Parish Court Index

Identified Glitches

As we double checked the typed index, we discovered a few discrepancies which cannot currently be resolved. The docket numbers for the suit records listed below are all incorrect, the result of typographical errors. If we discover the correct numbers for these suits, we will add them to the main index. In the meantime, it is possible that the number given here is "close" to the real docket number. If you really need to see one of these records, the wrong number may provide clues to the correct docket number; search the microfilm for numbers nearby to the one given.

Plaintiff Defendant "Number"
Caytan, E. Populas 31
Brand, Wm. O'Brian, Dennis 1021
Magnon Bosse 1286
Gillet, L. Deglanne, J. 1411
Duplessis, Francis, Sr. Poultney, J., syndic (George Lloyd) of the creditors of None
McClean, John [& others] Giverson, Capt. of Schooner Cadmus 6825a
Miller, John Fitz Girard & Thompson and Francois Girod 7201
De las Cagigas, Ggio. Larionda, Anto., syndics of 4180

In these two records, the plaintiffs' names are missing from the index.

No plaintiff given Romere, S.A. 4335
No plaintiff given Juzan & Jarreau 2291

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