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New Orleans (La.) Dept. of Utilities. Office of Telecommunications
          Records, ca. 1982-1986
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Box 1

Cox Complaints 1982-1984
Cox Complaints 1984-1985
Cox Compliance
Cox Correspondence 1981
Cox Correspondence 1982
Cox Correspondence 1983
Cox Correspondence 1984
Cox Correspondence - Special File to and From CCNO 1985
Cox Correspondence 1985
Cox Correspondence 1986
Cox Correspondence Miscellaneous
Correspondence Misc. to Cox Cable NO
Chimes, Marc
Chimes, Marc
Chimes, Marc
City Hall Studio
Certification Letter RE: Waivers

Box 2

Office of Telecommunications Ord. 10530 M.C.S.
Mayor Council Series Ord. 7548
Office of Telecommunications Ord. 8205
Victor S. Wagner, Ph.D.
Cox Cable New Orleans, Inc (Statement of Gross Revenues and Franchise Fee Calculation June 30, 1986)
Waivers Information
WLPB Substitutions
Vieux Carre Commission
Volunteer Register
Cox Violations
WYES Training Program
Telecommunications Information
Correspondence to City Hall Depts
Community Access Corp
Violations Cox 1985
Municipal Endowment Grants
Municipal Endowment Grant Proposal (1987)
Municipal Endowment Grants

Box 3

Rate Increase
Rate Increase Data Study
National Association of Telecommunications Officers
Regulatory Bill Simpson
Meg/Cable Grant Guidelines
Senate Bill
Secretarial Services
Stevenson J. Palfi (Meg/Cable Grants '82)
Utilities Director

Box 4

N.O. Chapter - CODOFIL (Meg/Cable Grants '82)
Reading File - January 1984
A Bitter Glory
Get Down Street Sound (Neil Alexander)
Neil Alexander (Meg Cable Grants '82)
Alliance for Community Theatre "Theatres, Inc. (Act I)
Alma Puckett - Just People Too
Alma Puckett - (Meg/Cable Grants '82)
Amistad Research Center
Amistad Research Center (Meg/Cable Grants '82)
Archdiocese of New Orleans (Meg/Cable Grants '82)
Motions 1980-1982
Contract Copies for Meg Recipients
Theatres - Meg/Cable
Hey Mister Don't Throw me Nothin' - Lois J. Tillman
Lois J. Tillman (Meg/Cable Grants '82)
Victor S. Wagner (Meg/Cable Grants '82)
Dalt Wonk (Meg/Cable Grants '82)
Xerox Correspondence
Xavier University
Practical Help for Widowed Persons N.O. Assoc. for Health Underwriters
Legacy: The Oral Traditions of the Elderly of South Louisiana - John H. Fulwiler I
Jazz Video Portrait - N.O. Jazz & Heritage Foundation
Hellenic Arts - Hellenic Arts Society
Human Services on Cable, Inc Margery Stich
Issues Forum
Dance Focus K. Shawrri Johnson
Home Fire Safety City of N.O. Fire Department
Contemporary Arts Center (Meg/Cable Grants '82)
Loyola University (Meg/Cable Grants '82)
Louisiana Jazz Federation
Yes, We Can Lora Myers and Jane Jensen
Lora Myers and Jane Jensen (Meg/Cable Grants '82)
The Look
Longevity Therapy, Inc
Teatro Cervantes - Cervantes Fundacion Hispanoamericana

Box 5

OTC - Reading File 1982
Cox - Affirmative Action/Minority Employment Program
Council for the New Orleans Chapter
Cox - Annual Report
Cox Anti-Theft Program
Cox Cable Installation (Area 70116)
Cox Cable Installation (Area 70118)
Cox Cable Installation (Area 70119)
Cox Cable Installation (Area 70112)
Critique & Response to Proposals Report By Tele. Mngt. Corp.
Cultural Communications (Meg/Cable Grants '82)
Cox Cable Installations (Area 70114)
Cox Action Plan
Cox Access Studios and Equipment
Correspondence - Genevieve Short
Correspondence Mayor's Office 1982-1983
Previous Complaints
City Planning Advisory Committee
City/School Board Cooperative Taskforce
Child Abuse
Center for New American Media (Meg Cable Grants '82)
Telecommunications Management Corp.

Box 6

Office of Telecommunications 1986
Community Access Corp. 1986
CATV - Engineer
CATV - Engineer
Correspondence - Mayor's Office
Correspondence - City Council (Council Research)
Correspondence - Public Info
Correspondence - Chuck Lampkin Personal
OTC - Correspondence
Cox Cable Installation (Area New Orleans East)
Cox Cable Installation (Area 70122)
Cox Cable Installation (Area 70124)
Cox Cable Installation (Area 70125)
Cox Cable Installation (Area CBD, 70130)
Cox Cable Installation (Area French Quarter)
Cox Cable Installation (Area Miscellaneous)

Box 6

National League of Cities
Community Access Corp Correspondence
Mailing Lists OTC
Mailing Lists
Cox Cable Folder
Peg Funds - 1986
General Information - City of New Orleans
Fire Department
New Orleans Mutual Aide Association
New Orleans Museum of Art
New Orleans Legal Assistant Corp
New Orleans Artist against Hunger and Homeless
Nevada Decision FCC
City Council
Internship File - Dr. Winona Summervill
Production (General)
Rape Crisis Info
Archdiocese of New Orleans
Job Listings
Alliance for Community Theatre/Meg Cable Grant '82
OTC - Budget
OTC Training Scripts
Rate Increase
Director's Office 1986
Operational Monitoring
Traffic Lights/Water Meters
Town Meetings
Public Buildings - City of New Orleans
TV Access
Dau Reports
Regulatory - Genevieve Short
Telecommunications Management Corp.
Sing Language Interpreter
Cox Enforcement File - 1986

