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Part One (Boxes 1-9)

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[No court, no number] account book marked "C. Tate in account with W. C. Raymond, Fancy Grocer." It appears to have been used for the stated purpose during 1851-1852 and later used by Tate to other business not limited to the Raymond store. Tate was in the tobacco business with the firm of C. & G. B. Tate, and many of the book's entries include individual tobacco brand names. Filed with the account book is a copy of an 1854 account with William Crumpton, a Virginia tobacco manufacturer. 6 8
[No court, no number] accounts, invoices, and other documents for merchandise shipped from France to New Orleans, 1837-1841. Frederick Bousquet originated some of the shipments from Cette, France while he was U.S. Consul there. The documents list, in detail, the merchandise comprising the shipments, including wine, fruit, coffee, sugar, and other foodstuff. Also included are duplicates of three letters written to Francois Bousquet in New Orleans by M. Brunier. The items may be related to the 1842 succession of Frederick Bousquet in the Court of Probates. 6 7
[No court, no number] contracts with crew members of he Schooner Commerce of Kingston, Jamaica, for several voyages between New Orleans and Belize, Honduras, 1845-1847. The contracts (originally headed "Coasting Trading Contract," but with that title scratched out in most cases) are printed forms with manuscript entries for place and time of entry, man's name, age, place of birth, quality (e.g., mate, able seaman, passenger, etc.), amount of wages, witness to signature, and name of ship on which last served. Also included is a sheet describing the products of B. C. Shart and Co., the British firm that printed to contract forms. 5 22
[No court, no number] documents relating to a shipment of sugar and molasses from New Orleans to Philadelphia and their subsequent sale on the account of Benjamin Morgan, 1823-1829. 6 14
[No court, no number] documents relating to the inspection of, and subsequent sale by auction, of cargo damaged by salt water aboard the Brig Alliance on a voyage from Liverpool to New Orleans in 1816. 6 13
[No court, no number] fire insurance books, Molony Bro. & Co., 1857-1859. Two books recording short-term fire insurance coverage for merchandise belonging to the firm at various locations in New Orleans. One book is for the Union Insurance Co. and the other is for Citizens' Mutual Insurance Co. Individual entries record the date, description & location of the merchandise, term and dates of the coverage, sum insured, rate, and premium. Merchandise descriptions are general and brief, mostly simply identifying "merchandise," but with several entries specifying molasses & barrels, tar, and turpentine. The Molony firm was a liquor company, engaged in the import and sale of spirits. A September 5, 1857 fire at their store on Magazine and Lafayette Sts. occured during the period that these books were in use. 6 10
[No court, no number] for paving and for hauling. The former list name of worker, remarks (actually, class of worker 6 2
[No court, no number] letters from C. Morel in New Orleans to Joseph Hague in New York City. Morel reports a June 23, 1864 fire that destroyed the store of Duclos & Co., the subsequent salvage of property from the site, and the recovery of his business interests thereafter. Also included is a listing of the merchandise lost in the fire and an 1867 letter from Hague following Morel's death. 5 20
[No court, no number] letters written in 1841 and 1842, mostly to and from Nathaniel C. Knotts and Mary Ann Harris, but also including correspondence from other family members, friends, and associates. Places represented include Louisville, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Ohio, and several other locations in those two states as well as in Indiana and Iowa. Some appear to have been written by Knotts to Harris while he was traveling in the region aboad ship. One item has a letterhead showing "Cincinnati, view from the mouth of the Licking River, Covington." Also included among the correspondence is a handwritten recipe for sugar cake. The letters include much family and personal news along with occasion comments on events of the day, financial matters, and travel. There is no obvious connection to New Orleans or elsewhere in Louisiana. 5 8
[No court, no number] Louisiana Hide & Leather Co. books, 1872. One is marked "Weights No. 1" and contains records of the number of hides and pounds of tallow purchased from J. Stafford's meat market and from Honore Theze, local butcher. The second book is marked "Buyer's Book" and it contains more listings for Theze as well as other records of the firm's activities. Possibly related to the Fifth District Court suit of James B. Guthrie vs Hynson & Rock, proprietors of Louisiana Hide & Leather Co. 7 2
[No court, no number] manuscript letters, in French, written during 1829-1833, mostly from Michel Giraudel in Havana, Cuba to attorney Juan Rodriguez in New Orleans. The correspondence relates to slaves and slave families and also mentions Martinique, successions during 1788-1789, malaria, cholera, and yellow fever. There is also one letter from Michel Giraudel to his brother, Jean, in New Orleans, as well as one in the other direction. Also included is a copy of a letter from Goodhue & Co. in New York to Scull, Storey & Co. in Havana regarding a commission for a deposition to be taken by the American Consul in Martinique for Giraudel's New Orleans lawsuit. They may be part of First Judicial District Court #9743, Michel Giraudel vs Evariste Blanc. 5 21
[No court, no number] naturalization vouchers, 1868. Mostly printed forms stating that the clerk of the named court will issue naturalization papers to the named individual, "…and charge to Democratic Parish Committee, preserving this as his voucher therefore." Each is signed by the "Chairman, Nat. Committee, Parish of Orleans" and dated. The back of each form has the place of origin and age of the individual to be naturalized along with the names of two witnesses. 9 4
[No court, no number] Payrolls of Teachers of Public Schools (1862-1863). Each document is filed in a separate folder according to the list below. Records include name, office, pay per annum, time, amount, and signature (typically not present).
