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Court Unknown or Uncertain (in chronological order)

Court Docket Number Title Date Description Notes Box Folder

1805 Fragment of a document (copy) from New York, dated April 18, 1805. Miscellaneous Documents, 1800-1809 14 1c

1805 Act of sale by Jean Marsenat to Jacques Moulon of a lot and house on St. Charles St. in the Faubourg Ste. Marie, November 29, 1805. Miscellaneous Documents, 1800-1809 14 1d

1808 A single document (copy) signed before Stephen de Quinones by Samuel Ackin, John Helfield, Abraham L. Ellery, and others, dealing in part with property on what is now Iberville Street. Miscellaneous Documents, 1800-1809 14 1a

1809 Fragment from the record of a sale related to the 1808 succession of Pierre Arnaud. The date May 1, 1809 appears on the item. Miscellaneous Documents, 1800-1809 14 1b

1811 Affidavit of Samuel Leonard of the City of New Orleans to the effect that he knows of no property in the territory belonging to the late Isaac Anderson other than the negro boy named Aaron, who he values at no more than $400. Signed before a Justice of the Peace (name illegible) on April 8, 1811. Miscellaneous Documents, 1810-1819 14 2d

1811 Affidavit of Adam Duncan and Rowland Craig stating that William Adams, merchant of the city and co-partner of Samuel McMaster, died on September 5, 1811. Signed before John Lynd, Notary Public. Miscellaneous Documents, 1810-1819 14 2e

1813 Letter from Paul Lanusse in New Orleans to Dussac, February 23, 1813, involving the capture of ships by a French corsair. Signed "Ne Varieteur" by Justice of the Peace Gallien Preval. Miscellaneous Documents, 1810-1819 14 2c

1814 Apparently an 1814 copy of the 1799 royal grant to Francisco Bermudez of land along the Carondelet Canal to be used to develop an apiary and a wax bleaching facility. It was introduced as evidence in a later (ca. 1819) unidentified suit in the First Judicial District Court. Miscellaneous Documents, 1810-1819 14 2b

1815 Bill of lading, dated October 30, 1815, for shipment of five bales of merchandize from Liverpool to New Orleans aboard the ship Alliance, Edward Bell, Master. The goods were shipped by George Green to Benjamin Morgan per James Hannan. Bell states that the contents of the shipment are unknown to him. Miscellaneous Documents, 1810-1819 14 2a

1820 Act of sale (copy) of the slave Caroline. She was identified as a fifteen year old mulatress and was sold by Alix Poree, wife of Joseph Abat, to Elie Paynoud so that he could emancipate her. The act was recorded before notary public Marc Lafitte.
32 7

1820s This appears to be a record of expenses incurred on a journey in the state of Alabama (Selma, Fort Claiborne, and the Cahaba Ferry are all included thereon). Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829. There is no date on this item, but it was found with other documents from the decade. 14 3f

1820s List of seventeen slaves giving their names (including some surnames), ages, occupations, and values, with comments. Other names and notations appear on both sides of the single sheet. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829. There is no date on this item, but it was found with other documents from the decade. 14 3e

1820s A six-stanza poem or song titled "Bellisle" about a military action against a French place of that name. The name G. B. Thomas also appears on the page. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829. There is no date on this item, but it was found with other documents from the decade. 14 3g

1820s Note, possibly relating to a journey in Northern Alabama, Tennessee, and Arkansas. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829. There is no date on this item, but it was found with other documents from the decade. 14 3p

1823 Statement of gross sales of the cargo received per Brig Mary & Achiah Ann, Capt. George Barlow, from Marseilles, May 24, 1823. Among the items of cargo were wine, soap, sausages, vermicelli, and stockings. Lists the names of buyers (or consignees) and amounts, along with notes. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829 14 3a

1824 Letter from John T. MacNeall (?) in Baton Rouge to William Kenner & Co., August 28, 1824, requesting a check for $400 to meet the draft of William F. Hyde for a gin box. The writer states, "I wish you to forward up immediately as the person is now waiting for it." Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829 14 3c

1825 Letter from C. Nichols to Hartwell Mitchell re: five accounts collected by Mitchell in favor of Nichols. The account names and amounts are listed. A mostly illegible note by Eliza D. Nichols, dated October 10, 1825, is included at the bottom of the single page. Additional, mostly illegible, writing is on the reverse. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829 14 3k

1825 Document referring to the murder of James Pettigrew and his brother by Indians near Muscle Shoals in 1825. R. A. Pettigrew, apparently their brother, is noted in the document, as is Captain John Stewart. It is also signed by John R. Bruce, identified by an accompanying official document from South Carolina as Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas for Darlington District. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829 14 3d

1827 Document with one side comprising numbered squares, 1-256. The other side appears to be part of a letter, perhaps from James Richard Seaberry in 1827. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829 14 3q

1827 Receipts for state, parish, and city taxes, 1822-1827, mostly paid by the Succession of Marie Bernard.
18 43

1828 This appears to be a pass for a journey between New Orleans and Bayou Sara during June 1828. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829 14 3i

1828 Document dated August 11, 1828 listing various places, perhaps in Georgia, with dollar amounts alongside each. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829 14 3j

1828 Receipt signed by E. L. Hill showing payment to E. Slack & Co. by Mr. Sanford, November 24, 1828. Purchased items included shirting, shoes, and gingham. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829 14 3l

1828 Letter from John Dennard in Wilkinson County, Georgia, to Lewis Bond iin Bacon County, asking he will send a hand to work on his farm for a percentage of what is made on the sale of crops. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829 14 3o

1828 Handwritten notice, in French and English, of a grand ball to be held for the benefit of Mr. DeGruy at the St. Philip ballroom on February 28, 1828. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829 14 3n

1828 Receipt for 20 piastres, one month's rent, signed by Joseph Perilliat, March 9, 1828. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829 14 3m

1828 Bill for merchandize sold by William A. Gasquet & Co., January 30, 1828. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829 14 3b

1829 Receipt for payment of jail fees in Donaldsonville involving the slave Thomas, June 15, 1829. Signed by James Talbert, who is known to have been jailer of Ascension Parish. Miscellaneous Documents, 1820-1829 14 3h

1831 Deposition before Horatio Davis, Justice of the Peace in Jefferson Parish, of M. McDermott stating that John Morris attempted to steal bedding from his raft on November 26, 1831. Also included is a note that Morris admitted the attempt, but that he had recently been robbed of all possessions and was "in a state of despair." There is no reference to a court proceeding on the document Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 15f

1831 Coroner's inquest on the body of Antonio Peres, who was killed by stabbing with a knife by Geronimo Cheriffe on January 10, 1831. There is no reference to a court case on the document. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 15e

State vs John T. East 1831 Statement before the Mayor by David Drake (fnm) that East came to his house and stole four woolen blankets. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 21) 32 33f

State vs Leonard Chamberlain 1831 Signed statement before the Mayor by James Carrahan that while working for the city on Custom House street as a paver, he was insulted, assaulted, and beaten by Chamberlin. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 21) 32 33i

State vs McCauley 1831 Signed statement of W. C. Dean that McCauley, a grocer, took him by the collar, beat him, and robbed him. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 21) 32 33j

1832 Agreement between Peter B. Smith and Antonio Senesal by which Senesal agreed to cultivate four lots owned by Smith in Milneburg for payment of $300 per year. He agreed to give the proceeds from the sale of crops to Smith's agent, David Wright, residing on Bayou St. John. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 4d

1832 Account of D. F. Burthe with the succession of Madame Veuve Francis Martines in 1832. It shows a previous debt from 1830 along with amounts due for the purchase of planks and flooring in 1831, for a total of $61. The published Court of Probates index does not include a widow Martines in or around 1832. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 15d

1832 License #568 for a dray or cart issued by the Mayor to John A. Barnes, May 25, 1832 Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 4a

1834 Receipt for $14.25 for drugs purchased by Mrs. E. Baldwin from S. V. Sickles in 1832. The receipt is dated 1834. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 4g

1834 Itemized account of James Norment with Isaac Baldwin, in the amount of $259.53 during 1830-1832, marked paid by the executor of Baldwin's estate in 1834. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 4j

1835 Cover sheet only: Coastal Trade Contract for Seamen's Wages, Ship Ocean of New Castle in Tyne, Captain Henry B. Fell, showing "Extracts from the Registration Act," August 1, 1825. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 15a

1835 Receipt for $833.25 received by B. Bouny from P. Beckwith, Bouny's share of $3000 made by the Steamboat Homer from April 23-May 26, 1835. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 4h

1835 Record (copy) of Brigade Court Martial of Lieutenant R. Cogley of the Company of Casadores Volantes of the Legion of Louisiana, October 7, 1835. He was charged with striking his superior officer. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 4e

1836 Act of sale (copy), November 13, 1836, before Joseph B. Marks, Notary Public, by which Thomas Green Davidson sold to David Michael Hughes five lots in Faubourg Saulet, bounded by Calliope, Hercules, Clio, and Grand Streets. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 4c

1836 Act of sale (copy), March 23, 1836, before Felix DeArmas, Notary Public, by which Francois Verloin Degruy sold to Thomas Green Davidson five lots in the Faubourg Saulet bounded by Calliope, Hercules, Clio, and Grand Streets. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 4b

