & Hutton 6136
Clark, Joseph Coffin, Capt. et al. 7760
Clark, Mary Lafon, Barthelemy 1283
Clark, Matthew, praying a habeas corpus
Clark, Th. Waters, owner of the steam boat Alexandria 2788
Clarke Taylor & Others 6428
Clasow,Isaac , Owners of the ship Otho Cotton, Jean Bw. , Owner of the ship Menntor 149
Claveria, Dalhaste Y., executors of Aiguasnegras, Ignacio 2216
Claverie, Elizabeth Claverie and N.P. Dalhaste Magnol, Mad., E. Hollander and W. Hill 2529
Clavier, Andre Fremont, E. & Bonnaventure Duforest 6020
Clay, John Adams, William 1074
Clay, John Mitchele, D. 3144
Clay, John Newman, F. 3154
Clay, John Montero, John B. 3267
Clay, John Hotchkiss and Cox 3261
Clay, John Hotchkiss, L.S., and Co. 3070
Clay, John Garner, Brice M., and Booth 3580
Clemont, Joseph D. Petit, Louis Pontif 5272
Clermoud, Appealing Bovir 193
Cleval, Celestin (fmc) Lajoie, Julien & Hr. Nichols, Justice of the Peace 456
Click, Matthias Harris, William P. 5514
Cline, Carl L. Brown, Mary 4871
Cline, John [alias Herr. Cline] Caldwell, James H. 5598
Clines, John Lovejoy, Perkins 4057
Clyde, Alexr., and al Foster, Cap. of the ship Choctaw 8198
Clyde, T.R. Bridwell, S.O. 5211
Coalman, D.J. Bouchet 2470
Cobas, Jeanne (wife of Ceressol, Andre) Ceressol, Andre (her husband) 1219
Cobbs, Wm. Holmes and others Avegro, Philippe 7821
Cochran, Robert Presbyterian Church, in New Orleans, trustees of 3716
Cochrane and Brothers Connolly and Son, P. 6698
Cochrane, Adeline Cochrane, Richard; Her Husband 5995
Cochrane, R. Leopard, steamboat, owners of 3757
Cock, J.H. Page, A. 5806
Cockran, Eliza L. Duraud, J., and Chirac, J. 5193
Cockrell, Edward Humberson, T. G. 18
Cody, John Morgan, George William Frost & John J. Linn 5396
Cody, John Morgan, George 5213
Coffey & Murphy Porter, Stone & Co. and Steamboats Star in the West & Long Branch 7030
Cogan, heirs of, by attny. Henry R. Denis Veazey, Joshua 3075
Coghilan, Edward Labarre, Francois 3820
Coghlan, P. Boyd, James 4056
Coghlin, John and George Brooks Central and Primary schools of New Orleans, regents of 7372
Coguet, Bernard Pipin, V. 3135
Coignard, Louis Kay, R.M., by M. Bogliolo, his attorny in fact 3890
Coiron, Jean-Joseph creditors 6944
Coit, Henry Morgan, G. W. 1586
Colbert, John Hobbs, Captain of Ship Edward and Ann 820
Colbert, John [fmc] French, Philip 1952
Cole, John Nye, Seth W. 3406
Cole, John Brayard, S. and Jean Brandt 1820
Cole, John P. Louisiana Insurance Co. 2965
Cole, John P. Louisiana Insurance Co. 2964
Cole, S. Lee, J.M. 3763
Cole, S., for the use of John Ridenour Lee, Jn. M. 3634
Cole, S., for the use of Thomas Snope Lee, John M. 3635
Coleman, Joseph Hunter, George 2430
Coles, Stephen W. Keen & Ashbridge 2055
Colis, Nicolas Caffarena, Jacques 3153
Coll, Pierre Manse, Raphael 6836
Colla, John Baptist Laporte, John Baptist 2110
Collegan, James McManus, Francis [Syndics of] & Chapman 6827
College of Orleans, administrators of De Armas, Christoval 3760
Collerton, William Suares, Anthony A. 8551
Colles & Hearsey Pico & Peabody 6886
Colleton & Adams De Armas, Felix 6274
Collier, George and Menard and Valle Barlow, S.N. 6711
Collins, J.W. Brown, J. 5824
Collins, Jno. W. McConnell, James S. 6708
Collins, Jno. W. Thompson, Thomas M. 7280
Collins, John W. Thompson, Thomas M. 8478
Collins, John W. Berry, Anabella ; widow of Jms. Bacon & Edward Bacon 7659