  • Folder 1a--First District, January 1862
  • Folder 1b--First District, March 1862 (2 copies)
  • Folder 1c--First District, May 1862
  • Folder 1d--First District, May 1863
  • Folder 1e--Second District, January 1862
  • Folder 1f--Second District, March 1862
  • Folder 1g--Second District, May 1862
  • Folder 1h--Second District, May 1863
  • Folder 1i--Third District, January 1862
  • Folder 1j--Third District, March 1862
  • Folder 1k--Third District, November 1862
  • Folder 1l--Fourth District, January 1862
  • Folder 1m--Fourth District, May 1862
  • Folder 1n--Fourth District, May 1863
7 1
[No court, no number] printed pamphlet, "Opinion of the Supreme Court of the State of Arkansas, relative to the Real Estate Bank" (1839) 8 5
[No court, no number] School Certificates, 1974-1877. A large quantity of printed forms recording date, amount due, name of school employee, position, name/location of school, and month of payroll. Each is signed by the Secretary, Board of School Directors. Each certificate, on front and back, has several stamps, additional signatures (including that of the individual employee and of the Superintendent of Public Education), and various calculations. The certificates apparently were given to the employees in lieu of actual payments. Among the data recorded on the back of each form is certification that the State's portion of the amount due was actually paid, though at a considerably later date. 8 6
[No court, no number] tax receipts for property of Alcee J. Villere, 1860-1863. For State Taxes of 1859 and 1860 and for City Taxes of 1859 and 1861, for property bounded by Johnson, Ursulines, Hospital, and Galvez. 6 6
[No court, no number] three 1813 bills for merchandise (gin, brandy, coffee, etc.) sold by W. & J. Montgomery to the schooner Saucy Jack. William Kenner & Co. appears to have owned or operated the vessel; the firm's name appears on two of the items--one showing them as having paid for the merchandise and the other showing that they placed the order for the Prvt (probably meaning privateer) Saucy Jack. 6 16
[No court, no number] three letters from Peter E. Bean in Nacodoches, Mexico, written in 1828. All deal with three slaves allegedly stolen and brought to Mexico for sale. Letters were addressed to Thomas Nibbs, Mr. Akin, and a third individual, all living in Montgomery County, Alabama. Also included is another letter addressed to Nibbs from Thomas Kelly in Woodville, Mississippi, relative to the same matter. Filed with the letters is a scrap of paper with the names and descriptions of the three slaves along with information on other contacts in Nacodoches. Bean had played a part in Mexico's revolution against Spain and served as an interim military chief for Mexico in East Texas. 5 4
[No court, no number] two letters written, in French, by Henriette Huard to her sister, Heloise, in New Orleans during 1837. 5 9
[No court, no number], Fortier vs Lechen[?] (1836) letter from Benjamin Fortier apparently to Mr. Lechen, to whom he was renting a house at Julia and Magazine. Also included is a bill for rent due. 5 13
Civil District Court #100036 (1912) bills for printing by R. F. Grace Printing and Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for Osoline Chemical Co., Ltd., 1909-1910. Some of the bills are for boxes or labels identifying the chemical firm's products. Also included is Grace's statement summarizing the bills and indicating payments along with the amount still owed. 9 3
Civil District Court #100735, T. J. McEvoy vs Julius C. Wolff & Co. (1912) itemized bills for transporting merchandise from the Wollf firm to various destinations. Each transfer is briefly noted (e.g., store to ICRR, store to 1208 Decatur, Ursuline & Royal to store, etc.) and charges noted. The bills cover the period July 1910-December 1911 and there is a statement of total charges for each month. The Wollf company dealt in Chinese and Japanese rugs and matting from its store at 515 Iberville St. 9 6
Civil District Court #103416 documents relating to Willie Fielding of Franklin, Louisiana, and his insurance policy with the Grand Lodge, Knights of Pythias. Included is a policy certificate, a certification of beneficiary, a letter from Fielding to S. W. Green, Grand Chancellor of the Knights, and declarations of Fielding's death and burial in 1912. The documents were filed in the suit record during 1913. 6 15
Civil District Court #107352 (1914) "Report, Hahn's Parisian Corset Parlor, December 31, 1913." This is a typewritten financial report prepared by E. H. Overby, CPA, showing the condition of the business at the end of the year. Included in the report is a list of accounts receivable, indicating the names of Hahn's customers. Also included is an apparently uncashed dividend check for Fidelity Homestead payable to R. M. Hahn in the amount of $5.47. The store was located at 129 Bourbon St. 9 2
Civil District Court #107803 (1914) "Corrected bills due by A. L. Patterson & Co., from April 1912 to February 1, 1914. Includes "Record of cars handled under average agreement," which are Illinois Central Railroad forms. There are generally two or more forms for each month. Each records the Patterson firm as consignee and identifies the class of car, car number, contents (e.g., pilings, gravel, sand, etc.), date/time actually placed, date/time released, days held, days credited/debited, and charge in excess of 5 days. Also included is the signed 1911 agreement between Patterson (a New Orleans contractor) and the ICRR, along with copies of relevant ICRR regulations and accounting instructions. 9 1
Civil District Court #110229, Carlisle & Thomas vs United Fruit Co. (1914) bills of lading, mostly for shipments of hay, from Carlisle & Thomas in Kansas City, Missouri, to the Isthmian Canal Commission in what was still Colombia, during construction of the Panama Canal. Some of the documents are only partially filled in while others are partially illegible. 9 7
Civil District Court #137427 a copy of Highway Department, State of Louisiana, Specifications for Roads and Bridges, April 1921. The contract section if filled in for Project No. 42 in Jefferson Parish with Paxton Miller as contractor. The location of the work within the Parish is not indicated. The contract is actually dated in 1919. 5 11
Civil District Court #144231 (1922) Day Book, S. J. Wells & Co., 1921-1922. Includes Wells' personal account along with separate accounts for five construction projects of the general contracting firm. The job accounts show individual disbursements and receipts. the book also includes a signed partnership agreement between Wells and A. W. Poursine. Along with the book, there are also typewritten sheets, some comprising partial transcripts of the job accounts, but also including a statement of an apparent settlement between the two partners in 1922. 9 8
Civil District Court #166003 (1926) documents relating to the W. Horace Williams Co. and the construction of the foundation for the Pere Marquette Building and Garage. Mostly comprised of abstracts of expenses along with the itemized, original bills for supplies, etc. Also includes the contract for the project, as well as several affadavits, memoranda, and letters. In three folders. 9 9
