Parish Court Index
Plaintiffs' Names Beginning with A

Plaintiff Defendant Number
A. & D. Borderes Gougis, Zulma [fwc] 5695
A. & J. Denniston and Co. Pandely, Paul 7429
A. & J. Dennistorn & Co. Gouy & Co., A. 7209
A. & J.W. Thain & Rupel & Cox Patterson, Charles 232
A. Bancal and Co Debuys and Longer 3506
A. Cruzat collector as the church wwardens Rousseau, R. 4287
A. F. Stone & Co. Cline & Isly 4387
A. Flecheux J.S. Courtois 7152
A. Hough, curator E. Richards 7138
A. J. Foucher & Co. Adams, J. 5783
A. L. Boimaze J.L.A. Roux 7139
A. Lamy & Co., syndics of Morgan, G.W. & M. Demoulion Ve Lachaise 542
A. Lewis and Co. creditors 8384
A. Peychaud & Co., syndics of [Albin Michel & Jacob Hart] Jarreau, Jn., as natural guardian of Lucien, Eurebie and Helena 3040
Abas, Rosia Jacob, Samuel 2560
Abat Ryan 2545
Abat, A. Ferriere, Widow Lalande 142
Abat, A. Fauchier & Casson 496
Abat, A. Ryan, J.D. 2192
Abat, A. Gilly & Pryor 2223
Abat, A. Philippon, J. 3743
Abat, Anthony Olivier, Jean Baptiste [Heirs of the late] 1366
Abat, Antoine Larcaber, Marie Jeanne 839
Abat, Antoine Goforth, Dr., syndics of 841
Abat, Antoine Davis, Horatio 4677
Abat, Antoine Lacoste, Pre. 522
Abat, Antoine Simon, L. (fmc) 495
Abat, Antoine Dutillet, F., Jn. Cannon, & L. Lecesne 568
Abat, Antoine Lespinasse, Joseph Guillaume 4534
Abat, Antoine Gaiennie, L.U. 4544
Abat, Antoine Chauveau, Louis 3718
Abat, Antoine Casteres, B. 3651
Abat, Antoine Lavergne, Ate. 424
Abat, Antoine, executors of Grounx, Jean, heirs of (fpc) 6660
Abat, J. Latrobe, Bonneval and Gorham & Pierce 1394
Abat, J. Latrobe, Bonneval and Gorham & Pierce 1416
Abat, J. Lecesne, L., and Buisson, F. 3933
Abat, Jh. Delino, Ignace and P. Denis Delaroude 5670
Abat, Jh. Delino, Ignace and P. Denis Delaroude 5660
Abat, Jh. Fiere, Pre. & Edme Paupe 4050
Abat, Jh. Dollioles, Jean Louis (fmc) 5580
Abat, Jh. Delage, Jn. 5620
Abat, Jh. Dorfeuille, Js. fils 5060
Abat, Jn. Gravier, Jn. 825
Abat, Jn. Preval, Gen. 2878
Abat, John Young, Samuel C. 1241
Abat, John Spencer & Canfield 2431
Abat, John Dumartrail, A. 1957
Abat, Jos. Aurray, P. and others 7358
Abat, Joseph Mazureau, Stephen 7262
Abat, Joseph Segond, Theodore 7363
Abat, Joseph The testy. heirs of Wm. Larche 7349
Abat, Joseph Bigot and Cuvillier 3585
Abat, Joseph Dorfeuille, J. 2398
Abat, Joseph Mayronne, J. , Pere 2159
Abat, Joseph Irvine, B. 7834
Abat, Joseph Nadaud, Daniel-Orleany and others 7721
Abat, Joseph Varnum, Sheldon and Gaiennie, Louis-Urbain 7740
Abat, Joseph Sherburne, Henry Williams 7739
Abat, Joseph Gaiennie, Louis-Urbain 7741
Abat, Joseph Thomas, Medelice and Bertonneaux, Lais 7848
Abat, Joseph Lafon, Bartholomew 1262
Abat, Joseph Auguste, P. (fmc) 1138
Abat, Joseph Sere, Louis 6640
Abat, Joseph Serre, Louis 6610
Abat, Joseph Poyfarre, J.B. 2592