Collins, John W. Brown, Lewis E. 5902
Collins, Thomas W. Gibson, John & wife 6876
Collor, widow, Wife of Nas Monde Her Husband Nas Monde 35
Colmemil, John D. Tessier, Auguste 624
Colmesnil, John Tessier, Auguste 645
Colmesnil, John D. Jose Y. Cruzat & Co. 4801
Colomb, Anne Francoise Acidolie Watson, John West; Her Husband 8501
Colson, Widow Colson, heirs and syndic of creditors of 795
Colsson, Peter, syndic of the creditors of the late Fauchier 993
Colsson, Widow Chouriae Dreux, Frs., syndic 764
Colsson, Widow, interdiction [by Boudousquie, Cavelie & Lemouier] Colsson, Widow [praying for her interdiction] 1396
Comagere and fils Haskeel, J.G. 3467
Combe [widow] & Morey, Jean Baptiste Rodrigues, Abraham 1623
Combe, Michel Lartet, M. , F. Grand Guillot 7474
Combel, Peter et al Fromentin, Widow 1131
Combell, P.and B. Chalembert, Marie Jeanne 2273
Combell, P.and Bd. Chalembert, M. 2564
Commagere and Fils Louisiana State Insurance Company 2666
Commagere and fils Bertoniere 2420
Commagere, Paul Commagere, Louis 6965
Commagere, Paul Mercier, Madame Fontenelle (heirs of) and Lewis Gally 6245
Commagere and sons Dufour, L. 1669
Commandeur, Nicolas Russell, John W. 4480
Commercial Bank of New Orleans Byrne, Charles, Byrne Ryon and Co., and Sloo and Byrne 7976
Communy, J. Laverty, Kenny 2344
Comstock, E.P. Norton, Wm. R. 8450
Comstock, Edwin P. H. Millard and Co. 7915
Conand, John Guiraud, Francois 1155
Conlin, Bryan Chamberlain, T.G. 6845
Conner, James Rogers,Saml. 3894
Connor, Timothy C. Wheaton & Johnson 5526
Conrad, Charles M. Williamson, John Breedlove 7868
Consolidated Assn. & Co., president, directors and company of Rabassa, J.L. and the Widow L. Castein 6606
Consolidated Association of Planters of Louisiana (et. al.) Kernion, Pierre Huchet 6918
Consolidated Association of Planters [President and Directors] Montane, Pierre [widow of] 7004
Consolidated Association of Planters [President, Directors, & Co.
Constandio, Salvador Moresco, Francisco 2305
Content, Stephen Patterson, Master of the Horse Ferry Boat Riego 4261
Convey, Marguerite, aka Mrs. McDonald Mr. McDonald 8471
Conville, Brigitte ; wife of Patrick Rye Rye, Patrick ; her husband 6704
Cook & Nyche Spooner, Horatio 4298
Cook & Rayburne Niche, George 4305
Cook, Charles H., and Maynard, Calvin J. creditors, and the creditors of C.H. Cook & Co. 8043
Cooley, E. Lauran, P. 966
Coombs, Joseph George & Syler 124
Cooper, Caruthers and Co. Webb & Bradford 5219
Cooper, Israel P. Bell, James G. 5206
Cooper, James Larrue, George 5284
Copella, B. Aubry, Pre., fmc 3999
Copello, Barthelemy Copello, Baptiste 2989
Copp, John M. Nye, Seth W. 1830
Copperthwaite, Catherine Reynolds, Michael 2167
Coquet, Bernard Beauvais 1356
Corcelle, J. Millandon, L., and Poydras, J., a house situated in Poydras 3203
Corkery, Patrick Boyle, Francis 5165
Corlies, Thomas and Shanon, Mr. and Mrs. Huting, James and Marcus, and Hoey, John 8441
Cornalla, Juan Savage, Thomas 8451
Cornie, Louis Jehuby, Gme. 8022
Cornie, Louis Fernandez, Joseph-Marie 7782
Cornwall & Clark Clague, Richard 4308
Cornwall & Clark Clague, Richard & John Oldham 4297
Cornwell, W.H. Hampton, H.W. 4089
Corp, Samuel Herring, Thomas 3534
Corporation Hennen, Alfred 4532
Corporation Duplessis, Peter LeBarbier 1159
Corporation Castres, Bertrand 1