Civil District Court #18019 (1887) bank book, Mutual National Bank of New Orleans, in account with John B. Buchanan, attorney for children of Salimbe Fortier. Only one page used. 7 5
Civil District Court #206176, Lue Ethel Smith vs Liberty Industrial Life Insurance Company of Louisiana (1935) book recording premium payments by individuals, ca. 1920-1933. It covers, generally, the Uptown area, arranged by street with individual entries recording policy number, name, house number, class, age, amount of insurance, date of policy, weekly premium, "DLP Premium Book," and spaces to record each weekly payment. Also included is the individual payment record for Thomas Smith who, according to a newspaper article, died in a stevedoring accident during 1933. The collection book belonged to A. J. Gaskin. 6 11
Civil District Court #27046 (1890) bank book (account #8845), Germania Savings Bank of New Orleans, in account with William G. Walter & Frank C. Walter (minors). Only one page used. Filed with envelope. 8 1
Civil District Court #29853 (1891) bank book, New Orleans Canal & Banking Co., in account with J. A. Eschmann. Only one page used. 8 3
Civil District Court #31905 (1892) Bank Book, Whitney National Bank in account with John De Blois, Liquidator. 9 11
Civil District Court #44135 petition of Home Insurance Co. challenging the Board of Assessor's 1894 assessment of the firm's property. Also included are two copies of Civil District Court's rule to produce and enforce delivery of property in City of New Orleans vs Home Insurance Co. relative to city taxes for the year 1895. 5 7
Civil District Court #53759 (1897) bank book, American National Bank, in account with Charles LeSassier, Jr., 1894. Only three pages used. 8 2
Civil District Court #61046 (1900) contract, statements of labor, and billing documents for installation of a Buckley High Speed elevator in the New Orleans Board of Trade building. The billing records include contractor Victor Gray's bill to the elevator company along with individual itemized bills to Gray from various suppliers and subcontractors. 9 5
Civil District Court #79136, Succession of Camille Genois (1908) ledger book, 1896-1905. Includes separate accounts for various individuals and purposes (e.g., stocks, profit & loss, etc.) Also includes the combined cash account of Camille and her two sisters, Estelle and Celestine showing rental income and the family's expenses. 6 19
Civil District Court #87706, Macaluso Bros. vs F. G. Favaloro (1909) two copies, marked Exhibit "D") of the Deposit and Record of a Certain Trade-Mark for "Olio Puro di Oliva" by F. G. Favaloro. Each includes a photograph and written description of an olive oil can. Also present is the envelope used to mail the records from the Insurance Department in Baton Rouge to O'Donnell & Hollingsworth, attorneys in New Orleans. 5 14
Civil District Court #91905, Audubon Building Co. vs Walter T. Carey and Bro. (1909) Exhibits A-F, comprising contracts for work needed in the construction of the eight-story building at the corner of Canal and Burgundy Sts. The contracts were, respectively, for granite bases, armored concrete, brick masonry, common concrete, hollow tile partitions, and terra cotta. 6 5
Civil District Court #95114, Ahrens & Ott Mfg. Co. vs W. S. Peneguy, Sr. (1910) mostly itemized bills for pipes and other plumbing materials sold by Ahrens & Ott to the Guaranty Plumbing Co. during 1910. Also included is a 1909 letter from Peneguy taking responsibility for all purchases of Ahrens & Ott materials by the Guaranty firm. 9 10
Civil District Court (1913) signed oaths by individuals seeking duplicate certificates of naturalizations. Oaths include name, date, address, and date of naturalization. 6 3
Civil District Court [no number, no title] (1891) Petition of Mrs. Isora L. H. Bell and her husband Wm. J. Bell for permission to give a mortgage on her property (bounded by Prieur, Palmyra, Johnson, and Common) in order to borrow $800 for her separage use and benefit. 3 6
Civil District Court [no number] stock certificates and related documents for Peoples Ice Manufacturing Company in 1891. The were filed as evidence in 1892 with Th. Buisson, known to be a deputy clerk in Civil District Court, probably part of the suit record in Desforges & Jung vs the Company. 6 4
Civil District Court [no number] the will of Francoise Arsene Decalongne, wife of Charles Eugene Dubreuil, dated July 16, 1851 and signed "ne varietur" by CDC Judge Henry Rightor in 1888. There is no succession listed for her in any of the published indexes. The will is in French and contains numerous signatures. It is accompanied by a folded sheet of paper that acted as an envelope. 4 29
Civil District Court [no number] (1883) bank book, The Louisiana National Bank of New Orleans, in account with Mrs. L. H. Cannon, executrix of John W. Cannon, 1882. Only one page used. 8 4
Civil District Court, Fragments
  • #3302, Succession of Jacob Staub & his wife (1885)--portion of an account of August Weber, tutor of Mary Staub (4, 28, 1)
  • #A88 (?), J. W. Stroughter Realty vs Harry Williams (1873)--motion to fix appeal from First City Court (4, 28, 2)
  • [no number]--document in German script, dated August(?) 31, 1885, with the signature of Judge Thomas W. Ellis, December 12, 1888 (4, 28, 3)
4 28
Commercial Court #4413, Andrews & Hatcher vs Ocean Insurance Co. (1843) published pamphlet from the Commercial Court suit of Thomas McCargo vs the New Orleans Insurance Company, comprising testimony of Z. C. Gifford, Lucius Stevens, Blinn Curtis, and Francis Foxwell, crew members of the brig Creole in 1841 at the time of the slave mutiny. Also included is the testimony of the ship's master, Capt. Robert Ensor. 7 3
Commercial Court [no number] copy of protest (original should be in the acts of Edward Barnett, Notary Public) of the Barque Jane, May 9, 1838 (filed as Exhibit "D"). It is a detailed statement (6 p.) by Nathaniel S. Smith, master, and John Martin, mate. On a voyage from Natchez to Liverpool the vessel ran aground at the mouth of the Mississippi and began leaking. It returned to New Orleans for repairs, with the cargo being removed and later reshipped. Included in the folder is a statement of the expenses incurred in the process. Also included are duplicate(not clerk's copies) bills for tow boats, pilots, stevedores, crew salaries & expenses, and other services required to empty the Jane and reship its cargo. This is probably part of the record filed in Commercial Court, although there is no indication on the record itself. The matter was appealed to the Louisiana Supreme Court as Agricultural Ban of Mississippi vs Barque Jane--Gregory Byrne, owner. 5 1