Abat, Marice Elkins, Saml. & John R. Grymes 410
Abat, Maurice Avart, Valery 3577
Abat, Maurice Mioton, Nicolas 3702
Abat, Maurice Frette, Jean Baptiste Jr. 7432
Abat, Widow Antoine, testy exec & a. Dupuy, Bernard 8153
Abbey, John Courcelle, E. 4202
Abbott, William & Abbott, James Kennedy, Michael [Patrick Thomson, syndic of Kennedy's creditors] 5776
Abreo, Maria Dolores Johnson, Mitchel [her husband] 1402
Abreu, Vincent Chauvin, Noel 3109
Abzar, Ferdinand Boniquet, Jos. Anto. 5970
Accinelly, By. Berhabe, Salvador 3791
Achard, Louis Durand, J.M., and Thiac, Jean 5069
Achard, Louis Gleises, Jn. 5051
Achard, Ls. Berger, Antoine and Catalina Berger 4437
Acorta, Jeanne, or Mrs. Morris Galibardi, for authorization
Acosta, A. Zino, J. 5987
Acosta, Antoine Robin, Catiche [fwc] 5016
Adams and Andrews Twogood, D.H. and the New Orleans Building Company 8033
Adams and Buckner (for the use of Henry S. Buckner) Asa Cook and Maynard 7932
Adams, David Brown, Lewis B. et al [syndics of] 5744
Adams, Joseph Suares, Antoine 5546
Adams, Seth Shute, Henry 6747
Adams, Tracy Proctor & Reed 6998
Adams, William Goodwin, John 1004
Adams Wright & Co. & owners Thompson, John Jr. 7405
Addicks, B. O. Sullivan Her Husband 4316
Adelaide (fwc) Monlon, J. 6650
Adger and Black Hodgson, Henry 5388
Agaisse and wife Gendron and wife 2933
Agaisse, Jn. His creditors 7531
Agaisse, Marie Antoinette Agaisse, John ; her husband 7540
Agen, Andre Modica, Jacques and Benjamin, Antoine 7833
Aicard Lauret, Louis 3432
Aicard, J. Grima, B. 4641
Aiguanegra, Ignacio Morgan, Geo. W. ; Sheriff 4395
Aiguanegra, Ignacio Forstall, Edmond 4425
Aiken, Oliver Spencer, Oliver (widow and heir of) 6326
Aikin, Oliver Fazende, G.M. 3950
Aikin, Oliver Stephens, N. 5234
Ailliot Dutillet & Sagory 2480
Aitkens, Charles Curtis, Eliza Anne ; his wife 7658
Akin, Oliver Pritchard, Richard O. 4531
Akin, Oliver Blossman, R.D. and L., and syndics 3228
Akin, Oliver O'Brien, J., and Hansen, J. 4729
Akin, Oliver Worthington, A.G. 5497
Alboom, John Weldy, Philip 4156
Albuzzi, Dr. Philip Pradat, Pierre 8169
Albuzzi, Philip Montandon, Eugene 8015
Alden, Samuel His Creditors 6417
Aldermen [City of New Orleans] Gravier, Jean 1921
Alderon, Wm. Keen & Ashbridge & certain goods 2047
Alderson, William Smith, A.H. 4655
Alderson, William Smith, A.H. 5000
Aldrich, C. and A. Garrish, Paul H. 3291
Aldrich, C. and A.G. Livingston, Edward 3237
Alexander & Mullen Fitzgerald 8174
Alexander and Perry Columbus [steamboat] and owners 2329
Alexander, Margaret [wife of John Powers] Powers, John 6781
Alexander, Thos. Hall, N.C. 5139
Alexis (fmc) Doliol, J.L. 897
Alexis, A. Joseph, Etienne (fmc) 894
Allain, Dr. Reynaud, L.M. 3908
Allaire, Peter [Jr.] Mount, William 1501
Allan, James Widney, James 2695
Allard Ganucheau 961