Corporation Livingson, Edward 870
Correjolles, Fs. Pascal, Victoire C. ; His Wife 6010
Cotter, Jas., Perry, Thos., Hutchinson, John, and Dolin, Francis Moody, Capt. Charles, of the ship Olive and Eliza 5978
Cottigny, Angelique (wife of J.B. Frette, Jr.) Frette, Jr. and Morgan, G.W. syndic of his creditors 7691
Cottin, J. Montamat, Mr. and Mrs. and E. Debon 2021
Cotton, William Nicolas, Henrietta 6207
Cotton, William Cullen, Patrick 5622
Cougot, M. Fauche Gonzales, Jaun, fmc 5432
Cougot, Marc Fauche Golis, Nicolas 3483
Cougot, Marc Fauche Bourdes, Auguste 6172
Courcelle, Joachim LeBlanc, Jules Francois 7487
Courcelle, Joachim Poydras, J. 2923
Courcelle, Joachim Fortier, M., the heirs of 2931
Courcelle, Leon Allain, Fergus Duplessis 7696
Courcote, Catherine Estate of Stephen Castan 2348
Courtalt, Jacques Berry, Jean & Jean Baptiste Fleury 4949
Courtault, Jacques Fleury, J. Bte. 4775
Courtenay, Wm. F. creditors of Bryden & Courtenay & of Wm F. 6284
Courtoir Baez, D. 7383
Courtois, J.S. Souza Jr., Vr. 7382
Courtois, J.S. Fletcher, A. 7035
Courtois, Jques. Lon. Maire, Htte. Lse. (wife) 7803
Courval Acebo & Co. Their creditors 7208
Courval Acebo & Co. Begley & Doyles 7126
Cousin & Laurant Hummerick, H. 6186
Cousin & Laurent, Victor David, Jn. Sprowls, Wm. Tibbets Steamboat Atlas & Owners 6479
Cousin and Laurant Slack, Samuel L. 7071
Cousin, Francois Sr. & al. Ronquette, Dque. and his syndics 2064
Cousin, Fs. Castille, Andre 3862
Cousinare, Chars. Lange, Victorin, an appce. (fmc), and Legoaster, E. 3582
Coutreau, J. His Creditors 6467
Cowand & Field Reynolds, James M. 5729
Cowell, Wm. creditors 7723
Cowquill, Samuel Millaudon, Laurent 8001
Cox and Jacob Syndics of J.L. Rabaud Arzeno, Nicolas 178
Cox, Henry B. Bond, Edmund F. 3783
Cox, N. Orr, John D. 4500
Cox, N. Asshjar, Theodore 344
Cox, N. (tutor and a.) Clarke, Charles 7784
Cox, Nathaniel Baron Jr. and Co. 7930
Cox, Nathaniel Engelsheim, J. A. 258
Cox, Nathaniel Seguro, Jose 3325
Cox, Nathaniel Wedehaim, et al 3986
Cox, Nathaniel Fox, John 3963
Cox, Nathl. Labiche, Francis 6200
Craig, John Wilkinson, Captain (of the Brig Adams) 4728
Crais, Marg. [to prove absense of husb. Chas. LeClerc & remarry]
Crane & Huber (by Crane, O. D.) Wray, James & Price, E. J. (curators of Josh. Dawson's estate) 1293
Crane, O. D. Wray, James & Price, E. J. (curators of Josh. Dawson's estate) 1292
Crawford and Mc Kim Young and White 7268
Crehore, James Smith, John 7396
Cremona, Peter Peralta, Peter 6280
Creon, Marie Azelie [wife of Rene Salaun] Salaun, Rene 5693
Cresse Waverly, Stm. BT. ; F. gaiennie 7589
Crevon, Amelie; a minor praying to be emancipated
Crittenden, John Lebarges, Andrew 5010
Crocker, Basile (fcm) Bock, Michel 4831
Crocker, Basile [fmc] Moony, James 5703
Crocker, Baziel Fox, Benjamin and Robert 4016
Crocker, Bazile [fmc] Blanc, Evariste 5251
Crocker, John Clark, James 1240
Crocker, William H. Townsend, Eben Jr. 3124
Crocker, William H. Townsend, Eben Jr. 3125
Croizet, Celeste Bissonnet, Pascal 1259
Crole, Schrager & al Hagan, George H. ; for a food surrender 6413
Cronse, John Duffield, william 3196
Cross, Ralph Richardson, John 3806
Crouse, John Lee, John M. 3564
Crowell, Morice Lambert, James 5302
Crozat, Edward : praying to be emancipated
Crozat, Paul-Emile Perez & Gener [Raphael Perez, syndic of the creditors of] 7012