Commercial Court [no number], Jackson, Riddle, & Co. vs Byrne, Ryon, & Co. Correspondence between Byrne, Ryon, & Co. in New Orleans and Jackson, Riddle, & Co. in Philadelphia. Both were commission merchant concerns and the letters deal mainly with business transactions between the two firms (there are also several involving the separate interests of Maurice Byrne in Cincinnati, Ohio). In addition to the correspondence thre are also records of several sales as well as accounts current between the two businesses. The records document trade in various products, including nails, tea, sugar, tobacco, and carts, drays, & wheelbarrows. In addition to individual transactions, there are also scattered comments on general business considerations (e.g., navigation in the Philadelphia area) and personal interests (e.g., the illness and death of John Byrne) as well as mention of a March 31, 1830 fire that destroyed several Byrne, Ryon, & Co. warehouses in New Orleans. All of these items appear to have been filed as evidence along with a 1837 deposition made in Philadelphia by John R. Stackhouse. That deposition refers to the suit being in the District Court of the First Judicial District, but several items are dated in 1839 and endorsed by John E. Holland, deputy clerk, who is listed in other sources as being with the Commercial Court. Perhaps the matter began in First Judicial District Court and was later transferred to the Commercial Court following its establishment in 1839. 5 26a & 26b
County Court [no number], Denis Mossair[?] vs Francis Santouly (no date) Santouly's answer to Mossair's petition. 5 17
Court of Probates, Fazende vs Executors of Damarin Probably part of suit #1206 in the numbered series of Probate Court records. Involving a dispute over land in Jefferson Parish. 1 19
Court of Probates, Fragments
  • Succession of Pierre Labatut (1807)--oath of Jean Baptiste Rolland, tutor to the minor children (4, 35, 1)
  • Succession of [Valentin] Robert Avart (1807)--exemplification acknowledging that letters of administration were granted to his widow, Julie Allain (4, 35, 2)
  • Succession of John Alexander (1806)--petition of James Alexander seeking letters of administration for his brother's estate (4, 35, 3)
  • Succession of Pierre Gautier (1806)--inventory of his estate (4, 35, 4)
  • #1067, Delphine Dupre vs Agenor Bosque (1838)--judgment for plaintiff regarding a promissory note (4, 35, 5)
4 35
Court of Probates, In the matter of the minors Bachemin (1836) Documents relating to Antoine Edward Bachemin's efforts to see after the rights of his children following financial difficulty. Included is his petition to be allowed to purchase a female slave and her daughter to take care of them. 1 18
Court of Probates, Marie Laveaux Auguste vs C. Laveaux Probably part of suit #387 in the numbered series of Probate Court records. This single item, in French, refers to Juan Escobedo, Amable Charbonnet, Antoine Abat, and Toussaint Guillaume. 1 16
Court of Probates, Succession of Antoine Marigny Dauterive (1827) Includes tax receipts, receipts for advertising, and accounts with the Register of Wills. 1 23
Court of Probates, Succession of Casimir Vincent (1839) Receipts for medical care, burial expenses, wine, and payments for care, room, and board for the minor Caroline Vela (possibly his daughter). 1 22
Court of Probates, Succession of Edmond Wm. Barker (1828) mostly letters to Barker, 1828-1829, from friends and business associates. Places represented include several cities in Georgia (including Milledgeville in Baldwin County, where Barker was from), Scotland Neck, North Carolina, and Franklin, Louisiana (including New Hope Plantation on Bayou Salle). Subjects include the purchase and sale of slaves (including the interstate trade). Also present are several letters written after Barker's death, concerning settlement of his affairs, along with several bills/receipts, including one from Paul Tulane & Co. 5 10
Court of Probates, Succession of Francois Castelnau (1831) Includes a bank book from the Louisiana State Bank along with receipt for lodging, feeding, laundry, medical care, etc. for two Negro children. Also included are receipts for taxes, jail fees for slaves, and funeral/tombstone expenses. 2 6
Court of Probates, Succession of Hortense Lanna [fwc], 1830 Receipts for steamboat passage and freight to Bayou Sara, medical expenses, funeral expenses (including her tombstone), clothing, rental of a slave, and more. 1 15
Court of Probates, Succession of J. C. Boom (1837) Petition of his widow re: their minor son. Judah P. Benjamin was her attorney in the matter. Two probably unrelated plans, apparently for property on Lake Pontchartrain, are filed with this petition. 1 17
Court of Probates, Succession of James Coutts (1831) Coutts was a native of Scotland who operated a store, inn, or some such establishment in New Orleans. The record includes numerous receipts for drinks, meals, tobacco, and other items apparently purchased from him by various individuals, as well as for money that he loaned out. There are also receipts for building repairs made for Coutts, possibly to the property that he rented on the corner of New Levee and New Market Streets. Among the documents is a letter, dated February 8, 1831, to his mother discussing the yellow fever and other matters. Also included are two acts of sale for slaves purchased by Coutts, with a note on the second document reading, "I do hereby declare that the Slave herein mentioned shall be free at my decease." Other items include tax receipts and a receipt for the burial of another man in the Protestant Cemetary. 2 1-3
Court of Probates, Succession of James H. Leverich (1844) Leverich was a partner, with his brother William, in the New Orleans branch of the family's business in New York. Included are accounts and receipts dealing with property in New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, elsewhere in Louisiana, and in Mississippi and Arkansas. Included are tax receipts and receipts for building materials and repairs. There are several receipts for plans that were prepared for Leverich properties, including one from Henry Moellhausen for "...making 12 large plans of property in the city of Lafayette, and a corresponding sketch of the same property for the Lythographer, at $12 each, $156." There are numerous promissory notes and protests of notes, insurance policies, shipping documents (including an account of the Steamer Louisiana with Abijah Fisk), and receipts for newspaper subscriptions. Several letters from Charles Leverich in New York are also included; one, dated March 16, 1848, describes the family's health in that city. Finally, there are receipts for Leverich's medical treatments, funeral, and burial. 2 8-13
Court of Probates, Succession of James Lawler (1843) Documents relating to nursing care during his illness, maintenance of his property, his room and board, and more. Also included is a bank book with the Bank of Louisiana. 1 1-2
Court of Probates, Succession of John W. Farrell (1826) manuscript letters to and from Farrell, along with other relevant documents. Places represented include Lafayette, St. Martin Parish, and "Nova Iberia." Included is a letter from Joseph Aborn, Collector of Customs for the Teche District, in "Nova Iberia," August 12, 1822. The letter enclosed a commission for Farrel as temporary inspector and explained the extent of the duties and responsibilities of the position. 5 6