Box 8

Pre-Wiring for Cable Procedures
OTC Memos
TV Van
Mayor's Comments Testimony
McDonogh #35 Cable Series - Meg/Cable Grant '82
Maintenance - OTC
Master Control Program Coordinator
City Chatt - New Zion Baptist Church
New Orleans Women in Cable - Meg/Cable Grant '82
New Orleans Women in Cable
New Orleans Video Access Center
New American Media Incorporated
Ordinance 8205, Most Favored City
OTC Organization/Staffing
N.O. Educational Tele. Consort.- Meg/Cable Grant '82
New Orleans Educational Telecommunication Consortium
Karen Snyder - Meg/Cable Grants '82
On-Air Appearances
Sample Scripts
New Orleans Public Library
News Articles: Cable Clippings
Request for Action
Orleans Parish School Board
Orleans Parish School Board - McDonogh #35
Orleans Parish School Board - Meg/Cable Grants '82
Orleans Parish School Board - Spectrum
Legislation: Boulder Co. Supreme Court Ruling

Box 9

Legislation: Copyright Law
Legislation: FCC Periodicals
Legislation: FCC Technical Standards
Legislation: FCC Regulations
Legislation State
Minority Training Program
Minority Business Enterprises
New Orleans Gay Men's Chorus - Meg/Cable Grants '82
Senate Bill - 66
Waiver Information
More Chimes
Jimmy Rea Electronics Correspondence
Jimmy Rea Electronics - Fred Gerling
World's Fair
OTC Projected Areas of Application
Senate Bill #72
New Orleans Gay Men's Chorus
Senate Bill - 66
Projections/Utilizations of Cable
City Hall Studio
Acceptable Modes of Discipline - Children's Hospital/The Parenting Center
Reach: Reaching OUt Dr. Charles Somerville Parent Power
LIVE Inc. La. Information Video For/By/About Elders
Narrow Cast Not for Profit Management - New Orleans Rotary Foundation Inc.
Which Governs Best - New Orleans Educational Telecommunications Consortium
ECHO - New Orleans Ethnic, Cultural and Heritage Org.
Le Bon Ton Roule - A Music Series (Diana R. Casstillo)
Reaching New Students Through Public Access
Southeast Asian Refugees in New Orleans - Valerie Ridley
The Community Here and Now Ray Abrams Elementary School
Students Utilizing Public Access (SUPA)
Jazz in New Orleans - Louisiana State Museum
Longevity Therapy Inc - Bobbie Graubarth
NOVAC - New Orleans Video Access Center (Karen Kern)
Storytelling in New Orleans - Juliana D. Padgett
Program Logs
Program Specialist

Box 10

Programming: French
Jumping and Jammin N.O. Street Dance - Rhonda J. Fabian
Saturday's House - Dryades Street YMCA
4-Plex - Burrell Ware
Who's Minding the Children - Diane P. Holeman
Catholic Tapes - Neil Alexander
Immigrant Window - The New American Pulse
Irish of the Crescent
I have a Song to Sing - Youth Inspirational Choir
Municipal Endowment: Correspondence 1983
Meg/Cable Grant Information
TV Van
Programming Government
Programming Cox
Public Access Programming
Programming Tips
Travel to the Sun - Lois Tillman
Why do the Die
Black American Theatre Project - Dashiki Project Theatre
Municipal Endowment Grant - Cable Project Proposal 1985
Correspondence RE: Meg/Cable Requisitions etc.
Programming - Religious
Programming - Indax
Programming - Teleconferencing
Programming - Minorities and Women
Programming - Pornography
Price Waterhouse

Box 11

Public Access Channels
Price Waterhouse Billing 1984
Price Waterhouse Contracts
Price Waterhouse Correspondence 1981-83
Price Waterhouse Contracts 1985-86
Cox Accounting 1982-83
Cox Compliance Audit 1985
Contract Compliance
Council Actions
Request for Information by Cox Cable New Orleans,
Request for LEgal Opinions
Louisiana Jazz Federation - Meg/Cable Grant '82
Louisiana District Export Council (LADEC) - Exports for Increasing Employment
La Jazz Composers Cable Series Musicians for Music
Light - Tony Longo
Longevity Therapy Inc - Meg/Cable Grant '82
Previous Complaints
Construction Locations
Construction - OTC
OTC 1984 Contracts
OTC 1983 Contracts
Consumer Affairs Specialist
Correspondence - Beth Branley
Monthly Compliance Review 1985
Contemporary Arts Center
Cox Construction Summary
Construction/Design/Equipment - Pole Attachments

Box 12

Construction/Design/Equipment - Pole Attachments License Agreements
Construction/Design/Equipment - Underground Wiring
Construction/Design/Equipment - Compliance Schedule Dates
Cable Communications Systems Design
Construction/Design/Equipment - Equipment/Changes
Construction/Design/Equipment - Misc
Cable Information Misc
Cox Cable Installation (Area 70115)
Construction Schedule
Monthly Construction Reports
Cultural Cable Coalition
Cable Television Writer/Director
Fawer, Brian Hardy Zatzkis
Community Access Corp.
Statements of gross revenues and franchise fee calculations
Statements of gross revenues and franchise fee calculations

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