1837 Bill of James Griggs for $88 due for wages aboard the steamboat Marmora, with a note by J. Claiborne to add another $15 to that amount. Calculations on the items show a cash payment by Claiborne of $40 (also noted on the reverse), leaving a balance of $63. The document is marked "#43," suggesting that it was offered as a piece of evidence in a court proceeding over the steamboat's debts. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 15c

1837 Letter from Euchariste Suares to Madame Lecrir, July 12, 1837. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 4f

1837-1838 A promissory note in the amount of $300 payable to John O. Daniel, made in Louisville, Ky., "for value received from him without defalcation" and signed by Joseph Claiborne as captain and agent of the steamboat Marmora. Also included is Daniel's account with the vessel for three months and eight days as a pilot at $150/month, less cash already paid and less $30 for passage from New Orleans.
18 38

1838 Act of sale by Benjamin Franklin French to Thomas Whalin of a lot in the suburb St. Mary.
18 15

1838 Receipt for 1150 inches of pickets for Louis Bringier. Signed by Samuel Jobson and dated August 27, 1838 at Bayou St. John. Eugene Ory's name also appears on the document. On the reverse of the receipt the sum of ninety-two piastres is noted, apparently the value of the pickets. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 4i

1839 Four letters from the Bank of America in New York (two written by D. Thompson and two by George Newbold) to J. B. Perrault, cashier of the Citizens Bank in New Orleans during 1838-1839. The letters deal with the collection of notes issued by various banks in New Orleans and the state of Mississippi.
17 28

1839 Copies, made in 1839, of 1822 documents relating to the sale of batture land to Edward Livingston by Delabigarre. Miscellaneous Documents, 1830-1839 14 15b

1840 1840 copy of an act of sale dated March 22, 1836 whereby Charles Auguste Rousselin sold to Pierre Despeaux a lot bounded by the Levee, the Public Road, St. Ferdinand, Moreau, and Montegut Streets. Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849 14 5d

1840 1840 letter and other documentation regarding the delivery of papers belonging to the late M. R. Wigginton and George W. Botts to Colonel H. R. A. Wigginton. Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849 14 5f

1840 Bond for marriage license between St. Cyr Regisse, f. m. c. and Catherine Pierre, f. w. c., September 21, 1840, before J. Bermudez, Interim Parish Judge. Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849 14 5g

1840 Certification, dated July 27, 1840) by the Recorder of Mortgages that there were no mortgages in the name of Ellen Jackson, widow of Thomas Kirkman, other than those on properties located in the vicinity of Magazine and Natchez Streets. It was part of the suit record in Jackson, Riddle & Co. (a Philadelphia firm) vs W. S. Warwick of London, England in the First Judicial District (no docket number is shown on the item). Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849 14 16d

1841 1841 document relating to mortgages on land and slaves in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes during the 1830s. Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849 14 5b

1842 Mortgage of two slaves by Julius A. Carrington to secure a loan of $700 from Paul Tulane (copy of the 1841 original, filed in the Mortgage Office on October 20, 1842. Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849 14 5j

1843 Bill for $193.46 due to Pierre C. DePeyster for molasses bought and sold for J. H. Fields, February 14, 1843. Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849 14 5c

1843 Act of sale by James Gallier to Rosette M. Hay, wife of George Craycroft, of two lots in the suburb Livaudais (in Jefferson Parish), bounded by Fourth, Levee, and Third Streets.
18 19

1843 1843 copy of a notarial act recording a private agreement dissolving the partnership of Valentine Ibanes and Pedro Arian in a café and grocery at Marais and St. Louis. Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849 14 16b

1843 Act of sale by Edwin Cooper Mix to Andrew Jackson Heslip of twenty lots in the Faubourg Washington. Also included is the certificate of the Recorder of Mortgages that there was no mortgage on file against land or slaves owned by Heslip.
18 13

1844 Receipt for pew #8 in Christ Church for Col. John Mountfort
15 50

1844 Extract from the marriage register of St. Louis Cathedral for the marriage of Francois Poree with Rosalie Poree Miscellaneous documents (Folder 22) 32 34e

1845 Deposition of William J. Johnston regarding a man who placed a hatchet in a window of Mr. Gorman's bedroom during the year 1845. Gorman tried to get Johnston to identify that individual as Mr. Berry, and Johnston did testify to that effect before Recorder Baldwin, but he is now uncertain. Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849. See also Box 19 Folder 10d. 14 16c

1847 Declaration of Frederick West to become a citizen, Fifth District Court, November 23, 1847. Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849 14 5a

1847 Receipt, dated June 10, 1847, for $2500 in twenty-five shares of stock in the City Bank of New Orleans, in payment of a judgment against the estate of James H. Leverich as one of the securities of Enoch Hyde, Jr., in Commercial Court #6923. Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849 14 5e

1847 Damaged document, dated May 4, 1847, from the island of Grand Caymanas, signed by the mate and two seamen of the Schooner Cammerai(?) to the effect that a fourth mariner was "completely incompetent of performing his duty." Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849 14 5i

1847 Receipt for payment of $2.85 in fees in the Succession the deceased wife of Pierre Disset, April 20, 1847. Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849 14 16a

1847 Copy book apparently belonging to A. W. Beeker. It includes an essay or speech on Mirabeau, along with drafts of a valedictory address in 1847. The is not indication on the item that it was part of a court proceeding.
32 14

1848 Letter dated January 28, 1848 from P. de Sotolongo in Havana to J. M. Isaacks in New Orleans regarding cargo aboard the M. A. Jones, which arrived in Havana that day. The document was filed as evidence in Fourth District Court #2361, Taylor & Rayne vs P. Sotolongo (1849). Miscellaneous Documents, 1840-1849 14 5h

1849 Note from Dr. J. R. Devron stating that Joseph Rodriguez was still under treatment and not able to leave his house Miscellaneous documents--Folder 2 23 6i

1851 Extract from the Executive Record of Appointments deposited in the office of the Secretary of State, November 19, 1851, showing Harbormasters, Auditor on Auction Sales, Register of Conveyances, Recorder of Mortgages, and Weighers of Hay (name, locality, date of appointment, and remarks). Filed as Exhibit D in the suit of Ivy vs Lusk and Quarles vs Lusk (1854). Miscellaneous Documents, 1850-1859 14 6c

1851 Document, possibly relating to the naturalizations of Francois Oberhauser and August Michel, November 10, 1851 Miscellaneous Documents, 1850-1859 14 6

1851 Invoice for the stained glass used in St. Louis Cathedral. A detailed list of the glass panels bought from James H. Heroy in New York and shipped to James Lilley in New Orleans.
15 45

1851 Power of attorney by Appeal from Justice of the Peace Moses Cox G. Clark of Prairie La Cross County, Wisconsin, to Charles Waters of New Orleans for his interest in the succession of William Green, November 4, 1851 Miscellaneous Documents, 1850-1859 14 6a

1851 Bill of James Stewart and William Morton for labor and materials in painting a house at the corner of Rousseau and Second Streets for John Gordon,, April 3, 1851 Miscellaneous Documents, 1850-1859 14 6b

1851 Letter from J. W. Williams in Union County, Arkansas to Henry Maginn in New Orleans (Girond between Gravier & Perdido) regarding issues over cotton that he sent to New Orleans for sale. His health kept him from tending to the matter in person, so he sent instructions regarding legal representation in the matter. On the reverse is an apparently unrelated letter, unsigned, but from Black Lake in Bienville Parish, to Messrs. Garrison, brokers, also regarding the sale of cotton in New Orleans. Miscellaneous Documents, 1850-1859 14 17a

1853 Certified copy (1855) of the enrollment of the Steamboat Louisa of St. Louis, George G. Ealer, Master, at the Port of St. Louis, April 16, 1853 Miscellaneous Documents, 1850-1859 14 6d

Succession of E. H. Lewis 1855 Will and death certificate of Mary Anne Hare, taken from records in Nantua, France. She was the wife of M. Alby, a merchant residing in Marseilles. E. H. Lewis does not appear in the published census index.
18 26

1855 Damaged letter from E. Briley in Barataria to William D. Rotchford in New Orleans, January 14, 1855, asking for assistance in getting business. Filed as evidence in the suit of Briley vs Soulie (#9646, unknown court, 1857) Miscellaneous Documents, 1850-1859 14 6e

1855 List of prisoners fully committed, giving the dates, names, charges, and committing Recorder for twenty-five prisoners. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 22) 32 34f

1856 Affidavit of Timothy Lloyd that he lost his naturalization papers. Probably related to his interest in registering to vote. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 19) 32 31b

1856 Letter from C. Delery, City Physician for the Second & Third Districts, to the Committee on Work House and Prisons listing thirteen insane persons (with names, ages, and place of birth) to be sent to Jackson. Also included is a court order for the same, noting that the individuals have remained in the city's custody for more than sixty days. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 21) 32 33a

1856 Oath of office, William Pilie, Fifth Justice of the Peace. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 29) 33 23c

1856 Oath of office as a Notary Public, Philippe Lacoste. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 29) 33 23a