Court of Probates, Succession of Joseph F. Denny (1831) Includes receipts for rental of stores at 26 Tchoupitoulas and 9 Gravier, sugar, ale, newspaper & magazine subscriptions, and a broken yawl boat. 1 21
Court of Probates, Succession of Maria Cipriana Medina, widow of Pedro de Leon y Colllantes (1829) Largely dealing with the care of their surviving minor children, including very detailed accounts and receipts for clothing, food, wine, and their education at the College Louisianais. 1 26-29
Court of Probates, Succession of Pierre Arnaud (1808) Documents relating to creditors of his estate. Includes a receipt for burial expenses and documents concerning slaves owned by Arnaud. 1 25
Court of Probates, Succession of Raymond Deveze (1826) Documents relating to his son Volmard Deveze and Volmard's mother, Lois Bertonnaux, both free persons of color. Includes references to property on St. Ann Street and to slaves, one of which they were trying to sell. Also includes Volmard's petition for emancipation and related documents. 1 24
Court of Probates, Succession of Samuel Ellis (1829) Ellis was a doctor, probably a dentist. Included are receipts for his own medical care, rent, clothing, household goods, etc. Also included are receipts from a trip to St. Louis, including a long list of drinks. In addition there are receipts for dental procedures that he performed as well as for dental supplies, including human teeth, that he purchased. 2 7
Court of Probates, Succession of Thomas L. Harman (1823) Receipts for building materials and labor for properties on Camp, Girod, and Magazine Streets. Included is a receipt for "cash pd. for a Kentucky flatboat purchased for the Estate to build a shop on lot 232... [and for] breaking up the boat." Also includes transfers of shares in the Bank of Louisiana, receipts for legal expenses, blacksmith work, clothing for slaves, and for surveys and plans by Joseph Pilie. 2 4-5
Court of Probates, Succession of Widow Joseph Aicard (1833) Includes information on family relationships. 1 20
Court of Probates, Succession of William Kenner (1824) Accounts and other documents relating to expenses of Oakwood and Linwood Plantations. Included are receipts for family medical expenses, taxes, livestock purchases, clothing (including "Negro cloth," for making clothing for slaves), jail fees for slaves, machinery and materials for repairing same, furniture, tableware, tobacco, freight, wine, expenses related to the sale of crops, and more. 1 3-14
District Court of the Confederate States of America #788, George W. Ward, Receiver, etc. vs Alex T. Steele (1861) Garnishment docket. Interrogatories and answer of Steele. Involving a suit brought by Steele on behalf of an alien enemy of the CSA (Fifth District Court #5317). In his deposition, Steele mentions other Northerners with local interests or connections. 3 8
Eighth District Court [no number] "List [copy] of names of Policemen as per order of the 8th District Court at October 25, 1870," giving name, date appointed, date resigned/discharged, and amount. There are 162 names on this list. 5 25
First District Court #462, State vs Timothy Hays (1873) "Reasons overruling motion for a new trial." Hays originally had been convicted of murder but that decision was reversed and on retrial he was found guilty of manslaughter. The reasons are not signed, so this may be a copy. The docket number 462 does appear on the document, but it does not appear to be correct for the court at that time. 5 12
First District Court (1847) Inventory of the estate of Marie Desiree Carriere, widow of Charles Pierre, f.c.l. 4 34
First District Court [no number] "Toise de la maconne executee par Mr. Wm. Brand, dans la Salle d'Orleans." A record of the masonry walls made by William Brand in the Orleans Ballroom. It includes fifty-two drawings of the walls (and several pilasters) used the the building's construction. Each is color-coded to distinguish Brand's work from "murs primitif" done by Mr. Dimarchi. Each drawing is accompanied by detailed measurements, notes, and indications of various structural elements (archways, fireplaces, etc.) The report was certified by Joseph Pilie on January 20, 1812. Apparently it had been filed as evidence by Ellery & Smith, attorneys for one of the parties to the suit (it was filed with Martin Gordon, clerk, on May 13, 1814, when he was with the First Judicial District Court). Apparently, this was an earlier Orleans Ballroom than the one still standing, which was rebuilt by Brand in 1817 following the destruction by fire of Henry Latrobe's building in 1816. Also of possible relevance is Superior Court #1231, Demarchi vs Tabary (1807) 5 2
First District Court, Inventory of Mary Carney, wife of John Foulks (1847) including contents of the house and yard in "Burg Duverge" on the Right Bank of the Mississippi. 5 23
First District Court, Inventory of the estate of Dominique Seghers (1848) Includes a volume-by-volume listing of his extensive library (892 items), along with the contents of his house, cash, debts owed to the estate, and real property (land, no slaves). His residence was on Bourbon between St. Peter and Orleans Streets. 3 26
Fourth District Court #38673, John Yoist vs Mrs. F. C. Bienvenu (1873) Request by the attorney to seize a carriage, horses, and other property from #175 Esplanade. Later notes on C. W. Cammack's letterhead (he was in some way associated with Yoist in the case) asking the sheriff to return all seized property except for the horses and carriage. Originally filed in Seventh District Court #9639. 3 16
Fourth District Court #38953, William R. Bell vs Phillip Lynch (1869) Involving a pair of horses and a hearse with claims & counterclaims regarding ownership, etc. Includes testimony of witnesses, a bill of sale for the horses & hearse alon with coffins and other tools of the trade, all bought by Lynch at auction. Attached to one of the documents is a slip of paper regarding property of Cornelius Boyle on Perdido between Penn & Phillippa [later Dryades] Streets, noting: "R. E. $3000, mortgages $1000 (leaving $2000 value) and stock in blacksmith shop $1000." Originally filed as #712 in Seventh District Court. 4 14
Fourth District Court #39614, Francois Webre vs J. H. Wiendahl (1870) Dispute over a promissory note. Includes depositions and a request that the Sheriff seize a horse, buggy, and cow from Wiendahl's residence, 289 Esplanade. 3 19
Fourth District Court #40136, Joseph Outenderick vs T. L. Talbert's Executors et al. (1871) Interrogatories and answers regarding a dispute over the sale of the sugar mill engines and other machinery from Magnolia Plantation in West Feliciana Parish to Dr. Alfred Duperier in 1870. 3 17
Justice of the Peace [no number] thirteen letters, in French, written between November 29, 1789 and December 8, 1792, by Langevin Freres in Nantes, France, to Camfrancq, Chrean, & Cie in Port au Prince. Apparently dealing mainly with sugar shipments between the two places but also with some discussion of the political situation in St. Domingue. Each letter is marked "Ne variteur" by Justice of the Peace Gallien Preval. 5 5