Cruden, John Mayhew, THaddeus 2665
Crum, Alexander and James Johnston, Thomas 2752
Crusel, Therese Crusel, Jean Francois (husband) 3692
Cruzat, Nizida (Mrs. Laurent Rousseau, praying for ctn. authoriz)
Cubas, Baltazar DeZabala, Manuel 5485
Cubas, Balthazar Badon, Miguel 5592
Cuculla, Simon Dreux, Vin. Gentilly 3334
Cucullu, Joseph Salustino ; a minor praying to be emanicipated
Cucullu, Pedro Pablo (a minor praying to be emancipated)
Cucullu, S. Parker, Edward E. 4483
Cucullu, Seraphin De Chamont, C.L.R. 7105
Cucullu, Seraphin Shubert, Frank 4719
Cucullu, Simon McNair, Robert H. & John Rollins 4420
Cucullu, Simon Shubert, Frank & Balthazard Cross 4421
Cucullu, Simon Templeton, James & Chs. Stevenson 4418
Cucullu, Simon Coffee, B. & Fox and Co. 4417
Cucullu, Simon Ceixnader, A. & Edmd. Meance 4416
Cucullu, Simon Rollins, John & Robert H. McNair 4419
Cucullu, Simon Beaurgard, By. 4415
Cucullu, Simon Michel, A.L. 5328
Cucullu, Simon Dutillet & Sagory & Charles Sagory 2482
Cucullu, Simon Chavanne, Auguste, Auguste, Phillip & Gabourde 1212
Cucullu, Simon Dubourg, P.F. 676
Cuebas, Manuel Vinas, Josse Maria 5230
Cuffy, Marie (by Rodriguez, her curator ad lites) Castillon, Madame & Pontalba (by their attorneys) 1324
Cuffy, Marie (fpc) Castillon, Widow & Pontalba (by St. Avid, J. & Laronde, Dennis) 1182
Culbertson, J. Joans, Thos. G. 7309
Culbertson, Jn. Nicholson, Christopher, syndic of his creditors 8137
Culton Baldwin 6298
Cumming and Ramsey Kerr, David C. 2796
Cumminger, John His Creditors 8550
Cummings, Robt. (fmc) McLearn, Capt. John 3341
Cunning and Ramsay Zenoulet 1667
Cunningham, James Wright, Robert A. 7015
Cunningham, James Chase, Jonathan 6599
Cunningham, James, estate of, by curator Patrick Cunningham Wiley, John and Cunningham, Peter 8352
Cupely, Cecile P.S. [wife of P. Aubry] Aubry, Pierre 5817
Cuplessin, Francis Ogden, P.V. 2866
Curell & Co. Bordier et al 2363
Curell Lesassier & Co. Henry Stark & Co. 4461
Curell Lesassier & Co. Phillippi, G. B. 4444
Curell, Randal Downs, A.C. 4163
Curell, Randal Bennett, Samuel B. 4583
Curell, Ure, Donald and Co. Stodder and Hewitt 1879
Curell, Ure, Donald and CO. Strodder and Hewitt 1819
Curneau, William Curneau, Winniford (wife) 3726
Curran, James Hearn, Cornelius A. [and others] 4683
Curran, James Riley, John [master of the steamboat Robert Emmet] 4979
Currell, Randal LaFargue, Francois 3839
Currrell, Randall Sacerdotte, Solomon 3879
Curtis, Elizabeth Gallagher, James 8399
Curtis, Jacob Willis, Daniel 3068
Custis, Theo. W. Shirley, James 7966
Cuvillie, Pre. Am. McDonogh, J. 1833
Cuvillier, D. A. Belzous, Z. (syndics of his creditors) 1307
Cuvillier, D.A. Munford, Captain James & Others 6432
Cuvillier, J. P., runaway apprentice [pet. by H. Kamel to arrest]
Cuvillier, Joseph Durand, Jean [fmc] 6143
Cuvillier, P. A. Duplantier, G. 1446
Cuvillier, P. A. Magnet 1384
Cuvillier, P. A. St. Gees 1483
Cuvillier, P.A. Laverty, Kenny 2364
Cuvillier, P.A. Lumbario, A. and J. Fernandes 948
Cuvillier, P.A. Laverty, Kenny 2414
Cuvillier, P.A. Viales, Ls., creditors of 2222
Cuvillier, P.A. St. Amant, Alexandre Jr. 2127
Cuvillier, Pierre Auguste Meneau, H. 1474
Cuvillier, Scolastique assisted by his father, Joseph Cuvillier Nactzer, Ernest 1962
Cyrils, Joaquin Carimo, Fancisco 4565

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