1856 Statement of Dr. Joseph Jones on the health of Mrs. Smelser, confined in the Parish Prison, concurred with by the City Physician. This was part of a suit against the Sheriff (#10797) in an unidentified court. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 21) 32 33h

1856 Oath of office as a Notary Public, Michael Hahn. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 29) 33 23b

1857 City of New Orleans tax receipt for payment by Dorsey of $2.70 for Railroad Tax and $4.15 for unspecified property, both dated March 1, 1857 Miscellaneous Documents, 1850-1859 14 6i

1857 List of twelve insane persons to be conveyed to the asylum in Jackson, giving their names, dates of entry, and (perhaps) ages. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 20) 32 32i

1857 Letter from Ferninand A. Perry, Superintendent of the Insane Asylum to the Sheriff, Parish of Orleans, listing eight insane persons (with names, places of birth, and ages) to be taken to the asylum in Jackson, having been detained in the city's asylum "over the time required by law." Miscellaneous documents (Folder 20) 32 32j

1857 Letter from the Superintendent of the Insane Asylum to the Sheriff, Parish of Orleans, listing the names of four insane persons (with places of birth and ages included) who have been in the city asylum over the time required by law and now to be transported to Jackson. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 21) 32 33b

1857 City of New Orleans tax receipt for payment by A. Diggs of $7.20 for unspecified property and $4.80 for property on square 139, First Municipal District and for Railroad Tax, both dated March 1, 1857 Miscellaneous Documents, 1850-1859 14 6j

1858 Lease by Charles Alter to J. J. Michel and W. B. Koontz of an office on the second floor of 28 Camp St., November 1, 1858. Note on the reverse that the lease was renewed for another year. Miscellaneous Documents, 1850-1859 14 6f

1858 Bill of J. A. Sherman to James H. Curtis, February 15, 1859, for $50 for exchanging a single for a double truss as per contract. Miscellaneous Documents, 1850-1859 14 17b

1859 R. Sherborne's bill to A. W. Walker for whitewashing and plastering, November 12, 1859 Miscellaneous Documents, 1850-1859 14 6g

1859 Extracts from the Register of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, Parish of Girthon, Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland, showing the marriage of James McLuskie Mason and Elizabeth McKenzie in 1828 and the birth of their son, Alexander, in 1830. The extracts are dated 1859 and are certified by the U. S. Consul in Glasgow. Miscellaneous Documents, 1850-1859 14 6h

1860 Receipt for payment of thirty-eight piastres to Alexis Aine by the estate of Pharrar (Farrar?), May 9, 1860 Miscellaneous Documents, 1860-1869 14 7c

1860 Bill of the Bulletin Job Printing Office to the Sheriff of Orleans Parish for printing five hundred posters of a special notice relating to a trial before the Sixth Judicial District Court in Iberville Parish, April 24, 1860. Miscellaneous Documents, 1860-1869 14 7k

1860 Act of sale by Charlotte Dutillet, wife of Celestin Cousin, et al. to Karole Braun, a lot on Casacalvo Street bounded by Enghein, Port, and Grand Hommes, August 8, 1860. Included is detailed information on family relationships, with several members of the Cousin family designated as g. c. l. (gens de couleur libre) Miscellaneous Documents, 1860-1869 14 7b

1860 Receipt for payment of $10 by Mrs. A. Sherborn to James Quigley for repairing two chimneys, January 28, 1869 Miscellaneous Documents, 1860-1869 14 7e

1860 Notice addressed to J. S. Puissiger of the trial date in the suit of State of Louisiana vs Pierre Bergeris, April 26, 1860 Miscellaneous Documents, 1860-1869 14 7j

1860 Act of sale by Louis Nicolas Serafen to Joseph Jouet of several slaves, March 27, 1860 (copy of an 1859 original) Miscellaneous Documents, 1860-1869 14 7f

1860 Act of sale (copy) by Adolphe Boulange to Michael Bayley of two lots in Faubourg Washington, bounded by Levee, Enghien, Victory, and Port.
15 29

1866 Act of sale by Fritz Huppenbauer to D. Bechacq of the United States Restaurant on Common Street, November 26, 1866 Miscellaneous Documents, 1860-1869 14 7h

1866 Answer of Washington Henry McLean in the suit of Myra Clark Gaines vs P. H. Monsseau et al. (#3663, Circuit Court of the United States for the Sixth Circuit, Eastern District of Louisiana), regarding land bounded by Carondelet Walk, Toulouse, Broad, and White, February 24, 1866 Miscellaneous Documents, 1860-1869 14 7a

1866 Receipt for payment by D. Bechacq of Gottschalk & Magner's bill for preparation of notarial documents, etc., relating to the sale by Fritz Huppenbauer to Bechacq of the United States Restaurant on Common Street, November 20, 1866 Miscellaneous Documents, 1860-1869 14 7g

1866 Agreement for Foreign Going Ship--Ship Emma for a voyage from New Orleans to Tampico and eventually back to New Orleans. The document shows the signatures of crew members with their ages, places of birth, name of ship & port last served on, time of entry, capacity served, wages, and comments. Also includes certifications by the British Consul in Tampico.
26 7

1867 Act of sale by Luther Homes to Ignatius Szymanski of the judgment in the Third District Court suit of Homes vs J. C. Barelli (#19628), August 9, 1867 Miscellaneous Documents, 1860-1869 14 7i

1868 Sale of property by Drausin Barthelemy Macarty to Jean Dumestre and Dominique Monlezun, a lot on Claiborne bounded by Robertson and St. Peter, March 2, 1868 Miscellaneous Documents, 1860-1869 14 7d

1870 Order to the sheriff to seize property in order to satisfy the judgment and costs in the suit of City of New Orleans vs F. Newhall, Third District Court #8752, January 6, 1870. With notes regarding payment, etc. on the reverse. Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 8c

1870 Certification by the Recorder of Mortgages regarding the property of Henry C. Miller in the Sixth Municipal District, square #419, bounded by St. Charles, Constantinople, Carondelet, and General Taylor, January 18, 1870 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 8f

1870 Documents from two envelopes. The first envelope is from the Recorder's Court, First District, and is marked "G. J. [Grand Jury], Friday, Sept 9, 70, S/Capt. George, Comm Metr Police. The second envelope is from State of Louisiana, Executive Department, and is addressed to the Governor of Alabama, Mobile. Included are two newspaper clippings of Thomas Digby's offer of a reward for the return of his daughter. Also included is a handwritten note signed "A true friend," August 10, 1870, addressed to Mrs. Broadwell, regarding her husband's interest in Ellen Follin. Also included is a requisition, August 20, 1870, signed by Governor H. C. Warmoth, addressed to the Governor of Alabama requesting that Louisa Murray, alias Follin, be turned over to J. B. Jourdain for return to Louisiana.
29 29

1871 Bernstein & Blumenson Receipt Book--record of amounts paid, 1870-1871, by the firm (and later by Bernstein alone) to various companies and individuals.
17 11

1871 Bond (copy) of Philippe Levy, with Frank Pace and Joseph Macheca, to pay $1000 to Captain George Henry Johnson should they fail to return the Brig Margaret to New Orleans within three months. Filed with Johnson's demand for them to produce the vessel in port or pay him the $1000 as stipulated in the agreement, 1871 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 8g

1871 Receipt for 95 piastres paid by Legrand to Goussy(?), from an unidentified court proceeding in 1873. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 24) 33 2e

1871 Roll of members, Washington Steam Fire Company #20, October 1, 1871 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 8e

1871 Roll of members, Milneburg Fire Company #1, October 15, 1871 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 8a

1872 Five letters from R. Y. Charmbury in Liverpool and Dublin to J. Omeally in New Orleans between August 20 and November 17. He discussed his health, the health--and eventual death--of his young son, shipping, business affairs in New Orleans, and more.
15 33

1872 Jury records--letter from the Registrar of Voters to the Criminal Sheriff (August 21, 1872) refusing his request for access to the registration books. Also includes the Sheriff's communication to the Judge of First District Court (August 21, 1872) citing his inability to provide a list of registered voters as ordered by the Court.
33 25

1873 Printed letter from the United States Attorney General George H. Williams to "The County Clerk," June 26, 1873, enclosing a blank form for crime statistics for the year 1872. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 13) 30 13e

1873 Signed three-page deposition of Charles Clinton, State Auditor, regarding the sale of half price state licenses by other public officials. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 10) 30 10h

1874 Form of a Declaration to be made by the Widow of a Deceased Person who has a Land Warrant and Desires Another, Mary Ann Duvernay, widow of Pierre Duvernay, November 20, 1874 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 9d

1874 Coroner's inquest findings for William H. Brewer. Also included is the statement of a witness along with a certification from the Surgeon, Central Dept., Metropolitan Police.
32 20

State vs. T. H. Duffy 1874 Letter from Dennis Cronan, Jr. to the District Attorney enclosing synopses of evidence in the case and related cases. The evidence comprises synopsis of statements by several witnesses regarding a fire at the foundry of Dennis Cronan & Co. at Clio and Magazine Streets during 1873.
28 23

1874 Application of Widow for Additional Bounty, Sarah Gray, widow of Aaron Gray, U. S. C. T., September 11, 1874. Includes detail on their marriage and his death. Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 9g