Louisiana Supreme Court [no number], Morse vs McCall five published pamphlets in the appeal from Third District Court: 7 4
Miscellaneous Fragments
  • Second Judicial District Court #927 or 929, Metairie Cemetery Association vs City of New Orleans (1876)--copy of ordinance #3479 A.S. (4, 36, 1)
  • Civil District Court (?) [no number], will of C. Bordelon (1895)--the Bordelons were from Avoyelles Parish, so this could relate to his (possibly Celestin Bordelon) succession in that parish (4, 36, 2)
  • Second District Court #16141 (?), Succession of Widow Saucier (1860)--bill/receipt for medical assistance provided by Dr. Roudanez (4, 36, 3)
  • Second District Court #16365 (?), Succession of Meline, f.w.c. (1860)--receipt for city taxes of 1859 for real estate bounded by Prieur, Ursuline, Hospital, and Johnson (4, 36, 4)
  • Second District Court #16365 (?), Succession of Meline, f.w.c. (1860)--receipt for state taxes (property not specified) (4, 36, 5)
  • Second District Court #16392, Succession of L. H. Desforges (1860)--bill/receipt for funeral letters printed to order by Paulin Durel, Printer and Book Binder (4, 36, 6)
  • Second District Court [no number, no name] (1860)--receipt for coffin, hearse, and othe funeral expenses provided by T. Condon, Undertaker (4, 36, 7)
  • [no court, no number, no name] (1823)--letters of agreement by Lee Spreddin of Ross County, Ohio, to work as a deck hand on a boat owned by Cadwallader Wallace and captained by Matthew Bonner between Chillicothe, Ohio, and New Orleans (4, 36, 8)
  • [no court, no number, no name] (1829)--receipt from A. T. Robertson for one month's board paid by Mrs. Deenport (4, 36, 9)
  • [no court, no number, no name] (1836)--promissory note payable to Cordeviolle & Lacroix by J. B. Chon and a related document (4, 36, 10)
  • [no court, no number, no name] (1842)--record of sales of molasses received De Peyster and Whitworth in New York via Brig Clarisse in New Orleans (4, 36, 11)
  • [no court, no number, no name] (1825)--note by Edward Birch in Greenwich to J. C. Morrison acknowledging work by Mr. Aitken & his assistant digging a well in Greenwich (4, 36, 12) [no court,
  • number, no name] (1844)--note from W. C. Lynd asking Duvignaud to stop by his office to hear particulars concerning a certain matter, apparently involving Charbonnet and the Bank of Louisiana (4, 36, 13)
  • [no number, no court], Mrs. L. D. Minor vs Weed, Witters & Co. (ca. 1864)--petition of defendants in a suit involving, at least in part, a cotton gin and press on Southwood Plantation (4, 36, 14)
4 36
Parish Court Bond and recommendation of John Newman, Constable (1819) 5 16
Parish Court Petition, recommendation, and bond of Nathaniel Jones, Constable (1819) 5 15
Parish Court [no number] depositions taken in 1841 by the U. S. Consul in Paris of witnesses in the suit of George W. Lafayette et al. vs Evariste Blanc. The suit involved a dispute over land granted to Lafayette's father, the French hero of the American Revolution. Also included are several empty envelopes related to the suit. 6 18
Second District Court #16308, Succession of Felicite Seraphine Farrar (1860) Widow of P. W. Farrar. Bills & receipts: Dr. Bayon for examining the mulatto George, Dr. Daret and Dr. Roudanezfor unspecified services, notarial fee relating to mortgages on slaves, appraisers' & admistrator's commissions, advertising in newspapers, and other notarial fees. 4 17
Second District Court #16322, Succession of J. B. Plauche (1860) Receipt from P. H. Monsseaux for funeral expenses and another for an engraved and gilded inscription on the marble tomb. 4 6
Second District Court #16392, Succession of Louis H. Desforges (1860) A receipt for payment of legal fees to J. Bermudez and a bill for funeral expenses from Jn. Bonnot. 4 5
Second District Court #16468, Oglesby & Macauly vs Woodruff & Funk (or Frank) (1858) The Woodruff firm, commission merchants in Henderson, Kentucky, sued the Oglesby firm in New Orleans for payment of debt. Included in the record are copies of accounts between the two companies, answers to interrogatories, and letters from the Woodruff firm to Oglesby & Macauly which include information about transactions involving the sale and shipment of beef, pork, lard, etc. 3 23
Second District Court #16476, Ludwig & Riche vs George R. Carradine (1860) Carradine, as captain and agent for the owners of the Steamboat Editor, leased operation of the vessel's bar to Ludwig & Riche (lease agreement included). Ludwig & Riche claimed that Carradine failed to deliver operation of the bar to them and the judge ruled in their favor. 4 19
Second District Court #16477, S. D. Gratiaa & Co. vs Pierre Commagere (1860) Petition of Gratiaa, living in Bordeaux, and Pierre Lougis in New Orleans, claiming that Commagere refuses to repay money they loaned to him. Commagere's answer states that he and his family have done all in their power to pay their debts, but that he did not borrow $700 from the Gratiaa firm. Perhaps his father did, though, and he will pay the debt when he is able to. 4 20
Second District Court #16477, Succession of Alice M. Poree (1860) Includes a document signed in Boston by Ferdinand Charles Poree, appointing attorney Charles A. Conrad to represent him in any succession proceedings. 4 11
Second District Court #16480, Stanislas Plassan vs Jose Garcia (1860) A routine promissory note suit. 4 9
Second District Court #20876, Succession of W. W. Montgomery his olographic will, an amendment, and a codicile written during 1863-1864. Also included are the envelopes they were found in. 6 17
Second District Court #2658, Succession of Isaac Pipkin (1850) The scanned documents are filed in folder #25. 4 22-25
Second District Court #27247, Succession of John Journe (1866) Bills & receipts: court fees, Dr. Beugnot in consultation with Dr. Alpuente, funeral at St. Louis Cathedral, and rental of two carriages for use of the clergy at the Cathedral. 4 18
Second District Court #29726, Succession of James Gonegal (1867) claim of J. A. Cummings for his salary as clerk, along with a statement of monies collected and expended by him as Gonegal's traveling clerk. 6 12
Second District Court #32952, Succession of Jules Belly (1869) Letter and two accounts relating to stock (Commercial Water Works Co. and New Orleans & Carrollton Rail Road Co.) purchased by Belly and the resulting indebtedness to the firm of Avegno & Willoz. 4 16
Second District Court #34183 (1867) Included is a copy of her will and receipts for several of the bequests therein. Also represents are her funeral expenses, including Daniel Warburg's bill for her marble tomb. Also included are items from her estate, possibly for sale from P. Mallard's store. 4 10
Second District Court #4997, Mrs. Widow Simonin vs New Orleans (1852) Suing the company for payment for loss of her stock of lace and fancy goods, along with household furnishings, destroyed by a fire in her house at the corner of Bourbon and St. Philip Streets on September 20, 1854. Includes an inventory of the house's contents, answers to interrogatories, and the insurance policy. 3 22
