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New Orleans (La.) Vieux Carre Commission
Subject files, 1941-1987
4 cu. ft.

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Box 1

Artists - Regulations
Association for Preservation Technology, 1975-1977
Bonding Requirements, 1960-1975
Boundaries, 1945-1965
Cable Suspended Transit System, 1980-81
Canal Place
Appraisal Reports
Background Information
Committee Reports
Economic Housing Trends in Vieux Carre - Hammer, Silver, George Associates
Economic Constraints
Environmental Assessment
Historical Background
Minutes of Meetings
111 Iberville Street
Report on History - Development of Upper Decatur Street Area
Vieux Carre Commmission meeting
Carriage Tours, 1980
City Council Correspondence, 1971-1980
"City Edges"
Financial History
Report - Tulane School of Architecture
Correspondence, 1973-1975
City Park Improvement Association, 1978-79
Code Enforcement
Correspondence, 1974-1976
Urban Data Systems - Computer Print-out
Urban Data Systems Data

Box 2

Urban Data Systems - Contract and Payments
Conferences, 1973-1978
Constitutional Convention, 1973
Essays: Comments on the Vieux Carre
Facade Lighting Committee, 1971
Flower Vendors, 1973
Guidelines, Procedures, etc.
Helistop Project, 1974
Heritage, Conservation, and Recreation Service, 1979
Historic Districts/Landmark Commission
Historical Pharmacy Commission
Jax - Front Street Warehouse
Jean Lafitte National Park
Legal Cases
Joseph Impastato vs. City of New Orleans
Dan Levy Case, 1958
Maher Case [see also Box 4]
Pergament Case
Legal Committee [see also Box 4]
Legal modifications, 1971-1976
Levee Board
Liaison Committee, 1970-1971
Liquor, 1941-1976
Litter Receptacles, 1971-1975
Loud Speakers, 1971-1972
Louisiana Council for the Vieux Carre
Louisiana Landmarks Society
Louisiana State Museum, 1980-1981
Louisiana World Exposition, 1981-1984
Masonry Maintenance
National Endowment for the Arts
Noise Pollution, 1972
Office of Policy Planning, 1977-1979
Office Procedures, 1969-1978
Vieux Carre
Organizational Analysis
Organizations, Miscellaneous
Parking Meter Policy - Vieux Carre, 1967-1976
Passenger Zones
Photographic Project, 1972-1975
Planting, 1972-1973
Port of New Orleans, 1976
Preservation - General, 1977-1980
Preservation Viewpoints, 1971-1976
Press Releases, 1972-1975
Project Report, 1975-1976
Public Relations
Hall Talk Correspondence
Purchasing, 1969-1979
Razing the Roofs [1977 exhibition on the deterioration of buildings in the Vieux Carre]
Recreation Department, 1977-1980
Report on Enforcement: Cutting Edge of Preservation, 1974-1975
Royal Street Bands, 1975
Sanitation Department
Sanitation Task Force
Search Committee for Executive Director - Vieux Carre Commission Correspondence, 1979
Security Policy
Shaw, Clay, Preservation Proposal
Sign Violations

Box 3

Spanish Tiles, 1981-1982
Speaking Engagements, 1972-1977
Staff Meetings
State Fire Marshall - Fire Prevention, 1973-1974
Super Bowl, 1978
Tax Reform Act, 1976-1977
Title VI Employees, 1976-1978
Tours of New Orleans
Traffic Study, 1976-1980
Transportation Review Committee, 1971
U.S. Mint
1973-1975 [2 folders]
Upper Pontalba Commission Lease Agreement
Vendors, 1975
Vieux Carre Model, 1977-1978
Vieux Carre Property Owners and Associates, 1946-1959
Vieux Carre Task Force
VIGOR, 1973-1980


Legal Cases
CNO vs. Bowes [re: cupola at 515 Madison St.]
CNO vs. Jones
CNO vs. Langford
CNO vs. Malachias
CNO vs. Viola
Edison Place Park [includes documents relating to the cases of CNO vs. Wells, Borenstein vs. Joseph Fein Caterers, and Nash vs. Whitten]
Maher vs. CNO
Schaefer vs. CNO
Legal Review Committee
Report of all French Quarter businesses [computer print-out, dated 12/7/1987
Up-dated guidelines, procedures, criteria (Oct. 21, 1969)
July 30, 1996 -- WME

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