1874 Manuscript list of forty-five of the men (with their addresses) who signed the newspaper notice calling for an assembly at the Clay Statue on September 14, 1874. Several of the names are grouped together with brackets. A clipping of the newspaper notice is also included, with check marks next tow two names--H. S. Addison and M. Hilliard. There is no indication that these items were part of a court proceeding.
32 12

1874 Letter from Louis Henderson, December 10, 1874, complaining of his arrest without warrant by a Negro police officer named Francisco. Included are comments about persons trying to shut down his club because he was not a Radical. Part of "Sundry papers considered and dismissed by the late Grand Jury, and a communication received by us too late for our action." The papers weree returned to the District Attorney by the Jury foreman on April 5, 1875. 29 20

1874 Application for widow's pension, Sarah Gray, widow of Aaron Gray, U. S. C. T. [U. S. Colored Troops], September 11, 1874 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 9b

1874 Document relative to dispute over the liquidation of the firm of Allen Bros. in 1894. The Brook Rice Mill was also involved. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 27) 33 5j

1874 Application of Discharged Soldier for Arrears of Pay, etc., Charles Celar, December 12, 1874 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 9f

1874 Noticee to Widow Shelley to vacate the premises at 206 Camp Street, signed by Annie Cassidy, March 10, 1874 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 8b

1874 Oath of Lambert Fischer that he lost his Union Army discharge papers. Probably related to his interest in registering to vote. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 16) 32 28b

1874 Power of Attorney, Edward Dubec to William Clark to present and prosecute his claim for a bounty, December 24, 1874 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 9i

1874 Form of a Declaration to be made by the Widow of a Deceased Person who has not had a Land Warrant, or made a Declaration therefor, Juanita Aucoin, widow of Celestin Aucoin, November 20, 1874 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 9e

1875 Act of mortgage by Bazile Dabat to Horace E. Upton to secure payment of three promissory notes totaling $3500, August 23, 1875 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 8h

1875 A packet of documents apparently not altogether related to one another. Two items, one a letter dated March 12, 1875 from Milton Jones to E. W. Dewees, and the other an undated list of names and transactions, apparently deal with the sale of legislators' votes on the "State House Bill." One document is marked, "State vs Jim Conners--issued for G. J. [Grand Jury] for June 3rd, comprising what appears to be a list of witnesses and their addresses. Three items relate to charges against W. S. Bassett, master of the U. S. Mail Steamer Marie, for embezzlement in 1875. Also included is an envelope with mostly illegible handwriting on front and back.
26 18

1875 Letter from A. R. Railey, January 19, 1875, regarding the theft of a note from him (while in a saloon) by T. H. Cornel(?). The note was somehow connected to a levee-building project. Railey was with the Louisiana Levee Co. Accompanied by a list of witnesses in the matter to be subpoenaed to appear before the Grand Jury. Part of "Sundry papers considered and dismissed by the late Grand Jury, and a communication received by us too late for our action." The papers weree returned to the District Attorney by the Jury foreman on April 5, 1875. 29 20

1875 Jury records--jury notice addressed to Charles W. Johnson, with a letter from the Deputy Collector of Customs asking that Neff be excused from jury service due to his employment as Captain of the Night Watch. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 30) 33 26h

1875 Act of sale (1883 copy) by Widow Elizabeth Bloomfield and heirs of John P. George to Thomas Miller Anderson, portion of property in square #61 bounded by Prytania, Plaisance, Harmony, and Nayades, September 10, 1875 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 8j

1875 Certification by the Register of Conveyances that no alienations of property were found in the name of John Cannois and Michael Frowley, but no property was found in the name of Michael Frawley.
28 21

1875 Jury records--jury notice addressed to John Irwin, with a letter from the Deputy Collector of Customs asking that Neff be excused from jury service due to his employment as a clerk in the cashier's office and also as a watchman. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 30) 33 26g

1875 Jury records--jury notice addressed to Henry Hicks, with a letter from the Deputy Collector of Customs asking that Neff be excused from jury service due to his employment as a laborer in the Warehouse Department. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 30) 33 26f

1875 Jury records--jury notice addressed to Philip Neff, with a letter from the Deputy Collector of Customs asking that Neff be excused from jury service due to his employment as a carpenter at the Custom House. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 30) 33 26e

1875 Three jury summonses to serve for Superior Criminal Court, issued to George E. Teetzel, John Z. Miller, and Peter Hellweg(?), all marked on the reverse, "not a citizen." Miscellaneous documents--Folder 7 26 1c

1875 Affidavit of Gertrude Belte before the Clerk of Fifth District Court regarding her late husband's military service. Included are details of their marriage, birth of their children, and his final illness, February 3, 1875 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 9a

1875 Power of Attorney, Ellen Harris to Dicks & Wilder to present and prosecute her claim for a bounty and arrears of pay as widow of Robert Harris, March 10, 1875 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 9j

1875 Two identical unsigned letters, dated August 1875, relative to the qualifications of Thomas Malloy, Michael Fromley, and John Connors to operate as bondsmen in New Orleans. They appear to have been addressed to W. F. Loan, Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police, and P. H. Boyle, the Metropolitan's secretary.
33 6

1875 Letter from Homera Baitte(?) and N. Lastrapes, February 6, 1875, regarding illegal arrest and imprisonment by Van Kirk, night sergeant of the Metropolitan Police. Part of "Sundry papers considered and dismissed by the late Grand Jury, and a communication received by us too late for our action." The papers weree returned to the District Attorney by the Jury foreman on April 5, 1875. 29 20

1875 Letter to the Grand Jury from Annie Harvey, 18 Basin St., March 23, 1875, preferring charges against Detective James L. Smith for drawing his revolver and threatening her life. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 13) 30 13d

1875 Naval Claim for Bounty Money and Arrears of Pay, William Lawson, coal heaver on the U. S. S. Tennessee, February 2, 1875 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 9h

1875 Doctor's note, February 11, 1875, stating that F. Newhall was under treatment and unfit for jury duty. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 11) 30 11b

1875 Certification from the Metropolitan Police Surgeon's Office that Thomas Donovan was in treatment for epilepsy. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 28) 33 22a

1875 Certification from Dr. Elkins(?) that William Planchard had an affection of his libia that was aggravated by "confined posture" and her was thus not suited for jury duty. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 28) 33 22b

1875 Correspondence between E. A. Burke, Administrator of Improvements for the City of New Orleans, and Z. M. Pike, Lumber Inspector, regarding timber furnished to the city for bridge repairs in 1874.
18 6

1875 Declaration for Mother or Father's Application for Army Pension, Winnie Prentiss, widow of Anthony Prentiss and mother of the late Lewis Prentiss, U. S. C. Cavalry, February 11, 1875 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 9c

1876 Two envelopes, one marked, "State vs Thomas R. Hogan" and the other marked, "Thos. R. Hogan." Includes the marriage certificate for Hogan with Celia Joseph, 1876, and the marriage license.
26 25

1876 Documents from an envelope addressed to the Foreman and members of the Grand Jury. Included is a note from Dr. W. H. Watkins to Dr. J. Jones asking him to come out relative to a "whole family sick under suspicious circumstances." "Terpsichore and Laurel" also appears on the note. Also included are nine summonses from Superior Criminal Court for appearances before the Grand Jury on January 14, 1876. Several of the individuals summoned had addresses as or near the Terpsichore and Laurel location.
30 2

1876 Jury records--letter, signed by Governor William Pitt Kellogg, appointing W. W. McCullough as acting Jury Commissioner for Orleans Parish (October 4, 1876). Miscellaneous documents (Folder 30) 33 26a

1876 Jury records--affidavit of the Jury Commissioner of Orleans Parish explaining the jury selection process of October 20, 1876. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 30) 33 26b

1876 Motion by the Attorney General of Louisiana for the jury venire drawn on December 20, 1876 to be annulled and a new drawing of four-hundred names be held, with sixteen of the names to serve as the Grand Jury. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 9 26 20c

1876 Letter from W. Walsh, Deputy Civil Sheriff, to the Clerk of Superior Criminal Court requesting that he deliver ballot boxes for the next election to B. Bloomfield & Co., with a receipt on the reverse indicating the delivery of 119 ballot boxes as requested. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 21) 32 33d

1876 Jury records--deposition of G. W. Sentell regarding his jury service. Apparently his name was drawn a second time and this was his justification for not serving again. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 30) 33 26c

1876 Oath of office, Lafayette Adams, Chief Clerk, Fourth Municipal Police Court. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 29) 33 23d

1877 Coroner's inquest into the death of Don Severino De la Barrera. Barrera was Spanish Consul in New Orleans and an apparent suicide by poison. Included is the lengthy testimony of C. Daniel de Rafael, Vice Consul.
32 1

1877 Coroner's inquest into the death of Louis Gastauer. It is accompanied by a police report and statements of several witnesses to the fire at Gastauer's house, his violent behavior, and subsequent death from a gunshot wound.
24 3

1877 Special report of the Grand Jury on wooden banquettes. Sent to the Judge of the Second Judicial District Court in Carrollton with a cover letter
25 1

