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City Court of Lafayette

1843 Declaration of intention to become a citizen, Charles Munro
17 25
Court of Appeal 820 Catherine McAuliffe vs Charles Giesecke, her husband 1890 Brief for Lucien N. Brunswig, Intervenor. It refers to testimony of William Giesecke, the defendant's brother, to the effect that John McAuliffe, the plaintiff's brother, lived with the couple while dying of consumption, and that he gave his sister a sum of money during that period. She gave the money to her husband and later sued for separation of property, claiming that he owed the $700 to her. There is also reference to Civil District Court #25653, in which Brunswig had represented Charity Hospital in a dispute with Charles Giesecke. The brief is the only item from the original suit record that is here present.
13 29
Court of Probates

1809 Petition of William G. Forman to be appointed curator of Matthey Armstrong's estate.
32 23
Court of Probates
Succession of Berluchaux 1844 Receipts for rent of one-half of a house at 109 Carondelet Street at $12/month.
15 25
Court of Probates
Succession of Marie Francoise Bernard, f.c.l. 1844 An 1855 copy of her will
13 47
First Municipal Police Court
State vs Jack Hennigan 1875 Charged with highway robbery. Included is a four-page signed deposition of Alfred Johnson describing how Hennigan stole his fishing pole. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 10) 30 10f
First Municipal Police Court 1827 State vs Sydney Stout 1874 Transcription of testimony of six witnesses in a case involving theft from a hotel safe.
31 3
Fourth Judicial District Court

1841 Copies of the petitions in suits numbered 672-676, all with Camille L. Landry as plaintiff against several defendants. Also included are multiple copies of the 1839 act of sale by which Antoine Lacour, f.m.c., sold a West Baton Rouge Parish plantation to Landry. Also included are extracts from the minutes of the Court recording exceptions to the suits filed by Landry and others. The copies and extracts appear to have been filed in suit #16132 (1844) in another, unidentified court.
13 43
Fourth Municipal Police Court 1848 State vs S. Bataille 1874 Affidavit charging him with operating a private market at Second and Constance Streets in violation of state law (Act 31 of 1874). He was sent to First District Court for trial. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 11) 30 11d
Orleans Parish Court of Appeals 335 State ex rel Breaux et al. vs Recorder of Mortgages et al. undated Fifteen-page opinion reversing the lower court (probably Civil District Court) regarding erasure of inscription of state taxes on mortgages involving the Breaux family
18 4
Orleans Parish Court of Appeals 2009 J. C. Perkins vs H. C. Green 1902 Response of Judge Walter B. Summerville (Civil District Court--Division D) to a rule of nisi. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 15a
Second Municipal Police Court
State vs Jacques Dalma and Guillaume Blessy 1874 Signed depositions of five witnesses for the state against the two men charged with the murder of Lacombe.
26 4
Second Municipal Police Court
State vs William Riley, Nathan Gaiennie, Auguste Christopher, Fred Miller, James Driscoll, and Patrick Feeley 1875 Coroner's inquest and testimony of witnesses in a case involving the murder of James Lowe, who had been robbed and thrown into the Carondelet Canal.
31 4
Seventh District Court 130 Southern Dry Dock Co. vs Bayou Sara Packet Co. 1869 Depositions of Archibald C. Goodin and John J. Brown discussing the Bayou Sara company's origins in detail. Also included is an 1867 partnership agreement with J. Morgan Hall and that firm. The matter apparently started out in Fifth District Court #18800.
18 27
Sixth District Court

1855 Charles Lurch's declaration of intent to become a citizen. Probably related to his interest in registering to vote. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 17) 32 29d
Sixth District Court

1864 Henry Sandman's declaration of intent to become a citizen. Probably related to his interest in registering to vote. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 18) 32 30a
Sixth District Court 6104
1874 Certification by the Recorder of Mortgages of Page & Co.'s privilege relative to paving on St. Charles between Delachaise and Louisiana Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 16a
Sixth District Court 6157
1874 Two bills for merchandise purchased in 1873 by Ker & Co. from L. E. Generelly & Co. A note on the reverse of one bill is marked "Ker & Co. in liquidation, Tchoupitoulas c. Poydras."
18 31
Sixth District Court 21975 Heirs of Jean Julien Rousseau, et al. vs Heirs of Joseph Marin Lenormand, et al. 1869 Record of a sheriff's sale of land and buildings at 121 St. Ann St. to Romain Bringier, the lot and buildings at 264 Burgundy to Honore Labasse, and the lot and buildings at 117 Dumaine St. to James P. Guinault. Good descriptions of the buildings are included. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 16b
Superior Court

Petition of Edmond Meance of Plaquemines Parish for a citation and injunction. The matter apparently originated in that parish (the parish judge signed the document) and it later went before the higher court. The order granting Meance's request is signed by F. X. Martin. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 1b
Superior Court 36 John Baptiste Dupuy vs John Baptiste Dugrui 1804 Involving a debt owed by Degrui stemming from his purchase of a slave for $291 in 1795. Included with the petition is a document from Court of Pleas #651, also Dupuy vs Degrui, but which is on printed stationery marked "Tribunal de Justice Civile, Nouvelle Orleans."
13 40
Superior Court 2324 United States vs William Brown 1809 Documents dealing with the attempt by the U.S. District Attorney, Philllip Grymes, to recover monies that Brown, Collector of Customs at New Orleans, had absconded with. Part of the effort involved seizure of Brown's sugar plantation, for which there is a detailed inventory, including slaves listed by name.
13 34
Superior Court 3118 Pierre Boivin vs C. Bellergey 1812 Order for seizure of property to satisfy judgment in the suit. The Sheriff's note shows that he did seize the house and lot at 43 Bourbon St., another house, and three named slaves (ages also indicated). The docket number on the item is #305, but the index shows #3118. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 1a
Superior District Court 3405 City of New Orleans vs Joseph P. Horner 1876 Judgment in favor of the city for $210 plus costs. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 17b
Superior District Court 3600 Edward P. Champlin vs The Mississippi & Mexican Gulf Ship Canal Co., et als. 1873 Citing a pending bankruptcy action in U.S. District Court, Champlin asked for an injunction against the election of officers by the firm. Notices, bonds, and other documents, including the writ of injunction, are included in the record along with Champlin's petition. Also included is a motion for discontinuance since "the rights of parties have been settled amicably."
18 29
Superior District Court 5836 City of New Orleans vs William Richard Mill 1876 Mill's answer in a city tax suit for $225, claiming that the tax ordinance was unconstitutional. Part of the "Miscellaneous Documents" sub-series 19 17a

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