Allard, J.B. his creditors 7952
Allard, Jean Baptiste Chalon, Louise [fwc] 7641
Allard, Josephine; wife of P. Guillaume Her Husband 6581
Allard, Louis Loban, Pierre, alias Honore Sans Louis, fmc., and others 3259
Allard, Louis Sezerol, Andre 2536
Allard, Louis John Patrick and Co. 3008
Allard, Louis (and others) the New Orleans Nav. Co. 8030
Allard, Louis, praying for writ of habeas corpus
Allemand, Marie Rose; Wife of Jacques Pascal Beaufeu Beaufeu, Jacques Pascal; her husband 5350
Allen & DeBlois Their creditors 7557
Allen and Benjamin Goodwin Nicolet, Louis and Marie Carnation Calderon 890
Allen, James for the use of Allen and Deverges S. Boat Ponhatan Cap. Young and Owners 6684
Allen, John Henry Bearnis, John 4424
Allensworth, W. Mann, A. 7808
Allison, John Wallis Francis and Isabella 8228
Almonester, Michaela wife of C. De Pontalba Bibas, Juan 6610
Almonester, Michaela [wife of Pontalba] Pontalba, Xavier Celestin D. de] 5841
Alpuente, Etienne (minor praying to be emancipated)
Alpuente, Jean Laurent Daublin, Jn. Baptiste 4774
Alsina, Juan Suares, Athony 5411
Alstyne, Rachel Inskeep, A.H. 3938
Althenadar LeRoi de la Choinaire Marie Francoise [la jeune] 6112
Alvarez, Philip and Charles Chevaron Hotchkiss, L.S. 2942
Alzar, Widow & Other Testy. Exrs. of Fernando Alzar de Torres, Fernando 4411
Am Ende, Frederick William Jones & Company, syndics of creditors of 2028
Amador, J.D. Cox, M.H. and others 810
Amaillo, Fielx wife 8064
Ambroise, Jean Baptiste Erwin, James 4974
Amedes, A. and G. & Caufield Wilson, William 1367
Amelos, Adelaide Dutillet, Francis (husband) 4013
American Fur Co., by Pierre Chauteau, Jr., agent Simmons, Hezekiah C. 5522
Ames, Barrett Coddington, Jon. & James Coddington 4680
Amiraty, Pierre White, Maunsee 3000
Amorosos, John, heirs of, by Ed. Cauchoix Amorosos, Joseph 2113
Amory Callanders & Co. Ogden, Isaac 4982
Anderson, Albert C. creditors, his and of Anderson & Cleal 7747
Anderson, Asher Rockwell, Austin 3239
Anderson, Harriet R. Anderson, David; her husband 6312
Anderson, J. Delachaise, P.A. 3472
Anderson, James Jr., surviving partner of Lawrence Anderson Clarke, R.P. 8268
Anderson, Marta Dupeire, John 1775
Anderson, Mary Berry, Samuel H. (alias Samuel Henry) 6902
Andiolette, Anthony Leech, Captain 3304
Andler, S. Boyd, William, George Boyd & William Phealand 4302
Andler, S. Boyd, William 4357
Andler, S. Boyd, George 4358
Andler, S. Phealand, William 4356
Andre, Catherine [fwc] Thomas, Louis [fmc] 6462
Andrews, William Holmes 2082
Andry, A.A.Alexr. (fmc) Branipin, J.B. 858
Andry, Hostaire Lavaud, Chs. 2779
Andry, M. McDonogh, John 1048
Andry, M. Foy, Prosper 2919
Andry, Manuel Bonnant, Widow & Louise Bonnant Venture Martin 4141
Andry, Manuel Dorfeuille, Joseph 2091
Andry, Manuel Foy, Prosper 1753