1877 Letter, April 20, 1877, from William Grant, Special Attorney for the U. S. to "My Dear Whitaker," on "Law Offices of Rouse & Grant" letterhead, regarding Jump to: navigation, search
nolle prosequi dispositions for two cases before the U. S. Circuit Court. Attached is certification by the Clerk of U. S. Circuit Court regarding Grand Jury indictments against Whitaker for embezzlement, along with a not guilty verdict in one and Jump to: navigation, search
nolle prosequi dispositions in the other two.
Miscellaneous documents--Folder 9 26 20a

1878 Registry of acknowledgment by Charles Darcental in favor of Mrs. Sylvanie Darcantal, widow of Benoit Treme, with an English translation, March 1, 1878 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 8i

1878 Grand Jury indictment of Thomas & Edward Sweeney for assault and shooting with intent to kill and murder, May 18, 1878. The item is marked, " Not a true bill." Miscellaneous documents (Folder 13) 30 13g

1878 Letter from attorney C. L. Walker to the District Attorney, May 7, 1878, asking him to let the case of State vs C. C. Crane have his "earliest convenient attention" as some of the witnesses will be leaving town later in the week. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 12) 30 12j

1879 Summons, petition, etc. in the suit of State vs J. Barres, Third District Court #8752, for capital taxes due on his grocery store at 226 Customhouse Street, June 1879 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 8d

1879 Request by Edward Hickey to be released from paying a fine and court costs stemming from a charge of simple assault & battery, claiming "indigent circumstances and extreme poverty and destitution." Miscellaneous documents--Folder 6 25 3f

1879 Bill of Francis Johnson, undertaker, for Mary Alexander's funeral expenses, October 14, 1879 Miscellaneous Documents, 1870-1879 14 8k

1880 Grand Jury report to the Judge of the Sixth & Seventh Districts, Parish of Orleans.
31 10

1881 Copy of ordinance #1511, N.S., concerning the revenues of the Dryades Market, passed in 1869, copy dated Jully 28, 1881 Miscellaneous Documents, 1880-1889 14 10b

1881 Letter from attorney J. O. Nixon, Jr. to the Clerk, January 3, 1881, asking to withdraw the record in State vs Joseph Hollis (ca. 1877, on a rape charge) for use in another court. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 6 25 3e

1881 Documents dealing with a forged "draft on bill of exchange" for $150, payable to R. E. Yancey and signed by S. T. Yancey, dated in Troyville on February 20, 1881. The draft itself is attached to the affidavit against the two Yanceys, charging that they signed and endorsed the draft. Also included is an affidavit by Charles Newman, who was to pay the draft, also testifying that the item was a forgery.
29 30

1881 Letter from A. A. Ranney in Boston, March 26, 1881, to J. U. Payne in New Orleans, asking him to recommend counsel for the unnamed bearer of the communication. Payne's additional note, addressed to Breaux & Hall, asks that firm to assist the bearer, Allie M. Price. Miscellaneous Documents, 1880-1889 14 10a

1882 Coroner's autopsy proces verbal for Mrs. Widow Harriet Peterson. Also includes the Coroner's verdict and the signed statements of witnesses. The cause of death was a stab in the heart.
31 24

1882 Special report on theatres made by the Grand Jury to the Judge of the criminal court. Included in the report were the Werlein Theater, Academy of Music, Grand Opera House, and the French Opera; general remarks are also included. The report was also published in the Daily Picayune, May 10, 1882.
31 23

1883 List of witnesses to be summoned before the Grand Jury, August 5, 1883. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 28) 33 22c

1883 Unsigned letter to the foreman of the Grand Jury charging H. E. Newell with embezzlement of funds belonging to the New Orleans Package & Parcel Delivery Co., collected for delivery of Rand McNally atlases and for fraudulent transfers. Supporting documentation is included.
28 5

1883 Grand Jury report Four-page manuscript 22 12

1884 Certificate of the Recorder of Mortgages regarding property and mortgages of John Connor/Conners at 98 Girod St. and twenty-one lots bounded by Prieur, Melpomene, Jackson, and Johnson. A note on the document states, "Affidavit dismissal, July 1884." Miscellaneous documents (Folder 10) 30 10d

1885 Lease of property at the corner of Clouet and St. Claude by Oscar Allen to Sylvain Pedelahore at $5/month for two years. Pedelahore was to erect a building for his business, to be turned over to Allen at the end of the lease term.
15 28

1886 Letter from L. Durand to "My Dear Wife," April 4, 1886, discussing their children and his travels. Part of the same matter filed in Box 26, Folder 26. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 14) 30 14j

1886 Court order from Civil District Court to the Registrar of Voters to allow Andrew Hero, Jr., to examine records pertaining to the registration of voters in the Second Congressional District for the November 2, 1886 election, November 17, 1886. From Civil District Court #19344, State of Louisiana ex rel Hero vs Alexander Brewster, Registrar Miscellaneous Documents, 1880-1889 14 10e

1887 Act of sale, William H. Deverheim to James Simeon, five lots in the Sixth Municipal District, square #81, bounded by Dryades, St. Denis, Marengo, and Constantinople, March 27, 1887 Miscellaneous Documents, 1880-1889 14 10d

1887 Documents (contract, specifications, and copies of City Council proceedings) relative to A. Rieling's contract to dig, widen, deepen, and clean canals for the city in 1887. Accompanied by an envelope marked "For Nix & Grand Jury, May 30, 1887."
26 3

1888 Coroner's Office, Proces verbal of autopsy, Harry Emanuel
22 10d

1888 Letter from J. P. Harrison, Jr., in Hammond, to T. S. Williams, Superintendent of the NO & I RR, September 22, 1888, regarding the contract between the Railroad and the Hammond Brick Yard Miscellaneous Documents, 1880-1889 14 10c

1888 Two reports to the District Attorney by operatives of the Farrel & Boylan Detective Agency (on Agency letterhead showing D. C. Hennessey as Superintendent) on the theft of carpenter's tools from men working on the Mercier Building at Canal & Dauphine Streets.
31 18

1888 Coroner's Office, Proces verbal of autopsy, Aaron Schull
22 10c

1888-1899 Copies of four acts of sale to and from Caroline Ebinger (widow of Frank Hille and wife of Frank Hayne): 1) Gougis & Martin to Hille (1888)--bounded by St. Mary, St. Charles, Carondelet, and Felicity; 2) Hille to Steidinger (1888)--bounded by South Rampart, St. Andrew, Franklin, and Felicity; 3) Hille to Wehrman (1898)--bounded by St. Mary, St. Charles, Carondelet, and Felicity; 4) Smith to Hagan (1899)--bounded by Cadiz, Valence, Dryades, and Baronne.
18 7

1889 U. S. Department of State certification of George C. Tanner, signer of a document (not present) as U. S. Consul at Picton, Nova Scotia. Also included is Tanner's certification of the signature (not present) of Bishop John Cameron.
33 12

1889 Note from the foreman of the Grand Jury indicating that there was no crime committed in the matter of John Hyams alleging trespass by Mrs. Hall, the matter being of a civil, not criminal, nature. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 6 25 3g

1889 Grand Jury report to the Criminal District Court for the period beginning March 6, 1889 Filed on May 31, 1889 20 4

1889 Envelope marked, "State vs John Jourdain." Includes several certificates for furniture received from T. Dumas, corner Royal and Ursulines for which the recipient agreed to pay a weekly amount until the items were paid for in full. The certificates identify the item(s) sold and the name and address of the purchaser. Weekly payments were recorded on the reverse (most showing Jourdain as the collector). Also includes several cards showing additional weekly collections with references to individual contracts.
26 23

1889 Envelope with Criminal District Court return address marked, "Mem. Of costs & fines in Section A for mo of Feby." Contents include six items, all from February 1889, showing judgments in cases with fines and/or sentences noted.
30 20

1889 Army voucher involving Nelson A. Woody's claim to his father's (Nelson Woody) pension stemming from his service as a private in an heavy artillery unit out of Indiana.
15 24

1889 Two letters to Raoul Arnoult in New Orleans from his brother, Christian (on Fader, Frank & Co. letterhead) in Memphis, April 3 & 9, 1889. They discuss aspects of the cotton business, family matters, the lack of amusements in Memphis, and other subjects. Also included is a bill or invoice for liquor sold to Raoul by Sparicio & Paterno in New Orleans, a note to Raoul, signed "Albert," regarding property on St. Anthony St., two notes with contact information for George Arnoult in St. Charles Parish, and an envelope addressed to Raoul c/o the Second Recorder's Court (the April 3 letter was within).
23 1

1890 Letter of W. A. Roy, Foreman of the Grand Jury, to Judge Marr regarding the late delivery of a letter from the Italian Counsel [sic], "complaining that his countrymen now imprisoned in the Parish Prison on serious charges had been maltreated." The later is dated November 17, 1890 Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 17e

1890 Letter from Louis F. Boucherau, attorney for Henry Rouede (on his law firm letterhead) to Pierre Chabot, December 6, 1890, asking him to call to discuss liquidation of his partnership with Rouede. Marked on the reverse, "#1601, State vs Pierre Chabot, 8/20/1891, evidence, 2nd Recorder's Court." Miscellaneous documents (Folder 27) 33 5b