Second District Court #5481, David E. Guex vs Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Buck (1852) Suit for payment of rent due on a house on St. Paul [now South Liberty] between Common & Gravier Streets. Includes the lease for the house and rent bills. The Bucks claimed that they could no longer live in the house since there was a disorderly house next door. There is testimony regarding the nature of the occupancy complained of. Also included is documentation for the seizure of property at 302 Magazine St. 4 12
Second District Court #5520, Lucien Daussat vs Jean Pralon & the Sheriff (1852) In an earlier suit, the sheriff seized Daussat's horse, named Beefsteak, and bread wagon. Daussat sued to prevent the sheriff from selling the property and to have a new trial. Included in the record is testimony of several parties regarding the details of the matter. 4 2
Second District Court #5523, Succession of Ellen Gerrard (1852) Gerrard was murdered in the house she rented at the corner of Bagatelle and Craps. The property owner petitions for sale of her belongings to pay the outstanding ve, with the amount leftover after that and funeral/burial expenses going to the godmother of Gerrard's daughter for the child's support. Included in the record is a copy of the Coroner's inquest, an inventory of Gerrard's belongings, and bills for expenses. 3 24
Second District Court #5733, Abraham Weyl vs A. F. Forchy & Jean Cathalongue (1852) Routine documents dealing with the protest of a promissory note. 4 4
Second District Court #5734, F. F. Folger & Co. vs Marie Louise Girod, widow of Jean Larose (1852) The Folger firm sued for payment of a promissory note used to purchase merchandise for use on the Steamboat Courrier. Included in the record is a bill for the items bought (the Folger firm dealt in hardware, iron, ship chandlery, etc.) and a copy of the ship enrollment showing Girod as owner of the vessel. 3 25
Second District Court #5741, Succession of James A. Gasquet (1852) The suit number does not appear on any of the bills that apparently were separated from the main body of this succession, but both J. A. and Mrs. E. Gasquet are named therein. Included are bills for New Orleans Gas Lighting Co., City of New Orleans (for ground rent), the Picayune, State of Louisiana (for property taxes), and James M. Rand for carpentry work and other repairs. Properties represented are 8 & 10 Chartres, 210 Camp, 305 St. Charles, corner Canal & Exchange Place, in square #63 on Commerce & Tchoupitoulas, and in square #61 on Levee St. 4 3
Second District Court #5801, J. F. Bercier & Co. (in liquidation) vs Auguste Bousquet (1852) Francisco Tio, liquidating partner of the Bercier firm, sued for payment of debt due for merchandise sold to Bosquet, a resident of Marmande, France. Included is an itemized bill for the items purchased along with answers to interrogatories. 4 1
Second District Court #5802, Francois Adolphe Daquin vs Louis Folliet (1852) Concerning an 1847 contract by which Folliet was to build a house for Daquin in the square bounded by Camp, Philip, Chestnut, and First (then in the City of Lafayette) and the subsequent loss of another document cancelling the contract. 4 8
Second District Court #5804, Thomas Kavanagh vs Antonio Perzula & Francisco Agello (1852) Suit for payment to Kavanagh for his work as a barkeeper at Antonio's Oyster Saloon during 1851-1852. 4 13
Second District Court #5819, E. & W. Herrick vs Taylor & Cassilly (1852) Suit for payment of $5684.10 as a result of a contract for the sale of flour. Includes letters between the Herricks & Dwight Johnson in New York City and Taylor & Cassilly in New Orleans regarding sales and shipments of flour. Also included are answers to interrogatories, accounts, bills of lading, and an insurance policy, as well as letters between Taylor & Cassilly and S. Jones Wade in Cincinnati. 4 7
Second District Court [no number], James J. Campbell vs William Christy, Administrator of the estate of William Plunkkett (1854) Interrogatories and cross-interrogatories re: money owed by Plunkett's estate to Judge Campbell for legal services. Directed to Thomas P. Jones of Natchitoches Parish, Michael Boyce, and Samuel Myers Hyams and executed before a Justice of the Peace in Natchitoches. 3 21
Second District Court [no number], Succession of Marie Victoire Lecesne, wife of Chazal Thomas (1848) Petition of Thomas, asking the Court to approve a special mortgage in favor of his minor children. A copy of the mortgage (French) is included. The succession began in the Court of Probates and apparently continued in Second District Court without assignment of a docket number. 4 30
Second District Court, Fragments
  • #3251, Succession of Phineas Solomon (1850)--appraisal of property in Calcasieu Parish (4,26,1)
  • #32984, Succession of John Frischoltz (1852)--will (4,26,2)
  • #33420, Commonwealth Insurance Co. vs C. H. Labazan--notices of trial (4,26,3-4)
  • #33921, Succession of William Kincaide (1872)--notice of appraisal of property in the First Municipal District bounded by Constance, Robin [now Euterpe], Race, and Magazine (4,26,5)
  • #s 6818, 6827, 6623, & 7257 (1853)--receipts for documents withdrawn from the four suit records (4, 26, 6)
  • #24683, City of New Orleans vs J. B. Lamotte (1865)--order for seizure & sale of property (4,26,7)
  • #35217, Succession of Widow M. B. Cantrelle (1936)--receipt for withdrawal (and return)of documents needed for the suit of Guidry et al. vs Carre & Greunard in St. James Parish (4, 26, 8)
  • #24376, City of New Orleans vs J. B. Moreau (1865)--order for seizure & sale of property (4, 26, 9)
  • #23116, City of New Orleans vs Leon & Leontine Lavigne (1865)--order for seizure & sale of property (4, 26, 10)
  • #16141, Succession of Widow J. B. Saucier (1860)--clerk's certification of fees (4, 26, 11)
  • #34375, Succession of Louis Brevier (undated)--order for withdrawal of record (4, 26, 12)
  • #13514, Succession of Mariette Daly (1884)--order for withdrawal of record (4, 26, 13)
4 26
Second District Court, Fragments
  • Declaration of Intention, Thomas Long (1853) (4, 27, 1)
  • #37613, Oath of Office--Edward Pilsbury as Administrator of Finance (1874) (4, 27, 2)
  • #33686, Oath of Office, Benjamin F. Flanders as Mayor (1870) (4, 27, 3)
  • [no number], Oath of Office (copy) E. Marion Hunt as Phonographer [Stenographer?] (1876)(4, 27, 3a)
  • #7609, Succession of Samuel Baker (1854)--death certificate (4, 27, 4)
  • #29556(?), Succession of Emily Kohn, wife of Lorenzo Harberger (1867)--order transferring the record from its original filing location (4, 27, 5)
  • [no number], Robert Y. Northern vs J. L. Palmer & William Stone (undated)--transcript (part) of testimony by crew members of the Steamboat Empire regarding a cargo of tobacco hogsheads (4, 27, 6)
  • #4672 or 9524 [both numbers appear on the document], Robert McCollock vs E. F. Holmes et al.