Andry, Manuel Foy, Prosper 1773
Andry, Manuel Keer, Mr. and Made. 1824
Andry, Manuel Chauveau, Louis 4829
Andry, Manuel Saulet, B. 2375
Andry, Manuel Plauche, Melanie and alii 2841
Andry, Manuel and Pierre Dubertrand ; syndics Millaudon, L. 7259
Andry, Manuel and Pierre Dubertrand syndics Gilly, Hypolite 7253
Andry, Manuel et al. Rodriguez, Abraham 2372
Andry, Rosalie (wife of Palao, Martin) Praying for a mortgage to be raised 1066
Anfoux, syndics of Tourneur, Doctor 332
Anfoux, syndics of Duplantier, syndics of 5030
Anfoux, Michael, syndics of Duplantier, Armand Venr. and All 225
Angelain, Rose, widow T.Meffre Rouzan Cornwell, Wm.H. 5159
Angelette, Antoine Davezac, Fris. 3155
Anguet, Eugenie Aureli ; Wife of Jean Damon Damon, Jean ; Her husband 6471
Anna Hutton & Co. Conrotte [Heirs] 5004
Anthoine, Ches. Berger, Ches. Milten 2680
Anthoine, Ches. Berger, Ches. Miten 2681
Apiznu, Michael Drury Gibson, John 3218
Applegate, Elisha Settler, Henry H. 7228
Appoline and Antony Sachriste 1912
Aquilar, Francois Puch, Blas, her husband 59
Arbo, John His Creditors 6394
Argote, Ed. Morgan, Geo. W. 2730
Arienaun, P.C. Prados, Joseph 4948
Armand, E., estate, by administrator F.B. Faures Loupy,Victor 6293
Arnaud, E., estate, by curator F.B. Faures Petitpain 6218
Amand, Michel, estate, by test. exor A. Fromentin St. Amand, Peter 67
Armas, Charles de Rodgers, John 1493
Armas, James Cockburn, Theodore W. 4339
Armas, Michel de Pemberton, John J. 1452
Armas, Michel de Roth, Philip & his wife 1395
Armas, Michel de Gorham, Allen Sr. 2339
Armatige Williams 436
Armington, Ira New Orleans, mayor, alderman and inhabitants of 5983
Armitage Executors of Watkins 14
Armitage, Abigail Johnson, David (husband) 4011
Armitage, James Mc. Master, Saml. 171
Armitage, James Drouet, Jean Baptiste 1039
Armitage, James Drouet, William & Goodwin, John 1026
Armitage, James Drouet, William & John Goodwin & Samuel C. Young 1027
Armitage, Mrs. Andrea & Justin A., Widow & Heir of Jas. Armitage Woolfolk, Saml. M. 5934
Armor, James Parsons, William 4234
Armor, Jammes Aldridge, Thos. 4369
Armstrong, Chs. His Creditors 6488
Armstrong, John Armstrong, Chs. & Peter 6423
Armstrong, John Bryarly, samuel 3168
Arnaud, Felix Dixon, R.G. 4627
Arnaud, Felix (Treasurer of the State) Chardon, Joseph 1151
Arnaud, J.B. DeMarcillas, Anne; his wife 4512
Arnaud, J.B. DeMarcillac, A.D. (wife) 4874
Arnaud, Joseph Legardeur de Tilly, Chs., 7th Justice of the Peace 3946
Arnaud, Joseph Sindos, Rosette & Felix Gourjon, her husband 7551
Arnaud, Ls. by John Aicard Durand, A. 3015
Arnaud, Victoire Chabert, Leon 5917
Arnaud, Widow of the late Felix Louisiana State Bank 4846
Arnold, Silvain Bofil, Joseph 6880
Arnonil, Pierre Creditors 7027
Arrisa, Benito Cuculleo, Simon 5590