1890 Envelope marked, "#1398, John Winthrop, bigamy evidence." Includes a copy of his marriage certificate with Ellen Cook in 1890. Also includes a copy of his marriage license and bond with Alice Colbert in 1880.
26 15

1890 Receipt for city taxes (1890), $2.53 + 5 cents interest for property bounded by Force, Elysian Fields, Frenchmen, and Liberal. A note on the reverse reads, "offered in evidence by the State, 3/10/1896." Miscellaneous documents (Folder 26) 33 4i

1891 Envelope marked, "#1564, Check, evidence against Francisco Teo, 4/11/1891." Contents: a check for $82.60 payable to W. Chalaire, signed by Mailhes & Raymond, April 7, 1891, along with an evidence tag, apparently for $5.65 cash (not present). Miscellaneous documents (Folder 26) 33 4b

1891 Envelope marked, "State vs Louis Wellmeyer, 1 check #310, 1 order." Includes a check for $55 on the Branch Depository of the State National Bank payable to Wellmeyer and signed by D. Mercier, May 11, 1891. Also includes a receipt dated May 12, 1891 for $41.50 from A. Bartholomew to Walter Griffin, District Telegram No. 35. The latter is on reverse of part of a form for Wellmeyer as a carpenter and builder on Marais Street.
26 24

1891 Envelope marked, "#1514, C. W. Harrison alias C. W. Harrington." Includes a check for $21.15 payable to Harrison and signed by S. H. Wilkinson, April 1, 1891. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 9 26 20e

1891 Last will and testament of August Samuel Thiergart, July 22, 1891 (copy made in 1893) before Robert P. Upton. Miscellaneous Documents, 1890-1899 14 11a

1892 Envelope from Criminal District Court marked, "No. 18749, #1810, State vs Geo. W. Kendall, indictment for grand larceny, evidence." Contents: receipt for a draft for $113.40 from Kendall (1892). Miscellaneous documents (Folder 26) 33 4j

1892 Envelope from Criminal District Court marked, "#1781, Jno. Francois." Contents: a letter from John Francis to Miss Whaley in 1892 threatening to kill her. Also, an envelope addressed to Miss Rose Whaley, marked as evidence in State vs Jno. Francis." Miscellaneous documents (Folder 27) 33 5a

1892 Note made by Jane Holloway in 1892 for $50 payable to herself with an endorsement on the reverse by Mrs. S. M. Fernandez. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 27) 33 5k

1892 Interrogatories and answers of seven witnesses in the Grand Jury investigation of the murder of Thomas Fitzgerald.
33 10

1892 Certifited copy (by the Mayor's Secretary) of ordinance #6596, C.S., regarding adulterated milk. The item was filed in the Second Recorder's Court in 1893 Miscellaneous documents--Folder 1 23 3b

1892 Voter registration certificate (#649, Tenth Ward, Fourth Precinct) for Usan Milea.
32 17

1893 Envelope from Criminal District Court marked, "2388, Wm. Lysle, check." Contents: receipt from Mrs. W. A. Cooney for "full form and La Luxe for 1 year," $5, New York Fashion Co., Oct. 1893 with an attached note, "evidence case of State vs Wm. Lysle, affidavit no. 15368." Miscellaneous documents (Folder 27) 33 5i

1893 Envelope with Criminal District Court return address marked, "2509, Hugh Watson, 3 documents." Contents include a letter from Watson (business manager, St. Mary Banner) to W.E. Myers in New Orleans, December 20, 1893, regarding advertising rates. Also included is a form from Myers, General Newspaper Advertising Agency, with names of weekly papers in Mississippi and Louisiana. Also included is the St. Mary Banner's "Directory of Reliable Firms to deal with in New Orleans, La."
30 19

1893 Letter to O. M. Dunn, Superintendent of the Illinois Central Rail Road in New Orleans, December 9, 1893, from an agent (name illegible) asking that a pass be issued to C. E. Bynum, a stenographer in the agent's office, for transit to Chicago on account of a death in his family. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 14) 30 14f

1893 Envelope with Criminal District Court return address marked, "Leib alias Lysle, 2406." Contents include an unsigned 1893 receipt for one year and season on the French Bazar for Miss M. A. Terrell, New York Fashion Co., 410 Broadway with a note identifying it as evidence in State vs B. Leib alias William Lysle, affidavit No 15409, 2406.
30 18

1893 Envelope from Criminal District Court marked, "Affidavits nos. 9398, 9397, 1 check, State vs Edward Milner, 2439." Contents: a check payable to Milner for $15, signed by H. S. Everett. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 27) 33 5g

1893 Envelope from the Police Department marked, "12/28/1893, 3rd precinct, 2462, Corporal Bayard Kaiser, note as evidence--case of boy stole 2 barrels sugar & sole some to Mr. Bazile Economides, Evidence." Contents: envelope addressed to "Mr. Breasel, French Market" and a note asking for payment for sugar sold to Mr. Bresel, French Market Coffee Stand. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 26) 33 4d

1893 Envelope from Second Recorder's Court marked, "2114, State vs H. C. Ross, Evidence, 2/8/93." Contents: Ross's receipt for $27.25 received from Father Manoritta, as commission, along with six agreements to place advertisements in "Gazzetta Cattolica," all of which are marked on the reverse as having forged signatures.
33 21

1893 Note addressed to "Bert" from "M" about a meeting and a court appearance, February 23, 1893. On the reverse: State vs Bertrand Adair, evidence, March 1893, offered on behalf of defendant, letter from Mollie Raglin(?) to Adair. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 27) 33 5h

1894 Envelope marked, " 2573, lottery ticket, Alphonse Brissot." Contents: lottery ticket from the Crescent City Premium Club stamped "Good Luck Office" and dated February 20, 1894. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 27) 33 5d

1894 Envelope marked, "259__, John Hart." Contents: a check for $78 payable to Hart, signed by W. H. Reagan, along with a postcard (barely legible). Miscellaneous documents (Folder 23) 33 1f

1894 Envelope marked, " 2566, Oscar Saurage, 2 checks." Contents: a check payable to R. W. Rodney for $135, signed by Ben R. Meyer and a check payable to O. Saurage for $45, signed by John D. Murrel. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 27) 33 5e

1894 Envelope from the Second Recorder's Court marked, "2907, Contract, evidence, state vs Elie Assele, 2/12/1895." Contents: a letter from Assele to Abdalla Faris, proposing to work for him for six months. The proposal was accepted by Faris. The letter is on letterhead of James J. McLouchlin, attorney, who is listed as one of the witnesses to the contract. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 26) 33 4f

1894 Indictment of Christopher J. Hyland, et al. for attacking black longshoremen. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 26) 33 4e

1894 Charter (copy) of the First Christian Church in New Orleans.
15 27

1894 Envelope from the Police Department marked, "Jan 29, 1894, 3rd precinct, Property found on A. E. Rush, arrested by Flood & Littleton, articles: two forged orders, one one Mr. Monteleone & one on E. M. Bachemin, G. J. Legendre, clerk in charge, remarks: evidence, 2510." Included is an invoice for a pair of shoes purchased by Rush from A. Monteleone, Boots & Shoes. Also included are two notes (one addressed to Monteleone, the other to Bachemin) both signed by William Bellot (on Tessier & Co. letterhead), both stating his responsibility for purchases made by Rush (1893-1894). Miscellaneous documents (Folder 26) 33 4a

1895 Envelope marked, "2915, Robert Davis." Contents: two receipts for rental of rugs by A. V. Jones, dealer in house furnishing goods (1894-1895) Miscellaneous documents (Folder 25) 33 3a

1895 Envelope (damaged) marked, "3107, State vs Charles F. Hughes, evidence, 3 time checks." Contents: three discharge tickets signed by Hughes for three separate laborers. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 23) 33 1h

State vs Arthur S. Shaw 1895 Evidence from an envelope originally addressed to the manager of Western Union Co. in New Orleans. Includes a check for $100 signed W. L. Small, payable to Union National Bank as per telegram, telegram from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, regarding Small's check, and a protest from Milwaukee for non-payment of the $100. The number 2944 appears among the documents. 28 12

1895 Envelope from the Second Recorder's Court marked, "2859, evidence, State vs George Howard alias G. H. Holmes, January 9, 1895--one check; three checks." Contents: a check for $28.40 payable to Howard, signed by Sheridan Clark and two checks payable to A. Dover ($137.50 and $39.80), both signed by Sol Weill. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 23) 33 1g

1895 Envelope marked, "3260, W. W. Styles." Contents: a receipt signed by John Credo for payment by Paul Tujaque of $17 for "one bay horse with right hind hood split." Miscellaneous documents (Folder 23) 33 1e

1895 Envelope from Criminal District Court marked, " 2912, S. Requelme, 1 document." Contents: a handbill advertisement for the Havana Lottery Co., marked on the reverse, "Evidence in the case of the State vs Stephen Requelme, charged with obtaining money by false pretenses." Miscellaneous documents (Folder 26) 33 4h

