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Court Docket Number Title Date Description Notes Box Folder
Iberville Parish. Court of Probates

1845 Exemplification confirming Joseph Francis Gaiennie as natural tutor of his minor children, Gervais Ernest Gaiennie and Alcee Gaiennie. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 22) 32 34c
Jefferson Parish. Parish Court
State vs Joseph P. Sanchez 1875 Affidavit accusing him of taking prisoners from the state penitentiary in Baton Rouge to work on a railroad construction project in Jefferson Parish. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 14) 30 14a
Jefferson Parish. Parish Court 68 State vs Richard King, Fannie Jupes (wife of Richard King), and Matilda Wilson 1875 Affidavit of Judy Jupes charging the defendants with breaking into her house on Washington & Tenth Streets in Carrollton while she was at work in New Orleans. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 14) 30 14c
Jefferson Parish. Parish Court 166 John Ulm vs Andrew Dailey 1835 Ulm sued for $200 damages for having been struck and beaten by Dailey while working in the St. Mary Market. Included are signed statements by two witnesses.
10 36
Jefferson Parish. Parish Court 1006 William E. Edwards vs John A. Cressap 1845 Cressap engaged Edwards to represent him in a probate matter in Iberville Parish. Edwards successfully argued the suit and Cressap was paid, but refused to pay Edwards for his services in the agreed amount of $800.
12 19
Lafourche Parish. Parish Court 624 Keiffer Brothers vs C. O. LeBlanc 1876 Documents relative to the seizure and sale of property involved in this suit and in a suit in Fifth District Court (#7473, C. O. LeBlanc vs Peoples Insurance Co.).
32 8

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