Arrott, Robert John & Job Jackson 8488
Arrous & Pedron Barreau, Justin 5694
Arrowsmith, John Howard, Edmond 7772
Arseneaux, Madeline Audre, Widow Urbain Rosseau, Augustin and Frenchman Auguste alias Boiteux 4830
Arzema, A. Monserat, G. 5108
Arzeno, Nicolas Estate of J. L. Rabaue & Widow CelestBonnabel Rabau 57
Asa, Hugh creditors 8090
Asbridge, Geo. Jordan, David 7471
Ascenso, Francois Coiron, J.J. 868
Ash, Thomas McCurdy, John 3610
Ash, Thomas Herring, Thomas 3486
Ashby, Nelson Heirs of Daniel Williams 5291
Asher, John G. creditors 7899
Astine, Marie [alias Ada] Pascal, Francois 6686
Atchison, Francis Smith, Charles 248
Atwell, John D., Jr. Ireson, Samuel J. 4279
Aube, Elizabeth Senechal, P. Benoist Lalande [her husband] 4917
Aubert, Widow Freyd, F.K., testamentary extr. of L. Detry 3245
Aubry, Charles Holland, J.H. 3016
Aubry, Charles Morgan, George W. 3097
Aubry, Marie Genevieve [fwc] a minor praying for emancipation
Aubry, Pierre LeGrand, Edward 2975
Aubry, Zelie Foy, Prosper 4550
Aubry, Zelie; Petitioning for a Habeas Corpus
Auchincloss, James (one of late firm of James Auchincloss and Co. Gassaway, Henry Jr. 8019
Audebert, Gme. Maureau, J.B. 3627
Audler, Myer His Creditors 6241
Audubon, John J. Bowen, Wilson Co. 2157
August, Philip Allemand, Charles L. 2582
Auguste Gouy & Co. creditors 7700
Auguste, Francois Allain, Fergus 7614
Auguste, Francois Defage, A. (executor and attorney for the absent heirs of) 1071
Auguste, Marie Laveau Auguste, Francois [her husband--fmc] 5041
Auguste, Philippe (fmc) Abat, A. & Jn. B. Labatut, syndics of Ls. Dusuau 592
Augustin, J.B. Donatier Fernandez, Joseph Marie 7764
Augustin, Jn. Rerinette (fwc) 927
Augustine et al. Lafontaine, Caillean 407
Augustine, Joseph (fmc) Montreiul, Basile F. 3678
Aulien, Marie Genevieve (wife of Louis Contat) Contat, P. Louis 8031
Aumont, Jaques (Absent), estate of, by curator Jean Lambert (fmc) Heirs of Late Francis Morin Leveque 185
Auvray, Pierre
Avares, Philip Maspero, Pierre 1287
Avart, Celestin Le Blanc, Octave 283
Avart, F.R. Foucher, Z. 3833
Avart, Francois Robert Relf, Samuel S. and Bein & Zacharie 5815
Avart, Julie Robert Blois, P.J., Jr. 5182
Avart, Robert Duncan, Abner and Hampton 1939
Avart, Valery R. Ferrand pere and C. Vivant 2407
Avart, Valery R. Moslly, Pierre 3152
Avart, Valery R. Ferrand pere & Joseph Paul Chevalle 2408
Avart, Widow Jolly, Widow Florian 279
Avart, Widow Mazureau, E. 5590
Avengo, Philip Black, Martin 6046
Avril, Paul Tessier 2706
Aydelott, Joshua Laverty, Kennny 1761
Aydelott, Joshua Hinson, J.P. 2098
Azareto, J. Bte. Spearing, H. 6261
Azaretto, Baptiste Marthe (fwc) 3418
Azema, Joachim & John Baptiste [fpc] Dolliole, Jean Louis [fmc] 5737
Azereto, Baptiste Cheti, Francois 7753

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