State vs Albert Weber alias Frederick Perkins 1895 Charged with breach of trust and embezzlement. Included is a summary of J. P. Williams' statement charging Weber with posing as an agent of the New Orleans Debenture Redemption Co. of Louisiana. Also included are the names and addresses of Weber and his victim on the Debenture Company's letterhead. The number 14600 appears on the summary, but there is no indication as to the court in which the case was filed.
33 19

1895 Envelope from the Second Recorder's Court marked, "2921, State vs T. J. Walker, obtaining good & money by false pretenses, 2/20/1895, 2 checks evidence." Contents: two checks payable to Gardner & Scherer and signed by Walker. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 26) 33 4c

1895 Envelope from First Recorder's Court marked, "John McKenzie, 2315, P. L., 8/31/95." Contents: illegible note with McKenzie's name on one side and George Smith on the other. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 27) 33 5f

1895 Certification from the Recorder of Mortgages that there were no outstanding mortgages in the name of Frank Beck, who apparently used his property to secure bond for an unnamed party Miscellaneous documents--Folder 3 23 7a

1895 Envelope from Third Recorder's Court marked, "7888, 2 documents, Evidence in the case of the State vs J. J. Philips & A. J. Curry, affidavit no. 16680." Contents: a letter from Charles Eble to Mr. Riviere asking him to go ahead with the job and a letter from Jeff C. Wench to Eble regarding gardening job needs.
33 20

1895 Envelope from Criminal District Court marked, "2927, Thomas Louny(?), 1 document." Contents: one note dated 1895 apparently dealing with $45 in someone's possession. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 26) 33 4g

1896 Letter of Charles Linter to the City Council petitioning for release of his wife, Cora. Signed by Council members Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 16b

1896 Letter of Fred Marzner to the City Council petitioning for release from jail. Signed by Council members. Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 16a

1896 Documents in an envelope (with the District Attorney as the return address) marked, "State vs Mrs. Louis Sass--slander." Includes a letter, September 25, 1896 from attorney T. M. Miller to "My Dear Judge." Also includes two items regarding Odessa Mercier, C. H. Fields, and the valuation of bonds. Also includes notes on testimony, in 1895, of four witnesses in the Sass matter, apparently regarding a statement by Mrs. Louis Sass that Mrs. Bernard Sass had children prior to her marriage.
28 18

State vs William Collins 1896 Evidence in an envelope marked, "Papers in Collins transfer." Includes a signed statement that a telegraphic money order sent to him by his brother in San Francisco was delivered to another William Collins, a copy of the text of the receipt, signed by Collins, for the $35 sent from San Francisco, and a Western Union delivery ticket showing delivery to Collins along with other deliveries made on the same day. The number 3380 appears among the documents. 28 13

1896 Letter of James Taylor to the City Council asking them to sign his petition to be released from a thirty day sentence for drunk, fighting, and disturbing the peace. Council member signatures are included. Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 15i

1896 Notification that Matthew J. Ryan, charged with assault and carrying a concealed weapon, has had his case set for trial on July 7, 1896, and that if he does not appear, the unnamed person being notified, who put up bond for Ryan, will forfeit that bond and the City Attorney will collect the amoung Miscellaneous documents--Folder 2 23 6j

1896 Letter of A. Friend to the City Council petitioning for release of Mrs. Rose Lawrence, with signatures Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 16f

1897 Notes on Grand Jury testimony of witnesses in the case against Oliver Canton for selling lottery tickets.
33 18

1898 Oath of Office, John Reinhardt, Deputy Sheriff of Second City Criminal Court. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 29) 33 23f

1898 Letter from the Judge of Second City Criminal Court to the Criminal Sheriff regarding the appointment of deputies to execute the court's orders, etc. Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 15d

1898 Oath of Office, Joseph S. Glorious, Deputy Sheriff of Second City Criminal Court. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 29) 33 23g

1898 Oath of Office, John J. Finn, Deputy Sheriff of Second City Criminal Court. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 29) 33 23e

1898 Oath of Office, William Ardill, Assistant Clerk of Second City Criminal Court. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 29) 33 23h

1898 Copy of the Police Department charge against Louis Heunsler for petty larceny of 20 cents worth of limburger cheese. He was paroled to Jacob Jett who pledged his house as security. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 1 23 3f

1898 Oath of Office, William E. Unlacke, Criminal Sheriff of Second City Criminal Court. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 29) 33 23l

1898 Oath of Office, George H. Brockman, Stenographer of Second City Criminal Court. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 29) 33 23k

1898 Three beneficiary reports Woodmen of the World Documents 23 5

1898 Oath of Office, Henry deRance, Chief Clerk of Second City Criminal Court. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 29) 33 23j

1898 Beneficiary report, July 5, 1898, with a list of members Woodmen of the World Documents 23 5

1898 Beneficiary report, October 5, 1898, with a list of members Woodmen of the World Documents 23 5

1898 Copy of Official Call No. 87 Woodmen of the World Documents 23 5

1898 Oath of Office, B. Prattini, Deputy Sheriff of Second City Criminal Court. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 29) 33 23i

1899 Sale by the Criminal Sheriff to Arthur A. Maginnis, a lot bounded by General Taylor, Austerlitz, Water, and Tchoupitoulas Streets, property seized in Criminal District Court #28017 Miscellaneous documents--Folder 4 23 8f

1900 Charges made by the Board of Police Commissioners against Patrolman Henry F. Trinchard for conduct unbecoming an officer. Involved was a dispute between a rent collector and tenants in the neighborhood of South Johnsosn & Gravier Streets. Included is detailed testimony of the rent collector, W. W. Handlin. The matter may have been sent up to Criminal District Court. The testimony touches on racial status and relationships in the neighborhood.
30 26

1900 Dray receipt for a half dozen cotton maps delivered by A. Baldwin & Co., Ltd. To the Court House on Chartres at St. Ann Street, billed to the Department of Police & Public Buildings Miscellaneous documents--Folder 1 23 3e

1900 Letter from H. Thomas Calloway in New York to Caroline Nispel regarding insurance premiums that were due and a letter from Tradesmen's Insurance Co. in New York to Nispel on the same matter. Miscellaneoud criminal correspondence 22 15f

1901 Coroner's Office, Inquest, death of Richard Laffon
20 5

1903 Note from Dr. V. F. Lowe stating that Mrs. Marsalie Sharps was sick and unable to appear in court Miscellaneous documents--Folder 2 23 6h

1903 Request to the State of Georgia for the extradition of George G. Duy. Also, the response of the Governor of Georgia ordering Duy's arrest and delivery for return to Louisiana
22 14

1905 Letter from Allen Eustis, MD, to Dinkelspiel & Hart, June 8, 1905. Miscellaneous Documents, 1900-1909 14 12a

1905 Executive warrant of the Governor of Texas in the case of State of Louisiana vs E. D. Cronger for embezzlement.
31 17

1906 Protest to the City Council against the barroom at 1500/1502 North Dorgenois Street, signed by property owners within three-hundred feet of the site. On of the signees was Rev. A. Janssens of St. Rose of Lima Church. There is no indication that this document was part of a court proceeding.
31 19

1906 Letter, November 29, 1906 to "Dear Sir" from members of Local #316 of the International Longshoremen, Marine, and Transport Workers Union regarding charges against the president of the local. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 11) 30 11h

1907 Letter from the President of the Louisiana Tobacco Co., Ltd. (on firm letterhead) to an Assistant District Attorney confirming his desire to withdraw charges against Leo Lindheim for malicious mischief. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 25) 33 3i

1907 Proposition to erect a monument to the memory of Joseph P. Killeen in St. Patrick's #1 cemetery, along with a letter from the Sovereign Monument Committee accepting the proposition Woodmen of the World Documents 23 5

1908 Letter of Dr. E. M. Hummel "to whom it may concern" certifying the insanity of J. H. Reese, an inmate in the House of Detention Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 16c

1908 Letter from M. Zilbermann (on his automobile company letterhead) to an Assistant District Attorney requesting permission to withdraw charges against B. Kupperman. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 25) 33 3j

State vs Joseph Cavello 1909 Charged with the murder of Anderson Phills. Included are statements of Cavello and two witnesses, the homicide report, and letter from the Inspector of Police to the District Attorney
22 6

1909 Note signed by Dr. Warren Stone Bickham, October 11, 1909, stating that Mrs. V. Fishbein was under treatment for an injury to her leg and therefore unable to go up stairs. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 14) 30 14d

1910 Letter of Gustave Lemle to an Assistant District Attorney regarding two pending cases, one involving Mr. Meyer running over Mr. Hurst and the other being the Illinois Central Railroad vs Mediamolle Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 16e

1910 Letter of the District Attorney to an Assistant District Attorney ordering the dismissal of affidavits against James Trahey, charged with larceny (due to insanity). Miscellaneous documents (Folder 25) 33 3h

1911 Letter of recommendation for William Williams from his employer, United China & Glass Co. on the firm's letterhead. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 23) 33 1b

1911 Letter from Knights of Columbus, New Orleans Council No. 714 to "Brother Knight" regarding an upcoming meeting Miscellaneous documents--Folder 2 23 6a

1911 Letter from William Brown to an Assistant District Attorney asking for dismissal of an affidavit against Pat Collins for assaulting Brown. Includes the names of three witnesses. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 25) 33 3e

