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New Orleans (La.) Department of Utilities
          Subject Files, 1958-1980
        3 cu. ft.

Records created or collected by the Department in carrying out its responsibilities to supervise the public utilities operating in the city of New Orleans and to supervise contracts for supplying street lighting services to the city. The Street Lighting Program Records include correspondence and lighting plans for subdivisions, streets, and public buildings and monuments. Also included is one folder of letters received by the Department from private citizens and businesses expressing thanks for specific lighting problems solved by the Department.

The Transit Rate Increase Records include copies of the applications along with such additional material as transcripts of public hearings, reports to the Department, correspondence, and testimony and other documentation in support of and in opposition to the increases requested. These records include fare increase requests by both New Orleans Public Service, Inc. on the East Bank of the River and Westside Transit for the Algiers side.

The Underground Wiring Project Records include correspondence, reports, regulations, etc., relating mainly to the subject of the institution of electrical wiring in new subdivisions. In addition to general information on the subject there is also a file dealing specifically with the Tall Timbers section of Algiers.

These records were transferred to the City Archives collection by Ed Arnold of the Department of Utilities in 1988.


Box 1

Street Lighting Records

Algiers/Old Aurora, 1968-1969
Almonaster Avenue
Extenstion (Desire to Alvar), 1972
Overpass, 1978-1979
Alvar Street
Chickasaw to Almonaster, 1972
Overpass, 1969-1972
Alvar/Poland Streets (Claiborne to Higgins), 1973
Audubon Boulevard (Willow to Walmsley), 1968
Audubon Street/State Street Drive/Vendome Place/Vincennes Place, 1968-1969

Bancroft Park Subdivision, 1962-1964
Banks Street (Galvez to Julia), 1969
Basin/Orleans Conncection, 1977
Behrman Memorial Center, 1973

Canal Boulevard (Robert E. Lee to Lakeshore), 1969
Canal Street (River End), 1976-1977
Carrollton Avenue
North (Orleans to City Park), 1968-1969
South (St. Charles to Claiborne), 1968-1969
Central Business District
New Lighting, 1973
Chef Menteur Highway (Wright to Industry), 1970-1972
City Park Area, 1969
Claiborne Avenue, South (Joliet to Parish line), 1972
Crowder Road (Chef to Hayne), 1975
Cultural Center, 1967

Decatur Street (Ursulines to Barracks), 1971
Derby Place, 1968-1969

East Lakeshore Subdivision, 1969-1970
Esplanade Avenue, 1958-1969

First Church of Christ (Nashville Avenue), 1972
Fontainebleau Drive, 1968-1970

Galvez Street, South (General Pershing to Upperline), 1969
General DeGaulle Avenue
Holiday to Woodland, 1973-1974
Whitney to Parish line, 1968
Girod Street (Rampart to Loyola), Improvements, 1975-1976
Girod/Julia Streets (Loyola to Liberty/Post Office), 1969
Grand Route Saint John, 1969

Hammond Highway Widening, 1971
Hayne Boulevard
1969-1976 (2 folders)
1971-1975 (correspondence)
1971-1975 (plans) (2 folders)
Health Education Authority of Louisiana Area, 1972-1978
High Crime Area (Uptown) Conversion, 1978-1980
Holiday Drive/Behrman Place/Behrman Avenue (General DeGaulle to Parish Line), 1978-1980

Interstate 10 (Joffre to Paris), 1970

Jackson Square
Levee, adjacent to, 1970-1971
Jefferson Davis Parkway (Tulane to Lafitte), 1969

Kabel Drive, 1968-1969

Lake Terrace Subdivision, 1972
Lakeview Area, 1968-1969 (2 folders)
Leon C. Simon Drive (Elysian Fields to Pratt), 1967-1968
Liberty Monument, 1969-1970
Louisiana Avenue Parkway, 1969-1972

Box 2

Magazine Street (Exposition to Walnut), 1967-1968
Maple Street (Carrollton to Cherokee), 1968
Martin Drive (Harrison to I-10), 1972
Mirabeau Avenue (Warrington to Elysian Fields), 1972
Morrison Road
Mayo to Crowder, 1974
Lamb Canal to St. Charles Canal, 1968
Lamb to Cove, 1972
Morrison Road/Interstate-10 Interchange, 1970-1972
Morrison/Mayo Roads, 1968-1969

Opelousas Street (Whitney to Atlantic), 1972
Orleans Avenue (Broad to City Park), 1966-1969

Piedmont/Fairmont/Clermont Drives, 1968-1969
Poydras Street, 1972-1977
Press Drive, 1969-1972
Pritchard Place, 1969
Public Buildings and Monuments, 1967-1969

Read Road
Hayne to Morrison, 1975
Chef to Dwyer, 1973
Rosa Park/Everett Place/Richmond Place, 1969-1970

St. Charles Avenue, 1968-1972
St. Patrick's Church, 1969
St. Roch Avenue
Benefit to Florida, 1969
Gentilly to Leon C. Simon, 1968-1969
Simon Bolivar Monument, 1969
Spanish Plaza, 1970-1973

1010 Common Building Area, 1970
TOPICS Program, 1970-1972
Tulane Avenue (Claiborne to Loyola), 1976

U.S. Customhouse, 1971

Veterans Highway (West End to Parish line), 1969
Vieux Carre
(Phase I), 1976-1978
(Phase III), 1976-1977
(Phase IV), 1976-1978
Village de l'Est Subdivision, 1963-1967

West Lakeshore Subdivision, 1969
Whitney Avenue (General DeGaulle to Patterson), 1969-1970
Wisner Boulevard (Florida Overpass to Robert E. Lee), 1971-1972

Street Lighting Program Thank-You Letters, 1967-1973

Transit Fare Increase Records

New Orleans Public Service, Inc.
Application for increase in transit fares, 1960
Hearing proceedings (February 26, 1960)
Hearing proceedings (March 4, 1960) (2 folders)
Hearing proceedings (March 15, 1960)
Miscellaneous support documentation

Box 3

Application for increase in transit fares, 1969
Miscellaneous support documentation (4 folders)
Public hearing, April 1, 1969
Report to the Department of Utilities, July 1, 1969

Westside Transit Lines, Inc.
Application for increase in transit fares, 1969
Miscellaneous support documentation
Report to the Department of Utilities. . ., 1969

Underground Wiring Project Records

Feasibility Studies, 1965-1972
New Subdivisions
Report on cost difference between underground and overhead electrical distribution systems serving residential areas (Waldemar S. Nelson & Co.), 1969
Report on Standard price base, 1969
Subdivision Regulations, 1965-1969
Tall Timbers Subdivision, 1967-1969
Transmission and Transformer Regulations [proposed by Calendar ordinance 4602 and 4604], 1965-1970

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