  • (1857)--copy of the Louisiana Supreme Court's judgment on appeal involving a dispute among heirs over a partition (4, 27, 7)
  • #739 (?), Morris W. Smith vs Bark W. H. Wall, Captain & Owners (1866)--copy of Louisiana Supreme Court's judgment on appeal involving damages to goods shipped from New York to New Orleans (4, 27, 8)
  • #37289, Succession of Catherine Moran, wife of Patrick Kanan (undated)--order permitting withdrawal of records (4, 27, 9)
  • #33446, Succession of John B. Schiller (undated)--order permitting withdrawal of records (4, 27, 10)
  • #35788, Succession of Xavier Landser (undated)--order permitting withdrawal of records (4, 27, 11)
  • [no number], Poydras Delalande vs Gravier et al. (1854, but originally filed in 1853 as #8823 in First District Court)--copy (French) of the September 20, 1820 donation of batture land by Edward Livingston and others to the City of New Orleans (4, 27, 12)
4 27
Second Judicial District Court #72, State of Louisiana vs Samuel D. Blanc (1876) Routine State tax suit for property (lots 16 & 17) in square #178, Sixth Municipal District, bounded by Laurel, Constance, Bordeaux, and Lyons. 4 21
Seventh District Court #1711, City of New Orleans vs L. Amedee Barjac (1869) Involving mortgages on real estate on Piety Street. 3 18
Seventh District Court #6201, City of New Orleans vs James T. Belknap (1872) Involving the seizure of and related claims of ownership of the property at 219 St. Charles, bounded by Carondelet, Girod, and Lafayette Sts. The suit originally marked as #6200 but later corrected, though not in all places, to #6201. 4 15
Sixth District Court [no number] "List of names of Policemen who has [sic] been paid 30% by judgment of 6 Dist Court" (1870), giving name, date appointed, date resigned/discharged, and amount. 5 24
Superior Court #3004(?), Jean J. Couvignes & Joseph _____ vs Marie Joseph Foure, f.c.l. act of partition (prepared by Leblanc, Notary Public) of the property of Joseph Barquette in St. Domingue, 1783. It lists his very extensive property holdings, including numerous slaves who are inventoried by name, age, place of origin, occupation, and notation of brand. Slave families are indicated as appropriate. The docket number does not appear on the document. It may be part of an appeal from City Court #2437 in 1810. 5 19
Superior Criminal Court #2404 (or 2423), State vs Edward C. Palmer (1880) bank book for the Louisiana Savings Bank in account with E. C. Palmer & Co., 1876-1877. Palmer was also president of the bank and was charged with embezzlement and other counts. He was found guilty, but on appeal, the Louisiana Supreme Court reversed the verdict. 6 9
Superior Criminal Court #2407 or #2408, State vs Milton Benner (1879) letters and other documents relating to the investigation and prosecution of Benner for embezzlement from the Citizens Savings Bank. 5 18
Third Judicial District Court #10, Succession of Isaac Allyn (1847) a succession from Jefferson Parish. Allyn lived in Lafayette on Prytania Street between St. Mary and St. Andrew. Included in the record is a transfer slip for one of Allyn's surviving children to attend the Clio Street School, suggesting a move into New Orleans following his death. 5 3
U. S. Circuit Court, Fragments
  • #5070, Bushnell vs McKee (1867)--consent for trial of rules (4, 31, 1)
  • #4013, James E. Dunham vs John Spicer (1866)--Marshall's return (4, 31, 2)
  • #3893, John R. Ross vs John Spicer (1866)--Marshall's return (4, 31, 3)
4 31
U. S. District Court #1301, John Inkster vs John Julius Lugenbuhl & Claus Gerrets, as owner of the Steam Tow Boat S. W. Downs (1857) This document records the discontinuance of Inskster's libel against the Downs for non-payment of his wages as first engineer. He notes that the boat towed several vessels back and forth between the port of New Orleans and the Balize & Gulf of Mexico. 3 12
U. S. District Court #7600 (1873) Protested notes of J. A. d'Hemecourt 4 33
U. S. District Court, Fragments
  • #1082, in bankruptcy. In the matter of Joseph Bonpart (1870)--copy of rule (4, 32, 1)
  • #1574, in bankruptcy. In the matter of Charles Espenan (1877)--abstract of proceedings before J. Ward Gurley, Register (4, 32, 2)
4 32
U.S. Circuit Court #2685, East Louisiana Rail Road Co. et al. vs City of New Orleans (1897) Exhibit D only--sale of property (namely, the Spanish Fort & Lake Rail Road Co.) by the Company to the New Orleans & Western Rail Road Co. 3 9
U.S. Circuit Court #2916, Thomas C. Bates vs New Orleans Jackson & Great Northern Rail Road Co. (1858) Authority to discontinue since he has settled and compromised. #14101 (May 9, 1859) is also in the record. 3 14
U.S. Circuit Court #6891, Thomas L. Wibray vs Henry L. Stone (1871-1879) Wibray was administrator of the estate of William H. Stone, brother and business partner of the defendant. He sought to have the books of the business opened up so that he could determine the amount owed by Henry to William's estate. Includes petitions, answers, and copies of various accounts and financial reports. 6 1
U.S. Circuit Court #7357, E. D. Morgan & J. A. Raynor vs New Orleans, Mobile & Texas Rail Road Co. (1880) They were trustees of the American Union Telegraph Co. of Louisiana which wanted to put up telegraph lines between New Orleans and Mobile alongside the railroad tracks. Dispute with Western Union Telegraph Co. over a contract with the Rail Road company. Apparently, the suit was filed in Fifth District Court, #10458, but the Rail Road company was in the hands of the Court so it had to deal with the question. 3 15
U.S. District Court #1120, Bartolomeo Costa vs Steamboat Era No. 10 (1878) "Libel" suit with Costa claiming that the Era #10 ran into him and the lugger Fortune which subsequently sank and lost its cargo. Petition and answer have different versions of what happened. The steamboat was seized and then released, but no final outcome is noted is this incomplete record. 3 1
U.S. District Court #1539, In the matter of Lower Coast Packet Company (187) Deposition for Proof of Debts, with attached detailed bill made by D. Hughes at Margaret's for bread, ginger snaps, and other baked goods. 3 5
U.S. District Court #4290, The United States vs Forest, A. Lacouture, and J. Bardon (1837) Regarding $257 owed by them to the Collector of Customs, District of Mississippi, as duties due on goods imported from Bordeaux aboard the barque Didalo Buzette. 3 7
U.S. District Court, Declaration of intention to become a citizen (1851) Made by John Matsen of Great Britain. 3 20
U.S. District Court, in Bankruptcy #1212, In the matter of Adam Werner (1872) Schedule D, showing his property (including a blacksmith shop at 214 Julia St.) and accounts payable to him. Also includes documents dealing with he first mortgage holder on his real property. 3 11
U.S. District Court, in Bankruptcy #1271, In the matter of Bastion Bros. (1872) Regarding fancy goods and stationery seized from the bankrupts' store at 190 1/2 Canal St. 3 4
U.S. District Court, in Bankruptcy #1316, In the matter of Christopher C. Packwood (1874) Involving Sarah Plantation and other property in Plaquemines Parish. Includes details of land titles and a list of taxes owed by the plantation. 3 10
U.S. District Court, in Bankruptcy #1503, In the matter of Joseph Hague & Co. and S. Cambon & Co.(1877) Reports of the Register in Bankruptcy, including lists (names, amounts, and places of residence) of creditors and appeals from creditors of the discharge of the bankrupt parties. 3 3
U.S. District Court, in Bankruptcy #1626, In the matter of M. L. Byrne & Co. (1878) Petition of Wallace & Carey, one of the creditors, asking that the Court take possession of the estate of the bankrupt and administer it for the benefit of the creditors. 3 13

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