1911 Insurance policy issued by the National Fire Insurance Co. of Hartford, CT to Miss Ida L. Guidry for her house at 1221 North Prieur St., December 1, 1911 (from Civil District Court #104706, filed on July 14, 1913) Miscellaneous Documents, 1910-1919 14 13b

1911 Coroner's Office, Letter to the Assistant District Attorney regarding Jonas Harris
20 10

1911 Coroner's Office, Proces verbal of autopsy, Henry B. Oliver
20 9

1911 Letter of Charles C. Luzenberg to the Judge of First City Criminal Court asking for a continuance in two cases in which he was assisting the prosecution Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 16g

1912 Check for $22.02 payable to J. B. Fisher, signed by H. L. Dilworth. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 24) 33 2a

1912 Coroner's Office, Letter to the Judge, First City Criminal Court regarding Royal Coleman
20 11

State vs Samuel Sansovich 1912 Statements of two witnesses and a police report relative to a charge of vagrancy
20 12

1912 Police report and related documents regarding the arrest of Mark Fleckinger for operating a lottery shop. Also included are the signed statements of the accused and a witness along with a cover letter addressed to the District Attorney from the Inspector of Police.
30 27

1912 Letters from John Ferry to Honorable Ben Daly and to Mr. B. Feehan for withdrawal of charges against John Mahony Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 15a

1913 Coroner's autopsy proces verbal for Mary Godall with an envelope containing the bullet removed from her body.
31 22

1913 Charges against Louis Pittman for assault and battery Miscellaneous documents--Folder 4 23 8h

1913 Letter from George Rush to Henry Williamson regarding witnesses on his behalf concerning the charge of biting and maiming a police officer. Rush claimed that the officer actually hit him in the mouth and cut his hand on a broken tooth. Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 15b

1913 Charges against Hubert Prudhomme for running into and wounding Miscellaneous documents--Folder 2 23 6g

1913 Charges against Marcel Strauss as a fugitive from Fulton County, Georgia, wanted for assault with intent to murder Miscellaneous documents--Folder 2 23 6e

1913 Charges against Maggie & Walter Nelson for having possession of stolen property Miscellaneous documents--Folder 1 23 3j

1913 Letter of J. C. Henriques to the Affidavit Clerk, First City Criminal Court, enclosing a copy of the charter for Cohen's Loan and Jewelry Co., Ltd., with comments on a related case Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 15h

1914 Receipt to Beneficiary for Deceased Sovereign's Beneficiary Certificate issued to Mrs. John P. Carroll Woodmen of the World Documents 23 5

1914 Letter, December 23, 1914, from John Yates, Sovereign Clerk, Omaha, Nebraska to C. J. Reilly, Tulane & Saratoga, addressed as "Esteemed Sovereign." Woodmen of the World Documents 23 5

1914 Shorthand notebook, apparently containing summaries of the testimony of individuals in several cases during the early part of the year. Names of individuals and case numbers are readable among the shorthand notations.
22 13

1914 Letter of Mrs. Julius Meyer to the Judge of First City Criminal Court on behalf of her employee, Richard Boldin, who had been arrested Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 15j

1914 Petition by Philip Werlein, Ltd. For issuance of a search warrant for the offices of the Collins-Pilcher Piano Company at 155 Baronne Street for one-hundred "prospective cards" identifying potential customers. The search warrant is attached. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 4 23 8j

1914 Charges against Leon Ferran for assault & battery Miscellaneous documents--Folder 3 23 7f

1914 Arrest slip, James Dumarco White, entering in day time and petty larceny of hay, First Precinct. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 25) 33 3d

1915 Letter from H. J. Astugue to Assistant District Attorney Langfield asking for dismissal of the charges against Tom Fitzpatrick Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 15e

1915 Two letters of the District Attorney to an Assistant District Attorney regard8hg the case against Sestan/Cestian Andry Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 16j

1915 Notice from the U.S. Public Health Service in New Orleans to S. Mangiaracine that his property, 1334-1336 Frenchmen St., did not conform with ordinance #2512 CCS because its floor joists were not properly blocked. The notice called for him to block the sill between floor joists with galvanized iron as part of local ratproofing instructions.
14 13d

1915 Letter from an Assistant Coroner to the Judge of the City Criminal Court stating that he had examined Sam Mitchell. A note indicates that Mitchell was released for treatment. An envelope is included. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 25) 33 3g

1916 Letter of Daniel Wendling to Judge J. B. Fisher asking for a continuance in the case of State vs Hochstein Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 16d

1916 Letter from J. Campbell, Secretary, Bank of New South Wales, London to R. P. Parker c/o New Orleans Item, April 18, 1916 acknowledging receipt of Parker's telegram announcing the death of his mother and related matters. Filed with the original envelope marked "opened by censor." Miscellaneous Documents, 1910-1919 14 13a

1916 Coroner's Office, Proces verbal of autopsy, Edward Benoir
20 7

1916 Coroner's OfficeProces verb, al of autopsy, Thomas Bole
20 6

1917 Letter from Thomas V. Craven to an Assistant District Attorney asking for a charge of slander against Samuel Mintz. Craven was representing Mrs. Ruth Ralph, the target of the slander Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 16h

1917 Coroner's Office, Proces verbal of autopsy, Edward Smith
22 10a

1917 Coroner's Office, Proces verbal of autopsy, Bertha Anthony
22 10b

1917 Lengthy complaint of Gustav Peterson to the Grand Jury regarding the conduct of Charles H. Brownlee in the matter of the succession of Charles Simonson (Civil District Court #79982), May 20, 1917. Miscellaneous Documents, 1910-1919 14 13c

State vs Albert Jordan 1917 Charged with the murder of Bertha Anthony. Included are statements by Jordan's father and a witness, along with a police incident report and a homicide report.
22 3

1917 Letter of A. H. Wagner to an Assistant District Attorney regarding various cases Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 17a

1917 Letter of A. H. Wagner to an Assistant District Attorney regarding various cases Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 17b

1917 Letter, June 13, 1917 to "To Whom it May Concern" from Maurice J. Gelpi, House Surgeon, Charity Hospital, certifying that Ernest Chapman was to be discharged from Ward 66 and that he was "not in immediate danger of death." Miscellaneous documents (Folder 11) 30 11i

1917 Coroner's Office, Proces of autopsy, Henry Shelvy
20 8

1918 Letter of the District Attorney to an Assistant District Attorney regarding several cases Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 17c

1920 Copy of death certificate for Ike Jones, died January 10, 1920 Miscellaneous documents--Folder 4 23 8e

1920 List of felonies pending in the Second City Criminal Court, March 20, 1920, showing docket numbers, names of accused, crimes, dates of arraignment, and dates fixed for trial. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 25) 33 3c

1920 Request for transfer from First City Criminal Court to Second City Criminal Court of the case against Lillian Haywood for grand larceny, she being unable to furnish bond Miscellaneous documents--Folder 2 23 6d

1921 Three letters between H. W. Robinson and the District Attorney regarding G. Catalanotto's complaint against NOPD Sergeant Traub for police oppression and brutality towards a prisoner Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 17d

1922 Motion by Assistant District Attorney Charles G. Gill suggesting that since one hundred additional ballot boxes were needed for the election on January 18, 1923, the contents of the boxes from the September 12, 1922 primary be removed and "carefully preserve[d], in a safe place." The document (at least this copy) was not signed by the judge. Miscellaneous documents--Folder 4 23 8c

1923 Unsigned letter from a resident at 2110 Magnolia Street to the Ford Automobile Company applying for a job in their mechanical department Miscellaneoud criminal correspondence 22 15g

1923 Letter from "Mama," in Denver, Colorado, to "Son," regarding her other son, Joseph, and his graduation from Spring Hill College and his plans to study law in Denver Miscellaneous criminal correspondence 22 15c

1923 Affidavit of insanity for Phillip V. Falcke alolng with an order fixing the time for a hearing and examination, certificate of Medical Examiner, judgment of insanity & order for commitment, statement of financial ability, and certification of copies. The action took place in San Diego County, California in 1916. The copies were apparently entered as evidence for the defendant in an unidentified Criminal District Court case
23 4

1924 Bill of Carbajal & Gaudin for notary expenses by W. B. Mahony Miscellaneous documents--Folder 1 23 3d

1924 Letter from Loyal Order of Moose, New Orleans Lodge No. 477, to "Dear Sir" regarding re-admission Miscellaneous documents--Folder 2 23 6b

1924 Order for the commitment of Sarah Shepley (Mrs. M. Stewart) to the Louisiana Insane Asylum in Jackson after being found not guilty by reason of insanity before Criminal District Court Miscellaneous documents--Folder 1 23 3i

1926 List of persons voting in the Ninth Precinct of the Third Ward, September 14, 1926, showing names and ballot numbers of each. Miscellaneous documents (Folder 25) 33 3f

1927 Statement of Mrs. G. A. Munz regarding a traffic accident in which she struck two ladies near the corner of Canal and Baronne Streets Miscellaneous documents--Folder 4 23 8g

2114 Mayor et al. vs Kohn & Parker 1832 Bills for paving tax due for property on New Levee St. between Poydras and Girod, owned by Mrs. L. Kohn and E. E. Parker.
18 39

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